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Olivier Rousteing’s Têtu Cover Got Him Plenty of Propositions



Anyone with eyes can see that Olivier Rousteing is a handsome guy. And it’s probably part of the reason why the 29-year-old designer is so popular on Instagram. And thanks to that nude Têtu magazine cover he posed for, the world is free to see even more of Rousteing’s gorgeous bod beyond the shirtless selfies he posts from time to time (yeah, we’re looking). 

And we’re not alone. According to Rousteing, Têtu made him even more popular on social media. “After the cover came out, I received so many sexual propositions on Facebook,” the designer told Document Journal. We can only imagine how many people were trying to slide into Rousteing’s DM’s.

Still, we’re guessing the guy is pretty used to people trying to get at him. As he reveals in the interview, one of his past jobs was as a go-go dancer in Florence. “I got paid 200 euros a night—It was a dressed gig,” he said. “There I actually had a roommate who would bring home a new lover every night. I must have done a world tour in three months.”

OK, at this point we’re pretty sure that Olivier Rousteing is and has been leading the best life ever. Carry on, oh soldier of fabulosity.

[via Document Journal]

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Cate Blanchett Rocks Platinum Blonde Hair on Harper’s Bazaar Australia (Forum Buzz)

Harper’s Bazaar Australia has rapidly established itself as the most consistent edition of the Hearst-owned title. After the magazine made Shanina Shaik cradle a cute koala on its April cover, Aussie Bazaar once again successfully manage to impress our forum members. Cate Blanchett stars on the magazine’s annual beauty issue, making perfect sense considering the actress’ connection with Giorgio Armani cosmetics. It should also come as no surprise that Cate dons an Armani creation on the cover, lensed by Tom Munro.

Harper's Bazaar May 2015 Cate Blanchett Tom Munro


Per usual, our forum members were eager to see what Bazaar had created this time around. “Nice to see Cate, she looks stunning as usual. I’m surprised she hasn’t gotten any UK or US covers for Cinderella,” shared Benn98.

“Gorgeous, but wow she was just on Vogue!” added Miss Dalloway.

“She looks gorgeous, I prefer this cover to Vogue,KateTheGreatest replied, acknowledging Cate’s Vogue Australia cover this month.

Forum member gossiping was certainly in the mood for some Cate. “WOW this is really amazing, I love it!” she exclaimed.

In firm agreement was Nymphaea: “Totally vamp, looking gorgeous as usual. Love the blond hair with the black outfit.”

Tigerrogue shared the same positive attitude and was quick to appreciate, “Such a simple cover, but it works so well.”

“The colors work so well here!” Oxymore echoed.

Are you a fan? Await the accompanying cover story and be sure to voice your opinion here.

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Oops. Lucky Brand Customers Won’t Be Getting the One-Cent Denim They Hoped for



Is there anything you can buy these days for a penny? Probably not much, but for a few Lucky Brand shoppers, a penny could get them a brand new pair of jeans – or at least they thought it could. Thanks to a leaked discount code, Lucky Brand customers found that their jeans, which would usually set them back between $100 and $130 dollars, would cost them a mere penny. Too bad it doesn’t seem as if Lucky Brand is going to honor any of those purchases. According to Bloomberg, it has already canceled some orders.

Lucky tweeted about the big mix-up, saying that the discount code was meant for employees and was “not advertised by us anywhere.” Many people who missed out on the deals complained that Lucky Brand’s policies state that all sales are final. Of course, Lucky had a loophole for that argument. “‘Final Sale’ only applies to clearance items ending in $0.97,” they explained in a tweet.

Tricky, tricky! So, if you got psyched about copping two pairs of fancy jeans at a fraction of the cost, you can probably expect an email from Lucky in your inbox – and a coupon to use on future purchases to make up for the mistake. Though we’re pretty sure your next Lucky Brand purchase won’t be as inexpensive.

