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Alexander Wang to Take the Reins at Balenciaga! (Forum Buzz)

Alexander WangThough many forum members seem less than thrilled with this announcement, it seems that New York based fashion designer Alexander Wang will be taking the reins at Balenciaga. It was announced earlier this month that Nicolas Ghesquière, who has been serving as Balenciaga’s creative director since 1997, would end his working relationship with the brand on November 30 (as in, today).

Wang has been one of the darlings of New York fashion since he emerged on the scene. The chic urban cool-girl vibe of his clothes has had women everywhere clamoring for his apparel and ever-expanding selection of accessories. Despite his popularity and commercial success, a lot of forum members don't see his appeal.

“I don’t get at all how could anyone think that Wang, based on what he has shown in his work so far, could handle a house like Balenciaga?! Just doesn’t make sense,” Miss Dalloway posted.

Lemeray wrote, “Wang is so wrong for Balenciaga. He's definitely not versatile enough for Paris.”

Psylocke shared a more optimistic point of view: “I'm actually quite excited about the news. Like everyone else I'm very skeptical about this working out in the long run, but I'm definitely excited to see what Wang can do at a big fashion house like Balenciaga. I think although many of us find him extremely overrated, one cannot deny he has managed to create buzz and trends and make his shows one of the highlights of NYFW for much longer than anyone would have guessed. He can put on a spectacle, keep us interested in his brand and design wearable and very saleable collections, therefore I can see why a company like PPR trusts him to be a good choice for Balenciaga. Is he versatile or skilled enough for this job?” she continued. “Probably not, but I hope the team around him will do something about that. I really don't think he's the worst choice,” she concluded.

Despite his wunderkind status in the States, Wang has some huge shoes to fill and this is a major coup for him. Can he handle it though? The Alexander Wang brand is growing at a rapid rate and leading the team at Balenciaga is a huge job to take on. Let’s hope this doesn’t lead to another case of fashion designer burnout followed by complete meltdown.

image: IMAXtree

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Mariah Carey Brings Christmas Cheer in Canadian Label Pavoni

There aren't many people who can upstage Santa Claus, but for the annual NBC Tree Lighting Ceremony at Rockefeller Center, the big man in red played second fiddle to the First Lady of Festivity, Mariah Carey.

The warbling songbird sparkled in two different bedazzled Pavoni gowns, a Canadian brand that's growing increasingly popular with celebrities like Katy Perry, Carrie Underwood, and Kylie Minogue. That's a pretty impressive roster considering the luxury Canadian house was established as recently as 2011 by childhood friends, Mike Derderian and Gianni Falcone, both hailing from Montreal.

Quickly turning our attention back on Mariah Carey before she curses us with a plague of butterflies, the diva's first dress was a red hand crystal beaded organza and tulle cocktail dress with a plunging neckline (and I mean plunge-ing!) from the Pavoni Spring 2013 collection, while her second was a long custom silver crystal beaded silk and lace gown with sheer detailing. She accessorized with Jimmy Choo shoes, an Anne Fontaine cape, and Joan Boyce jewelry.

The red and silver creation left little to the imagination and risked some serious nip-slippage (and probably hypothermia) as she belted out her two most famous hits, "All I Want for Christmas Is You" and "Christmas Time Is in the Air Again."

I think it's great that the Christmas Queen is yet another celeb shining light on the Canadian brand’s ever-growing popularity and, who knows, we could be seeing more of Pavoni working its way down red carpets in 2013 (hello, Academy Awards in T minus 85 days). I'll leave you with a few more photos from MC's pre-taped performance. 

Images via Ivan Nikolov/

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Isabeli Fontana is Super Gorgeous on Vogue Brazil’s December Cover (Forum Buzz)

Vogue Brazil December 2012 - Isabeli Fontana photographed by Jacques Dequeker

It’s so refreshing to see a summery cover in December, so thank you Vogue Brazil for being in the southern hemisphere and for having the foresight to put one of your national model treasures (there are so many of them), Isabeli Fontana, on the cover. Simply put, Isabeli looks super gorgeous wearing Christian Dior Resort 2013 in a shot by photographer Jacques Dequeker.

