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Celebrate London Fashion Week with Sadie Williams’ Barbie Collaboration

It’s the calm before the storm as London Fashion Week begins this Friday, and if the prospect of seeing some of our favourite designers unveil the trends we’ll no doubt be testing out next season wasn’t enough, we’ve discovered that Selfridges will be selling limited-edition Barbie dolls.

Are we too old to be getting excited about Barbie dolls? Well, who cares if officially we’re no longer their target market when they come kitted out in bespoke outfits created by designer Sadie Williams? Encapsulating her signature design style, the cute little outfits will look just like they've fallen right off her latest runway.

Sadie Williams 1Sadie Williams 2

The Barbie collection was inspired by graphic Amish quilts and paintings by Frank Stella, with the aim of creating princessy tomboys. Bold, vibrant and shimmering, the resulting pieces are going to make you wish you were actually a couple of inches high in order to fit into them.

So if you head over to Selfridges on Friday, February 14, you can snap up your very own limited-edition designer Barbie for £120. Now be honest, would you really complain if you got one of these little beauties for Valentine’s Day? Didn’t think so!

Images: Imax Tree 

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Lara Stone Covers Vogue Paris: Daring or Disappointing? (Forum Buzz)

It's here: the latest cover of Vogue Paris. Lara Stone fronts the March issue, photographed by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott.

I'm always up for seeing something different on fashion magazines, but I'm not a fan of this particular direction. I like magazine covers to be coherent and fluid between each issue and this cover fails to complement previous Vogue Paris covers. For me, it's almost too daring and is very disappointing.



Overall, the cover is pleasing most tFS members, such as Avogadro who enthusiastically commented, "O-M-G!!!!!!!!! I have already known that it would be Lara who got the cover but this is totally not what I expect!! This is so unique and amazing!!".

JennaaMonroe said, "PERFECTION. Vogue Paris can never go wrong with Lara!"

"Major Mocking Jay, the Girl on Fire thing going on here! Absolutely love it!!" commented Mr-Dale.

Anlabe32 commented, "She's back!!!!!!" and went on to add, "Not sure what to think of the red shade, but not an ugly cover either. Can't wait to see the content."

Miss Dalloway posted, "If the layout was better, and more 'modern' looking, this would be perfection for me. But I still enjoy it, and think its a damn good cover!"

I must admit that I do get used to covers which I don't admire straight away, after a few days, so only time will tell whether I officially like this or not. Here's to the wait for the content surfacing online!

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We Are Handsome’s ‘Tropic of Babylon’ is Your Summer Staycation Ticket

we-are-handsomeIt’s officially autumn next month in Australia, which means now is the time to summer like you’ve never summered before (yes, this includes replacing meals with ice cream and margaritas). And you’ll find few things more appropriate to wear while doing so than We Are Handsome’s latest collection of swimwear.

Tropic of Babylon sees the brand’s signature cuts and hyperreal digital prints inspired by an Edenic paradise. The collection as a whole is nomadic, with individual pieces featuring prints from a variety of tropical locations from The Bahamas to Hawaii. Like usual, you can take your pick from tried-and-tested shapes, including the scoop one-piece, bodysuit (the most seasonally-ambiguous piece), surfer girl’s zipsuit, bikinis and oversized silk cover-ups.

The campaign, however, isn’t so foreign, staged at the familiar Redfern Pool. It shows your own neighbourhood can be just as decadent and exotic as any far-flung island paradise. This collection marks the debut of We Are Handsome’s first beach towels, just in case you needed another incentive to make "poolside lazing" a salient part of your daily routine.

Head to its site to see the campaign video, directed by Tony Prescott and photographed by Sebastian Kriete, set to Down in Mexico by The Coasters. 


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FrostFrench Relaunches Fashion Line

frost french main image 620

Jemima French and Sadie Frost at The British Fashion Awards in 2010 (image: WENN)

It’s a refreshing hooray for struggling celebrity fashion lines as Sadie Frost and Jemima French announced that they are relaunching their label FrostFrench in September.

The pair established the ready-to-wear and lingerie line in 1999, although closed their North London flagship store in 2010, only three years after opening. With news of singer Lily Allen’s vintage store venture with sister Sarah Owen, Lucy in Disguise, closing its doors in January, the landscape for independent celebrity-owned stores was looking pretty bleak, so this news is welcomed by all.

Speaking to today, the pair was extremely excitable, with Sadie saying, "We have our first design meeting next week so it's hard to imagine what it will be like until we're actually back in a room together working on it again. It doesn't seem real yet!" "The collection will be a progression of what the brand was before; because I still think there is a gap in the market between casual and dressy. I've loved fashion all my life — I love Marc Jacobs, Vivienne Westwood, Isabel Marant — but I'm still wearing those dresses that I wore 20 years ago. I still just want to wear dresses with some personality that look good on my body."

FrostFrench was famed for its wearable designs and cheeky lingerie designs, as well as parties attended by their close friends including Kate Moss, Sadie's ex husband Jude Law and Matthew Williamson, who also were stalwarts on the duo’s FROWs.

With an exciting year of planning ahead, lets hope that their new relaunch will share the success of former celebrities turned designers, like New York Fashion Week darling Victoria Beckham, and global success ensues.

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Team Canada: Shenae Grimes-Beech Becomes the Face of Annabelle Cosmetics

Shenae Grimes for Annabelle

You probably would have seen Annabelle Cosmetics on the shelves of Shoppers Drugmart and you definitely would have seen Torontonian Shenae Grimes-Beech on your screens in Degrassi and 90210. What do they have in common? Well, Shenae has recently been unveiled as the new face of the Canadian cosmetics brand.

Given her penchant for all things beauty and lifestyle — just check out her Two Halves blog and Instagram — Shenae was a natural choice for the Montreal-based company. “With her vibrant personality and great fashion sense, Shenae personifies exactly what the Annabelle Cosmetics brand stands for," said François Lafortune, vice-president marketing for Groupe Marcelle, Inc. "We are thrilled to have a strong and talented young woman to represent it."

Shenae (pictured wearing an electric blue mascara) and Annabelle Cosmetics share many great characteristics: Canadian roots, a youthful and trendy flair for fashion and an eclectic yet feminine look. “For me, the brand feels nostalgic in a way — I’ve grown up with it, and still buy it today," explained the actress. "I’m super proud to be affiliated with a big piece of home.” Her most important beauty tip? “Be confident and never apologize for being yourself!”

Indeed, the nostalgia element is rife as Annabelle Cosmetics is undoubtedly one of those brands you first turned to when starting to experiment with makeup. It’s playful, vibrant and perfectly pocket-friendly (keep your peepers peeled for Shenae’s limited-edition lipgloss for just $9.95), but best of all, it's homegrown. It only makes sense that they would enlist a fellow Canadian to rep the brand. Kind of like a new Team Canada for beauty, don’t you think?

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CR Fashion Book Issue #4 Covers Feature Model Lindsey Wixson and Also Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Progeny Gigi Hadid

Image: tumblr/crfashionbook

Image: tumblr/crfashionbook

Friday, former Paris Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld's biannual fashion journal, CR Fashion Book, released its Issue #4 front and back covers. On the front of the book, it's Lindsey Wixson photographed by Sebastian Faena; she is either channeling E.T., the extra-terrestrial, or Michaelangelo's The Creation of Adam. The back of the book stars Gigi Hadid (an IMG model who first entered the public eye when her mother joined the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast) and Shayne Cureton (Elite); the pair is styled like flower children and photographed by Bruce Weber. The theme of the issue is "Fairy Tales."

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