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Numéro Thailand Releases Shockingly Bad November Cover (Forum Buzz)

Numéro Thailand November 2013

image credit: via the tfs forums

The expansion of big fashion magazines into the Asian market has been welcomed by most. And while Numéro China has delivered some outstanding fashion stories, the Thailand edition seems to be struggling to meet the expectations of the fashion fanatics on the tFS forums. For its November issue, the magazine that debuted in December 2012 produced a cover that is shockingly bad. 

“What an awful cover!” posted fashionlover2001

“What a disaster,” found FashionFanatico.  

“A mess,” agreed jeffandtheworld, “the styling, the hair, the model.”

And valliaddict laughed, “Everyone behind this mess should be fired. Everyone!”

“This is so tragic!” commented Minimoon27.

Shot by Bigs Vatcharasith, the cover shows model Namthip Jongrachatawiboon posing lasciviously in a sexy dress, surrounded by an overwhelming amount of straw-like red hair. The idea was to emulate the theme of the issue, which is ‘Glamour.’ Does this actually represent anyone's idea of glamour? I doubt it.


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Ashleigh Good Is Vogue Italia’s November Cover Girl (Forum Buzz)

Ashleigh Good on the cover of Vogue Italia November 2013, shot by Steven Meisel

image credit:

After landing two consecutive Chanel campaigns (Fall 2013 and Cruise 2014) and covering recent issues of Numéro and Russh, model and Karl Lagerfeld muse Ashleigh Good has scored another coup: the November cover of Vogue Italia. The striking close-up of the newcomer from New Zealand, shot by Steven Meisel, made an impression on tFS forum members.

“Hands down my favorite VI cover for 2013! Love the model, love the styling & yeay for no Edie!” exclaimed  lanvinray, who was glad to see a new model on an Italian Vogue cover that isn’t Edie Campbell for a change (the British model sensation has appeared on an excessive three Vogue Italia covers this year so far).

KateTheGreatest agreed that this was “one of their best covers of this year, for sure.”

“Beautiful. A certain old-school Vogue Italia circa early 2000s flavor to it,” noted AL92 

Nepenthes swooned, “The cover is stunning! So looking forward to this issue!!!”

The concept of the cover story is described on Vogue Italia’s website as “Aristo-shabby. Sophistication, eccentricity, melancholy. An unusual mix, for a style that originates from an apparently casual assembly of contrasting elements.” Sounds promising? You bet. 

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Karen Walker Does the Bling Ring

Not every ring has to come with fireworks, roman candles, a 50-piece orchestra and a giant screen flashing the words “PLEEEASE MARRY ME!!!” As proof, we have Karen Walker’s latest jewelry collection, a range of hefty sparklers perfect for giving to you, from you.

The range of rings is titled ‘The Rock Garden’ and is an evolution from the popular ‘Botanicals’ story already in store. Bold hues lie at the heart of the collection, with three large colored stones in baguette, pear or square princess cuts. The stones are set alongside gold or sterling silver cast flowers. Pick your poison from one of five different colored gems: garnet, topaz, citrine, peridot or amethyst.

As with any Walker offering, there’s imagery worthy of printing out, blowing up and hanging on your wall. Her eyewear campaigns have enlisted the likes of vampires, babies, the elderly and aliens to model her wares, and this time cutesy bumble bees are doing a good job of making the covetable even more must-have.

While it’s still considered a bit weird to go buying yourself an engagement ring, Christmas is right around the corner. And there are definitely no rules against slipping rocks into your own stocking.   

The Rock Garden is now available online.  


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Simon Preen Creates Jessie J’s Official Tour Outfit

simon preen

It’s time to get yet another London-based designer on your fashion radar, as London College of Fashion Graduate Simon Preen is most definitely catching our eyes at the moment with his design signatures of stripes and minimal paneling.

Specializing in menswear whilst studying, the young designer was first snapped up by the retailing giant Urban Outfitters for whom he created a limited-edition womenswear collection. The range was available online and at their London flagship, and proved such a success that he went on to design further collections.

