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Three New Plus-Size Lines to Get Excited About from Beth Ditto, Rachel Roy and River Island

Courtesy: Beth Ditto

Courtesy: Beth Ditto

One of the biggest complaints about the plus market is the lack of options for trendy shoppers. Full-figured women want to experiment with trends just like everyone else but often plus-size brands just stick to the basics. Three new clothing lines are promising uniquely stylish pieces for the plus-size woman.

Beth Ditto, the Gossip lead singer who walked in Marc Jacobs Spring 2016, is debuting her first-ever plus-size collection, Vogue reports. Launching in February, the eponymous line will cater to women sizes 14 to 30. Ditto is no stranger to the fashion industry: she walked for Jean Paul Gaultier Spring 2011, designed a capsule collection for Evans and inspired a makeup range for MAC Cosmetics. She’s also a style icon in her own right, lauded for her fun and fearless approach to dressing for the red carpet. Ditto teamed up with Gaultier for the first offering from her line: a T-shirt bearing the cone bustier Madonna made famous with actual corset laces in the back. We’re obsessed. 

Finally! 18 Plus-Size Fashion Sites That Don’t Suck ] (more…)

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The Ghostbusters Girls Are Totally Creeping on Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth 2015

Photo: WENN

Australians have been aware of Chris Hemsworth’s good looks and charm since his Summer Bay days, but Hollywood has really been catching on to his holy hotness lately. His fellow Ghostbusters colleagues, which include Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon, prove just that, with a few of his cast mates and crew commenting and creeping on his overall attractiveness in a recent interview with News Corp.

Because Chris’ role will see him making the four leading ladies coffee and taking their calls as the new generation Ghostbusters receptionist, he works for them. His first call of order as secretary? “Just stand there and not speak and just let us keep looking and looking until we’ve had our fill,” Kate said. (more…)

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Miranda Kerr Announced As Ambassador for The Royal Hospital for Women Foundation

After a long week of nude covers and racy holiday videos courtesy of Miranda Kerr, the Aussie model has made the shift to her innocent side in Sydney today as she was officially crowned ambassador of The Royal Hospital for Women Foundation.

“Women’s health is close to my heart and something I feel very passionate about, so I’m honoured to be announced as the Ambassador to The Royal Hospital for Women who have such a strong history dedicated to treating women in need,” Miranda, who met with hospital staff and patients at The Royal today, said in a release. “The level of care, compassion and ground breaking research that happens every single day at The Royal is remarkable.” 


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Watch These Women Try and Make Barbie Address Feminism

Mattel has been making some powerful moves for gender equality as of late, like its Ava DuVernay doll and including a boy in its advertising, but a new experiment proves that, when it comes down to it, Barbie really doesn’t want to talk about feminism. She’d rather talk about the important stuff, like, you know, far-shun and what she had for breakfast instead. 

Using Hello Barbie (who talks back when asked questions) as an example, the clever kids over at Buzzfeed tried, and failed, to discuss with the inanimate doll things like the pay gap, Sheryl Sandberg and the fact that the US has never had a female president. Barbie didn’t want a bar of it, deflecting the convo completely.

We get it. It’s a Barbie, for kids. She doesn’t have an encyclopaedic, feminist brain. But the video kind of perfectly exemplifies the problematic way Barbie portrays women’s values, don’t you think? Watch it for yourself above.

[Via Buzzfeed]

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Lorde, Zendaya and More Urge You to ‘Be Yourself’ In Vogue’s January 2016 Issue


US Vogue is celebrating individuality for its January 2016 issue, looking to 44 musicians, athletes, artist, writers, dancer and models to reinforce and commend the fact that fashion is embracing a new era of inclusion, authenticity and freedom.

From Zendaya to Lorde, Jennifer Hudson, Karlie Kloss and more, the fashion bible has put together a video about what it means to be yourself, giving the celebs a chance to open up about their own personal journeys to self-acceptance.

“I feel like I kind of discovered aspects of my identity, or really core aspects of it, through my work,” transgender model Hari Nef explained in the video, while Zendaya shared, “I think a lot of the times we look to other people for validation as to who we are.” (more…)

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Sam Frost and Sasha Mielczarek Land WHO’s Covetable ‘Best & Worst of 2015’ Cover

Sam Frost covers WHO for 2015 Issue

One of the best things about ending another year is looking back on all the memorable moments. The good, the bad, and the things better left in that year forever as you move onto the next. Anyone who indulges in this trip down memory lane will be a big fan of WHO‘s year-in-review issue, which this year is fronted by reality stars Sam Frost and Sasha Mielczarek.

Look, it’s a pretty covetable spot and we expect this to divide readers, especially when the most Googled actress of 2015, Ruby Rose, isn’t anywhere to be seen. One Facebook fan has already reacted unfavourably, commenting, “WHO …….Who the F are the two in the middle? ?????????????? Seriously.”

People can deny it all they want, but The Bachelorette truly did take over Australia this year. Heck, even fashion bible Vogue reported on it, and that’s saying something.  (more…)