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Stylish Celebs Step Out for Gucci Timepieces & Jewellery Launch in Sydney

Sydney’s Watson Bay Boutique Hotel had the honour of hosting a luxurious night for Australian celebrities, launching Gucci Timepieces & Jewellery on Tuesday, August 26.

Like a good guest, Wonderland‘s Emma Lung stunned in a dramatic leopard print dress with a contrasting black neckline by Gucci. Luke Jacobz‘s partner Katie Hansen also donned Gucci in a green halter umbrella print midi dress. If you think it looks familiar, it’s because Blake Lively rocked the same piece at the Gucci Spring 2014 fashion show in Milan. (more…)

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Serious Model ‘Kendall’ Drops Her Last Name in The Society Show Package

The show packages for the NYFW Spring 2015 season are rolling in and we’ve been combing through each and every one because, well, models are pretty to look at and also some of the show packages are really, really cool. 

As we were looking through The Society’s lineup, we couldn’t help but notice the presence of a certain “Kendall” (hey, she’s hard to miss) and the marked absence of her last name in the package. 


Image: The Society Management

Now, we’re pretty sure this mystery “Kendall” has two names, and we’ve known both of them for years, since she’s been on reality TV since she was in middle school. KENDALL JENNER, WE KNOW IT’S YOU. Really, no one with a recent knowledge of fashion or pop culture would be able to mistake her – the picture on her package card is of her highly publicized Love magazine cover. Sure, her face is partially obscured, but we’re pretty sure casting directors will quickly be able to identify her since, you know, they follow fashion(more…)

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Model Takes Gunshot Wound at Chris Brown’s Pre-VMA Party Like a Champ

Model Megan Hawkins smiling after gunshot wound

Image: Instagram

We’re all well aware that history has a tendency to repeat itself, and hip-hop producer  was reminded of that this weekend at Chris Brown‘s Pre-VMA party in West Hollywood. Suge has been a dubious presence in music for decades, most famously as the CEO of Death Row Records, which boasted artists like Snoop Dogg, N.W.A and Tupac. His entire career in music has been tinged with violence — people have even theorized that he was responsible for the 1997 death of rapper The Notorious B.I.G., as revenge for the killing of Tupac a few months before. 

With Suge’s past in mind, it comes as little surprise that he would find himself embroiled in another dangerous situation 17 years later. This weekend, the producer was attending Chris Brown’s fête at 1Oak when a gunman started shooting at the party. Now, there are conflicting reports saying the bullets were meant for Suge, and others saying Chris was the target, but either way, the producer caught six of the slugs, and the seventh went right into the booty of one model attending the affair. 

Megan Hawkins sustained injuries in her derrière region, having caught a bullet right in the butt. The 19-year-old model posted an image from her hospital room to Instagram, and she’s fine — she went into surgery on Sunday and is in recovery. A post (now deleted) from her Instagram profile pictured her standing with the help of a walker. Megan doesn’t look at all shaken from the incident, since she’s smiling in each of the photos. “My ass took a 9mm and I’m keeping it as a souvenir,” she quipped over social media. Not a bad attitude to have after a terrifying, near-death experience. 

We think Megan will be staying far away from Chris’ parties from now on, though.

[via TMZ, The Debrief]

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Kate Middleton Gets Simpsonized

First Kim and Kanye, now the Royals are getting The Simpsons treatment — or at least two of them. Artist AleXsandro Palombo has turned Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge into a character on the animated show, along with Queen Elizabeth II. Because it wouldn’t truly be a royal affair without the matriarch of the Mountbatten-Windsor line. 


Image: Humor Chic

Kate is rendered in many of her most recognizable looks, including the red Alexander McQueen dress she wore to the Queen’s Jubilee in 2012, the yellow and white colorblocked Roksanda Ilincic dress she wore on her trip to Australia, the lavender Alexander McQueen getup she donned for the BAFTA Awards and several others. Yes, and all of Kate’s most noted fascinators are accounted for.

Kate and her mother-in-law are pictured waving outside Buckingham Palace, in the Throne Room and on the Grand Staircase. Sadly, little Prince George was left out of the images, but we’re sure he’ll have his own iconic rendering in no time.

[via Humor Chic]

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Kate Moss and Tom Ford Are the Latest to Do the ALS #IceBucketChallenge

As long as there are celebrities that haven’t done the ALS #IceBucketChallenge, you can expect more videos to surface as the weeks pass. Last week, Victoria Beckham challenged Tom Ford to douse himself for the cause and yesterday, the designer officially accepted with the help of his husband Richard Buckley (and a suspicious lack of ice). Ford sits on a bench, smack dab between two bushes with rolling mountains in the background, clad in denim jeans and a button-down. The designer nominated his esteemed colleagues, Louis Vuitton‘s Nicolas Ghesquière and Saint Laurent‘s Hedi Slimane, to take on the challenge next, which we absolutely cannot wait to see if they accept. Maybe Slimane will shoot his video in black and white…

Kate Moss took some time out from her Ibiza vacation (is it 2004 or something — why is everyone going to Ibiza this year?) to take on the challenge. The model is seen in an Instagram video, flanked by her daughter Lila Grace and a group of bucket-wielding tween girls. She nominated Jack Nicholson, Liv Tyler and BBC Radio 1’s Nick Grimshaw to get drenched next.  (more…)

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Hearst Gives Us a Dutch Edition of Harper’s Bazaar, and We Love It! (Forum Buzz)

As reported back in March inside The Business of Magazines thread, Hearst was set to add a Dutch edition of Harper’s Bazaar to its publishing masthead. Former Editor-in-Chief of ELLE Netherlands, Cécile Narinx, was selected as the magazine’s editor-in-chief, overseeing the staff and editorial at the new publication. Our forums have the first look at the premiere issue, and it seemed only natural that the magazine selected a model from the Netherlands to front the very first issue. Anna de Rijk poses for three celebratory covers where she emulates the mood of Diana Vreeland‘s Bazaar, evoking a classic elegance with a modern twist — and we’re loving it!

Harper's Bazaar Netherlands September 2014


Members of our forums are excited at the prospect of a new magazine. “Time to up your game, Vogue NL,” suggested MON.

“Agree,” replied TNF, “At first glance, this first Dutch Harper’s Bazaar cover looks way better than the first Dutch Vogue cover.”

YoninahAliza was also very supportive: “Aww… now that’s how you create a great first cover (or set of covers)! All three of them look terrific and I love the way they were shot, it is very clever looking with the ‘window.’ Anna looks beautiful in these photographs and I love the way she was styled too.”
“It’s stunning. I can see the glimpse of their design/layouts which seems better than Vogue NL, not to mention ELLE NL,” enthused Srdjan.

“They’re not fantastic, but agreed, light-years better than Vogue Netherlands. And you can’t ever really go wrong with Anna,” contributed HeatherAnne.

Don’t forget to check out the thread to see all three covers. Feel free to join the discussion and await the contents of the issue here.

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