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Vogue Portugal May Cover Featuring Maria Borges is ‘Powerful’ (Forum Buzz)

There's always time for celebration when a model lands her first major magazine cover and this month, we congratulate Maria Borges on her first Vogue cover. The Angolan born model is photographed by Rui Aguiar for Vogue Portugal's May 2014 issue, as she wears a rather questionable black ensemble.

Vogue Portugal May 2014 cover Maria Borges


Quite frankly, I'm not overwhelmed here. Although most forum members are delighted with this particular cover, with TheoG writing, "One of the best Vogue Portugal cover images in a while, the styling is weird. But nonetheless a powerful image."

"I'm really confused by what she's wearing. Her face looks perfect though!" wrote Nepenthes.

GlamourousBoy also agreed: "She looks great but that black thing she is wearing is horrendous."

As did TeeVanity who wrote, "Maria looks absolutely gorgeous, but I am with most of you not feeling the clothes."

Vogue Portugal has produced some debatable covers in the past and I think this is yet another one. I'm with the members who don't understand the pose and use of the clothing here. It all makes for a very messy looking cover, even with the use of sleek fonts and a serviceable layout.

Join the discussion and voice your own opinion here.

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Alice Dellal Lands Chanel Eyewear Campaign (Forum Buzz)

Brazilian model and fashion favorite Alice Dellal is fronting Chanel's latest eyewear campaign for Spring/Summer 2014. The soft and pastel colored images captured by Karl Lagerfeld show Dellal in a different light from what we're accustomed to from the  26-year-old Chanel ambassador. This isn't Dellal's first campaign for the French fashion house; Lagerfeld also cast Dellal to front the 'Boy Bag' advertising campaign in 2012.

Chanel Eywear Spring Summer 2014 campaign Alice Dellal


The press release from Chanel reads: "The visuals, with their edgy yet gently romantic energy, present Alice Dellal as part rebel, part blossoming young girl, revealing another of her facets for a collection that's both feminine and in tune with the zeitgeist."

Dellal replaces the likes of Linda Evangelista and Claudia Schiffer as the face of the seasonal eyewear campaigns.

Chanel Eyewear Spring Summer 2014 campaign Alice Dellal


Check out the thread for even more campaign images here.

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When It Comes to Runway Models, How Thin is Too Thin? The Debate Rages on at Fashion Week Australia

A slender model in a white lace skater dress walks for Alex Perry during MBFWA

Image: Getty

Down at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia, a debate has erupted over 'skeletal' runway models. The furor was first sparked by Marie Claire Australia editor and publisher Jackie Frank, who was not pleased with one of the models she spotted on the runway at designer Alex Perry's show. 

“When I saw those legs I nearly died,” she told The Daily Telegraph. “I rang the model agent and said, ‘Why is that girl walking down the runway when she’s clearly not healthy?'” (The agent says that the model is eating well.)

The papers notes that many of the models who are considered 'too thin' by the Australian fashion industry's standard have just returned from working in Europe, where they faced intense pressure to be "Paris-thin" and fit into European sample sizes. 

Melissa Hoyer, an opinion writer for the website, responded forcefully to the "brouhaha," as she called it: 

"Pointing a manicured finger at them and saying ‘you are too thin and therefore incredibly sick and unhealthy’ is, in my mind, a mild form of bullying.

How do we know the state of anyone’s health? Do we say similar things, with the same rage and fume to morbidly obese people?

This is about a debate that goes round and round and round each season, that always sparks outrage. The sad contradiction in all of this is if a model dares show a little cellulite. Or a tummy. Or some back flesh. You hear sniggers from audience members about them ‘being fat.'"

Shock at the parade of strutting skeletons at Australian Fashion WeekThe Daily Telegraph

‘Skinny model’ debate hits Mercedes Benz Fashion Week again —



Watch: Do Runway Models Perpetuate an Unattainable Beauty Standard? [theFashionDish]

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Sorry Ladies: Tom Ford Is Married and Off the Market

Richard Buckley and Tom Ford embrace at a 2004 Gucci Show

Richard Buckley and Tom Ford embrace at a 2004 Gucci Show / Image: Getty

Fashion's most attractive male designer (ask anybody) sealed the deal, went off the market, made an honest man of himself. Sorry ladies: Former Gucci designer Tom Ford has gone and married his longtime partner, fashion journalist Richard Buckley. Of course, the couple has been together for 27 years and welcomed their first child in 2012 — so if you were still holding out any kind of hope that you and Ford would one day be together 4eva, clearly you have much bigger problems. 

Ford revealed the news at the Apple Store (of all places!) during a discussion event with Lady Kinvara Balfour, which was reported on by The Telegraph"We are now married, which is nice. I know that was just made legal in the UK which is great, but we were married in the States."

Yayay! Congrats to the happy couple! Such marriage and lurve and commitment. 

Related: Tom Ford Wishes We Didn’t Live in Such a Materialistic World


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Vogue China Produces ‘Very Flat’ Cover Featuring Sun Feifei (Forum Buzz)

Vogue China is gearing up for summer with its May cover and with a cover line that reads 'Here comes the sun,' there's no getting away from these upcoming warmer months — finally! Chinese model Sun Feifei is Vogue's latest cover model wearing a light blue embellished Burberry trench from the Spring 2014 collection, designed by Christopher Bailey. You gotta love a twist on a classic, right?

Sun Feifei posing in a embellished burberry coat on Vogue China's Mary 2014 Issue


Members of theFashionSpot forums were quick to respond and the majority weren't satisfied with the cover.

"The plain studio backdrop covers have got to freaking go, they don't give Vogue China enough of an identity — they've taken it outside before, it's time to do so again, at least intermittently," wrote HeatherAnne.

The cover wasn't working for Miss Dalloway: "Sadly this does NOT work for me. Nothing about it, Fei Fei can be used so much better."

Avogrado suggested the cover wasn't genuine and wrote, "Oh no this is beautiful but it gives me a feeling that it's made by a fan…"

"It's very flat indeed. Happy for Feir Fei though," commented Bertrando3.

Quite a few members were just delighted to see Sun Feifei with Nepenthes writing, "Ahh I'm so happy to see Fei Fei on a Vogue cover. She looks really sweet and romantic. I love the colours and she's definitely rocking that Burberry!"

What are your views regarding the cover? Join the discussion here.

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Ouch! Scarlett Johansson Looks ‘Horrible’ on the Cover of Vanity Fair (Forum Buzz)

You can always rely on forum members to give you a straight, honest and direct opinion. The reviews of Vanity Fair's May 2014 cover featuring actress Scarlett Johansson aren't good…to say the least. The Avengers beauty was photographed by Craig McDean.

Vanity Fair May 2014 Scarlett Johansson


Like I've said, theFashionSpot members don't hold back and have made for some interesting reading with their discussion today.

Nymphaea jumped right in and posted, "Horrible mouth pose."

"Not feeling the slack-jawed expression," replied loladonna.

DutchHomme certainly didn't hold back and commented, "Not bad at all but it reminds me of Miss Piggy."

Whilst the cover might be a flop with most forum members, GlamorousBoy wrote, "Beautiful, elegant," and I agree. I think with a total overhaul of the fonts and text placement, this could have been a stunningly faultless cover. I would love see what French Vogue would do with this particular cover shot. I'm such a sucker for the whole blonde bombshell look.

Check out the thread and vent your own opinion here.

Inside photo of Vanity Fair's Scarlet Johansson shoot



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