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Founder Dany Levy on How Comcast ‘Destroyed’ DailyCandy

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This March, it was announced that e-mail newsletter DailyCandy would be shutting down. The news was greeted with a lot of disappointment from longtime fans who had looked to the email for over a decade to give them the lowdown on cool things to check out in food, fashion, entertainment and more. The newsletter had been active since 2000, and in 2008, founder Dany Levy began the hunt to look for a firm to buy her company. Comcast stepped up to the plate, scooping up the brand for $125 million just before Lehman Brothers fell and the recession began.

In a video interview with Inc., Levy says that the financial landscape quickly caused Comcast to change its tune about DailyCandy. It was enthusiastic at first, but soon began to scramble for ideas to make the newsletter more profitable. "I think Comcast felt as if they were sold a false bill of goods," Levy says. "Nobody knew the market was going to crash, so Comcast was like, WTF? These numbers are not gonna happen." It was then, she said, that they started to look to other e-business models like Gilt and Groupon to see which methods they could borrow in order to beef up the revenue DailyCandy was bringing in. "It became this desperate clamoring to find something that was going to make money, where you were getting potentially 8 emails a day. So, to be frank with you, I unsubscribed. I couldn't watch it."

"From my perspective, I watched them destroy a brand," Levy says, although she admits she understands why they nixed her company. "We were such a rounding error." By 2011 when Comcast had merged with NBCUniversal, DailyCandy seemed to be just a huge speck in an enormous company. "I get it. To them, in their mind, they tried. And they did try…I think what they didn't try is maintaining the integrity of the brand."

Levy does have a point, but structural changes are pretty much part and parcel of merging with a larger brand. DailyCandy was loved by millions, but perhaps it was a combination of Comcast's off-brand ideas and DailyCandy's dated email model that made the company take a turn for the worse. There are significantly more ways to share information, particularly with the advent of social media, that didn't really begin to pick up in a major way until after 2006. By the time the recession happened, Facebook and Twitter were all the rage–DailyCandy could have rebuilt its business model to really get the most use out of those platforms.

Watch Levy tell the saga of what happened to DailyCandy after the Comcast buyout in the video above. 

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Revisit the 90s with Calla’s Fresh Floral Cap

Ever wanted to try your hand at the ball cap trend without looking like you just came from a Jays' game? When we want nothing more than to throw something on our head and call it a day, there’s only one accessory that can instantly amp up an outfit and give it a nostalgic 90s nod. Meet your new best friend — the Calla Dogtown blue denim baseball cap.

Calla Haynes

After first making waves on day one of the Spring 2014 shows, Toronto-born Calla Haynes has since received rave reviews for her beach-friendly digs that consist of crop tops, skater dresses and cute headgear. I’m in love with this printed baseball hat that’s both fresh and fun. It comes in a black or pale blue floral print called “Dogtown."

It was available on Avenue 32 for $75, but has since sold out. Edmonton-based fashionistas can still get their fix of Calla, however, at Coup Boutique in Alberta.

Image via Avenue 32

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First Look: A Bevy of Beauties for Gucci’s Fall 2014 Ad Campaign (Forum Buzz)

The latest advertising spots to surface on our forums are from Gucci. The Italian fashion house retained Turkish duo Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott to lens its Fall 2014 campaign, shot in the studio with muted backdrops to complement each look. We're treated to a set of fashion's finest models with Raquel Zimmermann, Anja Rubik, Natasha Poly, Suvi Koponen, Joan Smalls and Karmen Pedaru all fronting the campaign and looking every inch the Gucci woman, clad in the designs of Frida Giannini.

Ad Campaign Gucci Fall 2014 Mert & Marcus


Ad Campaign Gucci Fall 2014 Mert & Marcus


"Wow, I can't even pick out a favorite picture. All four shots are fantastic. The cast is awesome, though some diversity wouldn't hurt. These girls are selling everything!" enthused Seaj.

"Great great great!! Love seeing Raquel, one of my first model loves. They all look great!!" wrote Srdjan.

Nepenthes also had a very positive attitude toward the images: "What an amazing cast! Especially happy to see Natasha. The girls look beautiful. At the same time, if there were some unknown models instead of Natasha, Raquel, Anja and Suvi, I wouldn't even look twice at these shots."

