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Today in Boys: Graham Winfield from Sight Management

Yesterday, TFS Forum Buzz editor Chrissy Makkas posted a feature about a recent crop (haha) of models who've cut their hair. (You should read it.) The article included a slide profiling Travis Cannatta (and his new V Magazine-approved hair), which uhhh … piqued my interest in the wonderful world of fashion boys. Sorry, models. Male models. 

Fashion is one of the few industries where the pay gender gap is reversed. If you are a working male model, bless your heart (and mom) for being so pretty — but also, boy am I ever glad not to be in your expensive leather ankle boots, which you're probably in debt for to your agency. (Not that aspiring high fashion female models are neccessarily better paid, they just have better prospects. If you want to read more about the bleak economics of being a working model, Pricing Beauty: The Making of a Fashion Model by Ashley Mears is the book.)

Anyway, I thought I would maybe sometimes pull a few photos of an attractive male model from the tFS Forums "Hommes" boards, just because we deserve eye candy and these boys deserve to get jobs.

This turned out to be harder than I'd expected. I wanted to find someone good-looking, but models are good-looking by definition — without exception, always. So I had to resort to judging the personalities of people I'd never met, which is very rarely productive.

I ended up choosing a model with only one post to his thread, because there wasn't enough information about him to turn me off (no, I am not fun to date). His name is Graham Winfield and he's with Sight Management. He's way cute (that jawline! that hair!) and has already mastered model-face. Someone give him a job, plz. 

Images via TFS Forums

If you'd like to nominate someone for "Today in Boys" which I hope will become a semi-regularly occuring feature, go for it in the comments. You'll be doing a good deed. 

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Givenchy Couture Is Going On Semi-Hiatus Effective Immediately :(

Givenchy is getting out of the couture show racket for a little bit, beginning with the next round of Paris shows scheduled for January.

The news about this is a little confusing, because there's some reason to believe that designer Riccardo Tisci will resume press showings of Givenchy couture at a later date, and this is just a temporary hiatus. The French fashion house confirmed to WWD that it "does not rule out couture presentations in the future." Here's the mystery: Why, exactly, did Givenchy make this decision now and what would need to happen for the brand to resume its participation in Paris' Haute Couture fashion week?

To be clear, Givenchy will not stop making couture, the brand will just stop showing it. There'll be lots of couture-y goodness to be had on red carpets near and far, particularly as Tisci is co-chairing the Met Gala next year, and so we can look forward to lots of Givenchy one-of-a-kind gowns at the so-called "fashion Oscars."

This latest development is in line with Givenchy's previous decision to shift away from the more traditional runway show and to a smaller, presentation-style format for its couture line in 2010. Despite all the fuss people are making about Raf Simons' efforts to develop a "new couture" at Dior, couture has held a precarious position in the fashion industry in recent years. Couture is expensive, time-consuming, and skill-intensive to create — and with fewer and fewer clients for the custom-fitted clothing, the collections have indeterminate value for modern fashion houses struggling to adapt to a new economic climate. Givenchy's move to cut its presentations is sad for anyone that likes looking at the pictures that come out of Paris during couture week, but it's a smart decision — and maybe a harbinger of what's to come. 

Image via IMAXtree




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Miu Miu’s Spring Campaign Stars at Least One Model You Really, Really Like (Especially If You Really, Really Like Bette Franke)

For the Spring 2013 campaign, Miu Miu took a page out of parent brand Prada's book, choosing to forego the hard casting decisions by hiring every girl that made it to the short list. It was a varied bunch of model types: the only thing Adriana Lima, Doutzen Kroes, Arizona Muse, Malgosia Bela, Bette Franke, and Martha Hunt have in common is that they've now all been photographed by Inez & Vinoodh for Miu Miu's Spring 2013 ad campaign.

Despite being surrounded by some much bigger names/faces (like Adriana Lima, Doutzen Kroes, and Arizona Muse) Bette Franke is the real star of this campaign. Even when she's not looking at the camera or someone's hand is blocking her face, I barely register the other models in the shot. 

If Franke does have a co-star, it's Miu Miu's latest offering of shoes. The clothing is nice and everything (I mean, I would wear everything Franke is wearing in every picture, but some of the animal print and billowy denim dressing the other models is not my scene), but the shoooooesssss. I don't know how to express my longing and desire to own shoes like that and be the kind of person that owns and wears shoes like that (that's just a figure of speech, I'm actually perfectly happy being the boot-wearing person that I am) except by saying, shoooooesssss. 

The campaign is set in a house I'd like to visit, and I think these are women I'd like to know. That is, this would be a house I'd like to visit and these would look like women I'd like to know if I wanted to live in an ambiguously sexual and kind of depressing love nest and be surrounded by people that often act in unnecessarily selfish and erratic ways.

I think that when I was a kid, I imagined I would become like one of these women someday (so dark and faux-soulful), not realizing that women like this exist only in luxury Italian fashion campaigns. That's a good thing: the models here might look beautiful, but they also look like they're a second away from having a nervous breakdown. Wish someone could make having it together look as aspirational as being a mess. 

