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WATCH: Victoria’s Secret Model Magdalena Frackowiak Shut Down Reporter for ‘Stupid’ Question


Magdalena Frackowiak

Photo: WENN

When model Magdalena Frackowiak was questioned about her eating habits backstage at the highly anticipated Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on Tuesday, she suitably ripped the reporter into metaphorical shreds for doing so.

When the TMZ reporter asked the Polish beauty, “What are you most excited about eating after the show?”, she didn’t want any part of it. “This is stupid. Ask more smart questions,” she demanded, with soaring levels of commendable sass.

“You make me look like an idiot. It seems like I’m starving myself and I can’t wait for the show to end to eat,” she continued. The interviewer tried shamelessly to save himself, repetitively saying “No, no no”, but the damage was already done. (more…)

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Aussie Fashion Muse Yasmin Sewell Named Fashion Director of Style.Com


Yasmin Sewell

Photo: WENN

Following’s closure two months ago, Australian fashion muse and leader on the street style frontier Yasmin Sewell has been named fashion director of the website. That’s right, you can stop pondering on’s return because it’s coming back with a bang next year under the helm of Yasmin’s style know-how.

The site, which acted as a viable online resource for fashion, beauty and lifestyle for over fifteen years, is introducing a new commerce-focused version of the website, scheduled to launch in 2016. According to The Cut, this will roll out in the UK, followed by the US. (more…)

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Bridget Malcolm Makes Her Victoria’s Secret Runway Debut

Bridget Malcolm walks the Victoria's Secret runway

Photo: Getty

Aussie girl Bridget Malcolm has made her Victoria’s Secret runway debut in New York City on Tuesday, slaying in a biker-inspired ensemble including tie-up leather shorts, studded fingerless gloves, ankle boots, a patched vest and choker. 

It’s a classic case of good girl gone bad and homegirl was rocking them badass vibes as Selena Gomez performed alongside her strut. It’s a shame she couldn’t contribute a fierce smize to the rough get-up, but as she said in a recent Mornings interview, “You get to go out there and smile which you never get to do on a runway.” She did rep the devil horns hand gesture at the end of the runway, though, so not all is lost.

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WATCH: Ruby Rose Breaks Down During Woman of the Year Acceptance Speech

Ruby Rose was back on her home turf for GQ Australia‘s Men of the Year Awards last night, taking home the Woman of the Year title with a heartwarming speech so raw, honest and heartbreaking that the actress was in tears saying it.

After expressing how lucky she feels to be able to be her true self and be celebrated for it, Ruby took a moment to acknowledge those who have supported her along the way, including her friend Courtney. “I had to lie and tell her it wasn’t a black tie event or she wouldn’t come and I want to give this award to her,” Ruby explained.

“Her mum recently passed away of brain cancer, and for a year she was in the same hospital bed and Courtney was by her side, and that to me is a strong woman. Never did she say, ‘Why me?’ Never did she complain. And, literally, she was my rock throughout this past year and I just want to say to Kerri and to Courtney, thanks,” she continued.


Last night was a very special night and one i wont forget. My old friend here took home GQ Woman of the Year. Firstly she deserves it for her talent, her dedication and her attitude. In her acceptance speech, given to a room full of influential and dynamic people across sports, fashion and the arts, Ruby thanked little old me, dedicated the award to my Mum and with a heart full of emotion and love told me and the room and most importantly MY HERO, MY MUM, that she was an inspiration to her. That she gave her so much in this last year. I have never been so proud of my friend. When I hugged her at the after party and told her how incredibly special i felt, she graciously told me that it was something she had really wanted to do, she said “you have so many memories of your mum before she passed and a lot of them were ill memories, now you have something really positive and uplifting to remember her by now that she has gone. This award is for her, for you and this night will always remind you of that.” WOW. I have watched her grow into the most marvelous woman. Aside from the glitz and the glamour, what she did last night for me, for my family is the real reason Ruby Rose is a star. I came home, clutching the GQ award and sat on the end of my Dad’s bed. Watching his eyes light up and the tears of joy remembering what a great and celebrated woman my Mum was made me incredibly proud. Rubes, i am humbled to be your friend. I am humbled to have touched your heart, like you have touched mine. What a beautiful night. I love ya. @rubyrose @phoebe @bananastark #gqmoty #gqaustralia #rubyrose #thankyou #love #surreal #whatanight #shedidnttellmethedresscode

A photo posted by Courtney Africa (@courtneyafrica) on

Courtney revealed that Ruby shared some more heartfelt words with her at the after-party. “She said, ‘You have so many memories of your mum before she passed and a lot of them were ill memories, now you have something really positive and uplifting to remember her by now that she has gone. This award is for her, for you and this night will always remind you of that’.”

For anyone who’s ever looked after a loved one as they slowly declined, you’ll know how special and meaningful those words are.

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Model Cassi van den Dungen’s Controversial Instagram Post Was ‘Just a Bit of Fun’


There’s been a lot of buzz around the value of social media recently (thanks in no small part to Essena O’Neill), with countless users ironically using the cyber platform to express their point of view surrounding likes, followers and comments and what this attention means. Because what ever happened to real world problems anyway? 

Model Cassi van den Dungen is just one of the many unsatisfied social media users who seems to be having a never-ending bad day on Instagram, after sharing a post with her some 8,000 followers which received, in her opinion, a mere and disappointing 14 likes.

She’s taken to social media since, because it served her so well last time, to respond to the many fans and trolls labelling her as “attention seeking” and “delusional” due to her seemingly relatable engagement level. Ouch! Cassi proceeded to reassure the online community that her post was “just a bit of fun”, thanking everyone for participating in her “games” and stating that “it’s been fun watching the reactions of people”.  (more…)

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Andreja Pejic and Caitlyn Jenner Finally Meet


A photo posted by Andreja Pejic (@andrejapejic) on

Andreja Pejic and Caitlyn Jenner are two strong and inspiring women who have opened up an unprecedented conversation about the transgender community, the battles they face and obstacles they have overcome through their public transitions, so we can’t think of two better people to spark up a friendship.

And it looks like the pair finally got their big opp, with Andreja sharing a picture with Caitlyn and designer Jeremy Scott at the 2015 Glamour Women of the Year Awards earlier this week. “Finally had the pleasure of meeting this amazing woman. Congrats on becoming Glamour Woman of The Year,” the Bosnian-born Aussie model wrote.

We know that Caitlyn and Candis Cayne are good pals, as are Andreja and Laverne Cox, so we’ve got our fingers crossed for a squad Taylor Swift ain’t got nothing on.