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Barbie Is a Vlogger Now

Barbie is in the midst of a major overhaul. Mattel just released the Barbie Fashionistas line, which offers a diverse range of dolls who, for the first time in 56 years, can actually wear flats. The toy retailer is working hard to give Barbie a modern edge and is employing a digital and social media-focused marketing strategy to reach today’s girl. From music videos to tapping YouTube influencers to talk about Barbie, it’s clear that Mattel is taking an aggressive approach to promoting its new product. In its latest effort, Barbie stars in her very own vlog.

In this first video, Barbie dishes out 10 facts we didn’t know about her, in the style of other vloggers who do these sorts of videos for their mass of followers. The CGI-animated blonde identifies herself as Barbie Roberts. She lives in Malibu with her three sisters and moved to California when she was 8 because her writer parents wanted to be closer to the beach. She loves science and English, hates spiders and drinking soda. 

While positioning Barbie as a vlogger seems like a smart decision, we can’t help but feel a little creeped out by the animation. But, at least Barbie sounds like a real girl and not like the overly cheerful fembot we’re accustomed to. 

Check out Barbie’s first vlog in the video above.

[via Business Insider]

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Model Disrupts Rick Owens’ Runway with Protest Banner — and He’s Furious

Rick Owens’ runway shows always give us something to talk about, but an incident at the designer’s latest catwalk show has him seeing red. As Owens was showing his latest menswear designs for Spring 2016, a model named Jera took to the runway and pulled out a banner targeting the German Chancellor, reading, “Please Kill Angela Merkel, Not.”

Jera has worked with Owens before and he is counted as one of the designer’s muses. But muse or not, Owens was not at all pleased with the display – especially since the theme of the collection was about rejecting male aggression. “It was not my idea,” Owens said. “He pulled it out and I punched him when he came off stage. He’s been my male muse for the past 12 years or something and I think he just felt comfortable enough to do something in a show and I’m furious.”

Owens is very firm about the fact that he in no way sanctioned the disruptive display, though the irony of Jera making a scene in light of the collection’s theme is not lost on him. “When does ambition and efficiency spill over into aggression? And this model just gave into his aggression, and his balance was off. He became imbalanced. His aggression took over.”

We think that will be the last time Jera tries to make an unauthorized political statement on Owens’ runway.

[via i-D]

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Aussie Stars Step Out for ‘Ted 2’ Sydney Premiere

That rude little teddy bear is back for round two, and Australian celebs didn’t pass up the opportunity for a few borderline-offensive jokes and the chance to show off their style on the green carpet.

Held at George Street’s Event Cinemas in Sydney last night, a mix of realty TV stars, pageant queens, musicians, models and presenters stepped out to enjoy the new Ted 2 film. Check out the looks below.

Photo: Getty

Photo: Getty

E! Australia host Ksenija Lukich sure knows how to combine femininity with edge, rocking a pink, white and black midi pencil dress with a harsh-leather biker jacket and open-toe booties. (more…)

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Confirmed: The O.C Is Becoming a Musical!

Newport’s finest Marissa Cooper, Ryan Atwood, Summer Roberts and Seth, Sandy and Kirsten Cohen are welcoming us all back to The O.C, bitch. If there was ever a time to raise our glasses to Kirsten’s bottle of vodka and Marissa’s flask and say ‘Yogalates’, it’s now. That’s right, The O.C is officially becoming a musical, and we’re hoping it doesn’t slaughter the froth-worthy four seasons which symbolised our formative years.

Seth Cohen

Image: Giphy

Created by the same team behind the unauthorised Cruel Intentions musical currently playing in Los Angeles, the production will premiere on August 30, 2015, and, according to the show’s Twitter, will be just “one night only”. We’ve been promised an appearance by Trey Atwood, mmm whatcha say, and are crossing our fingers for a hot, hot yard guy, in the yard, who was hot. Hopefully we’ll also finally get to meet an alopecia-ridden China. Oh, and we’ve been assured that the musical is 100% Oliver Trask free. 

The production has also revealed that “all your favourite songs from the show” will be included, we’re just not sure in what format. Considering The O.C pioneered some sterling tunes via Marissa and Ryan’s make-out sessions, The Bait Shop gigs and NYE countdown specials, we’re expecting to have our feelings a little bit let down, given the comical nature of musicals.

If you don’t believe us, just listen to “The Summer of Summer” from the Vancouver’s Fringe Festival’s unauthorised musical parody of the series below. We’re sorry in advance, and sincerely hope the new musical won’t go down this path.

 Editors note: This story has been edited because “The Summer of Summer” was originally attributed to the LA musical, rather than the Vancouver Fringe Festival.

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Andreja Pejić is Embracing a New Look to Prove Her Salt as a Model

Andreja Pejic red carpet

Image: WENN

Andreja Pejić has always been impressive in the fashion world. Walking both the men’s and women’s runway for Jean Paul Gaultier and becoming the first transgender model to ever be profiled in Vogue are just two of the stand-out achievements on her fashion resume. Now the 23-year-old is looking to focus on her own personal style, changing up her look to something more “classic” and “chic”. (more…)

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Link Buzz: Teen Vogue Responds to Black Twitter’s Braid Backlash, Zara Accused of Discriminating Against Shoppers

  • Teen Vogue editor Elaine Welteroth responds to black Twitter, which dragged the mag over excluding images of darker-skinned black women from a piece about box braids and locs. [Teen Vogue]
  • Zara is accused of discriminating against shoppers of color. [Guardian]
  • 410 websites selling counterfeit goods just got shut down. [Vogue UK]
  • But of course Dov Charney sent these gross text messages (allegedly). [Gawker]
  • Under Armour’s “I Will What I Want” campaign starring Gisele Bündchen takes top honors at Cannes Lions. [AdAge]
  • Warby Parker is giving free glasses to NYC students in need. [WWD]

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