“I absolutely love this cover! The colors, everything looks just perfect, it's a very strong shot,” xPedro gushed.

Nepenthes posted, “This is quite striking and beautiful. Isabeli is so sexy.”

“[The cover] is beautiful… the colors, the styling, and of course, Isabeli, who looks gorgeous, as usual," wrote ckgirlbr. "Looking forward to her editorial as well, it was shot in a beautiful wheat field in Sweden, and the previews look good,” she added.

I kind of can’t get enough of Isabeli on this cover. Since I’m pretty sure I can’t pull off that penetrating gaze of hers, I’m going to put it on record that I would settle for the star earrings she's wearing. And/or the Dior dress. I’d be happy to take that too.


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Kendra Spears and Ryan Barrett Show Off Versace’s Skivvies (Forum Buzz)

Versace Underwear Spring 2013 - Kendra Spears photographed by Mert & MarcusVersace Underwear Spring 2013 - Ryan Barrett photographed by Mert & Marcus

If any brand is going to bring the sexy to its underwear campaigns, it’s Versace. And of course, because Versace and photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott are all about that sex appeal, they got really literal and portrayed models Kendra Spears and Ryan Barrett (who you may remember from the brand’s equally blue-tinged Spring 2012 ad campaign) in the act of getting the underwear off.

“Looks really good. Kendra looks like an old-school supermodel,” Elfinkova posted.

“She always does!” Sweet rus agreed. “Am I the only one who finds it a bit weird to see the guy posing while pulling down his trunks? I am not complaining, just saying,” she laughed. “Other than that it's a decent campaign for Versace.”

Urban Stylin was also getting that supermodel feel from Kendra. “I get a Cindy Crawford vibe from Kendra…which is never a bad thing,” he remarked.

Seeing as Cindy Crawford is one of the most iconic supermodels of the Gianni Versace era, she’s not a bad person to emulate. And though forum members put a lot of focus on Kendra, let’s not overlook Ryan. He may be (obviously) hard-bodied, but he is very easy on the eyes.


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Actually, Yoko Ono’s Opening Ceremony Collection is Horrific

I'm officially embarassed by the extent to which I was looking forward to seeing Yoko Ono's "Fashions for Men" Opening Ceremony collaboration, because it's up online and it's well … no one's ever going to wear this outside ever, I'm pretty sure / Ireallyhope. 

As we learned together last week, the collection was created from a series of sketches Yoko gave John Lennon as a wedding present in 1969. “I was inspired to create ‘Fashions for Men’ amazed at how my man was looking so great," she told WWD. "I felt it was a pity if we could not make clothes emphasizing his very sexy bod." Well, Lennon may be long gone, but the sketches have finally been realized, hypothetically giving today's young men the chance to show off their sexy bods. Ew except ew. I still can't get over the phrase "sexy bod" and also you have a lot of personality to pull off those crotch-handprint pants. Or that male brassiere. Um, godspeed to anyone that dares try. I beam my love your way. 

The collection ranges from $55 for Printed Kneepads to $145 for a Neon Pink Mesh Shirt to $750 for the Open-Toe Thigh High Boots. 

Go check out the full online catalogue, if only for the expressions on the models' faces.



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Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss Pose Topless for Interview Russia

If there's ever been a magazine better-equipped to show us what it's like to come up against an utter lack of imagination, it's Interview Russia.

Russia is hardly known for its mild winter climate and yet Interview still thought it would be cool to have two of the world's superest supermodels, Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss, grace its December cover in the nude. Nothing says "Russian fashion glossy" like gratuitous nudity. 

Because Naomi and Kate aren't exactly slouches when it comes to their job and the shoot was lensed by photo dream team Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott, the low caliber of the final product is, in a sense, a real accomplishment. I don't know what exactly went wrong, but both women look more wooden than I would have thought possible for two people that built their careers on being expressive. Possible explanations for the horribleness: 1) this concept was doomed from the start and 2) Interview Russia needs to dial down on the airbrushing. Just a thought.

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