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Mert Alas Teases Preview of DSquared2 Fall 2014 Ad Campaign (Forum Buzz)

Social networks like Instagram have been brimming with teased covers and ad campaigns of late, offering us a sneak peek of what's to come. The latest ad to surface, caught by eagle-eyed forum members, is the DSquared2 F/W 14.15 campaign, lensed by photographic duo Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott.

Ad Campaign Preview DSquared2 Amanda Murphy


Mert Alas (who's an avid Instagram user) uploaded a black and white image of Amanda Murphy donning a rather large blonde and bouffant hair style, whilst sitting on the edge of a bed wearing some intriguing arm accessories and, of course, DSquared2 clothing. The hashtags #broken, #hollywood and #asylum were attached to Mert's post, suggesting the mood of the advertising campaign.

Our forum members are on the fence regarding the previews: "She is soo pretty naive here, so soft and innocent despite her image," describes Alien Sex Friend.

"The images fall a little flat, but I think it's more because of M&M and their weak attempts at copying Steven Klein's work lately (their Versace campaign was a more successful Klein copy, but still). I've been waiting for Amanda to work with M&M & it's finally happening. Hopefully there are stronger images ahead," wrote valliaddict.

Marc10 also wasn't feeling the campaign and wrote, "This looks more like an Interview ed than a campaign. It doesn't really sell the collection, neither does Amanda fit in. She looks so out of it."

Check out the thread for one more preview and voice your own opinion here.

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An ‘Ageless’ Angela Lindvall Is French L’Officiel’s June/July Cover Star (Forum Buzz)

It's not often we're treated to such a glamorous cover as the one on L'Officiel Paris June/July 2014. A fearless looking Angela Lindvall is seen gazing down the lens of Alexei Hay whilst donning a white and gold Bottega Veneta dress. How fantastic does Angela look here? The hair, makeup and Sarah Cobb's styling is perfect. We're deprived of old-school glamour when it comes to fashion magazines lately and I am loving this… and apparently, I'm not alone.

L'Officiel Paris June / July 2014 Angela Lindvall


"Striking beauty as ever. The editorial preview looks promising," wrote Kanna.

KissMiss agreed, clearly not finding a single fault with the cover: "Love Angela, love the cover!"

"What amazes me is that Angela seems to never age, she looks gorgeous in the editorial preview," commented Bertrando3, although he went on to say, "I'm not really blown away by the cover though, it's ok."

Alexei Hay also photographs the American beauty for a fashion story inside the magazine, doing Angela even more justice. We see Lindvall wearing outfits from Gucci, Prada, Azzedine Alaia and Lanvin.

L'Officiel Paris June / July 2014 Editorial Preview


Be sure to check out the thread and join the discussion here.

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Candice Swanepoel Tops Maxim’s Hot 100

Image: Maxim

Image: Maxim

Maxim released its annual Hot 100 list and, no surprises here, the hottest woman in the world according to the ladmag is Victoria's Secret model Candice Swanepoel. The toe-headed South African-born beauty was voted the hottest, beating out 99 other girls including Scarlett Johansson (#2), Katy Perry (#3), Cara Delevingne (#10) and even Rihanna (#11), who for some reason this year, didn't even break the top 10.

There are obviously plenty of beautiful women on this year's list as usual, but is it just me, or are these lists getting…predictable now? Why rate the hottest female celebrities when we already know it's going to be a list of the same women every year, just in a different order? New female celebrities will crop up as time passes, but eh, ranking the same group of 100 girls every 12 months…we're over it. Still, we can't deny these smart and talented ladies ain't bad to look at. We guess that's the point.

The Hot 100 is due out June 3. You can view this year's Hot 100 list at the Maxim website.

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Alice Burdeu Breathes Life Into a Boring Dress at the ‘Women of Style’ Awards


Image: Getty

InStyle and Audio hosted their “Women of Style” event at Sydney’s Hordern Pavilion the other night, honoring stars in categories including business, beauty, fashion and entertainment. There was no category for “most monochromatic” up for grabs, but if there was it could have gone to basically anyone who showed up. Montana Cox wore a lovely white lace skirt set, Cheyenne Tozzi something thigh-split and otherwise forgettable, and Jesinta Campbell a drop crotch suit I would rather pretend didn’t happen. (Props for the Black Swan headpiece though.)

I’m 100% here for black and white, but against that backdrop – and when you know Nicole Trunfio is probably showing up – it was hard to miss Alice Burdeu with her deep hair and Crayola cobalt blue (though otherwise also forgettable) maxi dress. I’ve had a personal vendetta against dark red hair since I tried to bleach it out of my own hair in high school and ended up with something best described as fluorescent brass, but Alice almost makes me want to try it again. If I do I will also be dying everything in my wardrobe bright blue, because clearly this is the most striking color combination since… well, black and white probably. Well played. 

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Watch: Celebrities Read Your Meanest Tweets

After watching this video, you may want to rethink your policy on tweeting mean things about celebrities. 

Last night, Jimmy Kimmel Live ran a clip starring so many famous faces it'll blow your head up — Julia Roberts, Emma Stone, Ashton Kutcher, Matthew McConaughey and way, way more. Each celebrity was there to read one of the Internet's meanest tweets, but about themselves. The results are, as you might expect, hilarious and slightly affecting.

Did you watch? Do you expect me to start preaching about those shiny people now? Do you expect me to tell you to stop mean tweeting, because you might hurt poor Emma Stone's feelings? Well, I'm not going to do that. In practical terms, of course celebrities are real people with real feelings. And if you're friends with one or you see one on the street, you should be humane. But realistically, the chances of a random celebrity actually seeing your vile tweet is close to negative. You don't have to consider their feelings in the slightest. BUT, that still doesn't mean you should go swinging your bitchiness around like some sort of Karl Lagerfeld

What do people get out of being cruel on the Internet? Most of this vile commentary sounds like it's coming from some weird, angry place. Personally, I think we would all be far better served using that excess energy to figure out how to solve our own problems, instead of lashing out at beautiful famous people who don't give two shits about what's happening in our lives. Eff them. Your hatred fuels their fame. If you're tired of looking at someone's stupid face, then stop paying attention to it — and start paying attention to yourself. 

[h/t E! Online]

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See Your Favorite Designers Twist Themselves Into Their Own Brand Logos

yves saint laurent ysl ralph lauren polo drawing

Image: by Mike Frederiqo via HighSnobiety

The most successful designers are one with their label. They embody their brand image — think of how Ralph Lauren's moneyed, WASPy image corresponds to the carefree preppiness of his Polo line. Well, we're bringing you all here today because one artist decided to literalize that connection.

Below, we've pulled a couple of selections from Dutch graphic designer Mike Frederiqo's 'Logo' series. You can see the rest, as well as some of his other work, over on his Tumblr

marc jacobs logo drawing

Image: by Mike Frederiqo via HighSnobiety

coco chanel logo drawing

Image: by Mike Frederiqo via HighSnobiety

[h/t ElitistFashionista]

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