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Joe Fresh Spring 2013 Collection Steps Off the Runway and Into Stores

Joe Mimran was typically fresh at Toronto Fashion Week, what with his line's Betty Drapper retro vibe of diamond checkers, a bombardment of black and white crisp pleated skirts, shift dresses, and Chanel-inspired suits. Now the full Joe Fresh collection has been released and once again, the company has "checkered" all the right boxes.

There's plenty more retro-inspired designs, standing out against a background of coloured sweaters, bright oxfords, and bold pants. Trippy black and white blouses saunter off the runway and into stores to create a work-ready trouser, while eclectic printed pants are just begging to be clashed against. There's also a modest nod to metallics in the form of a silver denim jacket and matching jeans.

"You'll find a mix of soft sorbets, neon brights and your basic, but very graphic, black and white combos next season. Some of our favourite basics will come in a full rainbow of colours, from skinny jeans to boat neck T-shirts," Joe Fresh's style director Adrienne Shoom told Flare magazine.

I've pulled a few of my top picks from the new line, but before we get to that, I thought I'd share the squeal-worthy news that the big orange shop is opening two new stores in Ottawa, Ontario and Victoria, British Columbia in spring 2013. Both will offer the full range of women's, men's, kids', toddler, and baby apparel and accessories, as well as activewear, intimates, sleepwear, and Joe Fresh beauty products. What's more — this may be a little further from home than say Ottawa — but along with a flagship store in New York, Joe Fresh is also eyeing more international expansion by hunting for a lair in the UK.

But getting back to our main priority, that is, what to stock our wardrobe with come spring, you can flip through the below slideshow for a peek at the best grabs for the new season.



The Buzz Latest News

Did You Buy Something on Cyber Monday? Congratulations, You Helped Set a Sales Record!

Earlier today, WWD posted an infodump of Cyber Monday analytics. You should not be at all surprised to hear that this year's Cyber Monday was the biggest and greatest and spendiest Cyber Monday in the history of Cyber Mondays. (Cyber Monday has only really been around for like 7 years, which may be a long time in the history of the Internet, but is only like, a second in the history of the world, so don't die.)

Both IBM and ComScore are projecting total sales figures which reach $1.5 billion, up 20-30% (depending on who you ask and how they do math) since last year. 

Here's are a few things I learned:

  • Hurray for spam email marketing! 
    93% of "major online retailers" (suggesting that individual Etsy shops were not included in these calculations…/confused) sent out at least one promotional email to their subscriber lists on Monday. 
  • Soon, you'll be able to buy a house on your cell phone.
    Users on mobile devices accounted for 13% of all sales. 7% of sales were conducted on an iPad, weirdly. (I tried to use an iPad to buy something over the weekend, and the process was so frustrating – ugh forms — I wanted to bash my head against the wall and have someone come over and take away all my stuff.) eBay's mobile sales more than doubled.  
  • Shut up, fashion blogs! Americans want Nikes, Uggs. 
    On eBay, the most searched for terms on Monday were for: Ugg boots, Louis Vuitton and Coach handbags, Michael Kors watch, and The North Face women’s jackets. Most searched for brands: Nike, Ugg, Coach, Michael Kors, Adidas, and Ralph Lauren. Don't think about it too much or you'll get really bored. 
  • Professional adults and high school stoners don't have the same conception of 420.
    This Monday, the most concentrated hour of purchases was from 4 to 5 p.m. 

Well, the best thing I can think to say about all this shopping is: at least it was all done under the pretense of holiday gift giving. Also, hello economy! Are you feeling better yet? It says it appreciates all our recent efforts. And I appreciate all my new stuff. I love stuff. Can I have some more?

Image via Getty

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Link Buzz: Are You Eagerly Awaiting the Vogue Documentary?

  • Anna Wintour should watch out: soon there are going to be so many documentaries about Vogue, no one's going to care. [FashionETC]
  • Can a miniskirt ever be office appropriate? Of course, but only if you click through. [FabSugar]
  • Would your black nail polish be ever prettier if it were covered with a sparkly top coat? Is anyone else tired of self-evident questions? [BellaSugar]
  • Gucci's Frida Giannini is pregnant and having a baby with the label's CEO. Congrats to her! Babies are way cute. [Fashionologie]
  • A bunch of men's magazine editors make some for-that-special-guy-in-your-life holiday gift recomendations. To be honest, they make me want to throw up in my mouth. Enjoy! [SheFinds]

Image via Getty

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Lovage Magazine Celebrates the Launch of Its First Issue

While big-name glossies are struggling to maintain their footing in the digital age, the indies are finding themselves in a better position than ever. Frankie revealed a 35% readership increase for 2012 after partaking in a veritable creaming of the competition at this year’s Australian Magazine Awards, Russh’s Australian-at-heart mindset has made it one of the most successful fashion titles in the country, and Oyster admitted a massive boost in readership after shifting its focus online. 

