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Living In a Post Gossip Girl World: How to Deal

Based on my calculations, if you've watched all six seasons of Gossip Girl, the CW show which finally finale'd last night, you've spent devoted 7,260 minutes to the show. Which may sound like a lot, but if you fast-forward through commericals and don't go to sleep and have all of your food delivered and also pee into a cup, it'll only take you three-and-a-half days to watch the entire Gossip Girl oeuvre.

I basically did that two years ago during Christmas, after I had just broken up with someone, didn't go home for the holidays, and didn't have anyone to hang out with over the weekend. That's when I watched, like, three seasons of Gossip Girl back-to-back. You'll be surprised to hear that isn't the period of my life I remember most fondly. Still, with every cloud comes a silver lining, and I guess I cannot underestimate what "discovering" Gossip Girl did for my life. 

You, on the other hand, probably watched all the scheming and underhanded text-messaging the way the teevee gods intended, every Monday night when the weekly installments aired. The show's been on for five years, which is a big commitment. If Gossip Girl had been your boyfriend, your grandparents totally would have been hassling you to get married already. Imagine how disappointed they'd be to hear it was over: "But you were so happy together!"

But what grandparents don't understand — and what we do — is that sometimes things have to end, to make room for something better. It's good that our time with Manhattan's fictional Upper East Siders has come to a close. I know this is a cliche, but when one door closes, it's often because there was something really horrifying behind the door. In the case of Gossip Girl, that really horrifying thing was called Rufus. All we can do is pray he doesn't get a role on The Carrie Diaries

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What Will i-D Mag Be Like Now That It’s Owned By Vice?

According to a press release which arrived in our inboxes earlier this morning, Vice Media* claims it received the "BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER" because it acquired i-D magazine.

The British fashion publication is a TFS favorite, but BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER, it is not. Can you make out with i-D mag? Cook breakfast together in the morning? I guess you can lie in bed with it for hours on a rainy day. Okay. That's good. But you can also totally do that with a cat. And cats, unlike magazines, purr. 

But because Vice was never really interested in cuddling and intimacy-related gifts, maybe we can't fault the media company for thinking that it got the best present ever. Vice is hoping to take i-D's vision and product and brand, and use it to launch a fashion video channel behemoth. And I bet it'll be a success: video is legitimately one of Vice's greatest strengths, after cynicism. Vice is also aiming to increase i-D's print circulation and audience, which is a really creative goal for a magazine holding company. 

Even though I'm not comfortable with any development which includes the line, "Vice Acknowledges that i-D Partnership will do the Impossible — Make Them Cooler," in the corresponding press release (because there's nothing cooler than announcing you're cool in a press release), the two publications do seem like a natural fit, and Vice is doing a smart/good thing by having the i-D founding editor couple, Terry and Tricia Jones, stay on as partners, shareholders, and "creative visionaries" (what a job title!).

You kind of want the people responsible for getting Grace Coddington to smile so so wide to be on your team, you know?

* FYI, I'm currently waging a personal vendetta against their eponymous publication for various reasons, so I encourage you to bear that in mind whenever you hear me say anything about Vice, ever. 

Image via i-D Online



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Hedi Slimane Shot a Stunning Lara Stone Cover for Vogue Russia’s January Issue (Forum Buzz)

Vogue Russia January 2013 - Lara Stone photographed by Hedi Slimane

Hedi Slimane has been all over the fashion radar for his work at Yves Saint Laurent, but it appears he hasn’t left his passion for photography behind. For Vogue Russia’s January issue, Slimane shot the lovely Ms. Lara Stone in his preferred black and white. Though some forum members found the image to be a bit boring and expected (especially with Vogue Russia’s oft-used red text and masthead), most conceded that the cover is striking.

“That is simply a gorgeous cover! I pretty much love everything about it,” Miss Dalloway commented.

“Lara + Hedi = Love,” lelaid declared. “I have high hopes for this editorial. They better not eff it up,” he warned.

Iluvjeisa simply described the cover shot as “beautiful, serene…”

Say what you want about Slimane, his fashion designs, and his photography, but he and Lara are indeed a great combination. Though, I suspect whenever Lara is part of the equation it makes for a good combination.


