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The Bachelorette’s David Witko Tries To Promote Teeth Whitening, Fails Miserably

We all know that Instagram has become one giant platform for sponsored posts, but the influencer usually gets the job done in a semi-believable way. Not The Bachelorette‘s David Witko, though, who managed to epically screw up what looks like an advertising attempt for a teeth whitening company.

Implying that he got teeth whitening treatment over the weekend, the “international model” told his 7,657 followers, “Got my teeth whitened at @perla_whitening the other day… Didn’t want to post until I was super happy!” He continued, “It’s a painless system and affordable! I’ll be back for sure! My teeth were at least 5 shades brighter after one session! #sunday.” 

If all the enthusiasm and exclamation marks weren’t transparent enough, it turns out David’s photo from “the other day”, aka “#sunday”, is actually a photo from the other month, aka September, so there’s no way he showcased an actual dentist result in his post unless he’s seriously talented at recreating photos. 

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Gemma Ward Apologises for Faking It When She Made It: ‘I’m Not Hiding as Much’

Vogue Australia January 2016 : Gemma Ward by Lachlan Bailey

Gemma Ward has one of the most recognisable faces in the modelling industry, because that’s what Vogue covers, Prada runways and unique facial composition will do to you. She didn’t always completely love the fame, though, lying about who she was during the peak of her career.

As Vogue Australia‘s cover girl for January 2016, Gemma admitted that she would pretend to be her cousin if someone stopped her in the street. “I’d say that it definitely wasn’t me. I feel really bad about that now. If they’re out there, I’m sorry,” she laughed. 

Gemma Ward Finally Gets the Vogue Australia Comeback Cover She Deserves ]

It wasn’t that she didn’t want to be recognisable, it was that she worried about living up to her fans’ expectations. “I might still have a bad morning and claim to be my cousin,” she said. “But I am definitely much more accepting of myself and that is why I’m not hiding as much.” (more…)

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Eva Longoria Is Engaged

Eva Longoria

Photo: Getty

Four years on from her divorce with Tony Parker and Eva Longoria has well and truly moved on. The 40-year-old actress announced her engagement to Jose Antonio Baston on Instagram over night, sharing the news, and the ring, with her 1.9 million followers. (more…)

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Melbourne Festival Seeks Legal Adivce After Turning Away Transgender Women

A three-day women’s festival has caused upset after telling a potential customer that only transgender women who have “undertaken all operative measures” will be allowed into its event next year.

ABC reports that a woman named Kylee emailed organisers of the Seven Sisters festival, which is to be held next March in Mt Martha Melbourne’s South East, to ask if her partner, Belle, would be welcome. Belle is in the early stages of transitioning. 

The staff reportedly explained to Kylee that “having individuals onsite who are physically men would be breaking the trust of many women” but that they “are open to transgender women who have undertaken all operative measures to become a woman to partake in the festival”. (more…)

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Go Behind the Scenes of Miranda Kerr’s Nude Cover Shoot

Harper's Bazaar Australia January/February 2016 : Miranda Kerr by Steven Chee


In conjunction with Miranda Kerr’s fully nude cover shoot for Harper’s Bazaar Australia, which goes on sale today, December 14, the fashion glossy has also released a behind-the-scenes clip of the Aussie model’s hard work for the issue.

Directed and edited by fashion film great Gracie Otto, the one-minute clip features Miranda’s naked verandah shot as well as a good look at how the actual fashion editorial from within the mag came to life as well.


Mystique. By Gracie Otto.

Gracie Otto captured Miranda Kerr sizzling on set for BAZAAR’s Jan/Feb cover shoot. Grab your copy tomorrow, Monday 14th December.

Posted by Harper’s BAZAAR Australia on Saturday, 12 December 2015

And although Miranda’s actually clothed in the other shots, they’re still equally risqué, with Miranda sprawling herself over a marble dining table in a see-through lace number as well as rocking revealing one-pieces around the London West Hollywood location.

You can check the full clip out here, dubbed Mystique

[Via Harper’s Bazaar Australia]

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Mario Testino Is Heading to Sydney on Official Vogue Business

Rosie Huntington- Whiteley, Mario Testino

Photo: WENN

Esteemed fashion photographer Mario Testino is heading to Sydney for the very first time to guest edit Vogue Australia

Sydney Confidential reports that the 61-year-old will land down under next month and is expected to shoot local talent at Sydney’s most iconic landmarks for the publication.

“It will be an incredible homage to Australia and to have Mario shoot a special dedicated issue for Vogue Australia is certainly a career highlight for me,” editor-in-chief of Vogue Australia, Edwina McCann, told Sydney Confidential. (more…)