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All the Stuff We Want to Buy from Blake Lively’s New Preserve Site

Image: Preserve

Image: Preserve

Blake Lively‘s Preserve site launched today with much fanfare — it was pretty much all anyone could talk about last week and the project helped the actress score her third Vogue cover. Now that the site is live, we get to see for ourselves what all the fuss was about. The store is chock-full of artisanal goodies — everything from flowy, questionably-priced maxi dresses to Bloody Mary mix. You can buy a new, handmade outfit for a barbecue and pick up a few sauces for the grill at the same time. 

But just in case you were thinking this is another site peddling premium priced goods to the monied hipsters, well…you would be sort of correct. Luckily for Preserve, it completely acknowledges that it is kind of ridiculous to be hoarding truffle salt when there are people in the world who don’t have access to clean water. So the site set up a “Greater Good” page, on which it outlines philanthropic goals in the most self-aware way possible: “We are aware that a lot of what we are selling is outlandish in a world where people are starving and have nowhere to sleep,” the site reads. “This is a real problem. One that even on our high horse we can’t ignore. ” Hopefully, those few sentences are enough to make you forget that you’re overspending on curry ketchup.

We browsed the site and found a couple of things we’d like to pick up for ourselves. So, here are six items on our Preserve wishlist that we actually might order before the day’s out.


USA Cutting Board, $55 

chip and dip platter

Oysteria Chip& Dip Platter, $92 (more…)

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Did Allure Call Lauren Conrad a ‘Basic B*tch?’

Image: WENN

Image: WENN

Just a few years ago, the term “basic” was just some underground slang for those unfashionably tiresome girls who thought “red bottoms” were the be-all, end-all shoe and pumpkin spice lattes were just super-duper. But thanks to Kreayshawn‘s 2012 “Gucci Gucci” track, in which the rapper proclaims she is unbothered by “basic bitches” wearing designer labels, the world got better acquainted with the term. Two years later, New York Magazine published a trend piece on basic bitches, and now everyone is hip to the slang — even those to which the term refers. So now that we know what the word means, Allure magazine figured it would try to use the new vocab in a sentence. 

The glossy published a “Beauty & the Beat” feature, outlining four types of dressers. Leandra Medine was hailed as a “Street Stylist” and Vanessa Hudgens a “Bohemian Hippie,” but poor Lauren Conrad was relegated to the “Basic” category, which wouldn’t have been too offensive were it not for the accompanying description:

“Made famous by Kreayshawn and viral by YouTube, the Basic woman is remarkably unremarkable. What’s noteworthy about her style is its very plainness. Except to her: she swears those red-soled shoes are cutting edge.” 

Damn, that’s cold! Lauren caught the write-up, and tweeted her 3.25 million followers:

Oh, it certainly looks real. The feature goes on to list the distinguishing characteristics of this “basic” woman: she wears Essie Ballet Slippers nail polish, rocks sausage curls and smells like vanilla-cupcake body milk (wait, that last part actually sounds kinda good).

We can’t say for sure if Allure really meant to diss Lauren’s personal style, but the write-up is definitely a little shady. But that doesn’t mean that the Condé Nast title doesn’t have a soft spot for the lifestyle guru. Just this Saturday, it tweeted out a slideshow in which the mag compiles the best beauty advice found on Lauren’s site. So I guess sausage curls and vanilla-cupcake body milk ain’t that bad when you’ve got great tips on how to grow out your bangs. 

We reached out to Allure to comment, but we’re still waiting for a response. 

[via @LaurenConrad]


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Fresh Prints and Interesting Necklines for Suboo’s Miami Fashion Week Swim Show

Suboo must have done a fine job debuting at Miami’s Mercedes-Benz Swim Week last year, with the Australian label asked to return to the catwalk for this year’s event. Designer Sue Di Chio brought her A-game for the collection, with interesting necklines and cut-out detailing, eclectic prints and the reinvention of the otherwise daggy rashie.

The show kicked off with luxurious, palm-print pieces using contrasting black outlines and panels, and took on a total 80s vibe with the use of leg warmers, metallic bombers and belts not usually seen on swimwear runways (or on the sand for that matter).

There was something slightly dominatrix-like about the pleather-look pieces featuring risqué cut-out detailing and zips, but Suboo brought back the innocence with its fresh, ladylike take on animal print. By using feminised zebra and leopard patterns with softer colour palettes and girly cuts, the label was able to eliminate the usual tackiness of animal design.

The creative use of necklines by Suboo was an absolute eye-catcher, with high-neck halters, sports bra shapes and off-the-shoulder, keyhole pieces able to make or break the design at-hand.

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Steven Meisel Replaced by Tim Walker for Lanvin’s Fall 2014 Ad Campaign (Forum Buzz)

Lanvin‘s Fall 2014 advertising campaign is all about family values (and the clothes, of course). The French fashion house’s creative director Alber Elbaz selected Edie Campbell to front his latest collection. Edie’s mother Sophie Hicks is also seen in the campaign alongside other family members, including her father Roddy and brother Arthur. Edie’s beloved horse Dolly also makes an appearance as well as a bunch of professional models. The group was photographed by Tim Walker, who replaces long-term lensman Steven Meisel.