When celebs flock to wear your clothes, it’s also another reinforcement that you’re doing something right, and his design credentials have recently been further solidified, as he got commissioned by Jessie J to design her official tour outfit.

jessie j simon preen

Jessie J is known for her statement-making costumes and fearless style (how many other stars can pull off a skintight jumpsuit so well?), so Simon Preen aimed to create a show-stopping piece that also stayed true to his design signatures. Opting for a bold striped jumpsuit with mesh inserts, he definitely created a piece that had Jessie J written all over it!

Keep a look out for Jessie J’s Alive tour coverage to see her official costumes at work.

Images: Fisherspr, SimonPreen

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Warby Parker’s Startup Culture Sounds Borderline Hellish

Image: Getty

Warby Parker CEO / Image: Getty

Reading Dave Eggers' new novel The Circle makes me realize that one of the downsides to living in New York is missing out on so much of the Orwellian utopianism that seems to add color to life in Silicon Valley. And that's one of the reasons I feel especially drawn to yesterday's New York Times interview with the co-CEO of Warby Parker — the sheer novelty of seeing so many Bay Area clichés come out of the mouth of a hometown boy. 

Let's look at a few of them:

"[The other founders and I] promised each other that we were going to really work hard, and that we would remain friends throughout the process, regardless of what happened. So every month, we would return to that bar where we had the original idea, and we would have a 360 review of each other. We’d put somebody in the hot seat and say: “Hey, you’re doing this well, but this could be improved. And when you shoot me a 10-page e-mail at 2 in the morning, I want to punch you in the face.” That set the tone for the culture at Warby Parker, which would really be rooted in open and honest feedback."

This might sound cute and healthy in theory, but imagine if it were actually your life. Imagine having to meet up with your friends (who are also your business partners) on a monthly basis to discuss various times you recently felt like punching each other in the face. The idea of an organizational structure rooted in radically open communication was borrowed from the intentional communities of the 70s. Want to know why so many utopian hippie communes failed? People felt stifled — and saw their relationships destroyed — by this kind of tyrannical honesty. (For more on how these dynamics played out in free love communes, you could read Thy Neighbor's Wife by Gay Talese.) Now imagine trying to impose hippie faux-openness on the modern-day start-up, with its complicated internal politics, preoccupation with image and excellence, drive to relentlessly acquire wealth … does a monthly rap session with your tech bros still sound cute?

"We also have new team members come up and introduce themselves and share a fun fact about themselves. It’s usually something humiliating, and the reason is to make that individual memorable to the rest of the team and also to make that individual vulnerable. It’s through vulnerability that human beings create connections. The more vulnerable we can be with one another, the more that we’ll trust one another and the more we’ll be able to collaborate effectively."

Making a case for ritualistic hazing, niiice. 

"And every week we ask everyone to tell their happiness rating on a scale of zero to 10, and the one or two reasons for that. So in an ideal world, managers know exactly what’s going on with their direct reports. But we all know that utopia doesn’t exist, so this really forces a conversation to happen. People might look at that zero-to-10 scale very differently, but at least we can look at trends."

Every week! A happiness rating! This happens to be a very clever way to whiff out and squash any disaffection in the ranks, and all under the guise of caring about your employees. 

"We think a lot about being a disruptive company. The question is, How do you remain a disruptive company?"

Give me a break. (Get it?)

"On the personality and fit side, we try to assess whether somebody’s personal values align with our core values. One of our core values is to inject fun and quirkiness into everything we do. So we’ll often ask, 'What was a recent costume you wore?' And the point isn’t that if you haven’t worn a costume in the last four weeks, you’re not getting hired. It’s more to judge the reaction to that question. Are you somebody who takes yourself very seriously? If so, that’s a warning sign to us. We want people to take their work seriously but not themselves. We also ask, 'What do you like to do for fun?' The answer always speaks volumes of who that person is."

Have fun OR ELSE. 

Warby Parker and a Culture of Communication — NYTimes

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