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What Does Your Nail Shape Say About Your Personality? A Lot, According to a New Trend

image showing different nail types/styles

Image: RocketNews24

Now that the manicure art craze seems to be dying down, people have to find something else about their nails to obsess over. In Asia, a new trend says that you can learn all about people's personalities, just by looking at the shape of their nails. originally published a post outlining what each nail shape means about your personality in Chinese, and RocketNews24 got an English translation to create the infographic you see above. So, here's the rundown.

  • If you've got long nail beds, you're "a mild-tempered romanticist."
  • If your nails are broad sideways, you're a "short-tempered theorist."
  • Rounded or egg-shaped, you're a "laid-back pacifist."
  • Squarish, you're "serious and hard-headed" and "most likely a man."
  • Triangular, you're a "sensitive genius."
  • Almond-shaped, you're "faithful and honest."
  • Sword-shaped, you're an "ambitious idealist."

Whether the chart is actually accurate is another story. It asserts that if you have squarish nails you're "most likely a man" who "doesn't like to give up and has guts." Makes sense, since you know, women don't have squarish nails and are shrinking violets who give up easily, right?

At any rate, at the very least it's a fun way to pass the time and possibly a fun tool to use when scouting potential dates. Oh and remember, beware of square nails on a girl because she's "most likely" a "hard-headed" man, according to this system.

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Link Buzz: Apple Poaches Another Fashion Person, Ringo Starr is the Face of John Varvatos

Image: Getty Images

Image: Getty Images

  • Jessica Simpson got married in Carolina Herrera. [WWD]
  • Ringo Starr will front John Varvatos' Fall 2014 Campaign. [WWD]
  • Nicole Richie's hair is bright blue now. [People]
  • These celebrities were looking mighty fine at Wimbledon last week. [Popsugar Fashion]
  • Apple has added another fashion boss to its team. The tech company has named former Tag Heuer senior executive Patrick Pruniaux, presumably to work on its new iWatch product. [The Business of Fashion]
  • Some millennial at American Apparel thought a photo of the Challenger explosion was a picture of fireworks, posted it to Tumblr and pissed off a lot of people. [Mashable]
  • Michelle Rodriguez is on the rebound after her breakup with Cara Delevingne. The actress was spied smooching Zac Efron. [MTV]
  • The Business of Fashion editor-in-chief Imran Amed is at the helm of one of the most important fashion sites in the world — and still can't get an invitation to Balenciaga. [Telegraph]

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Christopher Lee Sauvé’s Controversial ‘Skinny’ T-Shirt Pulled by The Bay

New York based, Canadian-born Christopher Lee Sauvé is known for his envelope-pushing designs. After all, he was the man responsible for the “Save Anna” shirts in the midst of Anna Wintour’s rumoured 2008 retirement, the current “I was touched by Terry” line as well as a print mimicking Rachel Zoe’s “I Die. Bananas.” (He was served with a cease and desist letter for that last one.) But all in all, his tongue-in-cheek slogans serve to do exactly what the fashion industry needs — to be poked fun at for the oh-so-serious handle it has on itself. No target is too big, but with his spin on Kate Moss’ infamous “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” quote, has he taken things too far?

Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.

The controversial T-shirt in question was stocked at The Bay, where it featured the supermodel's 2009 comment shown inside a mockup of a nutrition label with the calorie count listed as zero. But it seems the tee was too much for Canadian shoppers to handle and, after igniting some criticism online, the company tweeted from its official account that the T-shirt was being removed from stores and online immediately.

Obviously, The Bay has done the right thing in addressing its customers' concerns, but should this mocking shirt be taken so…seriously? Isn’t the message being twisted into an accusation that it's promoting eating disorders when, in fact, its intention is the very opposite? Sabrina Maddeaux at Now Toronto has an interesting take on how The Bay pulling this shirt is yet another example of its failure to support Canadian fashion. While I’m somewhat unable to see the correlation in this case, I can see how Sauvé's work is misconstrued.

In the wake of the news, the designer released his own statement, claiming the fashion industry is one that, "begs to be mocked."

"Fashion is created to be either celebrated, adored, or hated and deplored. Quite like the industry itself," said Sauvé. "The particular T-shirt in question showcases an infamous quote by supermodel Kate Moss as a nutrition label. Like all of my designs, it's a glorified warning, an ode to the farcicality of the fashion industry and the obsessives that surround it."

"Most if not all of my designs showcase some type of statement pointing out the absurdity of fashion, and this one item is no exception," he added. "I fully understand and comprehend the severity of an eating disorder and I do not condone celebrating such pain. My sincerest apologies to anyone that I have offended with my designs. I believe wholeheartedly in my work, however, and I can't apologize for that."

So, the jury is still out. Do you find this particular shirt to be an offensive glorification of modern day thinspiration or do you, like the designer himself, believe it to be a protest against the general absurdities that are commonplace in fashion? 

Image via Christopher Lee Sauvé

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Kanye West Can’t Stop Ranting About How Racist the Fashion Industry Is



About six months ago, Kanye West publicly vowed during his Yeezus tour that he would not talk about his now-defunct deal with Nike or Louis Vuitton. This came as a relief to many, as all Kanye could talk about around the time was how Nike wouldn't give him enough millions to design his sneakers and how Louis Vuitton wouldn't take an impromptu meeting with him while he was in Paris. Kanye did a pretty good job of holding out from ranting too much, but now that the six-month period is over, he's back to his regularly scheduled petulance. 

