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You Can Finally Watch the Much-Hyped Barneys x Disney Collab Film, ‘Electric Holiday’

After all the buildup — the teasers, the hype, the Minnie Mouse makeover controversies — the release of Barneys' Electric Holiday film collaboration with Disney is here. And the verdict? Well, it's a five-minute long silent Disney cartoon with fashion people cameos. I'd say it was underwhelming but that would imply that I expected to be whelmed, and I think it's more accurate to say that Electric Holiday met my expectations precisely. 

Minnie Mouse's excursion into the world of Paris high fashion includes appearances by cartoonified versions of Sarah Jessica Parker, Lady Gaga, Carine Roitfeld, Pat McGrath, Glenda Bailey, Cathy Horyn, Alber Elbaz of Lanvin (who also designed Minnie's wardrobe for the film), my fave Anna Dello Russo, and more and more and more fashion people, appareantly realized in their ideal form, as unsmiling, mute Disney characters. 


[via Fashionologie]


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Even Elle Fanning Can’t Pull Off Prada’s Crazy Geisha Shoes (Forum Buzz)

Elle Fanning in Prada at the Twilight premiere

Elle Fanning showed up to the premiere of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 wearing an ensemble from Prada’s Japan-inspired Spring 2013 collection, complete with the crazy platform geisha shoes that were sent down the runway. I want to give Elle a round of applause for taking a fashion risk and wearing shoes that were definitely going to be controversial, but I hated the shoes when they walked down the runway, and I still hate them now. Sorry, Elle.

Lvstratus posted, “That might be the most hideous thing I‘ve ever seen. Seriously Elle?”

MulletProof, on the other hand, defended the look, and she made some good points. “It doesn't bother me for some reason, I think it's positive that she's experimenting with style and what's considered ridiculous and can make it cute (sort of), especially in a business that nowadays demands girls to be fashion-conscious in a very adult and calculated way. We all wore silly things when exploring fashion in our mid teens, I'd be more concerned about girls like Chloe Moretz, who will likely dress like she's 24 for around 20 years (way before, during, and after) and will not be able to look back at those brief years where you have unlimited freedom to play with your image and make a total fool of yourself if you want to before succumbing to what's acceptable for the rest of your life. I know she's in a business that requires certain parameters but she's not promoting her movie there,” she continued. “Also, the clothes aren't so bad, it's the shoes that are twisting it all into that clumsy Prada silhouette… which I'm admittedly fond of,” she concluded.

Others were also supportive of Elle's fashion risk. "I actually love the Prada dress on her, pretty color and cool shape and though the shoes are a bit crazy, I think they suit her and I love that she takes risks," Melly5525 wrote.

Charlieandmarie posted, "The shoes are ugly, but they're Prada and therefore acceptable in my book. I applaud her for the outfit choice. The dress looks great on her, and she somehow even makes the shoes work. I'm sure she's wearing it better than the thirty-somethings that will down the road."

If Elle Fanning is going to be making fashion mistakes like the rest of the teens in America, then at least she’ll be able to look back and reminisce that her mistakes were made in Prada. That’s a lot more impressive than most of us can look back and admit to.

Image: FayesVision/

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Kristen Stewart Really Making a Point of Wearing “Naked” Zuhair Murad Red Carpet Pieces

Image via Getty

This jumpsuit does not measure up to the other sheer piece by the same designer she wore on the Twilight red carpet a few days ago, but I respect Kristen Stewart's determination to wear as little as possible and call it "fashion."

I mean, it is fashion, and not just in name only: Stewart's wearing a piece by designer Zuhair Murad, and she's not the only actress lady running around various promotional events, wearing naked-seeming clothing. One of the top stories on the WWD homepage right now is about sheer pieces as a THE celebrity trend of the moment, so KStew is obviously doing exactly what she's supposed to be doing. 

