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Surprise! Three Bloggers Cover Lucky’s February Issue

Lucky magazine is starting 2015 with a bang – and a bit of a risky move. The shopping magazine, which is about to launch an e-commerce venture, revealed its cover stars for the February issue and they’re definitely not who you’d expect. Instead of the typical young starlet, Lucky has tapped The Blonde Salad blogger Chiara Ferragni, Zanita Whittington of and Gary Pepper‘s Nicole Warne.


This is certainly a fresh take on the usual cover model and a sign of how influential bloggers have become, as well as Eva Chen’s faith that they will continue to be a driving force in the fashion industry. The social media following for the trio is about 4 million plus total, so it will be interesting to see if such a strong fan base will translate into sales.

It’s a bold and exciting move from Chen, who may be blazing some serious trails for mainstream fashion magazines. We wager that there will be a lot of eyes monitoring the performance of this issue. If it proves to be a success, it could mean the start of a new era.

[via Lucky]

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Revlon CEO Slapped with a Discrimination Suit for Racist Remarks

Revlon finds itself mired in a bit of a scandal thanks to a lawsuit claiming the company’s CEO, Lorenzo Delpani, allegedly made racist remarks against black and Jewish people. Alan Meyers, a former scientist for the cosmetics brand, says that during his tenure there, he endured Delpani’s racist remarks, tirades and generally disrespectful treatment. 

Image: Revlon

Image: Revlon

The New York Post reports that Meyers was fired last month from the beauty brand, and the scientist claims that ever since he brought up safety concerns with production, he’d become Delpani’s target. According to the suit, the Italian-born boss made offensive comments about Meyers’ Jewish heritage, allegedly remarking how surprised he was that the company did not have a larger Jewish workforce since Revlon’s largest shareholder is Ron Perelman and “Jews stick together,” before mentioning how happy he was that Perelman had abandoned the storied practice.

Delpani also allegedly made comments about black people, saying that he “could smell a black person when he entered a room” after attending a meeting in South Africa. 

Revlon’s people are chalking up the issues to Meyers being a bitter ex-employee, saying that his performance at the company was unsatisfactory, so he was let go. “Mr. Meyers repeatedly demonstrated critical lapses in judgment and failed to perform at the high standard we demand of our employees,” a spokesperson for the brand said. 

Meyers is seeking damages for his treatment at the company.  

[via New York Post]

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Vogue Italia Gives Us an Unexpected Cover Girl This Month (Forum Buzz)

Our forum members are always full of optimism whenever Vogue Italia is due and with no hints whatsoever as to who is about to grace the cover, it’s nice to be surprised. The magazine has released its January 2015 cover, which features Hollie-May Saker. We couldn’t be happier to see the British newcomer, shot by Steven Meisel, for the much-coveted spot. Styled by Karl Templer showcasing a glitter tweed jacket worn with a silk white shirt and contrasting tie from Chanel, Hollie gazes down Meisel’s lens with a face full of makeup applied by Pat McGrath.

Vogue Italia January 2015 Hollie-May Saker Steven Meisel


The majority of our forum members are full of praise. “Simply Stunning. Glad for Hollie for the debut Vogue cover,” shared kewkaw.

“She looks stunning, wow. I’d never expect such a cover from her. But she looks really beautiful and captivating,” added a pleasantly surprised KateTheGreatest.

“Beautiful cover. Was never really a fan of her but this image alone definitely made me one!” wrote an impressed Style Savvy.

Also full of appreciation was MON: “I love this!! Thank God it wasn’t some lazy studio shot with creative fonts! Beautiful.”

LastNight shared a positive attitude and raved, “This is beautiful. It’s simple but there is something about it that is really captivating, I like it a lot. I haven’t bought Vogue Italia in a while but if the inside story is just as lovely, I think I’ll have to get it.”

But not everyone was so overly enthusiastic. “Not impressed, forgettable,” described Nymphaea.

“Are you kidding me? This looks awful. I could have made something better on MS Paint,” slammed marsnoop2.

Check out the accompanying behind-the-scenes video and share your opinion with us here.

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Gwyneth Paltrow Doesn’t Care If You Make Fun of Her Use of ‘Conscious Uncoupling’

Marie Claire is starting off 2015 with Gwyneth Paltrow covering its February 2015 issue. Gwyneth really had quite an eventful 2014 and this seems to be the year for her to start anew. In the issue, the actress and lifestyle guru opens up about ending her relationship with husband of 10 years Chris Martin.


