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Introducing ISWAI by Caggie Dunlop

Fearne Cotton launches her SS14 fashion collection

There’s no denying that every now and then we’ve all shamefully indulged in a spot of brainless reality television watching, and as more are being churned out of the mill, it’s creating a constant new wave of well-known household names.

Becoming the flavour of the month in such a way also means that these new names are constantly being offered to collaborate with some of our favourite labels. Most choose to sieze the moment and put their names to just about anything, which let’s be honest, can get pretty annoying. That’s why it’s so refreshing to hear that former Made in Chelsea star Caggie Dunlop has chosen to do the opposite.

Instead of simply putting her name to the umpteen brands that have approached her, she’s used her newfound celebrity status to create her own business, and better still, one that aims to support up-and-coming design talent in need of their own career-starting platform.

Caggie has created the fashion brand ISWAI (it starts with an idea) and enlisted the help of some unknown design talent, from whom she selects which items will appear in each range based upon what reflects her own style —  rather than simply being told what to sell and promote.

ISWAI aims to become a place for young artists and designers to share and develop their own talents, whilst encouraging its customers to dress to reflect their own personalities and not just conform to the mainstream fashion trends.

Head over to ISWAI to check out the full range, we love the cool message envelope clutches and sparkly skirts that are perfect for the party season.

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Link Buzz: Black Friday Deals Dot Com; Kanye Signs With Adidas

  • Image: Getty

    Image: Getty

  • On another note, maybe the 'buy moar' ethos is getting a little tired. [Refinery29]
  • Dolce & Gabbana decorated a Christmas tree. Nothing more I can say on this subject without getting snarky. [Fashionologie]
  • Emmy Rossum's festive black jumpsuit: We love it even though it's not marked down for Black Friday. [FabSugar]
  • Karl Lagerfeld was lunching in London and he thought, "Why don't I launch a flagship in London?" [Fashionista]
  • Pretty much the same thing happened to Kanye, but it resulted in an Adidas deal. (Not really.) [Telegraph]

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Victoria Beckham Hopes to Eventually Launch a Childrenswear Line

Image: WENN

Image: WENN

Chatting with British Vogue, Victoria Beckham said that she hopes to launch a childrenswear line in the "not-so-distant future," but is too busy to start a new project this very moment: "At some point I would love to do that, but having kids there's so much to do. Working and having four kids is tough, but I will get there. At some point I'd definitely love to — there's a lot of things to do but if you organise yourself in the right way you can get it all done." I wonder if she'll have her children model for the campaigns.

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Wait. Is an All-Juice Thanksgiving Meal Really, Actually a Thing?

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

By now, we're all well-acquainted with the wonderful, faddish world of juicing. Personally, I like juice. If Juice were a Broadway musical, I would pay $179 plus fees for orchestra seating. HOWEVER, that doesn't mean I would accept juice's marriage proposal, even if juice had already picked out a ring. And I certainly wouldn't juice my entire Thanksgiving meal, which is what one writer proposes in an article published today on Fast Company's Co.Exist blog

It opens: "I am so tired of reading unrealistic gourmet Thanksgiving menus full of complicated ingredients that take hours and hours to make…[And] frankly, I'm in no mood to carbo-load."

The solution? "Breathtakingly obvious. A Thanksgiving Day Juice Cleanse." My breath was taken, for sure. 

Kamenetz then proceeds to outline various "juice substitutes" for classic Thanksgiving dishes. For example, a committed Thanksgiving juice-cleanser might swap out roasted turkey with a glass of Odwalla Chai Vanilla Protein Monster. Still too calorie-laden for you? Try canned turkey broth. 

I'm pretty sure it's satire and/or the writer is trolling (and in that case, you're welcome), but some on Twitter seem to be convinced:


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Preview: George Clooney Gets the Kusama Polka Dot Treatment (Or So It Appears) for W’s Art Issue

Image: Instagram/PopDuJour

Image: Instagram/PopDuJour

Here's a preview of W's December/January Art Issue cover, featuring George Clooney. After the snapshot above appeared on PopDuJour's Instagram (the proprietor, Ahmad-Ali Swaid, runs a blog by the same name and oversees social media for GARAGE), it was immediately posted to the forums. That was three days ago. No other photographs or scans of the magazine have surfaced on the Internet since. 

For the publication's Art Issue, W typically collaborates with contemporary artists on conceptual celebrity covers (one of the most notorious examples: for the November 2010 issue, Kim Kardashian appeared on the cover fully naked except for three strategically placed Barbara Kruger text banners). Although the fashion glossy has not yet released the name of the artist who collaborated with W on Clooney's cover, it is most likely Yayoi Kusama, who is known for her distinctive bright polka dots. The Japanese artist has often incorporated clothing design and runway shows as part of her artistic practice; in 2012 she collaborated on a collection with Louis Vuitton

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Watch: Rampage Promotes Black Friday with a ’3-Way Girl Fight’ Parody Video

Here's a marketing concept that's not to my liking: To promote its Black Friday deals, Rampage created a video which parodies frenzied Black Friday shopping.

Making fun of people who participate in an advertiser-created retail holiday as a way of encouraging people to further participate in said holiday — that's a little too much hypocrisy for my delicate sensibilities.

Also not helping: the not-so-vaguely sexist '3-way girl fight' (as the company's Facebook copy puts it) at the center of the clip. 

Here are the upsides: The ad is titled 'Supermodels on a Rampage' (a cute & clever play on the brand's name) and stars the lovely Chrissy TeigenHannah Davis and Tori Praver.

[h/t WWD]

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