For the rest of us: I will never wear a nude-illusion bedazzled jumpsuit — /serious sad face — but sometimes I don't wear pants when I'm home alone. It's less nude-illusion, more partially-nude. But thanks to KStew and her ilk, it's practically a fashion statement. 

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Lara Stone is Pregnant!

You've already read the headline, so nothing I can say in the sentences that follow will surprise you, but this is happy news. Lara Stone is the best, and I could not ask for a better model to be propagating copies of her genes. She and her husband, comedian David Walliams, released a statement today which reads in part, "We're both absolutely thrilled but ask you to please respect our privacy during this precious time." I'm feeling very respectful, can you tell?

Image via psisik.tumblr

[via DailyMail]

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Marion Cotillard is W’s ‘Red-Hot Superstar’ this December (Forum Buzz)

W December 2012 - Marion Cotillard photographed by Tim Walker

Marion Cotillard has had a banner year when it comes to magazine covers. Months would go by where she was a constant on the newsstands, and she’s capping that all off with a Tim Walker-photographed cover of W’s December issue. I may be biased because I’m a fan of W, Marion, and Walker’s photography, but I think this may be my front-runner for favorite December cover, and favorite cover of Marion’s this year. Between the wonderfully saturated red of the Christian Dior coat (the one that Leelee Sobieski looked so amazing in earlier this year) and Marion’s blunt Audrey-Tatou-in-Amélie-esque hair (and even the hands poking through the pliable red background), I think it all comes together to produce a really eye-catching and unexpected cover.

W December 2012 - Marion Cotillard photographed by Tim Walker

“They had some seriously beautiful covers this year but this one is the best!” LabelWhore4 exclaimed.

Nepenthes posted, “What a genius cover!!! Marion in Dior is a match made in heaven. Absolutely gorgeous.”

W December 2012 - Marion Cotillard photographed by Tim Walker

“I can't think of any other actress who got that many prestigious covers in the same year,” Wolkfolk mused. “I would've complained of a Marion overdose if the cover wasn't so amazing. The red makes it so striking. I love how it fits perfectly for a December issue without being too obvious. The whole surrealism aspect with hands is also very interesting. Like W's own interpretation of what's happening; that is, everybody wanting to get a piece of Marion. Can't wait to get this.”

W December 2012 - Marion Cotillard photographed by Tim WalkerW December 2012 - Marion Cotillard photographed by Tim Walker

Marion’s editorial also has a subtly “creepy Nutcracker/Christmas vibe,” that YoninahAliza loves. You kind of have to love the fantastically weird fantasy worlds that Tim Walker creates, right? Especially when they feature someone as great as Marion Cotillard.

W December 2012 - Marion Cotillard photographed by Tim WalkerW December 2012 - Marion Cotillard photographed by Tim Walker


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Chris Brown Signs with Wilhelmina, Really Wants an Endorsement Deal

I can accept that for some people, operating in the professional world means sometimes setting aside a personal dislike for something or someone, so I can see how Wilhelmina Models could be willing to represent Chris Brown. That doesn't mean I think it's okay that they signed him, or that in an upcoming installment of this story, he might get an endorsement deal. 

I'm surprised Wilhelmina would jeopardize its reputation by working with someone most famous for assaulting a woman. In 2009,  Brown was convicted of a felony for assault, and photos of Rihanna's bruised and beaten face were all over the Internet. That's what he's best known for. I'm sorry, but to my mind, there's no way to come back after something like that — to "rebrand" — and there shouldn't be. He did not say something mean about someone, he did not make a gaffe: he brutalized someone. Domestic violence isn't simply a mistake or a slip-up, it's serious and dangerous and awful and deeply messed up. I can't overstate it. 

I'm maybe less outraged by Wilhelmina's willingness to sign him because I know that for many people, a buck is a buck (and it's not like I neccessarily expect modeling agents to be moral agents, too — although that would be super great), but I'm horrified to know that someone thinks they can make a buck on Chris Brown. That he's marketable. How do we get a new market? 

Image via WENN

[via WWD]

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