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Link Buzz: DVF Is Not Sorry for Photoshopping Bruce Jenner in a Dress, Jennifer Saunders Talks ‘Ab Fab’ Movie Details

  • Diane von Furstenberg Photoshopped Bruce Jenner into one of her wrap dresses and she doesn’t seem sorry about it. [Racked]
  • You, too can squander $200 on a Starbucks card worth only $50. [Starbucks]
  • 100 Years of Beauty is back and this time it focuses on Mexican beauty through the century. [Cut Video]
  • Here is what happened when garment factory workers asked for fair working conditions. [Styleite]
  • Ab Fab creator Jennifer Saunders dishes some more information on the forthcoming movie we totally can’t wait for. [EW]
  • Feeling a little lonely in your selfies? This new selfie stick with an arm attached will transform your solo shot into something extremely creepy. [People]
  • Rent the Runway is planning to open new stores and adding sportswear to its product options. [WWD]
  • But of course. Keeping Up with the Kardashians is cashing in on Bruce Jenner’s transition with a very ~special~ Kardashian-Jenner family episode. [Mashable]

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Uma Thurman Stars in Vs. Magazine’s Homage to 70s Cult Thriller

Uma Thurman and Ellen von Unwerth have teamed up for a fashionable short film for Vs. magazine. The actress was tapped to star in “Eyes of Uma,” a fashion film inspired by the 1978 film “Eyes of Laura Mars” in which the protagonist, played by Faye Dunaway, is able to watch through a serial killer’s eyes as he attacks people. 

In this shorter, cheekier and campier version of the film, Uma is cast as a photographer, who catches glimpses of a murder as she is photographing lingerie-clad women. Of course, the entire thing is shot beautifully, thanks to Unwerth’s discriminating eye and the glamour of the 70s is strongly represented here in the styling and makeup. It is a fun, whimsical homage to the original film, styled by Vibe Dabelsteen.

Watch Ms. Thurman in action in the video above. 

[via Vs. magazine]

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Apple Watch May Not Work as Well If You Have Tattoos

Apple Watch

Image: Apple

If you were planning to pick up a version of the Apple Watch and you have tattoos, you may want to reconsider rushing to put in an order for the tech device. A few Redditors found that their ink was keeping the watch from working properly.

Something about tattoos extending to your wrist makes the Apple Watch think the user is not wearing the watch, sometimes causing it to lock, forcing the wearer to enter a password when they use it. The wearer has the option of turning off the wrist detector, but some worry that could expose the owner to security issues with Apple Pay and other apps included with the watch. Tattoos can also make it difficult for the watch to take your pulse, receive notifications and make calls. 

The problem lies in the colors of tattoos — specifically solid tattoos in dark colors like red — which prevent the watch from reading your pulse. “Apple uses various spectrums of light to track the blood flow through your skin,” iMore says. “Anything that reduces that light’s reflectiveness — ink pigmentation within your skin, for example — can interfere with that sensor.” The site found that darker tattoo colors like black and red make the watch misread your heartbeat or ignore skin contact, while lighter colors are slightly easier for the watch to work with (the readings weren’t as inaccurate and the watch was able to better acknowledge skin contact with those lighter hues). iMore notes that these problems don’t arise if your skin is naturally darker, or if you have scars on your wrist.

While it doesn’t mean people with tattoos can’t use the Apple Watch, it is important to do diligent testing if your ink extends to the area around your wrist. The Apple Watch doesn’t come cheap and the last thing you want is to spend money on an item that isn’t going to work in the way it’s supposed to. Or you can just wait for Apple to improve on the watch so it does work no matter what kind of ink you’re sporting.

[via CNN Money, iMore]

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WWD’s Debut Weekly Issue Launches with Six Designer Covers

Alexander Wang cover WWD

Alexander Wang; image: WWD

We were a little sad to hear that Women’s Wear Daily would be publishing less frequently and last week, the publication delivered its last daily print issue. Now, WWD is moving forward with its new weekly publishing schedule and its premier issue is now available to subscribers and obsessed fashionphiles. To celebrate its brand new format, the publication gathered a crop of fashion’s finest to appear on six unique covers for the occasion. Alexander Wang, Christopher Kane, J.W.Anderson, Chitose Abe, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen and Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez sat for stark black and white portraits lensed by Nigel Parry for their respective covers. The issue presents the designers as the future powerhouses of fashion and explores what’s in store for their labels as they grow their brands.

View all six covers here and check out the new 242-page issue at…)

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ASA Finds Nothing Wrong with This Tom Ford Ad

Tom Ford Black Orchid Cara Delevingne ad

Image: Tom Ford

Tom Ford is known for his provocative, ultra sexy ads, so it comes as no surprise to hear that a billboard for his Black Orchid perfume campaign would spark a bit of controversy. The ads – which picture a naked Cara Delevingne in a pool of water, holding a bottle of the fragrance with her arms covering her ladybits – rubbed a few U.K. residents the wrong way, resulting in two complaints submitted to the Advertising Standards Authority.

Concerned parties complained that the billboard, located on the corner of Brick Lane and Hanbury Street in London, was sexually explicit, degrading to women and far too provocative for the eyes of precious innocent British children on their way to church or the mosque. They also claim that the ad was in violation of ASA rules, due to its sexual nature and its 100-meter proximity to a school. But the alleged offensive nature of the campaign seemed to be lost on the ASA, which ruled that though the ad is indeed sexy, it’s not indecent. “We considered her pose was sensual and sexually suggestive but that it was not sexually explicit,” the ASA explained. They also noted that the billboard was not as close to the school as the complaining parties thought.

Tom Ford’s campaigns have always been at the center of controversy. In 2008, Italy banned the designer’s eyewear campaign thanks to a provocative image of a man sticking his middle finger into a woman’s mouth. A 2007 Terry Richardson-shot campaign pictured Ford’s Tom Ford for Men fragrance bottle in between a woman’s spread legs.  

The ASA is pretty diligent about policing and regulating ads, having banned campaigns picturing overly-Photoshopped models, provocatively posed models and famously, that Miu Miu ad with Hailee Steinfeld in which the then 14-year-old is sitting on train tracks, arguing the image glamorized youth suicide.

[via WWD, BBC]

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Justin Bieber Is Going to Be in Zoolander 2

We’re pretty pumped for the Zoolander 2 movie, and so are the rich and famous. Every day it seems another celebrity signs on for a cameo. So far, stars like Penelope Cruz, Olivia Munn, Kristen Wiig and Billy Zane have confirmed that they will appear in the film, although Karl Lagerfeld has said he wants nothing to do with the movie. 


#Zoolander2 @justinbieber

A photo posted by Ben Stiller (@benstiller) on

We won’t be seeing the Chanel creative director in the flick, but we’ll definitely be seeing Justin Bieber, who will appear in a cameo for the movie. Ben Stiller teased an image via his Instagram of himself and Bieber facing each other, giving their best Blue Steel looks. It’s a far cry from the usual “I’m confused by trying to look sexy” furrowed brow moment Bieber usually serves us. 

We’ve got to hand it to Mr. Stiller, he’s definitely getting us all juiced for the Zoolander sequel – we can’t wait to see who else signs on to appear in the movie.

[via EW]

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