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Vogue Thailand’s May Cover with Kendra Spears ‘Doesn’t Look Very Good’ (Forum Buzz)

This particular cover might not be to everyone's taste, but I don't think it's as bad as our forum members are making it out to be. Kendra Spears is on the cover of Vogue Thailand's May 2014 issue wearing an (overused?) Prada dress from the Spring 2014 collection. The American model-turned-princess is photographed by Marcin Tyszka. I cannot see any noticeable editing post-production, and I kind of like the flash. Plus, I've always been one for a Cindy Crawford look-alike. Our forum members? Eh, not so much…

Vogue Thailand May 2014 Kendra Spears


"The whole thing doesn't look very good. And I cannot stand Prada anymore o_O," wrote Emmanuelle.

Bertrando3 also wasn't feeling the cover: "It looks like a bad picture from the 80's lol!"

"This does not work for me, the light and the styling aren't good. But I am happy for Kendra," commented KateTheGreatest.

"Looks very cheap..And that flash?" questioned Srdjan.

However, Tinsley V was optimistic: "I kind of love it? But I think my love for Kendra Spears (and turbans) is making me biased towards it …"

As was jeffandtheworld who wrote, "Improved cover layout. Glamorous pose. Styling is ok. The [background] is just unfortunate."

Feel free to join the discussion within the thread here.

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Michelle Phan Talks Success, Her New Book and Miley Cyrus at the Unleash YouTube Event

Michelle Phan at the YouTube Unleashed event

Image: Getty Images for YouTube

If anything is a testament to the power of the Internet, it's the success of YouTube stars like beauty vlogger Michelle Phan, style and DIY guru Bethany Mota and nerdy-chic baker Rosanna Pansino. Between the three of them, they've got about 13.5 million YouTube followers and counting. The trio was on hand yesterday evening at the Unleash YouTube event, for a brief panel and meet-and-greet with press and fans. The shindig, sponsored by the video sharing website, was a physical manifestation of the success these three have enjoyed, with stations featuring some of Pansino's deliciously creative nerd-themed treats, an upstairs lounge modeled like Mota's "bedroom" and quite an impressive spread from Phan's Em Michelle Phan cosmetics line. 

The three shared stories on how they started their YouTube channels, the day-to-day that goes into maintaining fan engagement and, of course, future plans. Each is successful in her own right, but the fruits of Michelle Phan's labor are certainly a bit juicier than the rest. Check her credentials: she was the first woman to reach 1 billion views on YouTube, and today has six times that amount, along with an arsenal of over 6 million subscribers. She's got a lucrative contract with Lancôme, one with L’Oreal for Em Michelle Phan, a deal with Dr. Pepper, her own lifestyle network, FAWN (the For All Women Network) and an e-commerce site, Ipsy. On top of all that, she will be releasing her first book, Make Up Your Life, a memoir and life advice tome due out in October.

We caught up with the diminutive makeup pro to ask about her latest efforts, how she's dealt with her tremendous success and, of course, which celeb she currently has a beauty crush on.  

theFashionSpot: So, tell us a little bit about your book, Make Up You Life.

Michelle Phan: The past seven years of my life have been a rollercoaster, and I've learned a lot and experienced a lot. Seeing all of my followers ask all these questions for life advice, BFF drama, boyfriend advice, even stuff like, "What do I wear to work?" I decided, you know, it's really hard for me to create videos for all of this, and I'd rather create something that is tangible. What's more tangible than a book? What's more important than knowledge? Beauty fades, but knowledge lasts forever. We pass down knowledge to our kids and future generations, and I thought this is a great way for me to pass on something beautiful to the future generation. So, Make Up Your Life is everything I've learned in my entire life to help women create a beautiful life of their own. 

tFS: You've had tremendous success on YouTube. What has been the biggest challenge with dealing with all the exposure?

MP: Not having enough time. Which is funny, because time, in a sense, is made up. We made it up. I can actually have a lot of time but it's really just about managing my time. I've been really good at it this year, but I think for the longest time I was struggling with putting this video up, working on a makeup line, calling the network, and everything. My biggest problem was that I did too much at once and now, I understand the quality of taking time to do things. When people were telling me, "Michelle, you need to slow down," now I understand what that means. "Slow down" doesn't mean you should stop. It just means, slow down. And so, this year, I've been slowing down a lot and I've been noticing, wow, I'm becoming more successful because I'm slowing down. Maybe the secret to life is true!

Miachelle Phan on the panel at the YouTube Unleased event

Image: Getty Images for YouTube

tFS: When did you know you'd made it?

MP: I would say very recently. The college I went to, Ringling College of Art and Design, in two weeks I'm actually going there because they're honoring me with an honorary doctorate degree. I finished up to junior year, and it's funny because senior year of college at art school, you spend the entire year working on your final presentation. I decided to take a year off to pursue the Lancôme gig that I had back in 2010. I told myself after a year, I need to go back and finish college, because that was my mom's dream. For at least one female in my family to finish college. And never expecting that I would have time to go back, Ringling decided to honor me with this degree. The funny thing is, that my final project I was working on junior year was a makeup line. It's crazy… there is destiny, but I think you also have to make your own destiny. You have to truly believe in it and find all the signs that the universe gives you. So, that's what I did. I kept my eyes open, and looked for all these signs in life.

tFS: Lastly, which celebrity do you think has the best beauty game out there right now?

