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This is Why Coco Rocha’s Famous: Vogue Mexico December 2012

Here's Ms. Coco Rocha making the best-ever argument for gold gowns by Prabal Gurung (pictured) and Elie Saab, purple plum lipstick, retro waves, photog Regan Cameron, and her own career success. 

The supermodel doesn't just cover the December Issue of Vogue Mexico, she owns it. The glossy released a trio of covers, ostensibly because Coco's roll of film was so good it would have been criminal to run just one. 

I get that the only thing that would make these images more in-your-face is if Coco were somehow simultaneously exposing herself, but get over it. Up to this point, these glum winter times have mostly been bringing us a parade of minimalistic, dark-paletted fashion images. Everything's been all woolen, and I didn't even realize how heavy and grim the world of pictures has been until I saw Coco here, blazing in gold, her big purple mouth hanging so wide it's like she's trying to catch a fly. 

More please! Winter's going to be a long, cold slog and my eyes are already starving for something bright to snack on. 

[via DesignScene]


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tFS Exclusive: Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Sketches

The 2012 Victoria's Secret Show won't air until December 4, but we were able to exclusively get a handful of sketches thanks to Swarovski Elements who partnered with the brand for the tenth consecutive year.

Over one million Swarovski Elements were incorporated into 14 bespoke creations for the show…one million!

The runway show also features 28 pairs of Victoria’s Secret ‘Angel’ wings encrusted with crystals. The lingerie is accessorized with Nicholas Kirkwood footwear, theatrical jewelry from Larry Vrba, with additional pieces from David Mandel, and crystal-accented stockings and accessories.

Talk about putting a girl in the mood to get glammed up for a holiday party…

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show will air on Tuesday December 4 at 10/9 C on CBS and will feature performances from Rihanna, Bruno Mars, and Justin Bieber.

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Tyra Banks Signs On To Do the “Life-Size” Sequel, With or Without Lindsay Lohan

In a way, it's gratifying to live in a world where the same pop culture products that occupied my time when I was a kid are reincarnated for the next generation. It gives the whole "life" thing a sense of continuity and stability: things stay the same, things matter, we're all going to be okay. (You might be able to tell I really, really hate change.)

Still, it would be nice if the things which persisted could be things of some value. For example: maybe we don't need sequels of Boy Meets World (the ABC sitcom) and Life-Size (the Disney Channel made-for-TV movie). Yet, sequels are exactly what we're gonna get. 

I'm not saying I didn't enjoy watching when I was twelve years old, but I don't think either made my life appreciably better. Although, I guess Boy Meets World taught me how to say "oh-boy-oh-boy-oh-boy-oh-boy" in a really goofy way — actually an underrated life skill, though I think there are other vehicles for teaching it. 

And I actually approve of the news that the original stars of Boy Meets WorldBen Savage and Danielle Fishel, will return as parents in the upcoming spinoff show pilot, Girl Meets World. It's very Degrassi: The Next Generation (another touchstone!).

I can't, however, say I'm as enthusiastic about Tyra Banks' decision to reprise her role as Eve in Life-Size. In the 2000 film, the supermodel plays a young Lindsay Lohan's would-be Barbie doll that comes to life in a convoluted bit of magic realism. Cue shopping montages, hijinks, crying, hugging. The sequel, sure to be as much of a masterpiece as the original (think Godfather, but for tween girls), will premiere on the Disney Channel and will hopefully not include any plugs for America's Next Top Model (think of the children!). It's a big, big mystery whether or not Lindsay will also participate in the project, but her recent foray into made-for-TV movies, with Liz & Dick, makes it seem possible, at the very least. 

Our romance with Lindsay goes back to 1998 when she starred in The Parent Trap, but I think Life-Size really solidified it. The weirdest part of it is that at the time, I don't think I really talked about Life-Size or even Boy Meets World with my friends at school. It wasn't even that I was embarassed about watching this stuff, I just somehow knew it was a thing that could remain unsaid. No one else talked about it either, but it's become apparent that, like, everyone in my peer group has seen it. Life-Size is a secret cubbyhole in our cultural imagination. 

It's a sick love affair, and though we've been carrying on like this with Lindsay and Tyra for ages, the greatest shame is that their careers won't live and die with us. Allowing future generations to fall into these same toxic relationships with TyLo is the pop culture equivalent of factory pollution: there are going to be consequences. 

Image via Getty

[via Variety]

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Carla Bruni Covers Vogue Paris’ December/January Cover (Forum Buzz)

Vogue Paris Dec/Jan 2012-2013 - Carla Bruni photographed by Mert & MarcusIf Carla Bruni isn’t deserving of a Vogue Paris cover as a model, singer, actress, activist, and former first lady of France, I don’t know who is. Shot for the magazine’s December/January double issue cover by photography duo Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot, Bruni looks youthful and beautiful in a denim button-up top.

“She hasn't looked this good in years,” moussemaker commented.

Psylocke posted, “Not very excited about seeing yet another denim look on the cover of Vogue Paris but Carla looks gorgeous. I like the masthead, too. Might be my favorite VP cover of this year, actually,” she added.

VogueDisciple93 wasn’t so crazy about it. “This is painfully boring. It would still make for a dull cover any other month, but it's especially lackluster given the holiday season,” he noted.

Other forum members also found Carla's cover to be lackluster, but I’m not one of them. As iluvjeisa said, “She is beautiful and charismatic – and it still works on a cover.” 

Vogue is an aspirational publication, and I certainly don’t mind aspiring to be at least a little bit like the elegant and striking Ms. Bruni.

Image: Vogue Paris

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Karlie Kloss Fronts Juicy Couture’s Couture La La Fragrance Campaign (Forum Buzz)

Juicy Couture - Couture La La fragrance ad - Karlie Kloss photographed by Inez & VinoodhIt’s no secret that our forum members are kind of fashion snobs, but many of them were swayed by the ad image for Juicy Couture’s new fragrance, Couture La La. The ad, which features Karlie Kloss photographed by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin, shows a windblown Karlie at her best, wearing a frothy, gauzy pink dress and a neck full of jewels that combine to mimic the look of the fragrance’s bottle.

“I love this! Karlie is giving everything!” alonsoJonathan posted. “Really stunning!”

“I love everything about this image,” MyNameIs agreed. “Karlie looks stunning.”

Psylocke posted, “The dress and the perfume bottle are way too kitschy for my taste, but everything else about this is fantastic. Karlie looks amazing.”

The fragrance itself is described as a fruity bouquet with a musky background, but I think the ad image makes me more curious to sample the scent than that description does. This is a great effort from Juicy Couture as far as their ad campaigns go.


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Ruth Wilson Pulls Off Dior’s Pants-Dress Combo (Forum Buzz)

Ruth Wilson Pulls Off Dior’s Pants-Dress Combo

English actress Ruth Wilson may have been at a Burberry-associated event (the 58th London Evening Standard Theatre Awards) this past weekend, but she shined in a black and pink Dior couture pants-dress combo. In this ensemble, Ruth proved that there are some people in this world (not Emma Watson) who can make that kind of thing work.

“Amazing in Dior Couture!” LolaSvelt exclaimed.

“And at a Burberry associated event no less? How'd she pull that one off? She looks quite amazing in it, glad she did!” HeatherAnne commented.

Melly5525 called the look “modern, sexy and cool.”

Mint condish remarked that “Ruth is such a badass.” That’s not how you would typically describe a woman in Dior, but I guess in this case it works. Well played, Ruth.


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