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Roxy Jacenko’s New Home is a 5-Star Hotel

Fashion PR Queen Roxy Jacenko has turned Double Bay’s Intercontinental into her new home-sweet-home, probably forcing guests to use the stairs so she can get as many elevator selfies as possible with her 4-year-old daughter, Pixie.

Roxy took to her Instagram yesterday, sure to tag the 5-star hotel she’s occupying, writing, “And we are in! Excited to spend our first night in our new home. Thanks to all the incredible staff at @intercondoublebay who helped us so much today with the move in – amazing x.” Soon after she posted a pic of Rocky Road and popcorn, writing, “What a welcome! @intercondoubleday x.” What a great amount of publicity, more like it. We’re smelling a mutually beneficial relationship here.

As always, Pixie followed her momager’s suit. The redhead’s Instagram (undoubtedly controlled by Roxy) boasted a selection of photos and videos of herself and bro, Hunter, lounging around the hotel in luxury, with plugs like “very posh” and “I can’t believe I’m sleeping in the hotel with Hunter”. Like a PR guru in training, Pixie was sure to tag and check in at the hotel every time. (more…)

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Watch: Behind the Scenes of Kim Kardashian’s Vogue Australia Cover

Vogue Australia has released a behind-the-scenes video of Kim Kardashian’s February 2015 cover shoot, where the reality TV star can be seen barefaced in a bathrobe and shrieking over the down-under wildlife.

In the video, Kim talks about what it was like working with photographer Gilles Bensimon and fashion director Christine Centenera down at Jervis Bay’s Booderee National Park, people’s misconceptions about her, life as a mum, and internet trolls.

You’ll also get to watch her stroll on the beach in Balmain and get an insight into how all the Vogue magic happens. “It was easy and fun, ” Kim says in the video. We bet. Check out the entire clip for yourself below.


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Uniqlo Criticized for Poor Working Conditions in Chinese Supplier Factories

Image: WENN

Image: WENN

You may want to think twice the next time you step into Uniqlo to buy a cardigan. Hong Kong’s Students and Scholars Against Corporate Misbehavior claims that an investigation found sweatshop-like working conditions at two of the retailer’s supplier factories in China. 

“Low wages, excessive working hours, unsafe working conditions, heavy fines, harsh management style and ineffective platform for expressing workers’ concerns” were just a few of the glaring problems uncovered by the research. The organization found that workers in two of Uniqlo’s supplier factories in Guangdong Province are paid one-third less monthly than other workers in that area. Overtime doesn’t offer much hope either — workers are paid time and a half as opposed to the required two times their hourly pay when fulfilling the extra hours. 

“I work from the early morning until late 10pm. I sometimes even work until 11:00pm,” a factory worker from Luenthai told SACOM. “I have to iron 600-700 pieces of shirts per day, but each of the shirts from UNIQLO is only 0.29 RMB. In the peak season, I can iron 900 pieces of shirts in one day. I sometimes work on Sunday too! The piece rate is really too low for us. But it is very hard to increase.” (more…)

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Stella McCartney on Her Obsession with Roses and the ‘Crap’ in Beauty Products Today



British fashion designer Stella McCartney launched her namesake fragrance, Stella, in 2003. Over the years, the romantic rose eau de parfum has become so popular that she will be launching an eau de toilette come April. She told about her obsession with the flower that inspired the fragrance.

“I love roses. I have to say, I’m a bit obsessed. I grew up in the countryside on an organic farm, so my memories of scent are mostly about being outside. And I’m very much obsessed with the smell of roses. I’m not as obsessed with the way they look: I think they’re the most beautiful flowers, but for me, the rose has to smell,” said McCartney.

Little did she know that rose is not a common note in the world of fragrance, only discovering this about six months into the process and there was no looking back. “I think we almost brought the rose back in fragrance—having that naïveté is quite a benefit.”

Lara Stone fronts the campaign completely naked with nothing but a few bottles of Stella to cover her up. “Look at her—she’s just a total babe. I wanted a woman that had a strength and a fragility about her, and I think Lara really has that. We chose to shoot her with nothing on—no makeup, no hair, no real retouching. We chose to shoot her in a state of complete nature, and I just think she’s stunning. She has what I think the fragrance is all about: femininity and sensuality,” said McCartney. (more…)

The Buzz Latest News

Watch: ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Extended Trailer

We’ve got just over a month before Valentine’s Day and the only reason we’re counting down the days is because of a certain much-anticipated novel-turned-film. Come February 13, we’ll finally be able to see Fifty Shades of Grey, starring Dakota Johnson and a (regrettably) beardless Jamie Dornan.

Ahead of the big day, a new trailer for the film has cropped up, which you may have seen if you tuned into the Golden Globe Awards and didn’t head to the fridge during every commercial break. But even if you did miss it, you’re in luck. We’ve got the extended trailer right here for your viewing pleasure. 

Watch it above and try not to get too hot and bothered.

[h/t ELLE UK]

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