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Starbucks Debuts the ‘Bloody’ Frappula Frappuccino Just in Time for Halloween

Starbucks Frappula Frappuccino

Courtesy: Starbucks

While we’re busy creating hair colors inspired by Starbucks’ beloved Pumpkin Spice Latte, the coffee house is debuting a spooky new flavor in honor of Halloween. Meet the aptly named Frappula Frappuccino, which is essentially a horror movie in a cup.

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To create the limited-edition Frappula, white chocolate mocha frappe is layered on top of a blend of whipped cream and mocha sauce. Raspberry syrup is drizzled to resemble, well, blood and the whole concoction gets topped with whipped cream. Try drinking this bloody beverage and not looking like a vampire.

The fang-tastic drink is only available until October 31, so hurry! P.S. if you find yourself craving a taste of blood (aka raspberry syrup) later, you can always custom order it.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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Kate Moss and Poppy Delevingne Design Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Charity

Kate Moss Christmas Sweater Save The Children Matches Fashion

Credit: Mary McCartney

The next time you have to throw on an ugly Christmas sweater for your co-worker’s dreaded holiday party, at least you can do it for a good cause. Matches Fashion teamed up with Save The Children to bring you five Christmas sweaters that give back. Designed by five top model and designer teams — Kate Moss and Bella Freud, Poppy Delevingne and Christopher Kane, Giles Deacon and Erin O’Connor, Henry Holland and Dree Hemingway, Charlotte Olympia and Karen Elson — the sweaters cost $561 each with all the proceeds going to Save The Children. The organization will use funds to bring relief to child poverty worldwide and to support its Child Refugee Crisis Appeal program. (more…)

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This Mashup of Adele and Lionel Richie’s ‘Hello’ Songs Will Make Your Monday

It’s hard to listen to Adele’s new song “Hello” without texting your ex, sobbing into your pillow and recalling Lionel Richie’s famous song of the same name. Richie got wind of the comparisons and posted a side-by-side collage of him and Adele on their phones with the caption “HELLO @adele is it me you’re looking for… #hello.”


HELLO @adele is it me you’re looking for… #hello

A photo posted by lionelrichie (@lionelrichie) on

Epic! He followed up with a short clip of both music videos mashed up into one epic phone call. Whoever created this video is a genius (seriously, we can’t stop watching).  (more…)

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Freja Beha Erichsen Wears That Louis Vuitton Coat AGAIN on the Cover of Vogue Japan (Forum Buzz)

The December issues have begun to trickle out and Vogue Japan‘s is the first to surface, as per usual. After serving up a less-than-impressive Kendall Jenner last month, Japanese Vogue had a lot to make up for. At the very least, the title certainly delivers a “real model” for December, enlisting the expertise of Freja Beha Erichsen. Sporting the same Louis Vuitton coat she wore on the runway and on the cover of WSJ. Magazine back in September, the Danish beauty poses for Patrick Demarchelier (sans lamb).

Vogue Japan December 2015 : Freja Beha Erichsen by Patrick Demarchelier


Forum members made their opinions clear from the get-go. “This is just plainly put, lazy! Why would they want to shoot her in the look she wore on the runway? Also, she wore the same for WSJ‘s cover! The blatant placement of that valise is really amateur too,” ranted Benn98.

“What a lazy cover. Seriously? Vogue Japan, where is the creativity? This looks undone, amateur at best. It’s like a catalog shot and an outtake so to speak. Wow. I have so many ideas of better cover shots with that styling and Freja, but wow VJ, you constantly outdo your worst covers,” exclaimed a horrified MON.

In agreement was Scotty: “I’m tired of seeing Freja in that ‘look,’ I think I’ve seen it 10 times now.” (more…)

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Donald Trump Mannequins Are Taking Over Alexis Bittar’s Store Windows

Donald Trump is a front-runner in the presidential race but that isn’t stopping his detractors from speaking out. Alexis Bittar joins the chorus of Trump critics by dedicating his store windows to the Republican candidate. The displays feature larger-than-life papier-mâché models bearing Trump’s head, orange tan and famous combover. The mannequin dons a money-print suit and gazes adoringly at his reflection in the full-length mirror in a nod to Trump’s vanity. The mannequin’s only redeeming quality? Great taste in jewelry (it’s wearing Alexis Bittar bangles and necklaces, of course).

Trump’s likeness will appear in the window displays at Alexis Bittar’s NYC, Boston, Washington D.C. and West Hollywood stores. Designer Alexis Bittar explained the Trump takeover to WWD: “I’ve been increasingly disturbed by the popularity of Trump in our country and some of the more insane things he’s said. I decided to channel my energy and use our creative talent to have a comedic commentary on his vanity coupled with a dash of Halloween craziness.” Knowing Trump, we’re sure he’ll be flattered.

[via WWD]

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Adele’s New i-D Magazine Cover Is Super Gorgeous! (Forum Buzz)

Her name has been on everyone’s lips over the weekend after she unexpectedly announced the release of a new album and a brand new song. Now, in perfect timing, Adele stars on the just-dropped cover of i-D magazine‘s Winter 2015 issue. Photographed by Alasdair McLellan, the “Someone Like You” singer makes her debut for the British publication and looks terrific in the captivating black and white cover image as she conceals one eye in true i-D fashion.

i-D Winter 2015 : Adele by Alasdair McLellan


“Goodness, she looks stunning! The best I’ve seen from Alasdair in some time. This vintage style hair and makeup really suits Adele. i-D was the last mag I thought would cover her,” expressed an amazed Benn98 the moment the cover surfaced.

“Gorgeous, I love that she is on this cover. Every magazine in the world is knocking on her door, and picking this one (I’m sure there will be more obvious ones coming) first, is refreshing,” noted an equally impressed Miss Dalloway.

Sharing the same sentiments was thiago:): “What a gorgeous woman! It feels so good seeing her face on magazine covers again.”

Also full of appreciation was Nymphaea, hailing, “Love it! Bring me more of Adele.”

Forum member honeycombchild agreed, too, adding, “This woman has such a beautiful face. She’s truly stunning and I welcome her on the cover of any magazine personally.”

“Why does fashion care about her??” asked gossiping, shifting the mood of the thread.

“I’d rather have a talented, chart-topping singer than some random with a curriculum in social media or some 14-year-old that has a fancy Tumblr account,” fired back mistress_f.

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