Not everyone was sharing the same sentiments, though. "Who cares about the casting, it looks like a catalog. Super lame," disapproved HeatherAnne.

"Definitely a total waste of such amazing casting. Maybe you can say 'less is more,' but I call it LAZY," commented Avogadro.

TaylorBinque was on the fence and wrote, "Don't get me wrong. This is one fabulously stunning cast. But I wish they use them at their most potential. I think the collection itself is quite lovely but it needs a little push from a great to make a wonderful collection as a whole."

Check out the thread for more campaign shots and post which model is your favorite here.


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David Jones’ Spring 2014 Launch Preparation Has Begun

Australia's best models have turned up to David Jones' Sydney and Melbourne stores in a bid to walk the runway for the highly-anticipated Spring 2014 fashion launch. With the opportunity to appear alongside the store's fashion ambassadors, Jessica Gomes, Montana Cox and Jason Dundas, the pressure was definitely on for the long-legged hopefuls.

The models brought along their portfolios and best runway faces before walking in front of former Miss Universe Australia contestant Rachael Finch, JETS swimwear designer Jessika Allen and head stylist Kelvin Harries. With both genders modelling swimwear for the collections dropping over the warmer months, there was the added stress of looking super in the designer swimwear.

The girls stripped down to bikinis and one-pieces to be worn with heels, while the boys showed off their washboard abs in swimming trunks. The models not only had to impress the judging panel, but their fellow models were watching on, too. I guess now we'll just have to wait until the annual show to see who made the cut and, of course, the upcoming collections.

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Double Deluxe: Victoria Beckham is UK Vogue’s August Cover Subject (Forum Buzz)

Everyone's favorite Spice Girl-turned-fashion designer, Victoria Beckham, has landed another Vogue cover, this time for the UK edition. The magazine has given us a choice of two covers to choose from this month. Cover one is a profile shot of Victoria clutching a cute canine, while showcasing a dress from Prada. The second is cropped at the thighs with Victoria wearing a thick gray coat teamed with a white shirt and looking out toward the reader. Both covers were photographed by Patrick Demarchelier

UK Vogue August 2014 Victoria Beckham Patrick Demarchelier


Members of our forums have already decided their favorite. "The second cover is more to my taste I think, it seems more high fashion. The dog is very cute, but a tad distracting, I think the side profile of Victoria could have worked well if she was just posing by herself. It would probably stand out a bit more too. But regardless, I always like reading about Victoria, I'm continually impressed with the fashion niche she's carved out for herself," comments YoninahAliza.

"The second cover is better, the first is such a strange option for a cover? The dog looks so miserable! I really hate the styling on the second cover, but at least it's something new for Victoria on Vogue, it's different from what we've seen with her before," shares honeycombchild.

MirandaPriestly also prefers the forward-facing cover: "The second cover is decent, but not that special. I almost spit my tea after seeing the first cover. How could anyone think that it's a good idea?"

UK Vogue August 2014 Victoria Beckham Patrick Demarchelier


Which cover will you be getting? The issue is due out Monday, July 7, so stay tuned for the issue's contents surfacing inside the thread here.

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What Winona Ryder Could Be Thinking in This Rag & Bone Fall 2014 Ad

Today, Rag & Bone unveiled its campaign for Fall 2014 and Winona Ryder was selected to front this season. "To us, [she] is a bona-fide icon," said managing partner Marcus Wainwright. Glen Luchford shot the actress in Coney Island taking a stroll under the subway. 

Beautiful yet leisurely is the look we assume she was going for, but let's be real, that's hard to do when you're walking under a subway track. It can get a little sketchy in those areas, even on a main street. We think Winona is serving up more of a scared-shady-suspicious-disgusted vibe…and we love it. It really doesn't get more New York than that. Things can get a little weird, scary and stinky in the city, and Winona's face is totally capturing that moment. The actress represents every New Yorker in these ads — ambiguous expression and all.

Here's a sampling of what we imagine she's thinking:

winona-ryder-rag-and-bone-2 winona-ryder-rag-and-bone-3 winona-ryder-rag-and-bone-4


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