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Ohio Teenager Says Size Discrimination Caused Instagram to Delete her Profile

We don’t know what’s going on at Instagram these days, but it’s pretty clear the social media outlet needs to get it together when it comes to its “community guidelines.” Over the past few months, Instagram’s terms of propriety have helped add momentum to the #Freethenipple campaign. The social media platform’s policies deem female nipples as a violation, while men–even men who have breasts–are free to show their nipples at will. The movement has garnered support from breastfeeding mothers and celebrities like Scout Willis, Miley Cyrus and Cara Delevingne

Now, Instagram has another scandal on its hands. A Chillicothe, Ohio teenage girl is crying foul after the social media site deleted her account over a few underwear selfies. 19-year-old Samm Newman believes they censored the images because she’s a size 24 as opposed to a size 2. “I didn’t find [the briefs] or the bra at all inappropriate,” she told NBC4 News. “They covered me entirely and I’ve seen pictures like that all over Instagram.” And indeed, a quick scroll down almost any timeline will reveal a bevy of bikini and underwear shots from women with conventionally “hot” bodies–all deemed OK according to Instagram’s policies. Newman says, in this case, she is a victim of size discrimination–and it’s hard to disagree with her.

The Instagram feeds of Victoria’s Secret models Chanel Iman, Doutzen Kroes and Alessandra Ambrosio are riddled with lingerie shots, but they remain untouched and unpunished by the social media platform. Before nipple-gate, Rihanna‘s Instagram profile (RIP, gone too soon) was littered with images of her in all manner of tiny swimsuits and lingerie. There was even a nearly-naked photo of the singer posted to her BFF Melissa Forde‘s profile in late 2012, wearing nothing but a bra and fur coat, smoking a blunt by the fire.

Newman claims her images were taken down because her body “doesn’t fit [Instagram’s] ‘normal.'” Of course, the folks at Instagram say the suspension of Newman’s profile was a mistake and have issued an apology: “When our team processes reports from other members of the Instagram community, we occasionally make a mistake. In this case we wrongly removed content and worked to rectify the error as soon as we were notified. We apologize for any inconvenience.” 

But in spite of the negativity, Newman says her experience has turned into a positive force for plus-sized women like herself. “People have said that me speaking out and making this huge ruckus…has made them feel strong, courageous and ready to fight like I have.”  She’s certainly made an impression on some people–her 204 follower count has jumped to 363. 

UPDATE: an Instagram spokesperson contacted us with an updated version of their apology: “We are truly sorry for our mistake here. When reviewing reported content from the Instagram community, we do not always get it right and we wrongly removed an account. As soon as we were made aware, we reactivated the account and restored the content.”

 [via NBC4i]

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Numéro’s August Cover with Amanda Murphy Receives Rave Reviews (Forum Buzz)

French Numero‘s #155 August issue is one of the latest to surface on our forums and with a cover girl like Amanda Murphy, you know you’re going to get something dynamic. Photographed by Numéro regular, Greg Kadel, Amanda is shot against a vivid orange and yellow gradient backdrop, which adds to the drama of the cover image. The American model wears a sports-inspired headpiece teamed with a collared top for the engaging cover shot, styled by Bill Mullen.

Numero #155 August 2014 Amanda Murphy Greg Kadel


Members of our forums just cannot get enough of the cover. “My goodness, I’m not even a fan of Amanda but I must admit to this being one fantastic cover. I’m sold,” wrote Abracadabra.

“Wow what a striking and edgy cover! Amanda is definitely cementing her position as one of the best new girls!!” enthused lukechapman.

Forum member anlabe32 is also on board and simply stated, “That’s one striking cover!”

“Great cover. Very striking. This is the first time that Amanda actually looks good,” posted a surprised MyNameIs.

Members are even satisfied with the contents of the new issue. “Numéro is alive!! I’ve seen all the content and I’m so getting this issue,” posted Abracadabra.

