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American Apparel Responds to British Ban, Claims Vice Readers Are “Mature”

As I wrote last week, Britain's ad watchdog agency, the Advertising Standards Authority, banned an American Apparel ad which ran in Vice magazine after it received complaints that it appeared to sexualize a child. 

There are some new developments: 

Even though American Apparel had already confirmed that the photographed model was over eighteen, the retailer's Marketing Director, Ryan Holiday*, provided additional details to WWD

“The model was 23 when the photo was taken in winter of 2011, and she was — continues to be the longtime girlfriend of the photographer [Henrik Purienne]." 

Purienne's photo shtick has been called "fashion porn" (emphasis, I think, on the "porn" part), and he describes his relationships with his models as "basically like a mullet… business in front, party in the back."

The longer statement from American Apparel: “It’s unfortunate that the ASA has made this ruling as our models are of age and were featured in Vice magazine, a publication clearly intended for mature, fashion-forward audiences. We’ll abide by this ruling as we have in the past with similar ASA decisions, but American Apparel will not be altering our classic advertising aesthetic which is internationally recognized for its artistic and social values." 

Haha, American Apparel thinks it has a "classic" aesthetic and "artistic and social values." 

*Holiday also works as an adviser to Tucker Max (if you're not familiar, all you need to know is that the first sentence of his very honest bio reads, "My name is Tucker Max, and I am an asshole.") and wrote a book actually titled Trust Me, I'm Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator.




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Canada’s Most Searched Style Stars

Both Google and Yahoo! recently released their year-end results of 2012's most searched keywords and it's become apparent that we Canadians are a very style-conscious bunch.

On Yahoo!, the most coveted celebs were Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Aniston, Miley Cyrus, Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake (bolstered by their wedding), Katie Holmes, Rihanna and Chris Brown (helped by their eye-roll inducing reconciliation), Christina Aguilera, and Lady Gaga.

Meanwhile, Google Canada's top trending celeb results — representing newer queries that have broken out for the first time — were much more news related:

  1. Whitney Houston
  2. Jeremy Lin
  3. Michael Clarke Duncan
  4. Morgan Freeman
  5. Felix Baumgartner
  6. Kate Middleton
  7. Neil Armstrong
  8. Carly Rae Jepsen
  9. Lance Armstrong
  10. Katie Holmes

Naturally in the musicians list, Justin Bieber received a top position, no doubt helped by the "overalls lol" incident. But now on to retail and fashion.

The top five most searched for jeans on Yahoo! were Levi's, True Religion, Miss Me, Wrangler, and Lucky Brand. While the most searched for retail stores on Google were:

  1. eBay
  2. craigslist
  3. Canadian Tire
  4. Walmart
  5. Future Shop
  6. Home Depot
  7. LesPAC
  8. Costco
  9. Ikea
  10. Sears

I think this says a lot about Canada's "can-do" attitude and DIY obsession that both Canadian Tire and Home Depot outranked Sears and, in fact, very few clothing retailers made the top 10. Also, you may have noticed that Kijiji has been snubbed, while eBay and Craigslist (rampant serial killers or not) reign supreme. Kijiji has since released a press release claiming that, using Google's own Trends analytics tools, they were able to clearly track their leading position as the most-searched retail site in Canada.

"Mistakes happen to everyone!" said Bart Molenda, Head of Marketing, Kijiji Canada. "But the numbers don't lie: Kijiji is the clear leader amongst competitors in searches for online retail brands in Canada. We're not calling for a recount, but we do hope that next time we get invited to the Zeitgeist."

Finally, Canadians with a meal on their mind should know that maple syrup, poutine, and bacon took top spots in terms of food searches, no doubt propelled by apocalyptic fears of a global bacon shortage.

Image via

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Bambi is Good Girl Gone Bad for Nasty Gal’s December Lookbook

Bambi Northwood-Blyth is the third Australian model in five months to be snapped up by U.S. e-tailer Nasty Gal. Following in the footsteps of fellow bank-making babes Anja Konstantinova and Rachel Rutt, Bambi is the face of December’s exceptionally styled lookbook, Good Girl Gone Bad.

The thing kicks off with a sweet-as-sugar mix of lacey collars, florals, and all things confectionary-coloured, plus enough winged eyeliner and hairspray to outlive a Lana Del Rey world tour. But of course it wouldn’t be Nasty Gal without something leather, something acid-wash, and something that could be deemed a dangerous weapon. After the good girl goes bad, the lookbook is less Lana and more Grease, featuring excellent sports-style jackets and plenty of spiked accessories. One of the best pieces is a pair of leather overalls that would look as good with a t-shirt as it does with the bondage-y bra top it’s paired with here.

Reading like a visual summary of the best of 60s, 70s, and 80s styles, there’s pretty much something for everyone in December’s offering. Click over to Nasty Gal to see the lookbook in full. 

