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Julia Nobis Fronts a Beautiful But Colourless Campaign for Saint Laurent Spring/Summer 2013

From the overblown media shitstorm surrounding Saint Laurent’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection comes this accompanying, and comparatively subdued, campaign. Hedi Slimane has chosen bank-making Aussie mega-babe Julia Nobis, who opened his warmly-received first collection for the newly-rebranded label, as the face of ‘Part 1’ of the campaign, with the upcoming ‘Part 2’ fronted by Edie Campbell.

The campaign, like the collection, has been getting mixed reviews. Over in the forums Slimane’s refusal to shoot in anything other than black and white has been the main criticism, while his choice of model hasn’t been copping quite so much flack.  

Julia’s bedraggled blonde hair and unperturbed demeanor are perfect for the via-LA route Slimane is moving the label in. She also moves effortlessly between the collection’s two personalities, sequin-clad seductress and moody androgyne, with a little wild, wild west thrown in for good measure. The ruffles and oversized pussybows are almost as OTT as the much-circulated open letter Slimane addressed to Cathy Horyn on Twitter, yet come across better in the campaign than they did on the catwalk.

See more of the campaign shots on Saint Laurent's Facebook page and let us now what you think: Is Slimane's spartan approach inspiring or just plain boring?


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Montreal Fashion Week: The F/W 2013 Lineup

In the words of Nina Simone, or one of the other umpteen covers: it's a new dawn, it's a new day. Because it's 2013 see, which also means it's time for a new season. As London and New York gear up for their fashion-fests, Montreal is the first Canadian city out of the gate with an announcement of its Fall/Winter lineup, taking place February 4 to 7 at the Arsenal.

The initial list includes 13 hand-picked designers and more than 30 are expected for the complete F/W 13 program, including Mélissa Nepton, Harricana, Ralph Leroy,  L'autre couture de Luko Marion, RUSH COUTURE by CLAUDETTE FLOYD, Nisse, Pedram Karimi, Matière noire, COKLUCH, Symbiose by Hinda A., Maryline Baril, Jennifer Glasgow Design and Voyou.

Montreal Fashion Week serves as a launch pad for designers to showcase their upcoming seasonal collections and is known for its quality program that stands out from other fashion weeks around the world. In addition to runway shows, it will also present a series of exhibitions, conferences, artistic performances and fashion films during the four-day event.

"Our team is very excited about the upcoming edition of MFW," says Chantal Durivage, co-president and co-founder of Groupe Sensation Mode. "The success of Spring/Summer 2013 left us inspired and so we have kept the standout elements and are working on adding new ones. One of these additions is the creation of a new room for the small collections that will feature a more intimate format, giving the designers a greater level of creative freedom."

And do you remember that $25,000 Target/TFI competition I mentioned a few weeks ago? Well, the five designer finalists from that contest will show their creations at MFW, with the grand prize winner announced at the end of the event.

If that's got you scribbling across your Moleskins, you can purchase one to four day passports (ranging from $50 to $275) that are on sale now, but hurry since the Mecca gathering is only four week away!

Image via Montreal Fashion Week

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Madonna So Mad People Dared to Smoke in Her Presence

Just because Madonna has a song called "Nobody's Perfect" doesn't mean she doesn't have high expecations of the people around her.

While performing at an outdoor concert in Santiago, Chili, the Evil Queen of Pop sensed with her nose that someone in the crowd was smoking a cigarette. That's not okay. To think that people at an outdoor pop concert in Santiago, capital city of Chile, would inhale tobacco while enjoying the sweet musical stylings of a celebrated recording artist! That's like wearing open-toed shoes to the office. So inappropriate. 

Madonna, ever the outspoken pop star, stood for herself and what she believed in:

“There are people smoking right now. No smoking! If you’re going to smoke cigarettes, I’m not doing a show. You don’t care about me? I don’t care about you. All right? Are we going to play that game? I’m not kidding. I can’t sing if you smoke … Entiendes? [Note: Wow! Love how she makes such an effort to connect with her fans!] If you love me then don’t smoke. You’re looking right at me and smoking cigarettes, like I’m a stupid f**king idiot.”

It must be so great to be a pop star that gets to make so many rules for people and force them to prove their love to her. Madonna seems like a really happy, not lonely person. 

The vid!

[h/t DailyStab]

Image via Getty

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Link Buzz: The Final Word on Red Eye Makeup; Posh’s Pre-Becks Life

  • 2012 is alllllllmost over, so I can finally say what I've been wanting to say about red eye makeup for ages now: Not for everyone — not for most people, really — but if you don't like it when it's done right … that's totally fair, but I wish you'd reconsider. [BellaSugar]
  • What to wear on New Year's Eve? For most people, clothes are a must — and you definitely can't go wrong with Kate Moss' Marc Jacobs gold lamé dress. [FabSugar]
  • Watch the best fashion videos of the year — or don't if you don't want to, that's okay. Live and let live.  [Fashionologie]
  • If you have little to no grasp on human nature, you'll be surprised to hear that some people in Justin Bieber's life think he's a brat. [CelebDirtyLaundry]
  • Victoria Beckham may now be married to a very handsome British "football" player named David Beckham, but her dating life hasn't always been H&M underwear ads and beautiful babies, if you can believe. [Earsucker]

Image via IMAXtree

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Darren McDonald Lenses a Dazzling Campaign for Dion Lee Resort 2013

Lovers of light unite for Dion Lee’s Resort 2013 campaign. ‘Lunar Tides’ is the iridescent collection we went stupid over back in July, and now it’s got even shinier thanks to the lens of Sydney-based photographer Darren McDonald.

Using light and dark to create a near-surrealist atmosphere is a hallmark of McDonald's work. Here, he’s captured a select few knitwear pieces from the collection in a combination of soft focus and flattering luminescent lighting. The multi-dimensional metallics that Lee has interwoven with reflective neoprene braiding are caught in the camera flash to create an extra-terrestrial glow: perfect for emphasising Lee’s technical chops, and fitting considering his status as a symbol of the future of Australian fashion.

These are clothes for futures both immediate and distant. If last week’s Mayan apocalypse outfit wasn’t up to scratch and you don’t want to wait a century or so for the cyborg revolution, New Year's Eve is just around the corner. 


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Link Buzz: Why Karlie Cut Her Hair; Rebel Wilson to Host MTV Movie Awards

  • If you want the full story on why Karlie Kloss cut her hair, I am here to help. [Fashionologie]
  • Katie Holmes is so stylish she's in a league of her own. [FabSugar]
  • According to Forbes, Britney Spears is the highest paid woman in music beating out Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, me. [RightCelebrity]
  • Welcome to winter! Here are some beauty tips, take them from me. [BellaSugar]
  • Miranda Kerr's dinner date outfit is on sale, if you aren't all holiday shopped out. [SheFinds]
  • Rebel Wilson will host the MTV Movie Awards woooo. [INeedMyFix]
  • Here are Blake Lively and Ryan Reynold's wedding photos, if you can bear to muster some curiousity. [FashionETC]

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