Images courtesy of Miu Miu


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Mariacarla Boscono (and Baby!) Featured in Riccardo Tisci’s Buddy-Filled Spring 2013 Givenchy Campaign [VIDEO] (Forum Buzz)

Givenchy campaign images tend to trickle out slowly, but we’ve got a good enough glimpse of the Spring 2013 ad campaign that we want to share what we’ve seen thus far. Designer Riccardo Tisci is known to have a bevy of fancy friends and muses, and this season, he’s featuring a bunch of them in the Givenchy ad campaign. Model Mariacarla Boscono is the only one of the group (that includes her baby daughter, Marialucas, Kate Moss, Marina Abramovic, Jose Maria Manzanares, Jared Buckhiester, and Francisco Peralta) who has appeared in a Givenchy campaign before. Unless the as of yet unreleased portion of this Carine Roitfeld-styled campaign contains any color images, it appears that photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott shot the campaign in black and white.

Givenchy Spring 2013 ad campaign photographed by Mert & Marcus

“My god, why would you shoot this in black and white?” asked LagerfeldBoy. “I was so eager to see the wonderful color palette of pastel pink, black, white, and red. Sigh.”

In terms of the images themselves, forum members had mixed feelings about the men’s shots – VogueDisciple93 said “they look like outtakes from a simple features editorial” – but were bowled over by Mariacarla (and baby).

Givenchy Spring 2013 ad campaign Mariacarla Boscono and baby photographed by Mert & Marcus

“Mariacarla's shot is magnificent. This photo alone is enough for this campaign to be an unforgettable one!” dior_couture1245 declared. “It has everything in it that fashion has been missing the last several years – personality, innocence, soul, and love. Fashion should always be about WHO is wearing it. We've lost that important fact in this age of street style and blogging stars who pile on every IT item humanly possible to hide the fact that, on the whole, they're dull, uninteresting and sad people. All I see here is a proud, radiant mother holding her newborn and photographed in such a way that there is nothing gimmicky or objectified about it. It all looks so natural and so genuine!” he gushed.

“That shot of MCB and her baby is freaking gorgeous,” Elfinkova agreed. “Love the sleek/bold feel of these images. Striking and full of attitude without being too 'in your face.'”

I think it’s safe to say we can’t wait to see what else Givenchy has in store for Spring 2013 (Kate Moss’s contributions in particular). In the meantime, just watch this behind-the-scenes campaign video – over and over again if you’re anything like me – to see how seriously handsome these men are, because the campaign image released thus far apparently does them little to no justice.

Images via TFS Forums

The Buzz Forum Buzz

Prada Taps Actors (Once Again) to Model Menswear (Forum Buzz)

David Sims photographed a (somewhat) stark and somber black and white ad campaign for Prada’s Spring 2013 menswear and I’m not sure if we should be surprised or not, but the label once again chose to procure actors as models. Spanning a 54-year age range, from Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s 22 years through Harvey Keitel’s 76 years, with Dane DeHaan and Benicio del Toro falling in between, the actors don’t have to work too hard to prove that Prada looks good no matter how old you are.

Prada Men's 2013 - Harvey Keitel photographed by David SimsPrada Men's 2013 - Harvey Keitel photographed by David Sims

“I admit to loving that Miuccia [Prada] has given male models the heave-ho and used actors again,” laughed Luxx.

Though the so-called models in this campaign are a point of interest, several forum members voiced disappointment in the fact that the campaign was shot in black and white. “It's really unfortunate that they did the campaign in black and white considering how lovely the colors in the collection were,” shanhuq posted.

Prada Men's 2013 - Dane DeHaan photographed by David SimsPrada Men's 2013 - Dane DeHaan photographed by David Sims

Heelscatchfire wrote, “The campaign is slightly forgettable, I prefer the previous one. I do, like some, wish it were in color. I don't mind the celebs, especially Dane, even though I love my models. I'm very glad he is included!”

It’s no surprise that forum members gravitated to Dane, who is perhaps the most model-esque of the bunch, but I think the actors, as non-models, are all doing their best (see a more complete representation of the campaign here). Despite the effort, this is nowhere near my favorite Prada campaign, and it definitely pales in comparison to the striking women’s campaign images (now that is how you cast a campaign) that came out yesterday.

Prada Men's 2013 - Benicio de Toro photographed by David SimsPrada Men's 2013 - Benicio de Toro photographed by David SimsPrada Men's 2013 - Aaron Taylor-Johnson photographed by David SimsPrada Men's 2013 - Aaron Taylor-Johnson photographed by David Sims


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Link Buzz: Michael Kors to Leave Project Runway; Fake Lashes 101

  • Sorry, but Michael Kors shouldn't be allowed to leave Project Runway so easily. We want quote roundups! [FashionETC]
  • Gwen "I Can Do No Wrong" Stefani wears red leather pants and does no wrong. [FabSugar]
  • Modern Family joins Girls in the "TV Shows With Their Own Line of Nail Polish Club." Ugh. [SheFinds]
  • Is PPR really going to back Christopher Kane? Maybe. Maybe not. Why are you asking me?! I'm not an astrologer or a centaur or whatever. [Fashionologie]
  • If you want to apply fake eyelashes but don't know how, be very grateful that we live in the era of the Internet. [BellaSugar]
  • You'll be shocked to hear that the boys of Proenza Schouler live in apartments that are nicer than yours.  [Fashionologie]

Image via WENN

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