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Altuzarra is the Latest Designer to Collaborate With Target

Image: Target, Simon Cave

Image: Target, Simon Cave

Target's design collaborations always garner a tremendous amount of buzz, and its latest partnering will be no exception. The retailer announced today it is joining forces with American label Altuzarra for a limited-edition capsule collection that's due to hit stores this fall.

“I’ve admired the elegance that Target brings to fast fashion. By working together on this capsule collection, we hope to instill a sense of power, confidence and beauty in women everywhere,” Altuzarra said in a statement. Coming September 14, the line will boast versions of Altuzarra's signature pieces, as well as looks created specifically for the collaboration. The 50-piece range prices apparel and lingerie from $17.99 to $89.99, with shoes and accessories ringing in from $29.99 to $79.99.

Net-a-Porter is also getting in on the fun, as both they and Target will carry the collection on their respective websites.

It sounds like this collection will be in a similar format as last year's hit with Phillip Lim. Although I'm sure it might sting a little for some editors and die-hard fashionistas to see the Altuzarra-proper pieces they spent a lot of money on recreated into less-expensive clones, it will be interesting to see which looks he brings out for this offering.

Watch this space for more details as they trickle out!

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See These Famous Masterpieces Get a 21st Century Photoshop Makeover

As we all know, the vast majority of today's media images of women are heavily airbrushed to conform to a standard of beauty that's not just unrealistic, but simply unrealTakePart, an activism-oriented news organization, decided to show how crazy today's representations of women have become by giving some of history's most famous classical paintings a 21st century Photoshop makeover. See the results below, and head over to TakePart to see more. 

See These Famous Masterpieces Get a 21st Century Photoshop Makeover

Edgar Degas, La Toilette, 1884–86

See These Famous Masterpieces Get a 21st Century Photoshop Makeover

"Danaë With Eros," painted by Titian in 1544

See These Famous Masterpieces Get a 21st Century Photoshop Makeover

"Grande Odalisque," painted by Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres in 1814.

See These Famous Masterpieces Get a 21st Century Photoshop Makeover

Sandro Botticelli, Birth of Venus, 1486

[h/t Cosmo]

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The 8 Bitchiest Things Karl Lagerfeld Has Ever Said

No one would ever accuse Karl Lagerfeld of being too nice. The Chanel designer is one of fashion's most compelling interview subjects precisely because he speaks frankly and gives the impression that he says what he thinks. Unfortunately, sometimes the thoughts he articulates are seriously offensive and misguided. To put it bluntly, Karl Lagerfeld is a bitch.

Need proof? Read on for some of Karl's bitchiest quotes ever:

Karl Lagerfeld Bitchy Andy Warhol


On Andy Warhol: "I shouldn't say this, but physically he was quite repulsive."

Karl Lagerfeld Bitchy ines de la fressange

Image: C.Smith/

On former muse Ines de la Fressange: "I wish her all the luck in the world, just so long as I don’t have to see her anymore or hear her spoken about."


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Barbara Palvin Looks Beautiful on Retro Chic Harper’s Bazaar Spain Cover (Forum Buzz)

Hungarian topmodel Barbara Palvin is racking up quite the covers these days. Not only does she appear on the current InStyle edition of her home country, she also graced the cover for Marie Claire Italy last month. And now she has scored another impressive cover, starring in a stunning swimsuit story for Spanish Harper's Bazaar in its June issue.

image credit: via the tfs forums

image credit: via the tfs forums

Barbara may be most famous for having supposedly briefly dated popstar Justin Bieber, but it's undeniable that she is always a perfect choice for swimwear editorials thanks to her classic beauty and great, healthy figure. Therefore, it is not too surprising that her editorial for Harper's Bazaar, which was shot by photographer Xevi Muntane, is a hit among theFashionSpot forum members. 

“Such a cool retro cover. Love it!” wrote A.D.C.

TeeVanity agreed, “This is really good, very retro indeed, though the text kinda make it look like one of those architectural magazines.”

While TeeVanity didn’t enjoy the layout as much, other members praised the publication’s creativity and unique art direction.

Harper's Bazaar Spain will always be the most creative, innovative and original franchise of HB! They always have the coolest and different covers, with great concepts every month! LOVE IT! People should pay more attention at the work of Harper's Bazaar Spain, it's so special and out of the box,” remarked miguelalmeia.

