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Not Everyone Is Happy Anna Wintour Is Taking over the Tonys Red Carpet

Anna Wintour

Image: WENN

After last year’s lackluster red carpet, the Tony Awards is trying to bring a large dose of glamour to Broadway’s biggest night and has tapped Anna Wintour to help them. The hope is that the overlord of all things fashion will be able to kick the Tonys up a couple notches, but if reports are to be believed, not everyone is happy with the changes Anna Wintour is making to the event. 

Page Six says that Wintour’s influence has made the budget for the red carpet skyrocket to over half a million dollars and that some of the people involved with the show are meeting the demand for more glamour with a bit of resistance. “There is a divide between the forward-thinking, modern members of the Tonys and the old guard, which has been resistant to Hollywood and fashion intervening,” a source told Page Six. “But Anna wants to edit it, and curate it, to make the awards really glamorous and help to get more viewers.”

Some sources say they haven’t heard of any opposition to Wintour’s moves, but apparently her presence is part of a long-term play at making the Tony’s red carpet to the level of, say, the Oscars. But regardless of how folks feel, if Anna Wintour knows how to do anything, it’s bring the class and glamour. We can’t wait to see what she does for the Tonys.

[via Page Six]

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Exclusive: Laura Wells Explains How Losing Weight Will Affect Her ‘Plus-Size’ Modelling Career

Laura Wells is called a “plus-size” model because she is four to six times larger than the industry standard, but she still worries about her weight just like any one else.

Just as models who are size 8 or under might feel pressure to stay below a certain weight to be considered “mainstream”, Laura explains that she can’t lose too much weight if she wants to continue being a “plus-size” model.

“Realistically if I lose too much weight I won’t be booked for jobs,” she tells theFashionSpot. “But then on the flip side if I put on too much weight I won’t be booked for jobs either,” she continues. “I might be booked for different jobs, but I won’t be booked for the jobs that I do now.” (more…)

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Ruby Jean Wilson Goes Beyond Modelling Duties for Emerging Jewellery Label

Ruby Jean Wilson for AU REVOIR LES FILLES

Photo courtesy of AU REVOIR LES FILLES

Ruby Jean Wilson is one of Australia’s most in-demand models right now, but a designer has revealed that the beauty went beyond her modelling duties on a shoot last year.

The designer for emerging label Au Revoir Les Filles, Teresa Tiong, tells theFashionSpot that Ruby Jean actually helped her out with some marketing know-how while on-set for the brand’s debut collection shoot.

“I was just starting out my label, and was very new to social media, so she took charge of my phone and set up an Instagram account for ARLF!” Teresa explains. (more…)

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Simone Holtznagel Opens Up About Body Issues, Bullying and Death Threats

Simone Holtznagel easily contributes to Australia’s Next Top Model‘s successful track record with her latest role as a Guess girl, but the blonde reveals it wasn’t an easy road to get to this point.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, Simone said that her rise to fame didn’t happen as quickly and as easily as people might believe. She started modelling at just 16 and competed for the Australia’s Next Top Model title at 17, but then felt like she had to take a break because of bullying, death threats and an unexpected skin disorder. (more…)

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How Nadia Fairfax Landed Her Gig on ‘Fashion Bloggers’ Season 2

Photo: Style Network

Photo: Style Network

When Margaret Zhang opted out of reality-doco series Fashion Bloggers and a “spot opened up” for Nadia Fairfax, the petite beauty says she slid right in.

“It was actually quite an organic process,” Nadia explains to theFashionSpot. “I made a couple of appearances in the last season and the spot opened up, and of course the girls were thrilled to have me,” she laughs.

Luckily for Nadia, those previous appearances, including the time she stacked it on a General Pants Co. shoot, made her addition to the cast an easier transition than expected. “Most of us have existing relationships so it felt really easy to slide into the role and we’re all really good friends,” she tells us, noting that there were absolutely no issues during the switch. (more…)

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Nicole Trunfio Admits ‘Breastfeeding Can Be Challenging’

Nicole Trunfio

Photo: WENN

Even though Nicole Trunfio seems in her element for her powerful breastfeeding cover of ELLE Australia, the model has revealed that the motherly act proved difficult for her in the past.

“I know breastfeeding can be challenging, especially in the beginning,” Nicole explained on her Instagram today. “I almost stopped because it was so painful, but I am so glad I pushed through.”

Nicole also revealed that she uses her breast milk for more than just feeding purposes. “Breastmilk is liquid gold, every time my baby has a scratch I put some of my breastmilk on it,” she wrote. “I believe this helps the healing process and prevents infection. It also works for eye infections and ear infections too.” (more…)

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