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Link Buzz: Victoria Beckham Doubled Sales in 2014, Ariana Grande Teaches Us How to Use Makeup

Image: WENN

Image: WENN

  • Sales doubled for Victoria Beckham, who is ending the year £30,000,000 richer. [Telegraph]
  • Ariana Grande made a makeup tutorial video that we’re sure you will all find very informative. [Us]
  • Into beards? There’s a dating site for that. [NYP]
  • Urban Outfitters has hired its first female outside director. [WWD]
  • Customs just seized a ton of counterfeit items from JFK – over $450,000 dollars worth of bootleg designer duds. [WWD
  • We don’t want to live in a world where Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton aren’t together. [Page Six]
  • Drink up, y’all. Science confirms that red wine keeps you young. [Telegraph]
  • Aaaand Quvenzhané Wallis is supremely adorable in these Armani Junior ads. [Just Jared]
  • Lipstick sales are on the rise. [WWD]

The Buzz Latest News

WATCH: Cara Delevingne Dances for Nowness

As Cara Delevingne focuses less on her modeling and continues to line up acting gigs, we’re savoring every one of her model moments. And her latest is definitely one to watch. Nowness tapped the model for one of its “director’s cut” shorts. Matthew Donaldson filmed Delevingne trying on clothes, playfully dancing and preening for the camera in true Cara fashion. She makes faces, does the mashed potato in high-top sneakers and manages to look glamorous even when she gets stuck while putting on a shirt.

It’s the Cara Delevingne we’ve all come to know and love, and we will cherish her forever. Watch the model in action above.

[via Nowness]

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Lingerie Thief Foiled When Stash Collapses Ceiling

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

How much underwear do you think you could collect in a year? 100 pairs? 365? Well, if you are Yulin, China lingerie thief Tan, it’s about 2,000 pairs. Over the past year, this creepy theif was lifting underwear from neighbors in his building, using a master key to get inside each apartment. Tan would pay his unlucky neighbors a visit while they were out and would hide his booty in the ceiling tiles in the stairwell of the building.

The skivvies-stealing plan seemed be going great until, like Icarus, Tan flew a little too close to the sun and came crashing back down to earth – or rather, the evidence (sorta) fell out of the sky. His stash was safe in the ceiling until he added so much new underwear to his stockpile, the ceiling tile collapsed, exposing his crime. 

Tan says that he has a mental illness and he simply couldn’t help himself. Still, we don’t know if we should be extra creeped out that he hoarded all the underwear in his building, or a little impressed that he managed to keep much of the mess out of his apartment. Either way, the guy collected a lot of underwear over the year, which makes us wonder where he found the time to hoard so much. You know what? We don’t even really want to know.

[via NYDN]

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Heidi Klum’s Sharper Image Ads Banned at Las Vegas Airport

You would never think something would be “too racy” for the citizens of Las Vegas, but apparently a naked Heidi Klum is. The model’s ads for the Sharper Image have been banned at Vegas’ McCarran International Airport. In the shots, Klum is posed in various states of undress, joined by some Sharper Image products. 

Image: The Sharper Image

Image: The Sharper Image

The campaign is a problem because there are laws in Clark County against “the showing of the female breast with less than a fully opaque covering or any portion thereof below the nipple.” The goal is to protect families with children, because, you know, children and breasts don’t mix. The move has left quite a few people scratching their heads. After all, it is Las Vegas. A little bit of nudity is almost implied once you touch down in the place so fondly nicknamed Sin City. But according to Shauna Forsythe, who screens the ads, she’s just doing what the law says. “We live by the guidelines. Who cares if we think it’s too risque or not? It’s black or white with us,” she told the LA Times.

But all is not lost. The P.R. firm handling the Sharper Image account has supplied the airport with alternative shots, which have been approved. So, people will get to see Heidi Klum in all her (nearly-naked) glory, without compromising everyone’s sense of propriety. Everybody wins! Or do they? We can’t help but wonder why showing breasts above the nipple is A-OK, but a little underboob ruffles so many feathers. 

[via LA Times]

The Buzz Latest News

‘Sexy’ Is the Theme for Adriana Lima’s LOVE Advent Short

When you look like Adriana Lima, people will forgive you for starring in a Christmas Eve video that isn’t even festive. It’s just the way the world works. For one of LOVE magazine’s last entries on its advent calendar, the model whips her wet hair and writhes on the ground in a simple black leotard as the camera runs in reverse. This seems to be a theme LOVE has really enjoyed on this advent calendar. Gigi Hadid starred in a similarly-shot short for the magazine earlier this week with the same director, Daniel Jackson.

Watch Adriana, the non-festive sexpot, in the video above.

[via LOVE Magazine YouTube]

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Fashion Scout Predicts Designers to Watch for Fall 2015

It’s that time of year when we begin to wonder which designers to keep an eye on for 2015 and Fashion Scout has just released its predictions for next season’s most promising emerging designers. Renowned for spotting some of the best creative talent, Fashion Scout has supported the likes of Eudon Choi and Felder Felder, amongst many more of our favourites.

Jinhee Moon, Not Just a Label

Jinhee Moon, Not Just a Label

For Fall 2015, Fashion Scout’s focus is set firmly on four designers: Australian Kim Stevenson, who showcased at Graduate Fashion Week; Minju Kim, the 2013 winner of H&M’s Design Awards; Jinhee Moon from the London College of Fashion and Not Just a Label; and Angel Chen, a Central Saint Martins graduate. Chen has specialized in womenswear and her designs play with colour and pattern, with handmade embroidery being a key trait. 



A photo posted by Angel Chen (@angelchen2626) on

All four of the designers will be featured in Fashion Scout’s schedule during London Fashion Week in February and we can’t wait to check out their new designs.

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