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Jessica Hart Doesn’t Call Australia Home: ‘I Feel Terrible Saying It’

Jessica Hart at Glamour Awards

Photo: WENN

Most of our home-grown expats live and make something of themselves overseas, but, at the end of the day, will always call Australia home. Not model Jessica Hart though, who, despite her ambassadorship at Aussie airline Qantas, has revealed that New York is where her heart is.

“Here is home,” Jessica explained of the Big Apple to Conflicts. “I used to always refer to Australia as home. And I feel terrible saying it, but now it really is home here. I mean ten years; it’s a pretty good effort,” the 29-year-old continued.

Feeling at home isn’t just about where you rest your head at night, though, with the Vogue cover girl also explaining that New York allows her to embrace her individuality more than Australia ever did. “New York’s got this thing where it allows you to be yourself,” the Sydney-born beauty revealed. “Unique people are the kind who get noticed here. At home you were always trying to conform, and here I kind of felt free to be myself. Or at least wear jeans and converse instead of heels and makeup to a casting.”

Way to break our hearts, Jess!

[Via Conflicts]

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New Research Says Hermes Handbags Are a Better Investment Than Diamonds

Image courtesy of Pan American Leathers

Image courtesy of Pan American Leathers

Diamonds are no longer a girl’s best friend. According to research conducted by Baghunter, Hermes will replace diamonds as the most desired luxury item among women. “In the last 30 years diamond prices have seen their ups and downs,” Baghunter CEO, Evelyn Fox, said. “As have gold, silver, stock markets, real estate and just about any investment with the exception of Hermes bags and, in particular, the Birkin and Kelly which have seen their values increase five-fold over the last 30 years!”

The value increase can be attributed to a myriad of factors. They continue to rise in popularity thanks to celebrities like Kim Kardashian. They’re a sound investment piece because they are repairable for life and come with a lifetime warranty. And demand far outweighs supply since just a limited number are handcrafted yearly. Baghunter reports that an “Hermes Birkin bag recently consigned by Baghunter was purchased in 1980 for $2,000 and is now worth more than $10,000. In 2025, it is projected that the same bag will exceed a value of $20,000.”

Watch: Photographer Tyler Shields Feeds a $100,000 Birkin to a Crocodile ] (more…)

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Gigi Hadid, Natasha Poly and Raquel Zimmermann Battle It Out in Versace’s Spring 2016 Campaign (Forum Buzz)

If there was one campaign for the upcoming Spring 2016 season that had us in suspense, it would be Versace. Donatella joined Instagram earlier this week and her first post was with Gigi Hadid, which appeared to have been taken while on set of a shoot. Our forums immediately put two and two together, conjuring up possible castings and outcomes. Now satisfying our immense curiosity, Versace unveils its brand new mainline campaign with Gigi posing alongside modeling heavyweights Natasha Poly and Raquel Zimmermann. Shot by Steven Klein on location, the trio of blondes battle it out for our approval.

Versace S/S 2016 : Gigi Hadid, Natasha Poly & Raquel Zimmerman by Steven Klein


“Raquel is a powerhouse. I mean, that shot of her in the bikini! She’s amazing. The other two girls just disappear for me with Raquel around. Gigi is harmless, and Natasha has never done much for me,” shared dior_couture1245.

“Raquel is perfect,” simply added Firefly216 in agreement. (more…)

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Lena Dunham Is Selling Naked Lady Incense Holders in Her New Online Shop

Lena Dunham New Yorker

Image: WENN

There are a few things one can expect from a Lena Dunham online shop: an item bearing the naked female body and products bearing feminist slogans, to name a few. Her new e-commerce site, an extension of the “Lenny Letter” newsletter, has all of the above.

LENNY x Funcult ‘FEMINIST’ Banner, $46,

LENNY x Funcult ‘FEMINIST’ Banner, $46,

Launched Thanksgiving weekend (just in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday), the Lenny Letter online shop sells fringe ‘Feminist’ banners, ‘Dismantle the Patriarchy’ patches and incense holders hand-painted with naked women’s bodies. Because, of course it does. (more…)

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Kate Moss Snags a Vogue Italia Cover for the First Time in Almost 20 Years (Forum Buzz)

It has become evident on our forums that the December covers have been seriously lacking and last but not least is Vogue Italia‘s festive offering, which surfaced earlier today. Going all-out in true celebratory style, Italian Vogue invited photographer Tim Walker (sobs for Steven Meisel) to produce five different covers to close out 2015. The most remarkable of them is the one that features modeling sensation Kate Moss, who stars on her first cover since 1996!

Vogue Italia December 2015 by Tim Walker


Kate’s cover, along with the other four, got our attention pretty quickly. “Is this Kate’s first VI cover since 1996? She looks like Kasia Struss though LOL,” pointed out russianelf.

Also acknowledging the joyous occasion was Kanna, writing, “On Kate grabbing another VI cover in 20 years: as long as you stick to the business there is always a chance.” (more…)

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Kim Makes Kanye Wear Suit Jackets and 7 Other Things We Learned From His Epic Shoe of the Year Acceptance Speech

Image: WENN

Image: WENN

We knew Kanye West would celebrate his “Shoe of the Year” Award win with an epic rant. The rapper-cum-designer complains incessantly about how he’s treated in the fashion industry, claiming he’s discriminated against for not being gay and even calling out journalists by name. Of course, the second he gets industry recognition, we knew he’d use his platform to lambast all the critics who doubted him. In a 20-minute speech at the Footwear News Achievement Awards, Kanye exceeded our expectations. 

Check out 8 things we learned from his speech:

1. He can laugh at himself:

“If you don’t like 10-minute profanity-ridden speeches that end with a presidential bid, you can go to the bathroom.”

2. He once gave unsolicited advice to Phillip Lim:

“I would come by [Phillip’s] studio and play him songs and I’d see fabrics he was working with and asked him to take this girl’s suit jacket and turn it into a guy’s suit jacket,” said West. “If anyone’s seen ‘Runaway,’ I stand on top of the piano, and Phillip custom made that [jacket] for me.”

3. He wasted Giuseppe Zanotti’s money:

“Do you know how much money of [Giuseppe Zanotti’s] I wasted doing sample after sample, learning how to put shoes together right there in the factory? He let me do everything I could think of, including the bone-bead shoes that were in my first amazingly slammed-to-death first fashion show in Paris.” (more…)