KateTheGreatest shared similar sentiments. She added, “I completely agree with you, miguelalmeida. They really are different and more out there than other HBs and I always appreciate that more than doing something safe and boring for the 100th time. Love the cover and the editorial.”

Ms. Palvin, who is also a L’Oreal brand ambassador and Victoria’s Secret model, adds glamour and sexiness to this cool vintage-y cover story. Like most forum members, I am a fan. Check out the full editorial on the forums and let us know what you think.


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How Did This “Tribal” Vogue Australia Editorial Get a Racism Pass?

vogue-australia-2014-04-apr-1813404389891We’re not sure how we missed this in the April issue of Vogue Australia – covered by Abbey Lee Kershaw – but Vocativ has pointed out that this is one ethically dubious editorial.   

In a shoot titled “Tomorrow’s Tribe,” photographer Sebastian Kim lensed Brazilian model Marina Nery in a fashion trend that just won’t seem to fade: cultural appropriation. Which cultures? Well, quite a few of them. The 10-photo series features a large amount of face paint that seems to vibe very loosely off Aboriginal culture, but Australia isn’t the only country having its hottest #tribalcore lewks showcased.   

Other ingredients thrown into Kim's cultural potpourri include Kenyan-style beaded collars and bracelets (from ETHNIX Tribal and African Art in New York) and even two feathered headdresses.

What’s interesting is that just last week, W magazine released a striking yet ethically questionable editorial somewhat fittingly titled “Gilt Trip,” depicting Edie Campbell trotting around Burma in Prada sandals and traditional Kayan brass coil neck stretchers. W had posted two of the photos on its Instagram last week, although one has since been deleted, presumably in light of negative comments, leaving only an ambiguous beauty shot. The full editorial is still up on its website.

Perhaps if the Vogue Australia editorial had been more widely circulated around the Internet, more people would have called it out. It only appears on Nery’s Instagram, and she has a paltry 9,000 followers to W mag’s 315,000. But while blackface generally falls into the category of "don't do it ever," cherry-picking from your fave tribes does seem to be a grey area. What’s the difference between appropriation and appreciation?

Regarding the shoot in question, not much. Kim has landed himself in hot water before for shooting white model Ondria Hardin in blackface (for a spread in Numéro titled “African Queen”) and Franzi Mueller in “Geisha Chic” for Vogue Germany. Further, the stylist in charge of this cultural mishmash, Katie Mossman, worked with Kim on both those editorials too. It seems like both Kim and Mossman could do with a little ethical perspective. Or at least a geography lesson. 



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We’re Bored by V Magazine’s Bondage-Inspired Madonna and Katy Perry Cover (Forum Buzz)

Madonna and Katy Perry have landed the cover of V magazine's Summer 2014 issue, entitled #89 The Power of Pop. Steven Klein photographs the duo in a provocative set up as they both wear skimpy outfits for the bondage-style cover shoot, under the watchful eye of Arianna Phillips. This isn't exactly something new and we're accustomed to seeing Madonna dresed like this. Quite frankly, I'm extremely bored with every element here.

V Magazine Summer 2014 Katy Perry Madonna


According to our forums, it seems like I'm not the only one who feels the shoot is very repetitive:

"Yikes. It looks like Katy's addition was an afterthought. Creeping in there. On another note, I'm so beyond bored of seeing Madonna with next to no clothes on. This doesn't shock me. Seeing her in an outfit where she didn't have it all hanging out and looked great, well, that would shock me," writes honeycombchild.

Miss Dalloway shares the same sentiments: "I'm just bored, and it feels like nothing we haven't seen from Madonna before. Zzzzzz. And Katy should be pissed, not only is she in the back, but her face is hard to recognize!! What Klein did to it in post production is not necessary, ever!"

Migeulalmedia joined the discussion and wrote, "Madonna did this concept to many times, if it was something more light and romantic, now that would be a change in recent years' work for fashion mags. I would love to see her lensed by Cuneyt Akerolgu, simple background, light, soft and powerful shots, with the focus only on Madonna and on what she can bring to the shoot with no gimmicks, for us to see a more personal and light side of her. Madonna, you had your fair share of S&M/Dominatrix shoots!"

However, forum member TeeVanity posted: "Woo I am loving the cover, I know Katy looks cropped in but it's still likable for me. Yes for Rosie's ed. Okay I'll be getting this issue."

Both ladies have a strong following, so I don't doubt the issue will sell like hotcakes when it becomes available on newsstands May 26. View two more covers within the thread here.

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