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Penningtons is Shacking up With Sears

Plus-size clothing manufacturer, Penningtons, has just announced that it will be roomies with Sears by introducing lines of its clothing to the mega-department store. This new move is being thought of as a customer-centric approach responding to an underserviced market segment and Sears will be the only Canadian store to offer Penningtons apparel outside of its own stores.

"We're excited to bring Penningtons to Sears because it supports our strategy of working with successful brands that provide immediate credibility and continuity to our apparel offerings," said Calvin McDonald, President and CEO, Sears Canada. "There is a real opportunity for Sears to take a leadership role in serving the plus-size demographic, a segment that has traditionally been underserved. Penningtons caters to a fashion-focused customer, which complements the traditional offering currently available at Sears."

Initially Penningtons will be available in five Sears pilot stores as well as on Penningtons apparel is expected to be introduced in additional Sears locations, and in the Spring general catalogue, in 2014. The move is of course part of Sears transformational mission to build a new core, while also protecting and growing market share in categories where Sears excels among Canadians.

The company has identified the women's plus-size category as a key business and aims to create shops of approximately 4,000 square feet to establish a meaningful and relevant destination for women coast to coast. A substantial portion of this space will be devoted to Penningtons merchandise in the five pilot stores.

Meanwhile, Penningtons is known for offering a wide range of affordable and on-trend fashions starting at Size 14 and, with that, I present a few of their favourite things….

Penningtons Montage

1. Savvy fit jacquard capri pant, $48; 2. Long printed dress, $54.99; 3. Statement 3 color necklace, $16; 4. Aviator sunglasses, $12

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Link Buzz: Topless Homophobes Protest Gay Marriage in France; Zuhair Murad Explains Kristen Stewart’s Red Carpet ‘Philosophy’

Image: Instagram/ONLRJ

Image: Instagram/ONLRJ

  • We're taking a break from our regularly scheduled fashion programming to bring you topless homophobes protesting gay marriage in France. They're being called Hommen (the name is a play on Femen [link NSFW], a controversial group of topless feminist protesters from Ukraine). [AtlanticWire]
  • And now back to the show: Photographs of celebrities with side-parts are inspiring — and when I say "inspiring," I'm using the classic definition of the word. [BellaSugar]
  • Viktor & Rolf now has a bridal collection, which will really serve me well when I get married never. [Fashionologie]
  • Zuhair Murad clears everything up, explaining that Kristen Stewart likes to wear things that are "chic yet daring" on the red carpet. [FabSugar]
  • At long last, Karl Lagerfeld gets his very own superhero cape. [SheFinds]
  • Attention aspiring models: Apparently scouts are lazy and spend all their time hanging out at the H&M in Herald Square and the Zara next to Bryant Park. [Fashionista]


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Abercrombie & Fitch (Corporate) Employees Not Supposed to Wear Black Ever

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

Abercrombie & Fitch is best known for for its hypersexed ad campaigns and idiosyncratic corporate practices, all under the direction of longtime CEO Mike Jeffries.

A quick overview of the retailer's various controversies (many via this handy slideshow):

The youth brand's latest offense: Jefferies reportedly hates black clothing so much that the corporate culture at the company's headquarters in Columbus, Ohio discourages employees from wearing black to work. 

"It even applies to coats in the winter," an anonymous employee told Business Insider.

After being tipped off to the story, BI reached out to Abercrombie for a statement. 

"Abercrombie & Fitch does not sell black clothing and discourages wearing it at our home office and in our stores, because we are a casual lifestyle brand and feel black clothing is formal. We have nothing against black clothing and feel it is perfectly appropriate for things like tuxedos."

One of my greatest fears about having kids one day is that they'll want to wear Abercrombie.

PreviouslyNot ‘Thin and Beautiful’? Abercrombie & Fitch Doesn’t Want Your Money

*Kidding, that was weird and wonderful. 

**See what I did there?

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Edie Campbell Models Lanvin’s Fall 2013 Collection (Forum Buzz)

All images:

All images:

Somewhat like Cara Delevingne (though not quite at the same mega level), the beautiful Brit Edie Campbell is having her modeling moment. She’s advertised Burberry alongside Romeo Beckham. She appeared in Hedi Slimane’s first campaign for Saint Laurent Paris. And now, she’s starring in Lanvin’s Steven Meisel–lensed Fall 2013 campaign.

