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Link Buzz: Edie Campbell for LOVE; Beyonce Might Get Together With H&M

  • Mostly just wanted to show you the Edie Campbell x LOVE February cover because of Edie's intense and fantastic Mireille Mathieu-redux bowl cut. [Fashionologie]
  • Selita Ebanks also got a bob. It's bob o'clock. [BellaSugar]
  • The accessories at the Critics' Choice Awards were actually pretty disappointing, if you ask me. [FabSugar]
  • The girls of Girls wore Deborah Lippmann's Girls-inspired nail polish to the premiere of Girls. It looks good, girl. [StyleBakeryTeen]
  • Beyonce might be H&M's new spokesmodel, because she has a lot of time to kill between performing for the Superbowl halftime show and being the international face of Pepsi. [SheFinds]

Image via Fashionologie

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Raf Simons’ Dior Pre-Fall Collection Will Make You Hate Whatever You’re Wearing

Love that Raf Simons' Dior design team wears lab coats so crisp and white, they could restore a mystic's faith in science. Also, love Simons' Dior Pre-Fall collection. The silhouettes here build on what he introduced at his couture debut last summer and then developed for Spring 2013.

With the Pre-Fall range, Simons introduces a new Dior denim, pictured here as a skinny jean but available in four different styles — presumably to flatter a wider range of body types — in the same dark wash, made with Japanese fabric. 

Anyway, this looks great — and as I learned today, apparently we have Marc Jacobs' psychiatrist to thank for Raf Simons' tenure at Dior, at least in part.

Images via WWD


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No One Likes Kate Middleton’s First Official Portrait

Earlier today, Kate Middleton and her husband William attended a private viewing of the first official royal portrait of the Duchess commisioned by the National Portrait Gallery, prior the public unveiling. Painted by artist Paul Emsley, the picture's already made rounds on the Internet this morning, and no one likes it — except reportedly, the Duchess of Cambridge herself, who publically called it "amazing." Tell us what you really think, Kate. 

On Twitter, Susie Bubble quipped that it was "like a dodgy car boot sale 70s job lot painting," which sounds like it could be a really biting and sharp observation, except the reference is a bit over my head.  

Also on Twitter, Liberty London Girl asks, "Is it just me or does the Duchess of Cambridge look like she has the devil peering out of her eyes in the new NPG official portrait?" Yeah, it's a pretty bad painting but no, I think the Satan thing is a stretch. 

Art critic David Lee wrote up a scathing little review of the picture for the Daily Mail: "This is an intelligent, thoughtful and educated sitter with no less than a degree in art history. She deserves better." Yeah, poor Kate Middleton put in all this work to get a degree in art history, and then her first official portrait for the National Portrait Gallery was a big dumb flop. Oh what a cruel, cruel world we live in. 

In the end, the painting does look like a joke — or at the very least, well below the standards set by Emsley's previous work, which includes a painting of Nelson Mandela. Still, I'm not sure what people were expecting. Official portraits are rarely the stuff of real beauty, and it's not like Kate Middleton can't afford to have one bad picture floating around, misrepresenting her glowy face and shiny hair. People just want something to be mad about, I think. Why? It's Friday. 

The Duke and Duchess have posted the picture online here. You can also watch a behind-the-scenes video below. 

Image of Kate Middleton with portrait artist Paul Emsley, via Getty

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It’s Destination Calgary for Destination Maternity

I'm no expert on pregnancy or rearing small child folk, but I'm a huge, guiltless fan of Bravo's Pregnant in Heels and am well aware of the ongoing plight of a mommy-to-be to find fashionable, comfortable maternity wear. It's somewhat ironic given the vast size of this market, but it still seems as though many mainstream retailers have failed to catch on, especially here in Canada. But that's where Destination Maternity comes in.

It touts itself as "the world's leading maternity apparel retailer" and operates from over 1,887 retail locations in the U.S. and a 137 international franchised locations. As of yesterday, one such international franchise can be found in Calgary, Alberta at the Kingsland Village retail development just south of Chinook Centre on Macleod Trail, as Destination Maternity finally opens its first Canadian store.

What does this mean? Well, for Albertans it means access to designer maternity brands including A Pea in the Pod , BCBG, Heidi Klum collections, Rosie Pope (she of Pregnant in Heels fame!), AG Jeans, J Brand, French Connection and 7 For All Mankind. It also means access to an expert assortment of accessories and nursing apparel and a 3,300 square-foot space housing a relaxation area for family members and friends, complete with plush chairs, flat screen TVs and a play area for children.

                                                             A Pea in A Pod Tie Sweater; AG Jeans; French Connection Leather Jacket

"We are excited to expand our availability and our offering to moms-to-be in Canada," says Ed Krell, the Company's Chief Executive Officer. "Opening a store along the Macleod Trail corridor, one of Calgary's premiere shopping destinations, is a great opportunity to increase the reach of the Motherhood Maternity brand as well as introduce our luxury A Pea in the Pod brand to a market where there is a clear demand for maternity apparel at both moderate and better price points."

There's no word on whether the company has plans to expand to other provinces, but they do have an online store, where I pulled a few of my favourite items to dress a bulging bump.

                                                                                                   A Pea in a Pod Sleeved Dress; BCBG Lace Dress

                                                                  Graham & Spencer Empire Seam Dress; Rosie Pope Embellished Dress

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Link Buzz: Emma Stone Announces Oscar Noms; LiLo Accused of Thieving Again

  • Emma Stone nails the announcing-the-Oscar-nominations look with an Andrew Gn dress and Louboutins. [FabSugar]
  • Gold eyeshadow is not neccessarily unflattering. [BellaSugar]
  • Doo-ri Chung is headed to work at Vince because sometimes that's just what designers and brands do together. [Fashionologie]
  • You can watch a behind-the-scenes video of Pierre Balmain's Spring campaign because this is the Internet and that kind of thing is allowed here. [FashionETC]
  • Did LiLo steal a bracelet previously belonging to Liz Taylor while filming Liz & Dick? Sources say, "Yes." [EarSucker]

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Beyonce Also Let Terry Richardson Take Her Picture

I think that maybe from now on, whenever someone lets Terry Richardson take their picture, instead of writing up a post about it I'll just put up a list of links to all the Terry-bashing I've ever done here on The Fashion Spot, alongside the image. Just when I saw this GQ cover, saw the offending photographer credit, I felt something crumple up inside of me. As long as people continue to give Terry Richardson work, visit his photo studio, run his pictures without comment, it'll piss me off — but there's only so many times I can really be like, "Hey famous and powerful people, get some values! Stop furthering and sustaining the career of a creepy creep and actually DO SOMETHING apart from going to some dumb charity event to make the world a marginally less terrible place." No, really. I feel like a broken record, always sputtering about how Terry Richardson is NOT GOOD FOR WOMEN and yet still, each time it's genuinely heartbreaking to see powerful pop figures like Beyonce or Lena Dunham (a self-identified feminist!!!) get in front of the camera of this gross dude who takes sleazy pictures and allegedly takes advantage of young struggling models. I get the objections: "That's just the way things are, man." But I HATE the way things are! And they don't have to be this way! People get to make choices! I'm gonna go to the bathroom now to watch my head explode in the mirror. 

Beyonce GQ cover via DailyStab; editorial image via GQ


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