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Mario Testino Visits Miami to Photograph Cameron Russell For Vogue Paris (Forum Buzz)

Vogue Paris is turning up the heat this month with a trip to Miami. The April cover features American model Cameron Russell photographed by Mario Testino wearing Jean Paul Gaultier, which was styled by Emmanuelle Alt. Cameron looks like a complete bombshell, right? We couldn't ask for anything more. Or should the bombshell look be left to Gisele Bundchen?



Members of theFashionSpot are once again providing very insightful opinions regarding the cover. A few have notice similarities towards Spanish Vogue.

"Whoa Cameron, this is a great surprise and I love it. Everything about this cover works, though it really looks Vogue Spain-esque," wrote TeeVanity.

HeatherAnne also noticed a resemblance writing, "I 5th the Vogue Spain comparisons… and that is just, pathetic. As Vogue Spain used to be the one copying Vogue Paris."

Although most members were too distracted over how 'hot' Cameron looked, with Srdjan commenting, "She is very hot. The hair is the best thing on her. I started liking her when she appeared on the British Elle cover and this one is stunning as well. I loved how styled this is."

"Omg!!! That is so good to see Cameron! Deeply like it…" enthused elsaskywalker.

Her opinion was also shared by maxlinden: "Cameron looks amazing! Such a fabulous Surprise!"

What's your verdict on the cover? Join in the discussion here.


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2 Minutes with Zink Magazine Fashion Editor Jennifer Stevens


Last month at the Next Artists Beauty Suite we met the lovely Jennifer Stevens, Fashion and Managing Editor at Zink Magazine, the New York City-based fashion and beauty glossy. Below, Jennifer tells us about her most treasured wardrobe item, her makeup essentials and her fashion vices.

The item of clothing I'm currently wearing most…I absolutely love plaid shirts. I think that they're great, especially with the whole grunge trend that's currently going on. It's simple, it's basic. Dress it up, dress it down. 

The most treasured item in my closet is…a pair of Preen biker pants from Spring 2010. And this was my absolute favorite collection. It was edgy, it was avant-garde, sexy. So they're definitely not everyday pants, but they're quite special to me. 

My beauty essentialsMake Up For Ever foundation. The HD coverage works like a charm. I absolutely love Nars lipsticks, I think that they're ultra-hydrating. And I do love a smoky eye every so often. For that I use Illamasqua, it's very highly-pigmented in terms of the texture. 

My favorite bag… I absolutely love the Phillip Lim Pashli. I think it's just a sexy bag. I can put everything in it. I have it in three different styles. I think it's perfect, it's beautiful. I love the texture of the leather. 

I'm dying to splurge on…everything leather and fur. Those are my two vices in fashion life. 

My guilty pleasure is…probably just being overly anal. And making sure, constantly calling everyone I work with to make sure that they're doing what they need to do. But that's what ensures the success of Zink and the success of our team. 

What I love most about New York…I was born and raised here, so to this day it's a love/hate relationship. Sometimes it can feel very claustrophobic, but the streets are just so full of energy. It really is a platform that allows someone to express themselves to their full potential. And I think that's so important even  beyond this industry, just as humans in general. It's a magical place. 

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An ‘Uncomfortable’ Amanda Seyfried is W Magazine’s April Cover Star (Forum Buzz)

W dropped its April 2014 cover over the weekend featuring Amanda Seyfried on the cover, photographed by Craig McDean. The actress is wearing a Chanel swimsuit which was styled by Edward Enninful and with hair by Garren and makeup by Lucia Pieroni, I think the cover shot is fantastic.



"Gorgeous cover, she really isn't someone who is overused on magazine covers, so even though it doesn't make sense for this issue, its nice to see her," wrote Miss Dalloway.

Member Nepenthes also shared the same sentiments and wrote, "Stunning cover. Amanda photographs beautifully!"

"She looks good here, very dramatic and grown up!" wrote justaguy.

Although not everyone was so thrilled, Bertrando3 wrote, "What a boring cover!!! Amanda is so over too, it baffles me how she gets so many covers for well lol doing almost nothing."

The attention later shifted towards Amanda's story entitled 'Young, Bold & Beautiful' which was kindly posted by Mat Cyruss.



"Well kudos to her for going for it.. But it just does feel uncomfortable .. " wrote A.D.C

His opinion was also shared by Miss Dalloway, "That is one of the worst, most uncomfortable celeb cover stories they have ever done!"

HeatherAnne also agreed and wrote, "Hard to make Amanda look bad, but they did it."

Join in the debate and voice your own opinion here.


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Stylist Leslie Lessin Reportedly Identified as Terry Richardson’s Perv-Enabling Assistant

Model Enriko Mihalik and photographer Terry Richardson pose during the creation of the new 2010 Pirelli calendar / Image: Getty

Model Enriko Mihalik and photographer Terry Richardson pose during the creation of the new 2010 Pirelli calendar / Image: Getty

It's been a busy week in the pervy world of Terry Richardson: 1) An anonymous model shared a disturbing account on Reddit, describing her experiences posing for Richardson as a 19-year-old art student; 2) She then came forward publicly with her story, identifying herself as Charlotte Waters, now a 24-year-old nurse's assistant living in Los Angeles; 3) Richardson responded to the allegations with a statement which ran in The New York Post — "absent my voice in the conversation, all that remain are the lies," he explained.