“There was nothing dramatic or anything,” she said of the split. “I had built my life on trying to be all things to all people, and I just couldn’t do it anymore, and I really had the sense that I wasn’t allowed to have needs, and I had to prove my specialness or self-worth by doing all this stuff and taking care of everybody else, and I just sort of hit a wall.” Gwyneth also commented on the now-famous phrase she used to classify her breakup, or rather “conscious uncoupling.” “You can make fun of the term or whatever,” she said. “I didn’t invent it.” But she certainly helped make it a thing!

But despite the split, Gwyneth says that things between her and her ex are just fine and it seems they’ve been able to maintain some sort of positive relationship in the midst of it all. “We’ve worked really fucking hard to get to [this] point. But we’re very, very close, and it’s so nice. I feel like it’s, in a way, the relationship we were meant to have.”

Catch Gwyneth in Marie Claire when the issue hits newsstands January 15.

[via Page Six, Marie Claire]

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Jourdan Dunn FINALLY Gets That Vogue UK Solo Cover

We’ve been wondering for a while why Jourdan Dunn, one of Britain’s top models (and also one of the highest paid in the world), had yet to be featured by herself on the cover of Vogue U.K. Today, the model revealed her very first solo act on the British fashion bible and, needless to say, it’s been a long time coming. Since her last appearance on the magazine’s November 2008 cover, Jourdan’s star has skyrocketed, so it’s a little suspect that she hadn’t been chosen for a cover sooner. Regardless, we’re thrilled that the model’s time to shine has finally arrived.

It has been 12 years since a black professional model has gotten a solo cover for the magazine (Naomi Campbell was the last in 2002), so this is a BIG win for Jourdan who back in August tweeted about her then lack of a Vogue U.K. solo cover. “So if British Vogue puts me on the cover now it would be because they were bullied into it not because I’m deserving of one…… lol ok,” she tweeted, referencing an article by The Guardian questioning Vogue U.K.’s choice not to use her. Obviously, the seasoned Burberry, DKNY, YSL Beauty and Balmain face has done more than enough to prove that she’s worthy of this honor. 

This morning, her sentiments were clearly the opposite, as a gleeful Jourdan shared an image of her cover shot on social media, captioned with praise hands galore. “I’m so Happy to finally say I’M ON THE COVER OF BRITISH VOGUE!!! Thank you @britishvogue, Patrick Demarchelier and Kate Phelan for making this happen and also thank you all for the Love and Support it means everything to me #2015YearOfTheDunn.”

Looks like Vogue U.K. is off to a great start for 2015, which is more than we can say for last year’s issues. The magazine released a collage today revealing a collection of 2014 cover models that are exclusively white: (more…)

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Yes! Gemma Ward Got Prada’s Spring 2015 Ad Campaign (Forum Buzz)

Our forums were treated to a preview of Prada’s Spring 2015 campaign before the new year and to our disappointment, Gemma Ward was nowhere to be found, despite her big comeback on the Prada runway during Milan Fashion Week. But we need not have worried because the Aussie beauty is confirmed and we have the proof! Photographed by Steven Meisel in New York City, Gemma stands before the legendary photographer’s lens wearing a patchwork dress, while carrying a leather bag from the most recent collection. Ine Neefs also joins the cast and rumor has it another model will be featured when the full campaign is officially released later in the season.

Ad Campaign Prada Spring 2014 Gemma Ward


Most forum members were thrilled. “Probably being biased but Gemma could have carried the entire campaign on her own. Her shot is so much better than Ine’s. So happy to see her here. Next stop VI,” admired Melancholybaby.

“Stunning. I’m glad that Gemma got the campaign,” added burbuja8910.

Also full of praise was pivoslyakova: “Wooow! That pic of Gemma is making me like the collection a lot more, she makes it look so luxurious, very beautiful.”

JennaaMonroe shared her excitement as she raved, “You can’t expect Gemma and Meisel to fail. That’s near impossible. This is magnificent! Seeing Gemma is delightful and this campaign is killing it!”

Although amazingly, not everyone was so impressed. “Do not get me wrong, I am SO happy to see Gemma but I am not liking the way they did her eyebrows nor the boring concept of the campaign. Come on Meisel!!! You’re a genius, you can do better [than] this!” posted VersaceVixen009.

“Gemma or not, the shot is totally and utterly forgettable. The definition of underwhelming. The only notable thing about this campaign so far is how mediocre and dull it is. Passport photos are more striking and have more personality than this snoozefest,” MyNameIs disapproved.

“Thanks, I find this campaign incredibly dull, Gemma is not doing anything to save this,” replied zacatecas570 in agreement.

Are you excited to see Gemma as part of Prada’s Spring 2015 campaign? Check out the other images and join the discussion here.

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