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The Whole Pantry’s Belle Gibson Finally Admits She Never Had Cancer

You might have heard of Belle Gibson. She’s the Melburnian who claimed to have healed terminal brain cancer with healthy living practices like clean eating. She fooled the world with her story, and made a good buck in the process with her top-rating app, The Whole Pantry.

Belle Gibson

Photo: AWW

Now, in her first interview since speculation started that her story could be false, Belle has admitted it was all a crock of shit. “No. None of it’s true,” the 23-year-old told Australian Women’s Weekly of her alleged cancer diagnosis.

Oh, and now she’s asking for some understanding. “I don’t want forgiveness,” she told AWW. “I just think [speaking out] was the responsible thing to do. Above anything, I would like people to say, ‘Okay, she’s human.'” (more…)

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Big Brother’s Aisha Jade Talks Modelling, Trav and Life After the Show

Aisha Jade street style

Photo: Josephine Willcox for theFashionSpot

When Aisha Jade McKinnon entered the Big Brother household in 2014, she entertained us with much more than her PDA-heavy relationship with Travis Lunardi. The New Zealand-born babe rocked some commendable threads around the Gold Coast house, and, now that she’s back in the real world, has been delving into the fashion industry with a new modelling career and budding fashion-icon status. (more…)

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Watch: Rose Byrne’s Amazing Kookaburra Impression on Jimmy Fallon

Rose Byrne on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

We never need another reason to love Rose Byrne, but her latest appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon this week has, quite simply, astounded us in the best way possible.

The home-grown actress was talking about a time she took her boyfriend, Bobby Cannavale, to her parents’ place in Tasmania, when they heard the bird call of the native Australian kookaburra in the morning. “It makes a really interesting sound,” she explained to Jimmy, before giving it her all with an epic 6-second kookaburra call.

All Australians know it’s not a pretty sound, and to go ahead and mimic the creature in front of the world is a courageous move. “It really does sound like that,” she clarified, trying to tone down the audience and Jimmy who were left in hysterical laughter. “I’m not making it up. It’s even louder than that. It’s a really crazy sound.” (more…)

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Here’s Why Retailer Websites Always Crash During Big Sales

Lilly Pulitzer Target homepage

Image: Target

When a retailer unveils a design collaboration, its website is pretty much automatically expected to crash. This weekend, Target’s website was overloaded with shoppers scrambling to get their hands on the Lilly Pulitzer for Target collection and several disappointed and frustrated customers wound up dealing with error pages. But why does this happen time and time again when retailers are well aware that the overwhelming demand might put their website out of commission – and anger plenty of shoppers along with it?

According to Quartz, the problem lies in the ever-changing way we shop. Even if the retailer can predict how many people they think will shop online, various servers “still don’t handle mobile well, and when smartphone requests get routed back to the retailer’s primary servers, they can result in an unanticipated influx that can bring a site down.”

It seems that in the case of Lilly Pulitzer, Target made the mistake of miscalculating the traffic at the release of the collection. Sure, they wound up pissing off a lot of people, but we wager they’re not too broken up about it – after all, the collection is mostly sold out.

[via Quartz]

The Buzz Latest News

Chloë Sevigny Talks Her New Book, That Jay McInerney Article and Turning Down OITNB

Chloe Sevigny bloodline red carpet

Image: WENN

Chloë Sevigny has blossomed from an artsy cool-girl muse to grown-up cool woman and fashion plate – if you can even classify perpetual coolness as “blossoming.” Sevigny has a new book out by Rizzoli, a picture-heavy tome full of images and memories from different points in the actress’ charmed life. In the book, we see Sevigny as a braces-wearing teenager, a polished Oscars attendee (with scabies), a kid kicking around artsy Halloween parties and a target of tabloid fodder.

To promote the release of the book, Sevigny and her BFF, Orange Is the New Black actress Natasha Lyonne, sat down for a Q&A at Urban Outfitters’ Herald Square location. The affair felt a lot like storytime in a kindergarten class, except with much older and more stylish classmates – and way cooler teachers. Lyonne was armed with a copy of the book festooned with colorful Post-it tags as Sevigny recalled the stories behind the photos. Of course, Sevigny lent some insight on her first claim to fame – that The New Yorker piece written by Jay McInerney for the publication’s first fashion issue, heralding her as an it-girl back in 1994.

Though the article helped put her on the map, Sevigny still doesn’t understand what all the fuss was about. “I feel like it’s been made into more of a lore than it was at the time,” she said. “I was 19 when it was written. Not a lot of my peers were reading the The New Yorker. My dad was. I think people were more upset that Tina Brown had taken over the magazine and she wanted to do this fashion issue. That was more of an issue and a thing, like, ‘What is she doing to the The New Yorker? She’s going to take it over, she’s going to ruin it, why is she doing a fashion issue?’ I think that article was kind of made into something more than it was at the time. People always quote that [McInerney] said ‘coolest girl in the world,’ and he actually never said that in the article. It came out of thin air!” (more…)

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