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Simon Doonan and Jonathan Adler Argue About Who’s Groovier for Hamptons Magazine [Video]

Image: Hamptons Magazine

Image: Hamptons Magazine

Image: Hamptons Magazine

Image: Hamptons Magazine

The upcoming issue of Hamptons Magazine features Barneys Creative Ambassador Simon Doonan and home goods designer Jonathan Adler in their new Shelter Island home. To be honest, I typically turn down offers to peek inside luxurious Hamptons retreats belonging to wealthy lifestyle influencers (my blood pressure will one day thank me), but Doonan and Alder are, as my editor says, the charmingest. 

Hamptons made the genius decision to have the longtime couple interview each other for the main profile.

Here they are arguing over who's taller and whether or not they've just offended Helen Keller's heirs:

Simon: Jonathan—you contend that you are taller than me, and that is obviously not the case.
Jonathan: Helen Keller could see that I am three inches taller than you. Whatever gets you through the day, little fella. You are obviously delusional, and you are shorter than I am.
Simon: You’re making disrespectful, flippant references to Helen Keller, who was a wonderful, valued woman.
Jonathan: Helen Keller’s heirs—I am sorry if I offended you. But you, Simon, are freakishly undersized.

And another squabble, over which guy is the groovier one:

Jonathan: I’ve always had two authentic identities. I’ve always been authentically a potter, authentically bohemian. But I’ve also been authentically bourgeois. My challenge was how to reconcile my two authentic identities, and miraculously I’ve managed to do it. It’s just completely in my nature to be obsessed with design, but I also am kind of tszujy. You’re actually more bohemian than I am.
Simon: I am much more groovy and bohemian than you. 
Jonathan: I didn’t say 'groovy'; I said 'bohemian.' I am more groovy.

(Sidenote: There's quite a bit of precedent to Adler's point about merging 'bourgeois' and 'bohemian' identities. In 2000, The New York Times columnist David Brooks wrote a book on the subject called Bobos in Paradise: The New Upper Class and How They Got There. Brooks was critical of bobos, characterizing the group as former hippies and student protesters who had ascended to positions of power but retained the lifestyle trappings of their anti-establishmentarian youth. The portmanteau has since become common in Paris, where it's typically used in more flattering terms.)

It's very worth watching the behind-the-scenes video of the shoot (below), which features the Adler and Doonan's spiritual advisor (their dog, Liberace) and lots of adorable, happy giggling.

(And read the full interview here!)

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Lulu Guinness Collaborates on Clutch Range with Artist Joseph Steele

If you missed the spectacular launch of the Lulu Guinness Paint Project, fear not as the gorgeous clutches are still available to buy online and in Lulu Guinness stores.

The British accessories designer has teamed up with contemporary artist Joseph Steele and beautiful Crime to create a line of innovative decorated clutches. Steele is known for exploding paint across the canvas to create stunning pieces of art, and this time he’s used the bag as his medium. The result? Although the bags follow a basic design pattern, no two clutches are entirely identical, and this means that in essence, you’ll have your very own bespoke clutch.

lulu guinness bags

The Hug and Hold clutches are currently retailing at £295 and are available in black, red or stone hues. The pieces make up a limited-edition collection but what else would you expect when you’re being treated to a unique piece of artwork by a leading artist? The clutches are the perfect buy for the woman who likes to be a bit of a trendsetter, or even just somebody who needs something fashionable to carry their iPad around in. And we all know too well just how difficult it is to find a really stylish iPad bag!

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Cosmo Australia Recycles Flare Mag’s 3-Year-Old Miranda Kerr Cover — Minus Some Photoshop

Image: FashionModelDirectory (left) / Cosmopolitan Australia FB (right)

Image: FashionModelDirectory (left) / Cosmopolitan Australia FB (right)

Looking at Cosmpolitan Australia's August 2013 cover (right) featuring Miranda Kerr, eagle-eyed tFS forum member Eterna noticed that the publication recycled the image from Canadian fashion magazine Flare's Fall 2010 issue, but ran it with significantly less airbrushing. Flare's cover (left) shows the model with lighter skin, an irresponsibly lean torso and a narrower face — it looks like Kerr's had the life sucked out of her. 

