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Chiara Ferragni Makes History and Becomes First Blogger to Get a Vogue Cover (Forum Buzz)

Having already been on the cover of Lucky in February, Chiara Ferragni (The Blonde Salad) makes history this month and becomes the first blogger to appear on the cover of Vogue. The Spanish edition of the fashion bible revealed its April 2015 cover via various social media platforms and it was immediately brought over to our forums for discussion. The widely-followed blogger-turned-fashion designer was captured by Nico Bustos for the momentous occasion.

Vogue Spain April 2015 Chiara Ferragni Nico Bustos


But our forum members aren’t buying it. “What an insipid cover, hair in her face really? And the text layout makes it look so empty, it really doesn’t look like a cover, more like an opening content page!” ranted Miss Dalloway within seconds of the cover being posted.

“The art director needs to be fired asap. That font used for her name is a free font that can be downloaded by anyone! Where’s the creativity in that? I’m sorry but Vogue Spain is going downhill, sliding really fast,” added MON, not exactly shouting from the rooftops about the cover.

Also left underwhelmed was lelaid: “Seriously Chiara Ferragni? They’re grappling for relevancy at this point.”

Creative showed limited interest, too and was quick to share, “First blogger to get a Vogue cover? All I can say is… UGGGGGGGGGH. Vogue Spain is dead. I’m so happy I don’t buy it anymore.”

“Omg, Chiara for Vogue?? Whose idea was this? Even Vogue Portugal would never sink this low. It’s not a cover-worthy image, too much hair in her face. Amateur layout and dated styling. Also 3.3 mil followers is hardly special, considering her status,” Benn98 disapproved.

Fashion bloggers can now form an orderly queue to collect their Vogue covers. Share your sentiments on Chiara’s landmark cover here.

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What Last Season’s Bachelorettes Think of The Bachelor for 2015


The Bachelor for 2015 has been announced, and bachelor nation is going a little cuh-razy. His name is Sam Wood, he’s 34, and a successful entrepreneur from Melbourne. If one thing’s for sure, it’s that new bachie doesn’t look anything like the Cabbage Patch lovin’ Blake Garvey.

Considering there were women who had to put up with The Bachelor saga, and Blake, last season, we were pretty freakin’ interested to hear what they thought about Channel 10’s new bachie pick. See what they think of Mr Wood below.


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Harper’s Bazaar Hosts ‘Cinderella’ Pre-Premiere Party

Kellie Hush and Megan Hess Cinderella Premiere

Photo: Harper’s Bazaar

The Cinderella premiere hit Sydney’s State Theatre last night, March 15, but the party got started well before the film started rolling. VIPs were first invited to QT Sydney, where they were able to wine and dine with Harper’s Bazaar editor, Kellie Hush, Disney Australia managing director, Catherine Powell, and fashion illustrator Megan Hess.

The three women discussed all things fashion with the fabulous mix of attendees, including musicians, actresses, models, fashion bloggers, television personalities and presenters.

See all their Cinderella-inspired looks below. (more…)

The Buzz Latest News

Link Buzz: Nick Offerman and Chelsea Handler Are Naked on Esquire, Is Kim Kardashian’s Hair Just a Wig?

Nick Offerman Chelsea Handler Esquire

Image: Esquire

  • The website for Melissa McCarthy’s clothing line is expected to launch in August. [WWD]
  • Kathy Griffin sent an email to some undisclosed recipients asking them to support her departure from E! Fashion Police on social media. [BuzzFeed]
  • President Obama (hilariously) reads mean tweets about him. [Jimmy Kimmel Live YouTube]
  • Nick Offerman and Chelsea Handler get naked for the cover of Esquire. [Esquire]
  • Would you tie the knot in any of these 3-D printed wedding dresses? [Mirror]
  • Is Kim Kardashian’s platinum blond hair actually just a wig? [Radar]
  • Kenneth Cole casts a double amputee for his new fragrance campaign. [WWD]

The Buzz Latest News

Pour One Out: Gisele Bündchen Is Retiring from the Runway

Gisele Bundchen walking the Chanel Runway

Image: WENN

Say it ain’t so! Gisele Bündchen, the world’s highest paid supermodel and one of the most recognizable faces around, will soon be taking her last turn down a runway.

The 34-year-old is a catwalk favorite of many, but it looks like she’s over the fashion show scene — or, you know, just too rich now to have to do runway work. Must be nice. Anyway, Gisele will be hitting up São Paulo Fashion Week next month to officially bid the catwalk adieu. Her send-off will be on the runway for Colcci on April 20.

But don’t be too sad — you’ll still be able to see Gisele’s gorgeous face in ad campaigns and fashion magazines. You didn’t think she was going to give up that highest paid model spot so easily, did you? 

Let’s hope her last walk is her fiercest yet.

[via E!]

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Natasha Poly Gets Bombarded by Butterflies on Vogue Russia April 2015 (Forum Buzz)

Vogue Russia‘s latest cover has received mixed reactions in our forums, but the glossy got at least one thing right: Natasha Poly. The Russian beauty has fronted her native Vogue ten times previously and was captured this time around by photographer Txema Yeste. Stylist Olga Dunina dressed the current face of Isabel Marant in Valentino Haute Couture — and a few butterfly accessories.

Vogue Russia April 2015 Natasha Poly Txema Yeste


An element of the cover image is bothering forum members. “First of all, haven’t we had enough butterflies yet on the cover that they decided to put one on her mouth? This is what you get for being excessive and over-emphasizing. If it weren’t for the butterflies, this could have been such a strong cover. Her vulnerable and innocent stare is piercing and hauntingly beautiful but sadly it is thoroughly distracted by the butterflies,” disapproved MON immediately.

“So pretentious. This looks like when you don’t know what to do and try to be original… Could have been a great cover without the excessive butterflies,” echoed KissMiss.

Srdjan doesn’t feel the same way: “It’s quite unusual, but I like it – Natasha pulls it.”

HeatherAnne also liked the cover, saying, “I think it works well with the styling, and it’s something different at least, she looks gorgeous.”

“Love the cover! It is very angelic, love the butterflies, love the hairstyle. Will buy!” raved lalatran.

“Finally! Something new from Natasha x Vogue Russia! Really looking forward to the couture ed!” enthused khyrk, anticipating the cover story.

Do you share the same opinion? Let us know inside the thread here.

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