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Boy Meets Girl in Vanishing Elephant’s Fall 2014 Collection

ve4Even when the Vanishing Elephant boys were only designing for their own sex, we were exponentially jazzed with every new collection. They took note, much to the relief of girlfriended males whose new paisley shirts kept inexplicably disappearing, launching their debut womenswear collection in Spring 2012.

Fall 2014 is the latest from that line, and the hype is still strong. Enticing us into the chillier season is a curated selection of tomboy-meets-girl pieces that are everything we’ve come to love about the label. Denim plays a starring roll, with purposely unsexy overalls and dark denim dresses mixed in with idyllic prints and clean-cut separates. Suiting can be scary, but a relaxed gray blazer and trousers paired with a colourblocked sweater seems like a relatively non-threatening entry point.

The rest of the looks skew sporty — swelling florals adorn bomber jackets, hot pants like you’ve never seen them and T-shirts looking cooler than ever (yay). Think hot, as in the hottest girl in gym class, which is sort of fitting considering this will probably be your winter uniform. 


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Brit Wacher Spring 2014 Lookbook Celebrates Obscurities

Brit Wacher has been floating around the Montreal Fashion Week scene for some time. She’s a Western Canada native — born and raised on a farm no less — who studied in Vancouver before moving to Asia to gain experience. Her core training was in tailoring, which is no more evident than in her latest Spring 2014 lookbook, a living, breathing geometry set of bold shapes and lines.

Brit 5

Wacher’s mantra has always been to “celebrate the subtle obscurities found in everyday life.” One need only look at her Twitter bio to discover that fact, but in her latest collection, the B.C. rising star has taken the concept of life’s little oddities one step further.

Brit 7

“This collection talks about the opposing forces and the abstract that I see in everyday life," Brit explains on the inspiration behind her latest offering. "I try to capture the moods and feelings that each moment presents to me by transforming them into shapes, colorblocking, use of lines, color or lack thereof. This collection is about the things in life that go unnoticed or maybe slightly off. Things that we see but do not match with what we know or have seen before. Obscurities that are subtle. The subtle obscurity.”

Brit 8

My personal favourites remain the white gazaar shift dress (top right), the leather print skirt and matching bustier (top centre) and the shape button dress with leather peak dress (bottom right). I find a few of the designs to be a little Mennonite-looking, but that may have more to do with my confidence in pulling off such a bold look. Either way, monochromatic palettes are always a win, so check out the looks and sound off on which style you would rock.

Brit 6

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Model Erin O’Connor Announces Pregnancy

Whilst most models are busy preparing for New York Fashion Week’s first shows tomorrow, Erin O’Connor will happily be putting her feet up for once after revealing her pregnancy at InStyle Magazine’s pre-BAFTA party last night.

erin o conner pregnant main 620



The 35-year-old model looked radiant dressed in a long, black Jenny Packham dress with embellished neckline that highlighted her beautiful baby bump.

This maternal instinct in her comes as no surprise as the British model has spent many years looking after the welfare of young models, as well as looking after her protégés in Naomi Campbell’s model show The Face.

This will be her first baby, although she will not reveal the name of the father with whom she lives in New York. However, she told You magazine last year that "[he is] funny and interesting and wears a suit every day to work, which seems so exotic and outlandish to me that ironically it makes him my equivalent of wild rock 'n' roll." Erin also told them that "he's also easy to love and I hope we'll have a baby — lots of them, if we're lucky — together. It's a nice feeling to have found The One at long last. We have half a dozen godchildren between us, so I like to think we have some idea of what's required for parenthood."

It seems like they will be a very happy family, and with Erin standing at almost 6 ft. and her mystery man at 6’3”, it will certainly have height on its side — and with Erin to go by, striking looks as well.

We wish her all the best with her new baby!

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The March Cover of Details Features All of Your Favorite Male Models (Forum Buzz)

image credit: businessoffashion via the tFS forums

image credit: businessoffashion via the tFS forums

The cover story for the March 2014 issue of Details is what every male model fan’s dreams are made of. The top ten male models of the moment, looking tan and dapper, all in one picture. Photographed by Mark Seliger, the cover features Garrett Neff, Clément Chabernaud, and Noah Mills (on the main cover), plus Tyson Ballou, RJ Rogenski, Andres Velencoso Segura, Mathias Lauridsen, Arthur Kulkov, Simon Nessman and Sean O’Pry (on the foldout). 