The model initially posed for the cover shot as part of a lingerie story for Flare (there's a behind-the-scenes video from the 2010 shoot here), which is owned by Rogers Communication, a Toronto-based media company which has an established partnership with divisions of Hearst Corporation, the New York City publishing giant which operates the global Cosmopolitan brand. 

It's not too uncommon for magazines to license and reuse cover images (here's Jessica Alba on the front of British GQ November 2010; here she is again, just flipped horizontally and Photoshopped into 80s neons, on the cover of Shape Russia's April 2012 issue), but it is rare to see a redux that's better than the original. 

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People Are Way Too Excited About the H&M E-Commerce Launch

Image: Huffpo Style Screengrab

Image: Huffpo Style Screengrab

People are responding to the news that H&M is launching online shopping in the U.S. with a degree of enthusiasm formerly reserved for the birth of royal babies or the acquisition of kittens.

The front page of Huffington Post's Style section, for example, leads with the headline: "BEST. DAY. EVER."

The reactions on social media matched HuffPo's in intensity. Some were "actually in tears," others were praying and expressing their gratitude to a higher power. I'm not joking:


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Amber Heard Disappoints on the Cover of Flare’s September 2013 Issue (Forum Buzz)


All images via

You would think Flare would pull out the big guns for its September issue (side note: can you believe we’re seeing September covers already?), but this Amber Heard cover falls completely flat. Photographed by Kurt Iswarienko, the cover features Amber against a bland rosy pink background with a green masthead. This “ultimate fashion issue” is supposedly “fresh for fall!” but the whole thing feels so stale. But at least her hair looks pretty, right?

“I don't think I've ever seen her look so ridiculously boring before,” Psylocke commented. “She's one of the sexiest actresses and here she looks completely lifeless and depressing. Also, what the hell is that layout? Could all the text drown her any more? Yuck, this is bad. Great timing to have her on the cover now that her relationship with Johnny Depp went public, though,” she quipped.

HeatherAnne was also unimpressed. “I’ve always found her super generic looking and uninteresting, and this just reemphasizes that notion to me,” she wrote.

Mat Cyruss seems to have given up on Flare altogether. “Wake me when they have a nice cover again,” he posted.

The editorial images are a bit less bland than the cover, but if you’re not enticed to even crack the magazine open, then really, what’s the point?

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Vogue China Celebrates 8th Anniversary With 8 Covers (Forum Buzz)


Image Credit: via tFS forums

Photographer duo Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin shot eight covers, each featuring one model, for the 8th anniversary issue of Vogue China. Four of China’s most internationally successful models – Liu Wen, Sui He, Fei Fei Sun and Xiao Wen Ju – nabbed a cover, as well as Russian top model Daria Strokous, Dutch beauty Doutzen Kroes, German model Kati Nescher and comeback queen Sasha Pivovarova. With such a top notch cast posing for this September 2013 issue and given the special occasion, one would expect the covers would be a little more exciting than they actually turned out to be. The consensus on the tFS forums about the released covers was that the result was quite a letdown.

“I'm kind of underwhelmed with all 8 of the covers, to be honest. Doutzen's looks the best from the thumbnails because it's more filled out, fluid and the composition is good. Kati's (who never takes a bad cover shot) looks to be second best and Daria's comes in third. I love the styling of Daria's but the lack of text ruins it for me. Sasha's is completely dreadful, she looks unattractive and the cover shot is very unflattering,” wrote vogue28

MON disagreed about the Sasha cover saying, “Sasha looks super gorgeous in all levels!!! I love her cover. The other covers look miserably forced. And the font used for 8 is completely unflattering.”


Image Credit:

Miss Dalloway also didn’t like Sasha’s cover but loved Fei Fei Sun’s. “Fei Fei for me, all the way! Sasha looks incredibly dead here, I have not been liking her recent work. Doutzen also looks fantastic, the styling leaves a lot of room for desire, especially with that background, it just isn't strong enough, so it’s down [to] the models to pull it off, and some really didn't,” she posted.

And Kanna commented, “None of the covers particularly catch my eyes. They all look just okay but fall flat generally. Totally forgettable.”

Forgettable? Miserably forced? Underwhelming? Those are most likely not the reactions Vogue China anticipated when producing these eight covers. But when the expectations are so high, the team behind it is so renowned and the outcome looks like… this, can you really blame tFSers for not showing more enthusiasm for these covers?

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