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Lara Stone Channels Brigitte Bardot on French Elle’s Latest Cover (Forum Buzz)

Prepare to salivate over French Elle's latest cover featuring Lara Stone, now available at select newsstands. The Dutch beauty, photographed by Hans Feurer and styled by Chloé Dugast, wears a pink polo shirt from Lacoste for the Brigitte Bardot-inspired cover shoot. The makeup look comes from Charlotte Winner whilst Stone's hair was cared for by Stéphane Lancien, both for L'Oréal Paris, for which Lara became a brand ambassador back in 2013.

Elle France June 27th 2014 Lara Stone Hans Feurer


Members of theFashionSpot forums are very impressed with the cover. "WOW, that is such a great cover/spread of Lara, great to see such minimal layout from ELLE France," comments Miss Dalloway.

"Lara looks fantastic on this cover," enthused GlamorousBoy.

Mikel was also head over heels and simply wrote: "I need this!!!!"

Forum member FrenchDelicacy has provided the Elle – Wordwide thread with a snap of the subscriber's cover which features an unusual artistic approach. You can check that out alongside Lara's accompanying cover story inside the thread here.

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Cara Delevingne Talks Sexuality, Says She’s ‘Having Fun’



She might have dozed off during her Vogue interview, but Cara Delevingne was wide awake for pillow talk with The Telegraph, who got in bed with the model to discuss her new Mulberry handbag, acting career, love life and more. Of course, interviewer Byrony Gordon touched on Cara's now-defunct romance with Michelle Rodriguez, whose relatively short fling was closely followed by the media–not that they had to try very hard. The couple was very fond of showing each other a lot of PDA as cameras were flashing.

Though it isn't truly any of our business, it's safe to say that the world is at least slightly curious as to what the gorgeous Delevingne prefers in a lover. And Cara was only happy to dish about her relationship with Rodriguez to the daily:

"On that topic, I think…What do I think? I think people shouldn't be scared of that. I'm young, I'm having fun, I don't want to pretend to be something I'm not." She shrugs. "So I don't really care on that matter. People can say what they want, but I'm having a good time. I know what people are doing who are my age; I just think it would be a lie to pretend that I'm not having a good time."

For now, though, Delevingne says she's lately felt more comfortable around women: "I don't meet men now who just want to be my friend. It doesn't really happen that much. They're just shallow like that," she says. "Unless it's one of my girlfriend's boyfriends, most guys are not like, 'Oh, we should just be mates.' I think it's harder to become friends with guys, because guys just want to have sex with you."

Tell us about it!

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Gisele Bundchen Goes to the Dark Side for Balenciaga’s Fall Ad Campaign (Forum Buzz)

Set to be hailed as theFashionSpot's campaign queen of the season, Gisele Bundchen has landed yet another ad campaign. Back in February, Alexander Wang asked Bundchen to walk his third runway show for Balenciaga during Paris Fashion Week, so it's no wonder she was chosen for the French fashion house's Fall 2014 campaign. Lensed by Steven Klein, we see the Brazilian chameleon sport a shaved head whilst striking a pose surrounded by cracked mirrors.

Ad Campaign Balenciaga Fall 2014 Gisele Bundchen Steven Klein


Our forums members are loving Wang's choice this season. "Gisele overload and I ain't complaining, AMAZING!" commented Riseup.

"Wow… I am soo loving these Balenciaga Ads!! I love Gisele's transformation. Such a kick *** campaign so far!!" exclaimed fashionlover2001.

TheoG shared the same sentiments: "I like what I see here, very dark and masculine (mostly because of hair) but the direction of this is cool, leaves me interested to see the rest."

"Damn this looks wicked cool," wrote Elfinkova, who even went on to say, "I'm going to call it first and say this is going to be the best campaign this season."

Forum member littlekiki thinks we're seeing too much of Gisele: "Too much Gisele. I like the campaign though so I shouldn't complain," she wrote.

I'm surprised there's relatively no mention of Gisele's missing golden tresses! She's all about her hair and it's the first thing I look at whenever there's a new image circulating. Although it's surprising how much she doesn't need it with her gorgeous bone structure.

Are you a fan? Check out the thread and join the discussion here.

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Zac Posen Named Brooks Brothers Women’s Creative Director

Image: WENN

Image: WENN

Zac Posen's a busy guy. He sits at the helm of his Zac Posen, Zac Zac Posen and Z-Spoke labels, is serving another judging stint on Project Runway and now, the designer's added another gig to his growing list of responsibilities: Brooks Brothers has tapped the designer to serve as creative director over its women's collection.

Seven years ago, Brooks Bros. hired Thom Browne to help create more fashionable menswear options, which seems to have done well for the brand. But now, CEO Claudio Del Vecchio is looking to beef up its women's range, which makes up about 20 percent of sales annually. 