[via Bloomberg]

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Kendall Jenner Strips Down for GQ’s May 2015 Cover Story (Forum Buzz)

Like it or not, the fashion industry continues to support Kendall Jenner‘s blossoming modeling career. In addition to this month’s subscriber cover of Harper’s Bazaar, shot by Karl Lagerfeld, the 19-year-old reality TV star-turned-fashion model now appears on the cover of GQ‘s May issue. GQ enlisted Steven Klein to capture Kendall wearing a skimpy white bikini from Adriana Degreas and a denim jacket from Calvin Klein Jeans — a brand she currently represents

US GQ May 2015 Kendall Jenner Steven Klein


Opinions in our forums are mixed. “That is a beautiful cover! The best I’ve seen of Ms. Jenner,” praised MON within moments of the cover surfacing. 

“Totally agree. She is almost a stunner here,” replied niknak, offering almost a compliment.

“Nice cover. She actually fits that kind of photography. She would be a good FHM model with her girl next door face,” commented DutchHomme, throwing a tad bit of shade.

Fluxx seemed pleasantly surprised also. “Finally a good work from KenDULL Jenner. I’d buy this issue. Anyway from the thumbnail I thought it was Emily Ratajkowski.”

Forum member burbuja8910 failed to show support and described it as a “tacky cover” inside the thread.

Check out the accompanying cover story and add your own two cents here.

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Rick Owens Talks about Runway Diversity and Reactions to His Spring 2014 Step Show

Rick Owens Step Dancers

Image: Imaxtree

Rick Owens’ groundbreaking Spring 2014 show was the talk of the town during Paris Fashion Week. The designer’s decision to cast a troupe of step dancers of all shapes, sizes and races made his presentation one of the most talked about that year and was a perfect example of how wonderful it is to see diversity of all kinds on a major fashion runway. 

Knowing fashion’s ongoing struggles with diversity, Rick Owens tells Another magazine that he was trying to figure out how to approach the topic without seeming disingenuous. “We’re going to have to talk about race at some point. And how does someone like me do that without sounding completely condescending?” he said. “I don’t know; it’s a delicate thing.”

As a white male, Owens realizes that making a comment on diversity might not be his venue, but he carefully pursued his mission to create a great presentation that showcased the beauty of women of different ethnicities. “I knew that, at the first level doing the show in that way was cool and that at the second level it was not something I’m supposed to mess with,” he explains. “I wasn’t presenting black women as Naomi Campbell. They weren’t glamazons. I was presenting them as tough and strong. They weren’t wearing beautiful make-up. They weren’t wearing pretty things. They were wearing athletic clothes, even aggressive ones.” 

His show was greeted with overwhelmingly positive reviews, but Owens realizes that one presentation isn’t going to dismantle fashion’s problems with diversity. “I can see that the show was not necessarily what the black community was looking for,” he said. “It could have been seen as offensive. It could have been seen as insensitive. Or it could be so insensitive that it was like a big ‘fuck you’ to everything, like, ‘we’re just doing this because we want to’. And that’s basically what it was. To me, the dancers looked sexy, totally juicy – wonderful. I wasn’t so nervous about a negative response. I never really am.”

[via Another]

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Gemma Ward on Her 6-Year Hiatus and Alien Looks


image: WENN

Gemma Ward’s wide-eyed babydoll look made her one of the most in-demand models of the aughts, and now that she’s having something of a comeback, the world is loving her even more. But Ward isn’t necessarily keen on the looks that made her famous. 

“Sometimes I wish that I didn’t look like an alien,” Ward told “I was probably aware of it (that I looked different) but it gets more heightened as you get older.” But she’s not complaining. “It can be great to look striking and different and you can embrace that if that’s what you’ve got going for you.”

Ward also talked about her six-year hiatus when she took time off from modeling to pursue other projects. Turns out, her break from the fashion world was much longer than she expected it to be. “I was searching for ways to define myself away from modelling and also just exploring things that were already a part of me, like writing and playing music and painting,” she explained. “I didn’t intend in the beginning for it (the break) to take so long but I’m really glad that I took the time and I feel like it’s been enriching.”

Ah, the life of a top model. One day, you’re riding high booking magazine covers, the next day you’re so over it, you spend your time painting landscapes and recording songs in Garage Band. We should all be so lucky.


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