Though the collection leaves much to be desired (it made its way onto our Miss list when it walked the Paris runway), Edie delivers when it comes to the campaign. 

Lanvin-2 Lanvin-3

“Say what you want, but I love it. Carry on Ms. Campbell,” niknak remarked.

“OMG, Edie has multiple personality disorder and it's super chic!!!” GERGIN exclaimed, zeroing in on the multiple looks and adapted personas in the images.

Melancholybaby posted, “I don't get the hate towards Cara and Edie (is it because they weren't discovered on some godforsaken farm in the Soviet Union?), but they have been delivering great work and gaining a lot of fans in the industry along the way. Edie worked perfectly for Jil Sander and surprisingly she works great for Lanvin… like a Parisian, 80s version of an English country girl.”

Lanvin-4 Lanvin-5

Despite Edie’s modeling prowess, dislike for the collection detracted from the campaign's effectiveness. “It was obvious they needed theatrics in their campaign to make that awful collection work, but I’m still too distracted by those ghastly accessories to have any opinion about this campaign. Meh, I guess. Good for her,” Vitamine W commented.

HeatherAnne was on the same page. “Almost forgot how wretched the collection was,” she wrote. “Edie actually works the concept and beauty looks well, but the styling and the clothes themselves…” No words necessary.

If Edie can kind of sell us all (or at least distract us for a second) from a collection that we pretty much hated and continue to dislike, then surely she’s got something special, right?



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Beyonce Wears Nothing But Body Glitter on the Cover of Flaunt

Image: Facebook/Flaunt

Image: Facebook/Flaunt

At first glance, Beyonce is unrecognizable on the cover of Flaunt 128, The Context Issue. Then you see there's a caption which reads, "Beyonce." Then you have to look closer, and that is an unfortunate thing because this is the Year's Most Horrifying Cover, hands down. (Sorry L'Officiel Hommes Paris Spring 2013, I know you tried.)  

The image, photographed by Tony Duran, shows the pop star's nude body contorted in an uncomfortable, unnatural-looking pose and covered with shimmery pieces of glitter, laid on thick as paint.

It didn't have to be so creepy! Another photo from the shoot below, as proof.

Image: Facebook/Flaunt

Image: Facebook/Flaunt

Just kidding. Any photo showing Beyonce wearing so much glitter it looks like she has scales is going to be creepy by default. 

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The 50 Most Stylish Canadians? Flare Includes Questionable Candidates for our Consideration

I don't read Flare (I'm a Fashion magazine kinda girl), but picked up on this story from Shelley Fralic over at the Vancouver Sun. The deadly-serious fashion magazine for deadly-serious fashion lovers recently ran a special edition in which they listed "The 50 Most Stylish Canadians."

As Fralic points out, of the 50, 7 are fashion models, 13 are in the music industry, 4 are "wordsmiths," 7 are actors, 7 are artists and 12 are "fashion worlders," which I'm guessing means socialite. And so, among the homegrown heroes waving the fashion flag for Canada are Kim Cattrall (does she wear clothes?), Pamela Anderson (puh-lease! But again, does she wear clothes?) and "Call Me Maybe" popsicle Carly Rae Jepsen. Excuse me while I go refill the barrel they just scraped dry.

So Carly Rae Jepsen made the list? That's Carly Rae Jepsen, known for wearing such striking and fashion forward ensembles as these Forever 21 sale pieces…

CRJ Banner

Images via Sakura/Ivan Nikolov/

Thankfully CRJ mentor Justin Bieber didn't make the cut (for obvious reasons), but joining Carly in the musicians corner is Drake, Ryan Adams and thankfully saving graces, Joni Mitchell and Feist. But what about Dragonette's Martina Sorbara? Or the foot stompin' Serena Ryder and her laid-back cool? Jeez, even talking-voice-musician William Shatner has his own thing going on that's more deserving than Pamela Anderson! 

Thankfully, Rachel McAdams, Ryan Gosling, Joe Mimram, Deepa Mehta and Tim Blanks make up some of the more deserving entries, while Linda Evangelista earns high praise for being on the cover. No Michael Buble, Ryan Reynolds or Don Cherry (face it, he owns his unique style). And Donald Sutherland over Keifer? It's a questionable collection of names, so tell me, if you were putting this list together, who would you include?

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