It’s probably a good time then for new online fashion publication Lovage Magazine, which just celebrated the launch of its first issue at Darlinghurst’s fashion-centric event space District 01. Lovage was founded only this year by blogger-turned-stylist-turned-editor Laura Bray and Publisher Garry Evans. It aims to showcase up-and-coming talent alongside established designers, giving a voice to emerging faces hindered by the current gap between the media and rising artists.

Lovage boasts a young team of contributors and a fresh approach towards fashion and trends. The essence of the first issue is light, which led to the team sitting down with industry professionals like freelance stylist Monica Morales and indefatigable multi-creative Kym Ellery, the face behind the Ellery brand. There’s even a focus on menswear for sartorially shrewd males.

Lovage aims to publish a new issue every four months. You can buy the first one for $4.99 from Harbour Publishing

Image: Lovage Magazine's Facebook

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Stella McCartney Wins “Designer of the Year” at British Fashion Awards — And the Other Winners

Today at the British Fashion Awards, Stella McCartney was honored twice, with both an ever-important Designer of the Year Award and also a Designer Brand of the Year Award. If you think the 41-year-old designer's success was always assured just because she's the daughter of Paul McCartney, you are wrong.

While collecting one of her awards, the reigning queen of eco-fashion remembered that when she decided to leave Parisian brand Chloe to start her own label, her boss-man executive at the company — nicknamed "Mr. Anonymous" — said she was guaranteed to fail, due to the nature of the British fashion industry:

"He said, 'Stella, you will live to regret this. You will fail. And I offer you to stay here and start your brand in Paris with us.' I was really grateful for his offer but I stuck to my instincts and said that I still wanted to go.

As I left he said — in his French accent — 'you need to know: there has never in the history of fashion been a British fashion house with a woman's name on the label that has ever been truly global.' So I guess I do have to thank him —Mr Anonymous. Although I disagree with him: there is Dame Vivienne, amongst others. But I will never forget how I felt that day leaving his office. I couldn't be more determined to prove him wrong. And with this award I feel like I am at the start of doing that."

Congrats Stella!!! You show that sexist French jerk how successful you are!!!

The other winners, because the best part of winning is being recognized as a winner (some presented with comment):

Alexa Chung — British Style Award

J.W. Anderson — Emerging Talent Award – Ready-to-Wear

Manolo Blahnik — Outstanding Achievement Award 2012

Jonathan Saunders — Emerging Talent Award – Menswear

Harold Tillman — Special Recognition Award 2012
(This is basically just an award for being really, really rich.)

Roksanda Ilincic — Red Carpet Award

Nicholas Kirkwood — Accessory Designer Award

Professor Louise Wilson — Isabella Blow Award for Fashion Creator
("Good choice!" says everyone, everywhere.)

Erdem Moralioglu — New Establishment Award
(Yes yes yes to both the award and the winner.)

Cara Delevingne — Model Award
(I don't have anything nice to say. Hmm. She does have really nice eyebrows.)

Kim Jones — Menswear Designer Award


[via Telegraph, British Fashion Awards]

Image via WENN

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Watch Scarlett Johansson Do the Weather for Al Roker (Adorably)

This morning, Scarlett Johansson had a chance to fulfill a lifelong dream that was not, curiously, making me wildly happy or finally achieving world peace. No: ScarJo did the weather on The Today Show. I once had a "dream come true" and then it vomited all over me. (Just kidding: I got a kitten last summer, and he's never actually thrown up on or even near me — but he does bite my ankles when he wants me to pay attention to him.)

While most of us encounter obstacles on our paths to goal fulfillment, Hitchcock's star's own journey was easy-breezy: 1) Her day job typically involves reading scripted words out loud; 2) National treasure Al Roker, whose job requires a similar set of reading/speaking skills, had a case of laryngitis (but still came to work! whatta weathermanaholic); 3) ScarJo stepped in to save the day by reading the weather and doing so adorably. Al Roker might actually want to watch his back. He may be beloved, but is his hair bouncy? DOES HE KNOW HOW TO FLIP IT? I don't think so…


[H/T NYPost]




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