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Gasp: Bruce Jenner Speaks in Latest Interview Teaser Clip

As the world waits expectantly for Bruce Jenner’s interview with Diane Sawyer, ABC is releasing short teasers to get us all juiced for the forthcoming sit-down between the journalist and the Olympian-cum-reality TV dad. Earlier this week, ABC dropped a promo spot for the broadcast, full of 80s guitar riffs and plenty of shadows. Now, the network has released another ad for the interview and this time, there are fewer shadows and Bruce actually speaks.

Of course, he says absolutely nothing to hint at what he’ll be talking about through the interview, though everyone is pretty sure he’ll be addressing rumors that he’s transitioning to become a woman. For this teaser, Bruce offers only one sentence, “My whole life has been getting me ready for this,” which tells us absolutely nothing.

OK ABC, we get it. You want us to watch the interview. We were already going to, but we humbly request that the next teaser gives us just a little more tea.

[via Page Six]

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Blake Lively Looks Effortlessly Beautiful on Allure’s May Cover (Forum Buzz)

Blake Lively stars on Allure‘s newly-released May issue, participating in her first magazine shoot since giving birth. The Age of Adaline actress sat for Mario Testino in a series of effortlessly beautiful portraits. On the cover, Blake poses wearing a crisp white shirt with her hair brushed back, letting her natural beauty do the talking.

Allure May 2015 Blake Lively Mario Testino


“Blake looks lovely, it’s a nice cover,” enthused TeeVanity, setting us off on a high note.

In agreement was Miss Dalloway, writing, “This turned out much more beautiful than I imagined.”

Forum member Nymphaea used the words “beautiful” and “pure” to describe the cover, and we couldn’t agree more.

“It’s undeniably beautiful! It’s refreshing and the layout works. One thing I’ve noticed is that Mario’s recent work has been really repetitive month after month. The white background and shadowing gets really tiring month after month. It’s all the same,” MON ranted after a string of positive comments.

Also not much of an admirer was Benn98: “It’s certainly beautiful, but a missed opportunity. The cover line screams ‘get a killer body’, and you have Blake with Hollywood’s hottest body yet we get a close-up. Not a fan of the shading.”

“A bit too airbrushed in my opinion, but she looks beautiful,” offered Emmanuelle.

Will you be rushing out to purchase a copy of Allure‘s May issue? Join the conversation here.

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Taylor Swift Got a Bunch of Her Famous Gal Pals to Star in Her New Music Video

Taylor Swift Cara Delevingne

Image: WENN

May the world never forget that Taylor Swift is the coolest and most popular girl in Hollywood. How do we know she is? Only a friend who really loves you would be standing by your side as you get way too hyped flailing and mouthing the words to every song that plays at an awards show. These friends also come out to lend some extra star power to your music videos, which is exactly what Cara DelevingneZendaya, Lily Donaldson and Paramore’s Hayley Williams are doing for their dear friend Tay-Tay.

The girls were spied on the set of Swift’s new music video, which is rumored to be for Bad Blood off her successful 1989 album. They donned sleek ‘dos and cat-eye makeup, so we’re guessing the powerful makeup will coincide with some kind of girl power message. After all, you don’t get a group of beautiful and powerful women together to play a pack of shrinking violets.

Needless to say, we can’t wait to see the results of Swift’s star-studded music vid.

[via E!]

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Marie Claire’s Five Fresh Faces 2015 Aren’t so Fresh (Forum Buzz)

For Marie Claire‘s “Fresh Faces 2015” issue, Kate Upton, Iggy AzaleaZoë Kravitz, Hailee Steinfeld and Felicity Jones are each handed their own individual cover (even if most of them have been around a bit already). As expected, the two covers that stole the spotlight in our forums were Upton’s and Azalea’s, captured by photographer Dan Martensen.

US Marie Claire May 2015 Five Covers by Dan Martensen


Members of our forums were less than impressed with the outcome. “What an underwhelming set of covers. Fresh faces? These 2 have been around for quite some time now,” complained MON as the covers started to surface. “I wonder why they felt the need to do multi-cover? I’d understand if it were all about the NEW talents then by all means give them all a cover.”

“None of these girls are fresh faces especially Zoë Kravitz, she’s been on these rising star list for about 10 years now,” echoed HodanChloe.

“They are awful but I’m dying to know if Iggy actually sells. Does anyone even like her?” KateTheGreatest asked.

Forum member tigerrogue later humored, “I know I’m looking at their faces, but I feel the choice is bum or boobs, because that’s what each is known for.”

Not everyone was left completely underwhelmed, though. “I actually don’t mind the covers. Marie Claire never has the best covers out of the fashion magazines. They are always just ‘eh’. But it is nice to see Iggy get some magazine covers. I’m surprised it took them this long,” RanThe appreciated.

“I really don’t think they’re BAD covers considering some of the actual atrocities we see monthly, they’re just uneventful,” added thenewclassic.

Are you impressed with Marie Clarie‘s newest offering? Vent your opinion with us here.

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Are J.Crew’s Troubles All Jenna Lyons’ Fault?

Jenna lyons j.crew

Image: WENN

Jenna Lyon’s unique personal style and quirky makeover of J.Crew may have won the hearts of the fashion set, but for J.Crew’s loyal customers, her presence has completely transformed the brand into something they don’t recognize. Since Lyons took charge of design at the retail chain, the classically preppy with a twist aesthetic began to skew more towards the twisted and further away from the classic.

J.Crew has seen their sales on the downturn, with the NY Post reporting that the retailer had a loss of $607.8 million in a year, and many are blaming Jenna for the decline. The Post points to customer qualms about the brand. It’s not that people don’t love Jenna Lyons (how could you not love a woman who wears feathered skirts and sequined sweatshirts on the reg?). It’s that most people can’t or don’t want to pull off the Jenna Lyons look themselves – especially at J.Crew’s lofty prices. It simply isn’t practical for the everyday person. “I think they’re designing for a very small subset of people who work and live in very specialized industries in New York,” Capitol Hill Style blogger Abra Belke says. “My boss still wears flesh-toned hose with her skirt suit. I can’t show up in a sequin pencil skirt.”

It’s clear that J.Crew needs to focus more on their loyal customer base – the types who just want a darn oxford shirt without a bunch of rhinestones attached to it – if they want to pull themselves out of this rut. It looks like the retailer’s future challenges will have to do with staying true to their original aesthetic while also maintaining the fashionable appeal it’s garnered under Lyons’ direction.

[via NYP]

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Blake Lively Says She Rubs Truffles on Her Nipples to Feed Baby James

Blake Lively Truffles

Image: WENN

You didn’t think the child of a pair of famous celebrities was going to grow up having the tastes of the commoners, did you? Blake Lively, champion of artisanal everything and new mother says that she’s training her young daughter James from a young age to have a fancy, discriminating palate.

In an interview to promote her new movie, Age of Adaline, Blake Lively admitted that she doesn’t want her kid to be all hamburgers and fries growing up – more like filet mignon and pommes frites. The actress says she has a very fancy way of making sure her daughter’s being exposed to the flavors of high cuisine early. “I rub truffles on my nipples every day.” 

If you were thinking “what a waste of precious, delicious truffles,” we’re guessing that Lively was just joking on this one. But – she definitely is working to make sure her daughter one day enjoys eating right. “You got to give her a very well-balanced palate from a young age so she doesn’t eat only beige food!” Fair enough. 

But even if she actually did rub truffles on her nipples, we could never fault a mom for introducing her child to the delicious world of truffles. We should have all been so lucky as infants.

[via People]

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