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Romeo Beckham Makes His Fashion Debut in a Burberry Campaign [VIDEO] (Forum Buzz)

Burberry Prorsum came out with part of their Mario Testino-shot Spring 2013 ad campaign yesterday, and though that’s buzz-worthy in itself (the campaign features models Edie Campbell, Charlie France, Cara Delevingne, Charlotte Wiggins, Alex Dunstan, and Max Rendell), the real story is that 10-year-old Romeo Beckham (as in second son of Victoria and David) is making his fashion campaign debut.

Burberry Prorsum Spring 2013 ad featuring Romeo Beckham - photography by Mario Testino

“I imagine the press are going to eat this up, due to Romeo Beckham's presence,” vogue28 posted (he’s right, of course). “He's looking a bit too over-Photoshopped to me. The contrast between the stark red and the neutral trench is nice, I like that,” he added.

“Its all about the models mixed with personalities, as always, but what a gorgeous little boy he is, and actually wears the clothes well,” Miss Dalloway noted. “I love his movement in contrast with the models. If they all were static, it would be even more simple, and boring.”

Burberry Prorsum Spring 2013 ad featuring Romeo Beckham - photography by Mario Testino

Elfinkova wasn’t as charmed. “This ad is both odd and hilarious,” she wrote. “Edie and Charlie are doing their best serious, supermodel poses while the Beckham kid is prancing about next to them, umbrella in tow. It just doesn't make sense.”

HeatherAnne may have begrudgingly summed up this campaign best: “Using a Beckham kid is a groan-worthy ploy indeed… but he's so damn cute that it fails to irritate me.”

Gimmicky or not, Romeo is so charmingly cute that he’s hands down the best thing about this otherwise uber-serious campaign. I think this is the start of a successful modeling career for the young Mr. Beckham. Check him out in campaign video action below:

Image: Burberry and Harper’s Bazaar Australia.

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Link Buzz: Damien Hirst to Make a Handbag for The Row; Want Nail Art Mailings?

  • Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen collaborated with "artist" (scare quotes neccessary) Damien Hirst on a $55,000 a piece handbag range for The Row. [StyleBakeryTeen]
  • If you want nail art to come knocking at your door, we live in the 21st century. I mean, that's a thing now. [BellaSugar]
  • If you aren't sold on pajama pants as an out-of-bed option (fool!), you should click through. [FabSugar]
  • Valentino describes his work as "sculpture that is done in the body of the lady," which is a sentence that no one else has ever made, ever. [Fashionologie]
  • Here's another never-before-constructed sentence: Kailyn Lowry of Teen Mom 2 has exclusively revealed the symbolism of her new tattoo. [Starcasm]
  • Katy Perry and John Mayer were spotted having a very scandalous dinner. [Earsucker]

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American Apparel Responds to British Ban, Claims Vice Readers Are “Mature”

As I wrote last week, Britain's ad watchdog agency, the Advertising Standards Authority, banned an American Apparel ad which ran in Vice magazine after it received complaints that it appeared to sexualize a child. 

There are some new developments: 

Even though American Apparel had already confirmed that the photographed model was over eighteen, the retailer's Marketing Director, Ryan Holiday*, provided additional details to WWD

“The model was 23 when the photo was taken in winter of 2011, and she was — continues to be the longtime girlfriend of the photographer [Henrik Purienne]." 

Purienne's photo shtick has been called "fashion porn" (emphasis, I think, on the "porn" part), and he describes his relationships with his models as "basically like a mullet… business in front, party in the back."

The longer statement from American Apparel: “It’s unfortunate that the ASA has made this ruling as our models are of age and were featured in Vice magazine, a publication clearly intended for mature, fashion-forward audiences. We’ll abide by this ruling as we have in the past with similar ASA decisions, but American Apparel will not be altering our classic advertising aesthetic which is internationally recognized for its artistic and social values." 

Haha, American Apparel thinks it has a "classic" aesthetic and "artistic and social values." 

*Holiday also works as an adviser to Tucker Max (if you're not familiar, all you need to know is that the first sentence of his very honest bio reads, "My name is Tucker Max, and I am an asshole.") and wrote a book actually titled Trust Me, I'm Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator.




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