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An Almost-Nude Sam Frost Covers Maxim Australia

Alright, it’s time we embrace it: The Bachelor‘s Sam Frost isn’t going anywhere. In fact, she’s now smack-bang on the cover of Maxim Australia for its February 2015 issue, and, although we’re lovers of fashion, the jilted bachelorette wears just a bangle and bikini bottoms for the glossy.


That’s right, she’s topless. Because what better way is there to say, “F*** you, Bachie,” than to pose topless on a major men’s mag? We can’t think of one…

But topless isn’t so unfamiliar for the 25-year-old blondie, who told the magazine that, during her time, many people have copped a flash of her upper lady parts.

“I couldn’t even count the amount of times my bikini top has awkwardly fallen off,” she explained. “A lot of people have seen my boobs, let’s just say that.”

And while hot-blooded men around Australia will be gawking at the cover every time they pass a newsagent, there’s a couple of boys who will have to slap a hand across their eyes before they’ll inevitably squeal the words “can’t unsee” for eternity. 

“I’ll have to tell my brothers to avoid the newsagents for the month as I don’t think they’ll be too happy about it,” she told Maxim Australia

To read the entire interview and see the full spread, be sure to pick up a copy of Maxim Australia‘s February issue. 

[Via Maxim Australia]

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Paris Hilton’s New Mate is a Barely-Legal Aussie Model

Paris Hilton has been getting close with Australian model Jordan Barrett during Milan Fashion Week, with the pair spotted looking cosy at Milan’s Just Cavalli club over the weekend.

The 33-year-old heiress was booked to DJ Just Cavalli’s event, but that didn’t stop her from spending time with the Gold Coast-born dreamboat, who, at 18, is almost half her age. 

A photo of Jordan’s arm around Paris was posted on both their Instagrams, plus another of the blonde socialite perched up to Jordan’s cheek for what looks like a sweet-nothings exchange or a sneaky face lick. (more…)

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Laura Dundovic Dropped From Myer

2015 isn’t off to a good start for model Laura Dundovic. who won’t stay on as an ambassador for Myer this year.

Laura Dundovic

Photo: Mark Metcalfe/Getty

Although Laura has been an ambassador of the department store for five years, starting in 2009 after representing Australia in Miss Universe, her contract expired last month and will not be re-signed.

A Myer spokesperson said in a statement, “We continually review our stable of Myer ambassadors to ensure optimal alignment with our customer base and our significant events and sponsorship program.”

They continued, “Laura was a valued ambassador over a five year period, representing the business across a broad range of fashion, racing, store and community events and we wish her all the best for the future.”

To add insult to the injury, TV presenter Lauren Phillips and model Jodi Anasta will continue trotting along with the department store, both recently re-signing to join Myer regulars Jennifer Hawkins, Kris Smith and Kate Peck.

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Chart the Changing Shape of the Ideal Female Body Through the Decades

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

As the decades crawl by, beauty standards change. That goes for makeup, hair and body standards, the latter of which is shown in a series of infographics created by charting the evolution over the past 100 years of the perfect female body. And guess what? The ideals were just as virtually unattainable for a lot of women a century ago as they are now. 

in the 1910s, women pulled their corsets into oblivion to cinch their waists. In the 20s, it was the sweet and petite boyish body that women wanted. Fast forward to the 80s, where tall, athletic women ruled and into the 90s when Kate Moss’ waifish figure was in. Body standards are like a pendulum, swinging from one extreme to the other, the only thing consistent are its chances of swinging back.

Today, a small waist and a big booty are all the rage, and who knows? By 2020, we could go be looking at a figure with an undefined waist, giant boobs and a flat butt. But if the charts do anything, it’s that though the shape of the ideal body has changed, the pressure on women and the lengths they will go to achieve it has not. 

[via Greatist]

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David Beckham Picks His Favorite H&M Pieces for Latest Campaign

Though we would much prefer him in nothing at all, David Beckham’s gotta wear clothes sometime. In the video below, H&M taps the ex-footballer to choose and model his favorite pieces from the retailer’s spring “Modern Essentials” offerings. 

“It’s something I’m really excited about, it’s all about things I wear day-to-day. Shirts, T-shirts, jeans, bomber jackets. We’ve kept at that. It’s literally stuff I wear day in and day out.” And surprise, y’all: he looks good in everything. Now that you know Beckham’s dream H&M wardrobe, you can run out and purchase everything in hopes that the man in your life might morph into your own personal version of Mr. Beckham. He won’t, but you know, a girl (or guy!) can dream.

Beckham’s H&M edit will be available online come March 5.

[h/t Us Weekly]

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Fast Retailing’s CEO Speaks on Chinese Factory Conditions

Image: WENN

Image: WENN

Fast Retailing’ founder and CEO Tadashi Yanai has come forward to comment on the unsatisfactory conditions at two supplier factories in China for their Uniqlo brand. SACOM, or Scholars Against Corporate Misbehavior, did an investigation that uncovered a dubious environment for the underpaid workers, which included sewage-flooded floors and overheated workspaces.

“I’m very surprised by the conditions [of workers],” Yanai said. “We had done other investigations before, so I am very surprised and disappointed that those conditions exist in those instances.” SACOM found that employees at the  Fast Retailing supplier factories in question were paid a third less than other workers in the area. They also found that employees were not given their due overtime  – they received only time and a half, not the appropriate compensation of twice their regular rate.

Yanai calls the woeful situation an “exception,” reassuring everyone that Chinese factories aren’t typically kept in such woeful shape or are run with such recklessness. Fast Retailing already ordered the factories to make changes late last week and we’re hoping they will follow through.

[via WWD]

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