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Contemporary Artist Photoshops Celebs for New Domestic Violence Campaign

Kendall Jenner appears in domestic violence campaign

Contemporary artist Alexsandro Palombo has released an extremely confronting anti-domestic violence campaign which will probably leave you speechless. The creative has photoshopped eight high-profile celebrities, including Kim Kardashian West, Kendall Jenner, Emma Watson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna, Angelina Jolie, Kristen Stewart and Miley Cyrus, to appear bloody and beaten under a banner reading, “Life can be a fairytale, if you break the silence.” 

The Italian artist and activist strategically chose celebrities who maintain a high profile in today’s society as it shows that domestic violence can indeed affect anyone, no matter how shiny and perfect your life may appear on the outside.

The series did not require the celebrities’ consent but has the potential to strike a chord with Kimmy K, who claims to have suffered domestic abuse during her first marriage to producer Damon Thomas. The reality TV star reportedly accused him of punching her in the face on one occasion, which he denied, however, it could be problematic that she appears in the campaign with a black eye. (more…)

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Toni Collette Reps the Homeland In Dion Lee

Toni Collette

Photo: WENN

There’s something real special about seeing Australian celebs in Australian designers on an international stage, which is why it’s extra amazing that internationally-recognised Aussie actress Toni Collette decided to wear home-grown designer Dion Lee to the LA premiere of Krampus on Monday night

Looking especially chic in a skirt and top combo, the 42-year-old took a whirl on the red carpet in an latticed-frill, one shoulder top tucked into a hanky-hem midi skirt, all in the ethereal hue of emerald green, teaming the look with sophisticated nude pointed-toe heels and simple studs. (more…)

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Taylor Swift’s Crew Boots Aussie Media Off Hamilton Island

Taylor Swift

Photo: WENN

Half a dozen security personnel have politely booted a Sunrise TV crew off Hamilton Island ahead of Taylor Swift’s rumoured 26th birthday bash in the tropical location.

Sunrise Brisbane correspondent Michelle Tapper and her team were met by security as they touched down on the island yesterday, being informed of a “total media ban” before being escorted back to the mainland.  (more…)

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Caitlin Stasey Labels Kylie Jenner A ‘Talentless Appropriator’ Thanks to Her Wheelchair Shot in Interview Magazine

Caitlin Stasey slams Kylie Jenner

Photos: WENN, Instagram

Self-professed feminist figure Caitlin Stasey took to Instagram today to slam Kylie Jenner’s recent editorial for Interview, throwing serious shade at the reality star for partaking in yet another questionable and controversial shoot.

“Can we please stop validating the whims of a talentless appropriator?” Caitlin wrote, drawing attention to both Kylie’s blacklight shoot earlier this year as well as the recent wheelchair shot. “Be famous. Be famous for the sake of being famous. Create an empire that sits atop the gaping void that is your fame, but marginalisation is not an accessory.” (more…)

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Fashion Industry Hits Back At Fat-Shaming ‘Organisation’ By Spreading the Love Instead

The British Transport Police are currently investigating an “organisation” which hands out fat-shaming cards on the London Tube, but, in the meantime, members of the fashion industry are working together to derail the “Overweight Haters Ltd” mission of making people feel crappy about themselves, using forms of totally acceptable retaliation to spread good vibes instead.

Too busy being, ah, horrible people, Overweight Haters Ltd forgot to register their domain name online, making way for plus-size label Navabi to swoop in and let everyone in on its own little agenda.

The clothing brand has been handing out cards which instead read “You Are Great” and are encouraging others to do the same with artwork provided on the website. “Hopefully we made a few people feel good, rather than making people feel bad,” the website read. (more…)

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Cate Blanchett Applauds The Pirelli Calendar For Diversity and Female Empowerment

Cate Blanchett

Photo: WENN

The wise Cate Blanchett has praised Annie Leibovitz and Pirelli for celebrating diversity and reminding women everywhere of their achievements with the 2016 Pirelli calendar

Speaking at the Pirelli Gala dinner at Camden’s Roundhouse in London on Monday night, the Australian actress said that photographer Annie “has staged her own kind of mini-revolution” by choosing women like Amy Schumer and Serena Williams instead of conventional models.

“We as women can speak to our strength and our good humor, our achievements and the fact that we come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and different colors, and we can speak to all of this in the sometimes receptive corners of the world and synthetic outlets,” Cate said. (more…)