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Find Today’s Buried Bauble and Steal It for $10

Guess what? The Fashion Spot is taking over BaubleBar's 20 Days of Buried Baubles treasure hunt today. We've selected a seriously covetable piece of jewelry we know you'll love — but first you have to find it! Decipher the special clue below and head on over to BaubleBar to find the hidden gem. If your sleuthing skills are correct, the item is yours for just $10.

Clue: Your inner disco diva will thank you for these stunning sparkly studs. 

What are you waiting for? Start searching at and good luck!

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Elke Kramer Looks to Monolithic Architecture for Her Latest Collection ‘Concrete’

Queen of Protuberant Geographical Shapes Elke Kramer continues her domination of the accessories scene with 'Concrete'. While chunky shapes and materials reeking of ritualistic power run have been hallmarks of all her jewellery collections, this time around she’s been inspired by architecture.

More specifically she’s been inspired by the architecture of Louis Kahn, which, while there’s not a lot of it, is celebrated for its monolithic style and its refusal to mask which materials it’s made from: something that unfortunately can’t be said for a lot of jewellery. Elke Kramer, however, has always celebrated the materials she uses, and takes that a step further here by using some pretty weird ones.

The whole thing is a lot less shimmery than her previous collections, with materials many would call “humble” (and a few would probably call “cheap”) taking centre stage. Pendants are often just a single cork tube, necklaces feature actual concrete and rings are anchored on each side by a sphere of pumice (that stuff you use to buff the dry skin off your feet). But where mystical power is missing in the materials, it’s present in shapes that still smell strongly of the transcendental. As it happens, Kahn was influenced too by ancient ruins.

For those not convinced, there’s still plenty of precious onyx and jade, plus a slew of Elke’s infamous tassles. But the best pieces are those that are made to look luxurious by glorifying materials like concrete and cork, such as the beaded rope-set Necklace of Verity.

Kramer teamed up with director Nicole Rose to shoot an accompanying short art film for 'Concrete'. Watch it here.



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Jeanne Beker Recognized Among Canada’s Most Powerful

Jeanne BekerCanada's Most Powerful Woman. It's a prestigious title you're more likely to associate with suits than stilettos, but this year's Most Powerful Women in the Arts & Communications category was awarded to FashionTelevisionChannel's very own Jeanne Beker.

Kevin Crull, President of Bell Media, congratulated Beker along with Wendy Freeman, President of CTV News, for receiving the prestigious accolades. Winners in the group were selected based on their strategic vision and leadership, their organization's financial performance, and their commitment to their communities.

"Jeanne Beker continues to be an incredible trailblazer in the Canadian television industry," said Crull. "Through innovation, tenacity, and élan, she has ensured Canadian content is seen and celebrated around the world."

True that! Beker is undoubtedly one of the most iconic and influential women in the fashion industry, both here in Canada and around the world. She was recently announced as one of the key media personalities for — Bell Media's innovative new lifestyle brand — and is also the host of FashionTelevisionChannel, Canada's first and only 24-hour channel dedicated to fashion, beauty and design. 

You've probably grown up with Beker on your screen as the previous host of Canada's leading, but now defunct, fashion series Fashion Television for 27 years. Meanwhile, off-screen she also works as a contributing editor to The Toronto Star and The Kit, a columnist for Metro, a published author of five books, and a regular contributor and talking head on Canada AM, The Marilyn Dennis Show, and ETalk. More recently, she launched her clothing line EDIT at The Bay, which she directly curates each season.

Phew! That is one busy gal and in the spirit of all her trailblazing hard work, here's a few of my favourite things from her current EDIT collection (that's currently on sale!).

Sleeveless Sequin Dress ($79.99); Liquid Velvet Dress ($79.50)

Yellow Wool Jacket ($146.19); Sequin Top ($44)

Image Via Dominic Chan/

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Link Buzz: Raf Simons on Dior’s Future; Jessica Biel Covers Elle

  • Raf Simons says, "The Chanel woman? I don't even need to see, I smell her from round the corner, but I don't recognize the Dior woman." He intends to change this, and vite. [Fashionologie]
  • Decoding what people actually mean when they thank you for a gift. Always good times. [SheFinds
  • Liv Tyler assures me that the only thing missing from my life is a pair of high red heels. [FabSugar]
  • Kate Middleton's nurse killed herself following a prank call to the hospital by a pair of Australian DJs. Woah. That is really sad. [FashionETC]
  • Just because you're hungover doesn't mean you have to look hungover. Except if you have a job where part of the professional etiquette requires looking hungover. In that case, carry on looking all wan and miserable. No, I'm sorry, that job doesn't exist, so it's really in your best interest to click through. [BellaSugar]
  • Jessica Biel and her bangs covered Elle's January Issue. I think she's my favorite of the super shiny pseudo-terrible actress starlet celebrites. (Sorry K-Stew, but at least you're a close second!) [AmyGrindhouse]

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Calvin Klein’s 21-Year-Old Ex-BF Nick Gruber Airs Lots of Dirty Laundry

Here's the takeaway from Page Six's (really on a roll) profile of Nick Gruber, the 21-year-old ex-lover of do-you-really-need-a-descriptor-here Calvin Klein:

1) Gruber is filming a pilot for a reality TV show, so steel yourself. "There's a lot of drama in his life. I mean, he is a cross between Kim Kardashian and Honey Boo Boo," says the Florida-born former soldier's new boyfriend, Hollywood fixture John Luciano.

2) Nothing actually does come between Gruber and his Calvins: he still wears them. More from the strangely forthcoming Luciano: "The most intimidating thing is having sex with your boyfriend and pulling down his pants and his ex-boyfriend's name is staring you right in the face." 

3). Calvin Klein sounds like the world's Worst Ex-Boyfriend, a term I don't use lightly. Here's what happened when Klein gave Gruber a $250K love-gift in the form of a Bentley Supersport, which Gruber selected: "It was my baby, [but Calvin] never liked it, and called it, in his words, 'a Chanel handbag.' He called it that because the stitching inside was quilted."

The Post continues:

Suddenly Gruber's voice turns bitter, his eyes downcast. "When we broke up, he took it back," he says.

I don't think I want to know any of these people. I'd take a $250,000 car, though, if someone threw it at me. Or just $250,000, full stop. I promise not to use it towards a Chanel handbag. 

Image via Getty

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Gisele and Tom Brady Had a Baby!

After giving birth to her second child, a little girl named Vivian Lake (so Hollywood!), with footballer and husband Tom Brady, Gisele Bundchen Facebooked it, like stat. I don't think I've seen fingers that tiny through an Instagram filter before. It's adorable, I guess. What an epic way to launch a modelling career. 

Here's Gisele's statement:


We feel so lucky to have been able to experience the miracle of birth once again and are forever grateful for the opportunity to be the parents of another little angel. Vivian Lake was born at home on December 5. She is healthy and full of life.

Thank you all for your support and well wishes. We wish you and your families many blessings.


Congratulations to the parents for so successfully procreating: Gisele and Tom also have a son, Benjamin Brady, who turns three years old this weekend. Brady had his first child, John, with ex-girlfriend Bridget Moynahan in 2007. 

Image via Gisele Bundchen FB

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