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Why Stella McCartney Doesn’t Work with PVC

Stella mcCartney in a laidback casual look

IMAGE: Imaxtree

Stella McCartney‘s namesake label is known for its sustainable, environmentally-friendly approach to producing luxury fashion goods. It is one of the only high fashion houses that doesn’t use fur or leather in any of its products, but traditional skins and pelts aren’t the only things on McCartney’s no-no list. The designer chatted with WWD‘s Bridget Foley about staying true to her aesthetic and morals, while sitting at the head of her label. Through the interview, you really get a good feel of how passionate McCartney really is, and that being sustainable is about much more than shying away from fur.

“I also don’t do PVC,” McCartney revealed. “I work with women’s groups in Kenya and I work with associations in Patagonia. It’s not just about my lifestyle choices. It’s more than that now. It’s very much about the impact — that water going into an animal for a handbag. That is not a good use of our resources. You don’t have to be a genius to work that out. It has a big impact, the chemicals used to turn the leathers. How that affects the local communities with PVC, how cancerous it is for the people working with it. It goes into the water. It’s a bigger story. Some people are thinking about it, but, the thing about our industry, you’re not answering to that many people. There aren’t many laws in place. The large corporations, the very few that run the industry, aren’t answerable to anyone.”

Obviously, McCartney isn’t just a bleeding heart animal rights sympathizer — not choosing to work with certain materials is more than just about being kind to our furry friends. It’s also about being kind to other human beings, the very human beings whose lives impact our wardrobes. 

[via WWD]

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Burberry’s Holiday Campaign: Who’s That Girl?

We’ve all seen Burberry’s holiday campaign by now, and not just to gush over its latest offerings, but also to see little Romeo Beckham looking all grown up. As we were watching Victoria’s child prodigy continue to make his mark on the fashion world, we couldn’t help but also notice Burberry’s newest female addition. Hannah Dodd is the latest lucky model to join the Burberry family, and if you’re wondering where you’ve seen that face before, it’s because she’s previously worked with some of our high street favourites like Monsoon and Primark


A moment of magic in the softly lit snow – the #Burberry festive film, “From London with Love”

A photo posted by Burberry (@burberry) on

In a recent interview with LOOK magazine, Hannah divulged her insecurities about working with Christopher Bailey. “I was very nervous, it was such a large scale production it was quite overwhelming at first,” she explained. Though she may be treading in the plaid-clad footsteps of Suki Waterhouse, Cara Delevingne and Kate Moss, Hannah says, “That sentence still sounds crazy to me!” We wonder how long it’ll take for the novelty to wear off?

If you haven’t seen Burberry’s campaign yet, check it out below. (more…)

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In with the New: Miu Miu Gets Jamie Hawkesworth to Shoot Resort 2015 Campaign (Forum Buzz)

It’s out with the old and in with the new for Miu Miu’s Resort 2015 advertising campaign. Released earlier this morning, Jamie Hawkesworth captures model Natalie Westling wearing the Miuccia Prada designed collection, consisting of paisley prints, flares and more 70s-inspired pieces. Hawkesworth’s resume includes previous collaborations with Jil Sander, Loewe and magazines like AnOther, Self Service and W, so he’s certainly qualified to lens Miu Miu’s latest campaign — and forum members are loving it.

Ad Campaign Miu Miu Resort 2015


“Love this! I did not expect myself to say that when I first saw the thread title. The idea of juxtaposing images of nature with indoor shots is an old one, but it really works here,” enthused orchidee, kicking off the thread on a positive note.

“Fantastic!!! Finally some new blood photographer! Hopefully they’ll have something just as good for the (horrible) main collection to save it,” added shanhuq.

Benn98 admired the first image from the campaign to surface: “Stunning. The minimalist lavender backdrop does wonders for this shot. Perfect casting and styling!”

“I love the image. Though Natalie isn’t my favorite model this shot is amazing of her, the colors are lovely,” complimented Cosmic Voices.

Wolkfolk was also quick to share his feelings and commented, “Absolutely stunning. Love the colors.”

Are you a fan of Miu Miu’s latest resort campaign? Await more campaign images and share your opinion with us inside the thread here.

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Romeo Beckham Allegedly Made a Killing Off That Burberry Film

Romeo Beckham in a tux with burberry scarf

Image: WENN

Romeo Beckham danced his way into our cold hearts last week when Burberry unveiled a short film for its holiday campaign (watch it below). The 12-year-old son of Victoria and David twirled, cartwheeled and kicked up snow in a smart Burberry trench and cozy scarf for the cameras. We imagined that from a brand like Burberry, Beckham probably got a sweet little payout for his appearance in the short. After all, you’ve got to pay your models. As it turns out – yeah – little Romeo Beckham did make a pretty penny off the spot. In fact, he made a lot more than just a few pennies.

According to the Telegraph, the young Beckham is rumored to have received £45,000 pounds to appear in the ads, which in American dollars is approximately $56,000 dollars. That’s a nice sum to put into the college fund, wouldn’t you say? Naturally, Burberry’s finance director would not disclose how much Beckham was paid, explaining, “There are marketing budgets, and they [people in the marketing department] are making those decisions. I don’t sign off every invoice that comes into the building.”

Wether or not the rumored figure is true, it’s pretty safe to say that Beckham probably made more money off that one spot than many people in the world see in a year. Just chalk it up to an added perk of being the child of two celebrities. (more…)

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PETA Is Donating Fur Coats to the Homeless

Dionne Bromfield in a anti-fur ad for Peta

PETA wants your old fur coats. Not to burn them at a secret bonfire in the woods, but to actually give them to people to wear. No, it’s not opposite day. The usually-zealous animal rights activists are known for extreme tactics when it comes to protecting our furry and scaly friends, but this holiday season, PETA is using its resources to help actual human beings.

PETA’s taking the coats it has collected from new disciples who have given up fur and donating them to London department store Liberty for its annual coat drive. These furs will be donated to the homeless, whom PETA UK Director Mimi Bekhechi says are the only people who have “any excuse to wear fur” as they are “lacking basic necessities.” This isn’t PETA’s first time hawking off fur to the homeless. It held a similar coat drive in Detroit last year.

Say what you will about its tactics, but you can’t help but be a little heart warmed by these efforts to help other humans. PETA actually takes fur donations year-round. According to its website, it uses your discarded pelts for anti-fur fashion shows to help fuel its propaganda machine and demonstrations. PETA also uses the old furs as “bedding for needy animals.” 

[via Vogue UK]

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Kim Kardashian Is Fully Naked in Paper Magazine [NSFW]

Want to know what Kim Kardashian looks like with no clothes on? Look no further than her latest for Paper magazine, which features full frontal nude images of the reality star. Tuesday evening, Kim’s racy, booty-focused cover was unveiled over the Internet, a shot which has already become its own Internet meme. Paper‘s Editorial Director Mickey Boardman promised that the controversial shot was only just a taste of what was to come, and he was right. The rest of the Jean-Paul Goude shot spread has hit the Internet today, and yes, Kim is fully naked. 

Kim Kardashian balances a glass of champagne on her butt for the cover of Paper Magazine

The shots, which Boardman told Yahoo Style had “much less [retouching] than people think,” were apparently Kim’s idea. “We hadn’t planned for her to take her clothes off,” he told The Cut. “She wanted to and it kind of fit with the thing, and Jean-Paul was super excited about her attitude and Kim was super excited.”


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