And now, the story continues: online publication Vocativ reports that it has identified the female assistant who is said to have been on-set with Waters throughout her shoot. If you have been following this story, you will remember her as the woman who allegedly photographed Waters while Richardson ejaculated into the model's eyes. Her name is reportedly Leslie Lessin. According to her online portfolio, as a stylist and fashion editor, Lessin has worked extensively with Richardson; most recently, the duo photographed Miley Cyrus for Harper's Bazaar

In addition to Charlotte Waters, Jamie Peck (one of the first models to speak out against Richardson) has placed Lessin on-set during her shoot with the Richardson. 

“He also had these two male assistants there,” Peck told Vocativ over the phone. “But I remember Lessin as being very gung ho about everything. She was encouraging me the whole way, like isn’t this fun? Isn’t this cool? Everything is A-OK.”

You can read the full story here: “How Does Leslie Lessin Sleep at Night?” Unmasking Terry Richardson’s Partner in Perv


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Nicole Scherzinger Launches First-Ever Fashion Collaboration with Missguided

British online retailer Missguided has managed to snap up one heck of a collaboration this season in the form of former UK X Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger. The icon is known for her jaw-dropping outfits from her days as a Pussycat Doll, as well as from her time spent on the judging panel.

If you’re not too familiar with Missguided, it’s the perfect place to shop online if you’re a little strapped for cash yet in need of an eye catching number to hit the dance floor in over the weekend. In fact, they’re the ultimate in creating budget trend-driven party wear.

Apparently, their collaboration, Nicole X Missguided is Nicoles’s first-ever fashion collection and she’s had full creative input as it was developed alongside the in-house design team. Prices range from around £15 to £50, and the 30-piece collection includes all of the party girl’s favourites from cut-out dresses to jumpsuits.

Kate Moss and Jamie Hince at the Meurice

We’re currently lusting after the white cut-out bodycon dress (£45), faux leather halter dress (£50) and the striking on trend blue of the halter jumpsuit (£45) has certainly caught our eyes.

If you fancy emulating Nicole's style, then the collection is currently available at 

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Why L’Wren Scott Deserves Better Than Just Being Called ‘Mick Jagger’s Girlfriend’



L'Wren Scott’s death this morning of an apparent suicide is sad, tragic and without question, profoundly upsetting for all those who knew her, worked with her or were fortunate to wear her slithering, sophisticated designs on red carpets. How Scott’s passing is being covered in the mainstream media, however, is also causing some ire in fashion circles, this writer included.

I gasped audibly when I first saw the headline—on a breaking-news email from People magazine—“L’Wren Scott Found Dead After Apparent Suicide.” Like so many world events these days, I headed immediately to Twitter to seek out additional reportage; most of what I found there, unfortunately, both disappointed and infuriated. From the Associated Press: “Jagger’s GF found dead in NYC.” From “Jagger’s girlfriend L’Wren Scott found dead in New York.” And perhaps most egregiously, from whomever tweets for The New York Times Styles section: “Mick Jagger’s Girlfriend Found Dead, Officials Say.” 

Are we sensing a theme? Certainly, to those who don’t breathlessly follow every detail of high-end runway coverage, Scott’s name may seem a tad esoteric (the fact that just this past December she launched a collaboration with the decidedly mainstream Banana Republic notwithstanding), but even so: The idea that in 2014 the knee-jerk reaction is not to position a woman in her obituary with the title of designer standing alone in her own right, but to prominently and consistently place her in the reader’s mind solely as the girlfriend of a rock star? Honestly, it’s just shameful. (It’s also notable that, in the hours since, most have taken care to correct their headlines, often due to the outrage that has descended upon them via Twitter replies.)

I don’t think I’m a militant feminist, but I do view something like this from a highly feminist frame of mind. If the situation were reversed, and if the media were reporting the death of a man who headed up a global business, and who was known within his industry as a success in his own right, without benefit of who happened to be his romantic partner, would that same media be so quick to emphasize in headlines his relationship with a famous girlfriend first, and bury his career within the story? It’s debatable, but as I picture a bunch of good-old-boy editors sitting around a copy desk, shirtsleeves rolled up, I’m doubtful.

Ultimately, L’Wren Scott was a highly talented, unquestionably accomplished designer who was known on a global stage for producing elegant, thoughtful collections that found favor with some of the most famous women on the planet: Nicole Kidman wore her designs often, as did Penelope Cruz, Amy Adams, Sarah Jessica Parker, Tina Fey, Julianna Margulies, Jessica Pare and a healthy list of other A-list ladies. None of those women, nor any who didn’t happen to sport a boldfaced name, wore her dresses because she dated Mick Jagger. Neither did Banana Republic come calling for that reason (surely they’re more fiscally responsible than to make such decisions on talent vs. romantic relationships). In the coming days, we’re sure to hear more of her struggles—financial, emotional or otherwise—that may have led to her sad, tragic decision, but for now, Scott deserves to be remembered and celebrated solely for what she created, and never really for one second for the man who happened to be her boyfriend.


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