While Posen won't necessarily be designing for the retailer, he will be advising on product development and presentation. Brooks Brothers already functions with a team of its own designers, so Posen will be tasked to lead them into creating more fashion-forward collections for women. "This is our main women's collection, and if I didn't think he could deliver, I wouldn't risk it," Del Vecchio told WWD. "It's not for PR, but he's a celebrity and I fully expect to get plenty of coverage and create traffic. But this is a business decision."

Don't get too excited about Brooks Brothers' newest appointment just yet. Posen's first for the retailer won't be out until Spring 2016, so we've got a whole year to wait before we actually see any product. Still, it will be interesting to see where Posen leads the company and if his direction will give its women's line the makeover it needs. 

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Rachel Comey Explains How That Adorable Kitten Livefeed Got on Her Website’s Homepage

Image: Getty Images Entertainment

Image: Getty Images Entertainment

It's a known fact that the Internet is a black hole of cat videos, pictures and memes. We may never know why they're so popular or ubiquitous around the web, but we do know that even we've shared a few funny cat gifs in our day. The fashion world also has its set of die-hard cat fans– added a code that made pictures of cats pop up on its homepage (seems to be gone now), Choupette Lagerfeld has her own (unofficial) Twitter account and has appeared in Harper's Bazaar and on the cover of Vogue Germany with Linda Evangelista.  One of the Internet's most recognizable feline faces, Grumpy Cat, recently paid a visit to the Vogue offices–and the magazine was only too happy to Instagram some choice moments for us.

So it wasn't too surprising to hear talk of cats at yesterday's Fashion Tech Forum, hosted by the Karen Harvey Consulting Group. The affair, which had Alina Cho on hand as emcee, as well as newly minted Yahoo Fashion editor Joe Zee, Nasty Gal #Girlboss Sophia Amouruso, The Gap's Rebekka Bay, and more. ELLE fashion news director Anne Slowey was also on hand for a sit-down with cult designer Rachel Comey to discuss her career, her first brick-and-mortar store (just opened in SoHo) and her social media/tech strategy which involves…you guessed it–cats. 

Good luck getting past the homepage at Comey's website–it includes a live feed of the office kittens. You see them napping, playing and being generally adorable. WARNING: you will get sucked in if you watch, but you should definitely check it out

How did the kitty cam come to be? Rachel Comey dished on the deets:

"I didn't have a website for so long, and I was trying to figure out what the site was going to be like. We decided on our homepage to be a livestream that's a video in our office and we just point it at different stuff. At first, it was a cornucopia inspired by a Dutch painting we made in real time, and it was fruit and flowers and it kind of rotted. People couldn't even tell it was live and by two weeks later, you see flies buzzing, and rotten fruit was disgusting–but awesome, because it was so slow… [Then] someone in my studio found some kittens that needed adopting, so we put the kittens up there, and got them adopted."

Fortunately for us, there are more kittens on the site right now, rolling around, pawing, nipping and playing for all the world to see. Excuse us while we go waste a half hour watching them.

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Flashback: US Harper’s Bazaar February 2002 with Gisele Bündchen by Patrick Demarchelier

Since Vogue isn't everyone's favorite fashion publication, I thought we'd reflect back on past issues of Harper's Bazaar for this week's fashion flashback. I received a few goodies last month, and this one particular issue ignited a sudden passion for back issues of the magazine (eBay really is your friend).

The February 2002 issue of Harper's Bazaar has Gisele on the front cover. Photographed by Patrick Demarchelier, the Brazilian goddess wears a red rayon plunge-front asymmetrical dress by Giorgio Armani and sandals from Manolo Blahnik. The magazine actually gave readers two covers to choose from. Cover one is a full-length shot, while the other is cropped from the waist up. Surprisingly, the back cover is reserved for a shot of Gisele with her back towards Demarchelier's lens, with "Fashion's Back" layered over the image. Not only is this design innovative, it's absolutely stunning. Originality is rare in the magazine industry nowadays, so you just have to hand it to the brains behind the idea!

Flashback US Harper's Bazaar February 2002 Gisele Bundchen Patrick Demarchelier


Inside the magazine, the fashion doesn't stop. There are a total of seven fashion stories inside this thin February issue. We see images from photographers, such as Greg Kadel, Craig McDean, Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin and Demarchelier. Models include Stella Tennant, Jacquetta Wheeler, Erin Wasson, Carolyn Murphy, Bridget Hall and many more. It's fascinating to see how much the styles of the models and the photographers have changed over the years.

Forum member burbuja8910 has kindly provided our forums with uploads of the issue's content. You can check them all out within the thread by clicking here.

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