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Jeremy Scott Is Getting Sued Again for Ripping Off Someone Else’s Artwork


Image: Imaxtree

Jeremy Scott finds himself in legal hot water again, this time over his designs for Moschino. Graffiti artist Joseph Tierney aka Rime is suing the Italian label for ripping off some of his artwork and superimposing it onto a gown (shown here) from the label’s Fall 2015 collection. Rime’s tag was also used on a bag that was sent down the runway.

Tierney is further pissed at the publicity the dress in question garnered when Katy Perry wore it as Jeremy Scott’s date to this year’s Met Gala. Both she and Scott wore garments featuring the appropriated artwork. “Ms. Perry was widely photographed in the clothing, as she always is. She even made a number of ‘worst-dressed’ lists as a result,” the suit says. “The Defendants were obviously thrilled with how the episode played out, heavily promoting images of Ms. Perry wearing the clothing in their marketing, advertising, media and sales materials. The only person harmed was Rime. Not only was his art exploited by Defendants, but his credibility as a graffiti artist was compromised by inclusion in such a crass and commercial publicity stunt.”

Rime wants Scott and Moschino to stop selling the offending pieces and is seeking damages for the use of his artwork. Jeremy Scott previously got into a pickle with Jimbo and Jim Phillips for getting a little too inspired by the skateboard artists’ designs for Scott’s Fall 2013 collection. Indeed, the ghoulish faces Scott plastered on sweatshirts bore too close a resemblance to the work of the artists to go unnoticed. Scott later settled and issued a statement saying, “I regret that certain pieces of my February 2013 Fall Winter fashion line incorporated imagery that was similar to images owned by NHS and Messrs. Phillips. I now recognize my mistake and out of respect to their work and their rights, the clothing and handbags at issue will not be produced or distributed.”

[via Vogue UK]

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Joan Smalls’ New Estée Lauder Lipstick Range Was Inspired by Her Met Gala Beauty Look

Joan Smalls already delved into fashion with the release of a collection with True Religion, but now the model is making moves in the beauty sector with a new lipstick collection in partnership with Estée Lauder. If we know anything about Ms. Smalls, it’s that the girl can rock a mean lippie.

The 12-shade range of matte lipsticks has just about any color you need, whether you’re the type of gal who likes a statement lip or if you prefer something a little more demure. Joan is rolling out shades from the brightest of the bright, like the vibrant pink Neon Azalea, to deep vampy shades, like Extrovert. Joan says she got the idea to start a lipstick range after the overwhelming response on social media to her statement-making violet lip at the Met Gala. While this is a celebrity collection, Joan insists she was very involved in developing the line.

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Each lipstick shade retails for $30 and all are available now on the Estée Lauder website. So even if you won’t wake up tomorrow morning looking like a supermodel, you can at least wear lipstick like one. 

[via Vogue]

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Kristen Stewart Delivers UK ELLE’s ‘Best Cover in Years’ (Forum Buzz)

Fresh off the cover of U.S. Marie Claire this month, Kristen Stewart has now landed the cover of U.K. ELLEs September 2015 issue. The British title has been teasing us for days with snippets of the upcoming feature and the official cover has finally dropped. Photographed by Kai Z Feng, the American actress and Karl Lagerfeld favorite can be found wearing a Gucci shirt and trousers on the cover, which was styled by ELLE‘s fashion director Anne-Marie Curtis. Kristen serves up some savage beauty realness in the image, looking a little disheveled.

UK ELLE September 2015 Kristen Stewart by Kai Z Feng


“Their best cover in years!! She looks fantastic, and I love that it’s an outdoor shot,” Miss Dalloway hailed instantly.

“I really like it. I usually don’t like Kristen’s magazine cover so this is a nice surprise,” admitted dodencebt.

ThatGuyPaul was quick to declare, “This is really nice!” inside the thread.

Also sharing some enthusiasm toward the cover was Urban Stylin: “Pretty, I love the colors! She’s also giving some good face for a change.”

Forum member honeycombchild was pleasantly surprised too. “This is actually better than I thought it could be, the coloring is nice. But yes, messy hair is a huge thing here in England, with such unpredictable weather we, as a nation, are trying to make messy, straggly hair a big trend,” he laughed.

“I really like the colors and the starkness of the image. It’s interesting that magazines, except Harper’s Bazaar, now build the styling sort of around her personal style. I like that, it feels more genuine. With all this said, I don’t think the image is suitable for the most important fashion issue,” shared Benn98, as faults started to surface.

Await Stewart’s cover story and get in on the action here.

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Goop Is Launching an Organic Beauty Line

Gwyneth Paltrow Juice Beauty

Image: WENN

When Gwyneth Paltrow isn’t selling eye roll-worthy clutches with names of rappers whose songs she probably didn’t become a “fan” of until she became BFF with Beyoncé, she is also out here trying to make sure our skin game is on point. The actress’ Goop lifestyle website has announced the launch of its own cosmetics range in collaboration with Juice Beauty.

Now, Gwyneth would never allow you to put any ol’ thing on your face, so of course the makeup and skincare line is made with organic ingredients. The California-based brand is teaming with the lifestyle site for a private-label range, Goop by Juice Beauty, due out in March. A look at Juice Beauty’s website gives an idea of what the product range might look like. There are plenty of anti-aging options in both the skincare and makeup categories, anti-acne items and several products made with green apples. 

Paltrow will also sit as Juice’s creative director for makeup, with her range of Juice Beauty Phyto-Pigments hitting shelves in January. Juice Beauty’s items have a two-year shelf life due to the organic nature of their ingredients – something to keep in mind when you inevitably make your purchases.

In the meantime, we will be sitting here patiently waiting to see what Gwynnie comes up with for her latest project.

[via Fast Company]

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Lisa Hyde’s The Bachelor S3, Ep 3 Low-Down: Gender Stereotypes, Mascara and First Kisses

Lisa Hyde

Photo supplied

And there we have it, another great night of The Bachelor! If you missed Episode 3, or just want to know how I’m feeling about the girls and the show, make sure you keep reading.

Tonight things kick off with the ladies all sitting together in the dining area, seeming to get along as they “casually” chat about how sad it was to see three girls leave the mansion at the last rose ceremony.

I would love to say “C’mon girls, you should be happy that the numbers are getting smaller,” but, the truth is, although you want to find love and be the last girl standing, it is actually really sad saying goodbye to people you have become close with.  (more…)

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Stats Confirm Aussies Totally Succumbed to Kim Kardashian’s Selfish Ways

Kim Kardashian book signing

Image: WENN

When news came out abut Kim Kardashian’s publishing project comprising wholly of selfies, many had a quiet (or loud) chuckle to each other about the 352-page vanity venture. But the reality TV queen is the one laughing now, with Australian sales of Selfish making us seriously question ourselves.

Yes, sales in the US were less than impressive, with Radar Online revealing only 32,000 copies were sold throughout the country (That’s just 0.8% of Kim’s social media fans, FYI). While we’d like to rightfully restore our faith in mankind with these stats, it turns out Aussies might be the ones who have to re-think our light reading preferences.

According to Nielsen (via Sydney Morning Herald), Aussies purchased 7,200 copies of the book, making the demand three times stronger than the US per capita. During the first week of release, Selfish was Dymocks’ number one biography title and ranked third overall. Yep, biography title.

A spokesperson from the Australian publisher of Selfish, Hardie Grant, said, “We sold out of our initial print run in Australia almost immediately, driven by her profile, the book publicity both here and abroad and her amazing social media presence.”

Congratulations, Kim. You win.

[Via Radar OnlineSydney Morning Herald]

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