Psylocke does not share their sentiments, though: “I’m not super impressed with the cover and the main ed. It’s so over-styled but doesn’t really achieve much at that, and Amanda has the same vacant expression in every shot. The whole thing could have been good, but the end result leaves me cold.”

The thread has already been provided with HQs of the contents. Check out the fashion stories and share your own opinion here.

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Mario Testino Shoots ‘Model Mania’ for V Magazine’s Fall Preview Issue (Forum Buzz)

V Magazine enlisted Mario Testino to photograph a number of models for its latest issue entitled “Model Mania.” For the Fall Preview issue, the Peruvian photographer shot not one, but four covers of seductive duos. Cover one goes to Emily DiDonato and Sean O’Pry, the second is handed to Joan Smalls and Aurelian Muller. Amanda Murphy and Clark Bockelman are on the third, while Bridget Malcolm and Matthew Terry land the fourth and final cover.

V Magazine Fall Preview 2014 Model Mania by Mario Testino


Above is the cover featuring Emily wearing Gucci and Sean in Emporio Armani.

Our forum members just cannot agree which cover is best and don’t seem to be satisfied with Mario’s efforts. “I like the idea, but it doesn’t come across as it should. They are all overly Photoshopped and what happened to Emily’s face?” questioned KateTheGreatest.

“OMG, I’ve seen better couple photos from ANTM contestants. This is just sad…no chemistry at all. Emily & Sean cover is the best of the bunch. Joan cover looks like there are people pointing guns at them,” wrote WilliamsLe010919.

Another member not feeling the chemistry was kokobombon. “The only cover I like is Amanda´s. IMO there’s no forced chemistry between them like in the other ones, just awkward posing.”

“Glad it’s not Miley, but wow no one looks amazing here, especially the ladies all look crazy messed with! Testino should be ashamed of himself, and the amount of airbrushing he does these days!!!” declared an unimpressed Miss Dalloway.

“None of them except for Sean and Emily are engaging with each other. They all seem disconnected and look like they want no part in this. And, I feel SO bad for Joan, bad lighting, bad Photoshop. I had to do a double-take to make sure it was her,” posted phatcatcan.

Check out the thread and see all four covers in HQ. Don’t forget to post your favorite and join the discussion here.

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You Gotta Have Art: Jeff Koons Celebrates His H&M Collab

Birdy and Jeff Koons at the H&M Fashion Loves Art launch event

Birdy and Jeff Koons at the H&M Fashion Loves Art launch event, Getty

“Can I have three of those?”

More than two-dozen of the Jeff Koons “Balloon Dog” leather crossbody bags were dripping off the arms and shoulders of the H&M salesperson, who happily handed over the requested number to the party guest. Only 800 of the highly coveted $49.95 bags have been allotted to this shiny new H&M location on Fifth Avenue, and based on last night’s frenzy, it remains to be seen whether any will still be on hand when they become available to the public on Thursday.

Why all the fervor? Welcome to Jeff Koons for H&M, the much-touted collab between the world’s most high-profile artist and the world’s best-known fast-fashion retailer. Past H&M collabs have featured Karl Lagerfeld, Isabel Marant and Alber Elbaz for Lanvin, but this may just be the poshest audience the retailer has ever enjoyed for an opening-night party: Olivia Wilde, Ashley Benson, Alek Wek, Lorenzo Martone, Timo Weiland, Nicky Hilton, Julie Henderson and Tinsley Mortimer were among those who joined Koons on the red carpet. Wilde and Benson both sported sleek black suits—both by H&M, natch, and both accessorized with the bag. (Benson, it was announced last week, joins Wek as the latest face of H&M’s campaigns.)

Koons has been everywhere, it seems, since the June 27 opening of his retrospective at the Whitney Museum of American Art (that hot-ticket show closes Oct. 19). There was his appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers last week, while in late June he was on hand at Rockefeller Center to christen the debut of his “Split Rocker” floral sculpture, located in the same spot where his “Puppy” sculpture famously stood in 1992. And now it’s all about the “Fashion Loves Art” marriage, as H&M is marketing it, with Koons’ “Balloon Dog” affixed to those sought-after leather bags. Given that the celebrated sculpture went for $58.4 million at an auction in November last year, $49.95 is pennies in comparison to have a little Koons in your life.