MP: Miley Cyrus. Her beauty game… I gotta give that girl props. I think her makeup looks really good, and it's on point. I mean, those brows are just… on point!

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Link Buzz: Michelle Obama to Open the New Anna Wintour Costume Center; Beyonce Asks #WhatIsPretty

  • Image: Vogue via WENN

    Image: Vogue via WENN

    Michelle Obama will cut the ribbon on the new Anna Wintour Costume Center on the morning of the annual Met Gala. It is yet to be confirmed whether she will also attend the ball later that evening. [LuckyMag]
  • If you're headed to a bunch of weddings this summer, here's how to make a single dress work for each one. [FabSugar]
  • Pharrell is curating a female-centric art exhibition featuring the work of legends like Marina Abramovic, Sophie Calle, Cindy Sherman and Tracey Emin. [WWD]
  • Cosabella has just introduced a new line of glow-in-the-dark lingerie. [Racked]
  • North Korea has literal fashion police. [The Guardian]
  • An artist imagines what grocery store goods would look like if they were made by high-end designer brands. [HighSnobiety]
  • On Twitter, Beyonce launches a new female empowerment hashtag campaign: #WhatIsPretty? [BellaSugar]

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Flashback: UK Vogue April 2007 with Kate Moss by Nick Knight

This week for our weekly flashback series, I have dug out the April 2007 issue of UK Vogue. The cover marked the launch of Kate Moss' first collection for Topshop and with Kate's latest collection due out next week, I thought this particular flashback made perfect sense (or just another excuse to use my new scanner).

The cover features Kate Moss posing up a storm for Nick Knight as she showcases one of her first Topshop creations. Kate and Nick (who also photographed Kate's new adverts for Topshop) have shot together on numerous occasions, so it's no wonder the whole shoot turned out so good, they've had plenty of practice. Vogue's fashion director Kate Phelan styled the shoot, Sam McKnight cared for Kate's hair and Val Garland applied minimal makeup.

Flashback UK Vogue April 2007 Kate Moss


As you can expect, these back issues of Vogue are just full of hidden treasures. We see appearances from Angela Lindvall, Anja Rubik, Milla Jovovich and an exclusive interview with Kate Moss is inside. Kate's interview documents her collaboration with Topshop and her relationship with Phillip Green. The article compiled by Alexandra Shulman is accompanied by six images of Kate, all with the Croydon model wearing her first-ever designs for the British retailer.

It's almost incredible to think this was just over six years ago. Kate is back on the cover of Vogue's May 2014 issue to display her Spring 2014 collection.

Familiarize yourself with the April 2007 issue of UK Vogue here.


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The First Campaign Image for Lorde’s M.A.C Collection is Here

Lorde's M.A.C. Cosmetics Campaign

Image: M.A.C. Cosmetics

She may never be a royal, but Lorde will be collecting some cute little royalties on her forthcoming makeup collaboration with M.A.C, for which the Canadian brand has just released more details to WWD. The color cosmetics range is due to hit stores June 5. So far, we know it will include a plum lipstick shade called "Pure Heroine" ($16) and a black version of their Penultimate Eye Liner ($19.50)—the same products used for the campaign image, shot by Charles Howells

Lorde just recently threw shade on Twitter to Canada's Fashion magazine for allegedly tweaking her nose in a spread she shot for the glossy. "Apart from the fact that I'm pretty sure this magazine gave me a new nose (:|), I really like this photo," she quipped. Now that her M.A.C campaign has come out, we wonder if she has any choice words for the retouchers who rendered her pore-less in these images? 

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For Fashion Revolution Day and Beyond: We’re Asking, Who Made Our Clothes?

Model fashion revolution day ethical fashion

Image: FashionRevolution,com

Who made your clothes? If that sounds like a simple question, just try and answer it — I bet you'll come up with the name of a fashion brand, a label, a retailer. Ok.

But how did that dress end up hanging on the rack at a clothing store? Most of us have no idea where the fabric was grown, how it was spun into yarn, how it was dyed and then sewn together into a garment. In our current fashion system, the true origins of our clothing are hidden; the only thing visible is the big glossy brand.

caryn franklin fashion revolution day #insideout

Caryn Franklin / Image: Instagram/Fash_Rev

Exactly a year ago, many of us recognized how little we knew about even the most basic aspects of the clothing supply chain. It took a tragedy. On April 24, 2013, the factory fire in Rana Plaza in Bangladesh killed 1,133 garment workers and wounded 2,500 more. It was one of the worst industrial accidents in history. 

Today, we're marking the anniversary of Rana Plaza with Fashion Revolution Day, a project founded by designers Carry Somers and Orsola de Castro. The campaign asks supporters to wear their clothing inside out, snap a picture and share it on social media with the hashtag, #InsideOut. It's a small gesture with a simple, modest goal: to get people to start asking questions about who made their clothes. 

Corrinne Drewery Swing Out Sister Fashion Revolution Day InsideOut

Pop singer Corinne Drewery / Image: Instagram/Fash_Rev

Below, I've assembled some of some of my favorite pieces of media about Fashion Revolution Day (and beyond). If you're looking for stuff to click on today, try these links:


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