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Our Forums Debate Karlie Kloss as L’Oreal’s Newest Face

Image: Ivan Nikolov/Getty Images

Image: Ivan Nikolov/WENN

Karlie Kloss has pretty much cemented her position as one of the new generation of supermodels, and her latest gig is just a testament to her star power. L’Oreal Paris has tapped the leggy model as the newest face of its brand, which makes perfect sense, considering Kloss’ popularity. She’s a face people know, even those who don’t follow fashion, plus she’s young and has a huge social media following – an obvious draw for the brand.

While plenty of people welcome Kloss’ appointment with open arms, there are some who aren’t 100% sold on her for L’Oreal Paris. Our forum members have been keenly debating Karlie’s new gig. Dutch Homme, for one, is not into this casting: “Strange choice. She’s not exactly attractive for the average person,” he wrote. “She’s indeed a fashion icon just like Lara Stone, but not a beauty icon and she will never be. She won’t sell.”

Others beg to differ. “‘Karlie Kloss won’t sell.’ More like you won’t be buying it but people will rush to the stores,” coutugh quipped.

“As for any skepticism, lots of people didn’t think she was right for Victoria’s Secret and yet she’s still with them and doing quite well,” orchidee replied. “You can’t expect cosmetics companies to keep booking girls who all look the same and are ‘typical’ beauty girls. It’s about expanding and changing expectations of beauty.” 

KateTheGreatest sees her contract with L’Oreal as an inevitability. “With the way her career is going, it was only a matter of time. Congrats to her, I hope she earns a lot and she sells well. Also, I think she will sell well because by now a lot of people know her (who don’t necessarily follow fashion), she is becoming more and more famous.”

Still, there are some that think there are simply too many girls fronting L’Oreal. “Why not just focus on 3 or 4 girls like Estée Lauder?” Benn98 wondered. I know they’re more commercial, but still. How many women do they actually have on their roster? Nabbing a L’Oreal contract doesn’t mean anything anymore.”

Whether you love or hate L’Oreal’s new move, one thing’s for sure: Karlie Kloss isn’t going anywhere.

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Designer Roland Mouret Wants You to Have More Sex

Roland Mouret

Image: WENN

Think of the best fashion tips you’ve ever heard. Now throw them out the window. In a recent interview with Red magazine, designer Roland Mouret opened up about his friendship with Victoria Beckham, making the Galaxy dress for “women who need to wear bras” and why he went broke. But it was his honest and empowering insights about style and the female form that really got our attention. Here are our favorite words of wisdom:

On his “training”: “You know, I’ve learnt everything about fashion in bed. I’ve been touching so many bodies to know how to dress them up. I think I translate ‘touch’ into clothes.”

On the real reason we dress up: “There is something about the body shape that’s become part of my signature silhouette. Dresses are for undressing. We all dress up to undress.”

On women’s relationship to their bodies: “They don’t really like their upper arms, oh, and they don’t like their thighs. In fact, most women don’t like a lot about their bodies. We have such a problem with body dysmorphia in our society and women as young as 30 have the impression that they’ve started to lose it. I think it’s weird.”

On what women should do if his dress isn’t doing the trick: “Then you need to have sex. You may lack confidence when you look at yourself in the mirror but the moment you see yourself through the eyes of your lover, you start to change. An outfit can do the trick but having sex with somebody you love is much better.”

Now that’s some style advice we can get into.

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Watch: Rick Owens Doesn’t Sketch or Use Mood Boards

Image: Getty Images

Image: Getty Images

Rick Owens is gearing up to show his Spring 2015 collection in Paris this week and before the designer’s latest hits the catwalk, The New York Times visited him at his studio in Paris. We discover a lot about Owens’ process – he doesn’t sketch anything and he doesn’t use mood boards to lay out his designs.

Owens says his aversion to the designer staple comes from a desire to keep an air of mystery around his works in progress. “A mood board would just explain too much to everybody,” he says. “I don’t want everybody to know what my composition is about and where my references came from. And also, I don’t want the literal example of my references in front of me. I like having references that are vague that I kind of force myself to have to use as a memory instead of a visual example.”

Watch Owens at work in his studio below.

[via NYT]

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Designer Fleur Wood Releases Second Book ‘Food Fashion Love’

Fleur Wood releases her highly anticipated new book Food Fashion Love today, with the leading Australian designer sharing what inspires and motivates her, as well as divulging insights into the creative process driving her dreamy collections.

You’ll find delicious recipes, the creative mastermind’s knowledge and admiration for vintage treasures, ideas for entertaining and creating, and more in this visually pleasing publication. 

The release of the book is perfectly timed, with Fleur Wood’s Spring 14 range of whimsical florals and feminine tie-dyes dropping in-store now. Just like her collections, this book is one for the dreamers and fashion lovers. (more…)

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Giuliana Rancic Sports Willow, Veronika Maine While in Sydney

Guiliana Rancic is in town for Westfield’s #MostHunted Spring 14 campaign, and like a good style ambassador she’s been sporting a mix of Australian labels during her time down under.

We’re thinking Willow could definitely be a favourite of hers, as the TV personality was snapped twice in the Aussie label over the last week. She touched down in Sydney wearing a statement Willow coat, which was styled perfectly with black skinny-leg pants and Azzedine Alaïa pumps. (more…)

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Monochrome Ladies for Tiffany & Co’s Tiffany T Launch Gala Dinner

Australia’s finest fashionistas have stepped out for Tiffany & Co‘s Tiffany T launch at a lavish gala dinner held in Sydney’s CBD last night. The ladies played it safe in monochromatic outfits, mixing up the black-and-white colour palette with shapely silhouettes and tough-feminine separates.

Nadia Fairfax

Photo: Don Arnold/WireImage

Fashion blogger Nadia Fairfax opted for a cropped white drape T-Shirt which showed off her toned tummy, teamed with black below-the-knee shorts to add a little masculinity. The petite blonde teamed the look with a black clutch and pointed-toe ankle-strap heels to deliver just the right amount of sophistication. (more…)

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