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Gemma Ward Relives Her Front-Row Experience in MBFWA Review

Front Row TOME MBFWA 2015

Photo: Josephine Willcox for theFashionSpot

Gemma Ward knows what it’s like to walk a runway. She’s graced more than we can count. So it was all a nice change of pace for her to watch, rather than walk, at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia last week, saying the FROW experience was “glamorous and fun”.

In her role as guest editor for Vogue Australia, Gemma was able to ditch the gruelling hours of run-throughs and fittings, although we’re thinking she still endured hair and makeup, and simply dedicate her time to being fabulous sandwiched between the likes of Christine Centenera and Edwina McCann.

“So with my week done at Fashion Week and my first experience sitting front row complete, I’m feeling more like ‘I could get used to this!'” Gemma wrote in her MBFWA review for Vogue Australia. (more…)

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Sia Has a Dig at Kanye, but Says She Still “Rates” Him

Sia on Sunrise

Photo courtesy of Inertia

We all know that Sia likes to keep herself and her wigs pretty private. But, truth of the matter is, she’s pretty hooked up with a lot of the people in the biz thanks to her ability to smash out a number-one tune. 

One of her colleagues, if you will, is none other than Yeezy aka Kanye West, who she took a little dig at on Australian radio this week. Following her rare performance on Sunrise on Tuesday, Sia spoke with Nova 96.9’s Ryan “Fitzy” Fitzgerald and Michael “Wippa” Wipfli on Wednesday where she was heard throwing a little shade Yeezy’s way.

When asked if it was a privilege to have Kanye reproduce Rihanna‘s “Diamonds”,  written by Sia in just 14 minutes, she replied famously, saying, “I don’t care.” When asked if she likes his music, she replied, “I mean, yeah I think so. I don’t really listen to music.” (more…)

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Link Buzz: Few Are Downloading Tidal, the Olsen Twins Comment on the ‘Full House’ Reboot

Jay Z Tidal

Image: WENN

  • #TidalforAll is quickly turning into #TidalforFew since no one has really been downloading Jay Z’s music app. [Gawker]
  • Here are the best websites to use if you’re looking for a job in fashion. [Investopedia]
  • Reformation introduces the “RefScale,” which allows shoppers to see just how much impact their clothing has on the environment. [WWD]
  • Fern Mallis is still trying to get that Kanye West interview. [Page Six]
  • Pantone creates a new color in honor of the Minions movie. [NYT]
  • Ben & Jerry’s is coming up with more ways of ruining your diet, this time with beer. [InStyle]
  • The Olsen twins were just as surprised as we were to hear there is going to be a Full House revival. [WWD]
  • Christian Louboutin just added more hues of nude to his shoe range. [The Cut]

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Sony Was Considering Making a Grace Coddington Movie

Grace Coddington Movie Sony

Image: WENN

Grace Coddington, resident badass redhead of Vogue magazine, hasn’t only captured our imaginations – apparently, some execs at Sony are also enamored with her. An email leaked during the recent Sony hack was published on WikiLeaks revealing that executives were trying to meet with Coddington to discuss the possibility of turning her 2012 memoir into a film. 

According to the email, sent to co-chairman Amy Pascal by Adam North, who is currently a creative executive at Sony, “There’s something interesting about a woman going from being a model (on one end of the feminist spectrum) to being an executive. Not to mention, I think the world of the book – from running around London and Paris in the 60’s and 70’s to helping run Vogue in NYC now and her relationship with Anna Wintour – is totally enthralling and rife with opportunities for fun cinematic moments, great characters, etc.” 

North also thought the book would make a great TV show (though Grace apparently wasn’t a fan of the idea), due to all the stories embedded in the tome. Grace has lived a charmed and rather glamorous life during some historic and important moments in fashion. It would really be a treat to see the evolution of her life, career and the fashion industry play out on the big or small screen. 

The email in question is from December 2013, so it’s unknown what became of the project. Hopefully, the plan to put Grace’s story to film hasn’t been abandoned.

[via Fashionista]

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FDA Bill Could Bring More Regulations to the Cosmetics Industry

FDA cosmetics regulations

Image: WENN

The Food and Drug Administration could soon be getting all up inside your makeup bag. California Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein and Maine Republican Senator Susan Collins are backing a bill that will give the FDA more authority in regulating cosmetics and what’s in them. 

Cosmetics companies would be obligated to practice transparency when customers have adverse reactions like rashes to their products. Under current law, companies are free to volunteer such information, or not, at will. If the reaction is serious, the brand would have to address it within 15 business days. Less dire reactions would be added to a yearly report. The FDA would also investigate chemicals like methylene glycol, acetate and propylparaben to see just how safe they really are for human use. 

These new regulations could mean cosmetics companies will have to step up and be extra careful about the ingredients they use. Because the beauty industry wasn’t as diligently watched over, this new bill could bring a lot of change to the ingredients in your beauty items. It will be interesting to see what the FDA discovers as it investigates…or perhaps terrifying to know the real nature of some of the chemicals we’ve been exposing our bodies to.

[via NYT]

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The Apple Watch Sport Is Apparently Not Scratch-Proof

If you ordered yourself an Apple Watch Sport, you might want to treat it with a little TLC now that reports are coming out that it might not be as durable a device as you think. It turns out the least expensive iteration of the Apple Watch has a bit of a cosmetic issue that could prove to be really annoying when you’re looking at your watch face to see if it’s time for you to get up and walk around after spending hours on the couch in the throes of a Netflix binge.

Apparently, the Apple Watch Sport’s screen doesn’t have the same sapphire coating as the more expensive versions and is prone to getting scratched. The face of the sporty smartwatch is made from Ion-X glass and is supposed be impervious to scratching, but turns out it actually scratches a lot more easily than it should.

YouTube channel Unbox Therapy tested the Apple Watch Sport screen against different materials. The watch face was left unscathed when it was scratched with a key and a knife, but once they used sandpaper on it: scratch city. 

We don’t think most people will attempt to sand down their Apple Watches, but if you are going to purchase one, you might want to watch out for brick walls and other scratchy surfaces. 

[via Forbes]

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