Images by Nasty Gal

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Clothes Show Live: Celebrity Designers’ Showcases

Opinions are always divided when a celebrity creates their own clothing line, especially when it’s a reality TV star with no design training. This week at the Clothes Show Live, we managed to grab a few seconds with fashion designer Henry Holland to ask him about the subject, and surprisingly, it turned out that he’s all for it! He believes that it’s just a different approach to things, and a great way for public figures to engage with their already-established fan bases. 

So, spurred on by Henry’s wise words, tFS went to check out showcases by reality TV stars Amy Childs and Gemma Collins (past and present cast from The Only Way Is Essex), as they’ve both recently launched their own clothing lines. Here’s what we found out.

Gemma Collins

As a plus size lady herself, Gemma explained that she’s used her own experiences to create a line for larger women. Unlike lots of celebrity-turned-designers, Gemma was also adamant to mention that she’s actually designed all the pieces herself, which has even involved her going to local shopping centres with samples to carry out customer research. Gemma believes that on the whole, the plus size market has a very restricted offering, and often just includes a lot of black items, so with her own line, she’s made sure that it’s a mixed bag of sparkle and patterns. Henry Holland singled out Gemma's range, saying that he thought that she was doing a great job. Check out some of her pieces below, or shop the entire collection at

Amy Childs

Amy describes herself as an entrepreneur and boasts an extensive range of ventures, such as her own beauty salon, and perfume. This week, she was at the Clothes Show Live to officially launch her new party range for her own clothing line, amychildsofficial, which she initially founded upon leaving TOWIE, as her Twitter fans were constantly bombarding her with questions asking her where she bought her outfits. Amy explained that she sat down with designers to create pieces that emulated her glamorous style. The range caters to all ages and has many glittery dresses which are perfect for the festive season. Check out some of our favorite pieces below. 


Images: gemmacollinsofficial, amychildsofficial

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Gwen Stefani Covers the January Issue of Vogue in Saint Laurent Paris (Forum Buzz)

Vogue is kicking off 2013 with a glittering gold cover photographed by Annie Liebovitz featuring Gwen Stefani in a look by Saint Laurent Paris. Putting Gwen on the cover always seems like a smart move. A rock chick with her own sense of style that generations of girls can look up to? What’s not to like? As Fiercification described, “Gwen is someone who I really love for relatively nondescript reasons; she seems to follow her own line of thinking as far as music and her image go without alienating the mainstream.”

Other forum members seemed equally smitten with Gwen and the cover. “I love this, Gwen looks incredible,” MulletProof commented. “Such a childhood/teenage years legend and [she] only keeps getting better as time goes by.”

“Oh I really love this one,” Marc10 posted. “Gwen is one of my favorite celebrities and that Saint Laurent outfit is one of my favorites from the season, so it's a winner combo me.”

I, myself, have a total girl crush on Gwen, so this cover is great despite my lack of enthusiasm for Hedi Slimane’s much-hyped debut collection for Saint Laurent Paris. The fact that Gwen is kind of making me like the look is a testament to how likable she is, and how well she works the clothes she’s wearing.

In addition to Gwen, you can expect to see an editorial featuring Carolyn Murphy and Karen Elson photographed by Steven Klein, and styled by Grace Coddington; Edie Campbell and Karlie Kloss in a 60s-style editorial photographed by Craig McDean, and styled by Camilla Nickerson; and Cara Delevingne in an editorial photographed by Boo George. There are plenty of reasons to get this issue, and all of them are good.


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Lover’s Rosebud Dress Gets Reincarnated as an Exclusive Capsule Collection for Net-A-Porter

It’s been a busy year for Australian fashion industry linchpin Lover. They launched their flagship Sydney boutique in The Strand Arcade, then they churned out a concept collection re-envisioning 16 white lace dresses from their archives. They also delivered the ethereal goods for Spring/Summer 2013, a collection which included a particularly Lover-y Rosebud dress that sold out in Australia in one week.

Now the Rosebud dress has spawned three other dresses, two blouses, and a skirt in the shape of this exclusive capsule collection for Net-A-Porter. Designers Nic Briand and Susien Chong were approached by the luxury e-tailer to create a small collection based on the original dress. They said yes, as you do when you’re approached by an all-powerful force of fashion like Net-A-Porter, and came up with the aforementioned items in typical Lover guise.

The capsule sticks with the signature Lover colour palette of black, red, and cream, and each piece is made from that romantic French they do so well. There’s even a black version of the Rosebud that is pretty much identical, right down to the subtly padded shoulders.

This capsule follows the one Net-A-Porter did with Zimmermann last year, and makes it clear that Lover holds big sway outside of Australia. That also means it won’t stay “in stock” for long, so act swiftly if you happen to be looking for something both romantic and party-appropriate to wear on the 31st. 


Images: Net-A-Porter

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