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Alexander Wang’s Fall Campaign Is Too Crowded and ‘Goth’ (Forum Buzz)

We’ve seen the main bulk of the new season campaigns by now, but there’s always one we forget that surfaces from nowhere and today, we finally get to see Alexander Wang‘s Fall 2015 ads. Gone from last season are the vibrant neon colors in favor of a more subdued and moody look, captured in black and white by Steven Klein. Wang welcomes back Anna Ewers as the face of his collection, who is joined by models Molly Bair, Binx Walton, Lexi Boling, Hanne Gaby Odiele, Sarah Brannon and Isabella Emmack as well as singer Alice Glass and the Japanese dance duo AyaBambi, making for an interesting cast that ultimately seems part of some trendy gothic clique.

Alexander Wang Fall 2015 Ad Campaign by Steven Klein


Our feisty forum members began discussing immediately. “His usual gang plus some random chicks. He really needs to stop with it, especially with Hanne who looks awful once again. She, Isabella and Sarah are really irrelevant. The second shot is way too crowded but I quite like the first one. Still, it’s the weakest Wang campaign in seasons,” slammed anlabe32.

“I don’t like it, it looks like a group of cool girls with ugly shoes who came out into the rain and are angry now,” shared an unimpressed dcmaike.

Also not feeling it was Benn98: “Yikes, I’m not a fan. It’s too over the top, fashion models trying to be goth while having only a vague idea what it’s about.”

“I don’t like it, they tried to be so goth, tough and cool but they failed and all look… dead? The anger they tried to show looks so fake and silly in a way. And it’s too crowded, the cast is so random,” announced perhydrol

HeatherAnne was far from overjoyed as she deemed the campaign, “So cheesy!”

Alexander Wang Fall 2015 Ad Campaign by Steven Klein


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60 Celebrities Join Campaign to Save the Arctic

Kate Moss Save the Arctic

Image: Save the Arctic

The arctic is in grave danger and in order to get people more concerned, Greenpeace’s Save the Arctic initiative has tapped a crew of beautiful famous people to pose in T-shirts imploring you to help make sure an entire ecosystem doesn’t disappear on account of humanity’s penchant for destroying anything good in its path. 

Vivienne Westwood was tapped to design the shirts, which are modeled by the likes of Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, Kylie Minogue, David Gandy, George Clooney and more. Each of the 60 celebs involved in the project was photographed by Andy Gotts, who cast his muses in dark, gray light. Probably not the most flattering, but still does the job. 

Below, check out a few of our favorite images from the campaign. (more…)

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Amazon Prime Day Is Just a Ploy to Get More Prime Customers

Amazon Prime Day

Image: Amazon

Amazon is turning 20 and to celebrate the milestone, it’s putting a bunch of products up for sale, as one does. Amazon is all set to launch Prime Day at midnight on July 15 and is promising more deals than on Black Friday

Amazon is clearly hoping to start another major sale shopping day, smack dab in the middle of summer. Of course, it remains to be seen if Amazon’s Prime Day sales can surpass those of Black Friday, but the e-tailer is going to try its darndest. Amazon is promising deals starting at midnight and continuing all day long with new bargains popping up every 10 minutes. The catch: you have to have Amazon Prime to participate. So, If you’re one of the people who were charged $99 after you forgot to cancel your free trial subscription, think of this as a consolation for your absent-mindedness. 

If you don’t have Amazon Prime, don’t worry. The retailer is out here trying to make some money and they would never leave potential customers out of the loop. You’ll be able to sign up for a free trial to participate. If this sounds like a ploy to get more people signed up to Amazon Prime, you wouldn’t be too far off. Entrepreneur notes that Prime members spend on average of $1,500 a year, while nonmembers shell out only $625. So, though they might lose a few people who choose not to pay the $99 membership fee past the free trial, they will undoubtedly gain a few new members, which in the end, makes them money. 

Either way, deals to rival Black Friday sound quite enticing to us. As for everyone else, we will just have to see how much Prime Day actually catches on with the masses.

[Entrepreneur, Business Wire]

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This Weather Man Knows a Surprising Amount of Taylor Swift Lyrics

taylor Swift weather man tfs

Photo: YouTube

It was raining Taylor Swift references during a recent weather forecast on US TV network FOX 5, after an enthusiastic weatherman decided to shake off his regular meteorological projections for a special Swift-themed update.

Mike the Weather Man outed himself as a fully fledged Swifty by filling his weather forecast for Tay Tay’s forthcoming concert at Nationals Park with a storm of lyrics inspired by none other than T-Swizzle.

Mike delivered some good news for his fellow Swifties who feared they might not be “Out Of The Woods” when it came to the impact of wet weather on the night’s show, informing them that the rain would keep cruisin’, can’t stop, won’t stop movin’ on past the concert area.

His forecast even caught the attention of Her Swiftiness, who posted on Twitter: “Never change, Mike the weather man. Never change.”

We’re with Tay on this one. 

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Margot Robbie Talks About Her Pet Rat and People Reacting to Her Age for ELLE US

Margot Robbie ELLE cover

Cedric Buchet for ELLE

In case you’ve been living under a rock, everyone’s got serious Margot Robbie fever right now. After her breakout role in The Wolf of Wall Street, her acting career has only gone onwards and upwards.

As expected, the more we see of this beautiful blonde on our screens, the more we want to know about her personal life. By gracing ELLE US‘ August 2015 cover, we’ve been delivered a good dose of Margot info to keep us satisfied. (more…)

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Link Buzz: New York Times Responds to Serena Williams Body Shaming Article, Nicolette Mason Gets Her Own Collection

Serena Williams

Image: WENN

  • The New York Times is backtracking a bit on the article they ran about Serena Williams’ beautifully muscular body. [NYT]
  • Legendary model Iman on how her days as a brown girl in fashion helped inspire her successful cosmetics line. [V Magazine]
  • 50 Cent filed for bankruptcy and no, we’re not going to make a joke about him having only 50 cent to his name. [WSJ]
  • Fox is finally going to make Duff beer a real thing. [Grubstreet]
  • Jennifer Hudson is New York & Co.’s latest face. [WWD]
  • MIA just released a new short film set to music and there is a lot of sword spinning and rapid foot moving. [EW]
  • Nicolette Mason is teaming up with Addition Elle on a new dress collection. [@additionelle]

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