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Stella Tennant’s UK Vogue Cover Is ‘Extremely Dull’ (Forum Buzz)

British Vogue just cannot catch a break. Our forums have noticed a rapid decline in the magazine’s creativity and it’s failed to amp up the excitement with the latest release. The month of July is Vogue‘s annual age issue and Stella Tennant graces a somewhat disappointing cover. A regular fixture in the modelling game since the 90s, Stella stands before a bland gray background sporting a simple shirt and trousers combination. 

UK Vogue July 2015 Stella Tennant


Leave it to our forum members to tell it just like it is. “I just saw this appear on my Instagram feed and it makes me rather sad. I like Stella, I’m very happy to see her land the cover but I mean, come on. This magazine is devoid of fashion content when it comes to their covers. I get that it’s about ‘ageless style’ but even so. New blood is needed soon,” honeycombchild shared.

“Looks like a supplement cover, it’s extremely dull. Hate what she’s wearing too,” added gossiping.

HeatherAnne was left less than impressed too. “I love Stella, but wow, they have her looking like a dull stiff here,” she complained.

“Well…this is painfully boring!” agreed Bobby153.

Also not feeling it was nataliaapple who exclaimed, “This… is really bad. That top looks like a work shirt from Banana Republic. Where’s the styling? Where’s the excitement? Where’s the fashion? This would be better suited for Time than the cover of Vogue U.K. Just bad.”

Les_Sucettes wasn’t showing much enthusiasm either. “When I saw her name I knew it would be dull, she always was a boring model, but even for my low expectations this is extremely dull and Alexandra is a dull editor. Her idea of fashion is rooted in a sort of middle class poshness that is eye wateringly bland.”

Await the rest of the content and drop us a comment here.

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Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Muslim Woman Denied a Job at Abercrombie for Her Head Scarf

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

Abercrombie can add another loss to its collection of court cases now that the Supreme Court has ruled in favor of former Abercrombie applicant Samantha Elauf, who said she was not hired by the retailer because she wore a head scarf for religious reasons.

In 2008, Elauf interviewed with an assistant manager of one of the retailer’s locations, who assumed she was wearing her scarf for religious reasons. When the assistant manager went to the district manager to confirm the hire, Elauf was passed over because her scarf was deemed in violation of the retailer’s look policy.

Abercrombie’s legal team argued that the retailer should not be responsible for discerning whether or not a head scarf is worn for religious reasons, as it could lead to stereotyping and that Elauf should have notified them that she needed an exception made for her. Justice Scalia said that Abercrombie’s aversion to hiring Elauf was “synonymous with refusing to accommodate the religious practice,” as it was clear that she was not hired in order for Abercrombie to avoid making an exception for her.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission took the case on behalf of Elauf, who won by an 8-1 ruling. The court also mentioned that Elauf didn’t need to let Abercrombie know that an exception needed to be made to the look policy in order to accommodate her religious beliefs.

[vai CNN, Bloomberg]

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Rana Plaza Owner and Others Charged with Murder

Rana Plaza Collapse

Image: Getty

Victims and families of the Rana Plaza building collapse may finally get some justice. Today, a Bangladesh court charged 41 people involved with the disaster with murder – including the owner Sohel Rana. If convicted, all will face the death penalty. Government officials and owners of other factories in the complex are also included in the group, which lead investigator Krishna Kar blames for the disaster. “All 41 of them have collective responsibility for this mass killing of more than 1,100 innocent people,” he said

The parties are charged with mass killing and also flagrantly ignoring codes and committing the violations that led up to the building’s ultimate collapse. It is alleged that the building and factory owners were well aware of the risks involved with allowing people to work in an unstable building, risks that were clearly ignored. Rana Plaza is considered to be one of the worst factory disasters in the world. 

The BBC notes it has taken over two years for formal charges to be brought forth to the responsible parties, many of whom have close political ties. Hopefully, in the end, justice will be served.

[via Business Insider, WWD]

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The Toronto Designers Market Debuts Local Decor and Fashion Artists

Toronto Designers Market Brings Local Artists To The Masses

Dee de Lara Jewelry. Photo courtesy of Toronto Designers Market.

If you’re in Toronto this week, head over to the city’s cooler-than-thou Parkdale digs for decor and designer accessories.

Whether you’re looking for a homey lighting fixture or the perfect dangly necklace, the Toronto Designers Market promises to fill your shopping bag with pretty conversation starters, created by the city’s top artists such as Adam Fullerton, Dee de Lara Jewelry, Krane and many others.

Founded by entrepreneur Joshua James, the market brings together more than 38 artists under one roof, a new design hub dedicated to showcasing the very best in local products that is destined to become a landmark for designers and design-lovers alike.

The Toronto Designers Market
1605 Queen Street West
11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Toronto Designers Market Brings Local Artists To The Masses

Iccha rings. Photo courtesy of Toronto Designers Market.

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First Look: Kendall and Kylie’s 15-Piece Collection for Topshop

Kendall and Kylie

Image: @topshop

Kendall and Kylie Jenner’s collection for Topshop is dropping in just a few days, but we finally have a look at what to expect from the reality star sisters’ latest endeavor. The range is heavily inspired by California and the clothes have that kind of easy, relaxed vibe (with a dash of sex appeal, of course). 


@Topshop collection photoshoot, behind the scenes. Are you ready?

A photo posted by Kendall + Kylie (@kendallandkylie) on

Naturally, there are crop tops galore, like a Hawaiian-print button down with a tie front, as well as summer staples like distressed cutoff shorts, a sweatshirt that reads “when in doubt, vacation” and a very cute short-sleeved jumpsuit with a cut-out back that definitely needs to come home with us.

Kendall and Kylie have steadily been promoting the line on social media as the date approaches, sharing a behind-the-scenes image of the photoshoot for the range. The pair also appeared on the cover of Sunday Times Style talking about their 15-piece collaboration, which will hit stores and online at Topshop and Nordstrom on June 3. 

Check out the range in the gallery below. (more…)

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Kendall Jenner Just Scored Her First Vogue Cover (Forum Buzz)

Gigi Hadid beat her to the punch but now it’s Kendall Jenner’s turn for a Vogue cover — and it was a long time coming. Discussion began to circulate inside our Cover Rumor Thread, speculating just when and where the reality TV star-turned-model would bag herself a cover and our forums engaged in an exclusive preview over the weekend. Kendall is joined by Kris Wu on her debut cover, gracing Vogue China‘s July 2015 issue lensed by Mario Testino.

The moment the image struck, forum members began to voice their horror. “What a safe cover. Where’s the creativity?” questioned MON immediately.

“The cover does nothing for me, Testino is boring and Kendall is not a good model,” KateTheGreatest slammed.

Also underwhelmed was la veronika: “She’s always dead in the eyes, no matter what…”

Nomar certainly wasn’t impressed and asked, “How could you do this Vogue China?”

Yet not everyone was so quick to hate. “I quite like the look of this…I’m possibly one of the few people who doesn’t completely detest Kendall as a model. Curious to see the HQ but would probably have preferred it if she was on her own,” shared Bobby153.

“It’s a nice cover and amazing that she got her first Vogue cover. Wonder if she’ll be able to pass Kim’s 3 as the year continues,” TeeVanity said.

JesseDillion was a fan too: “Whether you love her or hate her (personally I’m indifferent) you have to give her credit when it’s due, and here I think it is due here. She looks stunning in this cover in my opinion.”

Are you a fan? Join the conversation here.

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