It goes without saying that members of the tFS forums could hardly contain their excitement. 

“OMG!!!!!! I have to buy this issue! I have never buy any issue of Details, but this is a must have!” exclaimed GlamorousBoy

Fluxxx wrote, “OMG Details' cover is just perfect! Well, if only they also put David Gandy on the cover it would be more perfect. I love the composition and it looks really cool. Thank God I'm subscribing to this magazine!”

Other members, however, were thrown off by the fact that no model of color is included in this crop of male top models. 

Bertrando3 had many positive things to say about the cover, but also added, “Having praised the magazine for giving such a landmark cover for the men’s fashion industry, one thing immediately trucked me out when I saw the foldout cover: there is no Asian nor African American male model on the cover. In the 21st century race is still a big issue even in fashion, why? I just don’t get it.” His comment was followed by an intense discussion about racial diversity in male modeling.

To join the discussion and to see more images from the inside editorial (and yummy behind-the-scenes video), visit the forums.  

How do you feel about this cover?

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Inside the Hello, My Name Is Paul Smith Exhibition

Last weekend, we went along to the Hello, My Name Is Paul Smith exhibition at London’s Design Museum to gain an insight into the career of one of Britain’s leading fashion designers. From what inspires his designs to how he broke into the industry, this exhibition covers it all, and is not only perfect for the Paul Smith fan but also for those looking to break into the world of fashion and design.

 paul design

How it all began…
The exhibition opens with a replica of Paul Smith’s first-ever shop, Paul Smith Vetements Pour L’Homme, a tiny 3×3 metre square space in Nottingham. In face of his success these days, it’s hard to believe that his business started out so small and that his first show took place in a friend’s flat in Paris. It was even more surprising to discover that his first showroom was a bedroom in Paris featuring just six shirts, two jumpers and two suits! Apparently, only one buyer turned up to place an order and that was the real beginning of his business.


Finding Design Inspiration
The exhibition helps visitors to see that design inspiration really can come from anywhere, explaining that films, artists, photography and general observations can all trigger a design. Would you believe that the Paul Smith stripes are developed by simply winding coloured yarn around cardboard to see if different shades work together?

It does feel that you are being guided around the exhibition by Paul himself thanks to personalized messages and short video content. Add to this pieces from Paul’s own collection of photography and art, family photos and two replicas of his Covent Garden-based office along with his design studio, and you feel totally submerged within the world of Paul Smith.

pauls office

If there’s one thing that anybody takes away from visiting this exhibition, it’s that if you have skill, work hard and put all of your efforts into your project, you can achieve anything! If you want to check it out for yourself, it's running at the Design Museum until June 2014 and you can find more details here

Images: tFS

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The Spring 2014 Oscar de la Renta Campaign Disappoints (Forum Buzz)

Oscar de la Renta Spring 2014

image credit: via the tfs forums

Last season, members of the tFS forums were swooning over the visually striking Oscar de la Renta campaign, which captured the collection so perfectly, resulting in images that were utterly gorgeous. This season, however, the campaign fails to make the same impact. Kate Bogucharskaia repeats the campaign. She is joined by Maybelline spokesmodel Emily DiDonato, who’s enjoying a major momentum, having just scored her first two Vogue covers (Vogue Paris and Vogue Turkey). The cast sounds promising. So what are the issues with this campaign?

“The models look frozen while the clothes are girly and light,” according to Nymphaea.  

HelaFav5 shared similar sentiments: “Last season's campaign was so much better. The models look dead,” she posted.

It's nearly impossible to disagree with those statements. The models lack presence and almost fade into the boring background. But not just the underwhelming performance by the models earned criticism. Thatsfierce dislikes the hair, while ChristyLeReveur thinks the styling "is awful." 

And kab348’s verdict? “This. is. not. good.”

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