Ad Campaign Lanvin Fall 2014 Edie Campbell Tim Walker


Most of our forum members are completely taken with the new campaign. “Loveed!! Finally a change of photographer!!!” wrote testinofan.

“Love Tim’s interpretation of Lanvin. I hope he shoots some more campaigns in the future!” enthused Nepenthes.

Elfinkova also showed enthusiasm toward the images: “This is all so lovely! Like another member stated, I too am living for Tim Walker’s interpretation of Lanvin.”

Although not everyone is up for the change. “So this is the first time Meisel didn’t shoot the campaign since like forever… I need to process this… I suppose change is not a bad thing… But I don’t know if I can handle this…” worried mikel.

“Edie is the personification of fashion’s current state; dull, uninspired, and catatonic,” disapproved an uninterested VogueDisciple93.

An unsatisfied helmut.newton posted, “Terrible and awkward! Looks like an extremely over-thought and lame editorial from Pop or i-D Magazine. Not interesting at all! And what’s more, the creative direction is beyond cringe-worthy. Meisel was so brilliant with his campaigns for Lanvin, as they offered something more mysterious and intriguing. His aesthetic was so suited to the designs of the house. Tim Walker is literally the last photographer I would associate with the House of Lanvin. Completely disparate aesthetic sensibilities and it really shows in the worst way possible.”

See inside the thread for the full advertising campaign as well as the menswear campaign. You can join the discussion here, too.

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Link Buzz: Dance Record Company Sues Michelle Phan, the Royal Family Releases Adroable Photos of Prince George for His 1st Birthday

Image: Getty Images Entertainment

Image: Getty Images

  • Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo got married in Mexico this weekend. [UsWeekly]
  • Meet the selfie stick, a tool that makes you look like even more of an obnoxious jerk while taking a selfie. [Vogue
  • Dance Music label Ultra Records is suing Michelle Phan for using music from its artists in her video tutorials without permission. [Racked]
  •  When will thieves learn that social media is not the best place to show off all the cool stuff you stole? A 27-year-old woman just got arrested after posting a photo of herself to Facebook wearing a leopard print dress she stole. #Rookiemistake. [Cosmopolitan]
  • Another way Miley Cyrus has ruined twerking for everyone? Now Lena Dunham‘s trying to do it. Thanks a lot, MC.  [Daily Mail]
  • Paris Hilton will take Kanye‘s Steve Jobs-like genius and raise him Albert Einstein. She compared herself to the legendary physicist in an interview with The Telegraph, “We are social butterflies, humanitarians, geniuses: Einstein was one,” she said. Uh-huh. [Telegraph]
  • Beautiful racially-ambiguous butterfly Irina Shayk talks her role in the new Hercules film. [Vouge UK]
  • Prince George turns one tomorrow, celebrates with almost too-adorable baby photos. [IBT]
  • If you dare: see all the times famous people destroyed their precious Birkin bags. [Telegraph]

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Kanye West Claims to Be ‘More Than 50 Percent Responsible’ for Balenciaga Shoe Sales and More in GQ

The most important man in culture is currently covering GQ‘s August 2014 issue and he’s here to clear the air about some of the misconceptions surrounding his celebrity, marriage and long battle trying to get some damn respect from fashion brands and magazines. The ranting, raving Kanye West of last year, who pulled back the curtain on the fashion industry’s darkest secrets, like who invented the leather jogging pant (it was him!) and how to make T-shirts with chitlins, is back — and he’s dropping the most exquisite nuggets of wisdom and insight. 

Image: GQ

Image: GQ

With an Adidas contract and a Vogue cover under his belt, Kanye returns to wax about his ~very important~ influence on culture, which has only gotten stronger since he married Kim Kardashian. According to Kanye, “The concept of Kimye has more cultural significance than what Page Six could write.” Since Page Six can’t do it, Kanye will instead walk you through every facet of his importance, as told to GQ‘s Zach Baron

Below, a few highlights from what will likely be the #weeksmosttalkedaboutinterview.

On getting filmed hitting his head on a sign by TMZ, and what kind of fish he is:

“I’m a blowfish. I’m not a shark, I’m a blowfish. So that perfect example about me hitting my head, it’s like a blowfish. I wasn’t coming out of my house going to a paparazzi’s house to attack them. I’m defending my family in front of my own house. I’m defending my name as someone’s screaming something negative at me. That’s a blowfish. People have me pinned as a shark or a predator in some way, and in no way am I that.”

On what he talked about in his 45-minute wedding toast to…himself: 

“What I talked about in it was the idea of celebrity, and celebrities being treated like blacks were in the 60s, having no rights [ed. note: didn’t know Kanye and Kim weren’t allowed to vote], and the fact that people can slander your name. I said that in the toast. And I had to say this in a position where I, from the art world, am marrying Kim. And how we’re going to fight to raise the respect level for celebrities so that my daughter can live a more normal life. She didn’t choose to be a celebrity. But she is. So I’m going to fight to make sure she has a better life.”

On Carine Roitfeld:

Carine Roitfeld is the Walt Disney of what Tumblr is today. She is the Kanye West of what Tumblr is today. She’s the single most important person to what street style is today. And she was at the wedding seven seats down from Kim, who is one of the number one fashion plates of today. ” (more…)

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