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Chart the Changing Shape of the Ideal Female Body Through the Decades

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

As the decades crawl by, beauty standards change. That goes for makeup, hair and body standards, the latter of which is shown in a series of infographics created by charting the evolution over the past 100 years of the perfect female body. And guess what? The ideals were just as virtually unattainable for a lot of women a century ago as they are now. 

in the 1910s, women pulled their corsets into oblivion to cinch their waists. In the 20s, it was the sweet and petite boyish body that women wanted. Fast forward to the 80s, where tall, athletic women ruled and into the 90s when Kate Moss’ waifish figure was in. Body standards are like a pendulum, swinging from one extreme to the other, the only thing consistent are its chances of swinging back.

Today, a small waist and a big booty are all the rage, and who knows? By 2020, we could go be looking at a figure with an undefined waist, giant boobs and a flat butt. But if the charts do anything, it’s that though the shape of the ideal body has changed, the pressure on women and the lengths they will go to achieve it has not. 

[via Greatist]

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David Beckham Picks His Favorite H&M Pieces for Latest Campaign

Though we would much prefer him in nothing at all, David Beckham’s gotta wear clothes sometime. In the video below, H&M taps the ex-footballer to choose and model his favorite pieces from the retailer’s spring “Modern Essentials” offerings. 

“It’s something I’m really excited about, it’s all about things I wear day-to-day. Shirts, T-shirts, jeans, bomber jackets. We’ve kept at that. It’s literally stuff I wear day in and day out.” And surprise, y’all: he looks good in everything. Now that you know Beckham’s dream H&M wardrobe, you can run out and purchase everything in hopes that the man in your life might morph into your own personal version of Mr. Beckham. He won’t, but you know, a girl (or guy!) can dream.

Beckham’s H&M edit will be available online come March 5.

[h/t Us Weekly]

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Fast Retailing’s CEO Speaks on Chinese Factory Conditions

Image: WENN

Image: WENN

Fast Retailing’ founder and CEO Tadashi Yanai has come forward to comment on the unsatisfactory conditions at two supplier factories in China for their Uniqlo brand. SACOM, or Scholars Against Corporate Misbehavior, did an investigation that uncovered a dubious environment for the underpaid workers, which included sewage-flooded floors and overheated workspaces.

“I’m very surprised by the conditions [of workers],” Yanai said. “We had done other investigations before, so I am very surprised and disappointed that those conditions exist in those instances.” SACOM found that employees at the  Fast Retailing supplier factories in question were paid a third less than other workers in the area. They also found that employees were not given their due overtime  – they received only time and a half, not the appropriate compensation of twice their regular rate.

Yanai calls the woeful situation an “exception,” reassuring everyone that Chinese factories aren’t typically kept in such woeful shape or are run with such recklessness. Fast Retailing already ordered the factories to make changes late last week and we’re hoping they will follow through.

[via WWD]

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Sasha Pivovarova Is the Star of Frame Denim’s Chic Spring 2015 Campaign

Ad Campaign Frame Denim Spring 2015 Sasha Pivovarova


Ever since 2012, Frame Denim has been everyone from Rihanna to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s go-to place for jeans with quality and good heritage. Now with over 600 retailing spaces worldwide, Frame Denim is gearing up to present its Spring 2015 collection. Following in the footsteps of Andreea Diaconu and Erin Wasson, Sasha Pivovarova helps showcase the new denim range. Sasha stands effortlessly in the studio for photographer and Frame Denim co-founder Erik Torstensson as he captures the Russian model for the newly released advertising campaign. Above is the double-page spread version of the fashion spots, Sasha’s timeless black and white full-length portrait on the left and Frame Denim’s emblem layered over a tranquil landscape setting on the right, creating a modern contrast between the two images.

Like what you see? Check out Frame Denim’s full Spring 2015 campaign inside our thread here.

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Kim Kardashian’s Lady Bits Are Featured on the Cover of Her New Book and LOVE Magazine

Today in Kim Kardashian lady bits news, we get a two-for with a chance to see both her T&A, although not in the same place.

Kim is kindly publishing a book filled with 1,000 of her selfies, aptly titled Selfish, which is due to hit shelves in May. Today, she released the cover image for the book via Instagram and of course, Mrs. West couldn’t simply put any ol’ photo on the cover. The woman who bared her butt for Paper magazine would surely have something more arresting than a modest selfie in the kitchen as the lead image for her tome. The star, whose dark chocolate locks are slicked with water, dons a bra top exposing plenty of cleavage, her head turned slightly to the side as she pouts for the camera. But mostly, you see boobs.

“Thank you Rizzoli for making this happen & being the best partner,” she captioned the image. “A big thank you to the Donda team & Kanye for inspiring this idea & helping to design this book so I can share a decade of selfies in such an intimate & artistic way! Can’t wait for you to all see this book! Xo #Selfish #Rizzoli #Donda.”

Don’t worry, guys, Kim’s famous butt also got some glory today. It was rumored that the reality star would be naked in her spread for LOVE magazine, and this image, which the Mirror says was posted to LOVE‘s Instagram before being removed, proves it. Behold: Kim’s ass, once again, this time from afar.  (more…)

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Chloë Grace Moretz and Kid Cudi Star in the Latest Coach Dreamers Campaign

Images: Courtesy Coach

Images: Courtesy of Coach

Coach has tapped a new crop of celebrities for its second Coach Dreamers campaign. Chloë Grace Moretz and Kid Cudi star in the brand’s latest ads, lensed by Mikael Jansson. The campaign has a decidedly chill vibe. Kid Cudi is pictured lounging in both of his shots with an attractive printed messenger bag in one and a Marsala-hued backpack in the other. Chloë is the image of a carefree, stylish teen, riding a bike, sipping ice water, braiding her hair — of course toting her own Coach carryalls all the while.

“The Coach Dreamers are passionate, creative individuals with original talent who lead their lives in an individual, unexpected way,” Creative Director Stuart Vevers said. “Chloe’s free-spirited attitude and spontaneity makes her a perfect incarnation of the Coach Spring ’15 girl, while Kid Cudi’s effortless ease and coolness could not better embody the spirit of the Spring ’15 men’s collection.”

Check out all the images in the gallery below. (more…)

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