For the artist, the collab made sense: “The partnership with H&M was really exciting for me, and the chance to showcase one of my most popular works to a new generation of people was inspiring,” he said in a press statement. Also on hand last night: Adam Weinberg, the Alice Pratt Brown director of the Whitney, and Scott Rothkopf, curator of the Koons retrospective. If the “Balloon Dog” bag sells out on Fifth Avenue or online, head straight to the Whitney — to check out the exhibition, of course, but also because word is the museum will have a limited number of the bag on hand.

The night was capped with a performance by British singer Birdy on the store’s street level; Koons, Wilde and others watched from the VIP space cordoned off on the second-floor balcony. And as Birdy serenaded the guy everyone in New York is talking about, a steady stream of shopping bags paraded out of the store, a bounty of Balloon Dogs making their way into the world.

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They All Hate Us Blog Teams Up with Nicholas Haywood Jewellery Concierge

Nicholas Haywood Jewellery Concierge has tapped blogging duo Elle Ferguson and Tash Sefton of They All Hate Us for its latest NHJC and DJULA collections. It’s no wonder. Just one of the blog’s Instagram posts gets more attention than the jeweller’s entire account, and with the combined strength of the pair’s individual social media stats, the new campaign, “Where fashion meets fine jewellery,” has the potential to achieve some pretty big numbers.

The news came out via an unraveling of photos on Nicholas Haywood’s Instagram, respectively on Elle’s and Tash’s “personal” Instagrams, and of course, a behind-the-scenes photo package on their blog, telling their ever-growing They All Hate Us followers the news. “We especially loved these fine diamond pieces as they are not just beautifully delicate but extremely cool,” the girls wrote on their blog.

Not only do these girls have a highly popular blog that, for the most part, finds images on the Internet and republishes them into a “moodboard,” they’ve also got that minimalistic style thing in the bag. We’ll admit the fine jewellery was shown in a great light against Tash and Elle’s all-black outfits, comprised of leathers and lace.

The stunning beach backdrop and white flower bouquets topped it all off for the shoot by photographer Caroline McCredie, with all the pieces now available on Nicholas Haywood’s online store. If you’re confused on how to style these delicacies, just take a cue from the super-stylish fashion bloggers.

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Sally Jones Lingerie Relaunches Under Different Name and New Leadership

SJ Lingerie

Photo: SJ Lingerie

Luxury Australian-made label Sally Jones Lingerie has just relaunched under its new name of SJ Lingerie as Sally Jones, the original founder, takes a step back from the business and Katie Rackley moves forward as the new creative director and owner of the brand.

“With the internal changes as well as the new direction of Sally Jones Lingerie, we felt that it was the best possible time to relaunch,” Katie explains, without neglecting Sally’s 20-year experience in the lingerie industry. “We wanted the label to have fresh appeal to new customers but also reflect its heritage.”

While the label specialising in exquisite and sophisticated lingerie pieces will continue using fine fabrics like French lace, delicate silks and Italian tulle, meaning nothing but the finest fabrics as a second skin for SJ customers, the relaunch will expectedly see a few changes for the elegant brand. 

Katie tells theFashionSpot that the label will be “creating pieces that blur the lines between under and outerwear” by moving away from the use of underwire and sticking to a more refined colour palette of white, black and nude. “We love the fine line between intimate lingerie and lacy outerwear,” she says.

And although there’s a lot of new and exciting changes for the brand, previous owner Sally will still play a big role in the label’s new path, working closely with Katie on new design ideas. “Sally will continue to co-design the upcoming collections and oversee the manufacturing of all SJ garments,” Katie tells us.

To have a gander at the label’s amazing new look, see our gallery below or head on over to the brand’s online store where SJ Lingerie is sold exclusively. For any purchase you make, a percentage of the profit will support the Desert Flower Foundation, helping to end female genital disfigurement. (more…)

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