During a show at London's Wireless Festival, Yeezy took a few minutes in the middle of his set to remind the public how cruel brands like Louis Vuitton and Nike have been to him, you know, by carrying on their business with Kanye as they would any other celebrity designer. "I'm not particularly angry or anything like that, but what I'm saying is they're taking the idea of celebrity, and tried to make me seem like I was stupid or something." 

ORLY Kanye? Please, tell us more.

"I'm not dissing Louis Vuitton, I'm not dissing the Gucci group and shit," he continued. "I'm just saying, don't discriminate against me because I'm a black man or because I'm a celebrity to tell me I can't create in that field. 'Cause you know damn well ain't no black guys or celebrities making no Louis Vuitton nothin'. They let Pharrell make those glasses, and we liked 'em, right? They let me make those shoes and we liked 'em right? And they say no, no, no n••••a, not no more, that's too much."

You see folks, the not "particularly angry" Kanye is just annoyed that these two particular labels stood in the way of his dreams, which he says is what this latest rant is really about. But if we know anything about his kicking and screaming, it's that it gets results. It is his outspokenness that got he and his wife on the cover of Vogue, a lucrative deal with Adidas (Kanye complained in the past that Nike didn't want to give him enough in royalties) and even a second collaboration with A.P.C. If anything, it seems that many of Kanye's dreams are coming true, because he's made a big enough stink about them.

We're not sure what his angle with Nike or Louis Vuitton is — maybe he's looking for a creative director title at one of the brands in exchange for past slights? Another design opportunity? More attention than he's already getting? Whatever it is, you can bet that Kanye won't stop yakking about it until he is appeased.

Watch Kanye air his grievances at the 4:30 minute mark below.

[h/t Spin]

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Air New Zealand Drops “Sexist” Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Flight Safety Video

Image: Air New Zealand

Image: Air New Zealand

Let's be real–no one ever listens to the flight safety video on airplanes. No one. We'll admit that we've napped, played candy crush and watched Beyoncé music videos through many a flight attendant's demonstrations on how to properly blow up a life vest. Air New Zealand, sick of passengers browsing SkyMall during their safety briefing, decided to spice up the video by enlisting the help of Sports Illustrated swimsuit models Chrissy Teigen, Hannah Davis, Ariel Meredith, Jessica Gomes and Christie Brinkley to show passengers "the beauty of safety" and celebrate the magazine's 50th anniversary.

The bikini-clad models walk passengers through the aircraft safety protocol–on a beach, reclining in lounge chairs, buckling seatbelts and putting on oxygen masks. Hot girls in swimsuits are enough to make anyone prick up and pay attention to an otherwise boring tutorial, but Air New Zealand's cheeky video had feminists crying foul, calling the informational video sexist and disrespectful to women. Natasha Young launched a petition urging Air New Zealand to remove the video. "A safety video is to alert passengers on what to do in an emergency; it should not be a celebration of the sexualised female body," the petition reads. "This video is culturally insensitive; it disregards those who are conservative by nature and are uncomfortable with its imagery and disregards passengers who have been exposed to sexual assault. This video creates an unnecessarily difficult and uncomfortable working environment for its female staff, which goes against the entire nature of safety."

The petition garnered over 11,000 signatures, and the video has since been pulled–but not because of any outrage. An Air New Zealand spokesperson told BuzzFeed that the airline had planned to take the video out of rotation all along and it was supposed to be a temporary thing to coincide with Sports Illustrated's 50th anniversary. Still, the petition organizer is counting this as a victory, "We did it! You guys are just the best! You did so much to take this petition from a little to a lot! This is massive," Young wrote. "I’m so glad to learn I wasn’t alone, and that thousands of people were with me on this. Hopefully, Air New Zealand will think twice before they objectify women and use sexism as a bad joke again."

Watch the video below and let us know: do you think it's sexist or just harmless fun?

[via Buzzfeed]

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Renee Somerfield Poses for International PETA Campaign

Sydney-born model Renee Somerfield has joined forces with PETA in a new advertising campaign that claims animal agriculture is a leading cause of climate change and contributes to resource depletion, world hunger and pollution. The shoot took place in Sydney last week and saw Renee turn into a human globe, painted from neck-to-toe in the Earth's countries and oceans by artist Jade Little.

The nude model holds signs up for the shoot saying, "Save The Earth: Go Vegan," which is fitting for the international campaign dubbed #GoVegan. As a Maxim cover girl, Renee could seem like an unusual pick for the campaign, but this Australian beauty is an animal rights advocate and devoted vegan.

She's raised money for the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, fronted LUSH's Divine Whale campaign and utilises her social media presence to create awareness. On the day of the shoot, she posted a behind-the-scenes photo across her Instagram boasting more than 674,000 followers.

"Farming animals for human consumption contributes to over 50% of global greenhouse gas & is one of the biggest contributors to pollution & climate change today," she wrote. "Just by cutting out meat, you are responsible for 1.5 fewer tonnes of carbon dioxide every year… Pretty awesome. Going vegan is the single most effective thing you can do to save the planet."

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