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High Fashion Missing out on Plus Size Dollars

Image: Eloquii

Image: Eloquii

The fashion industry is obviously a field where appearances matter – a lot. But just as important to the industry is money. How else can design houses stay afloat if they’re not selling anything? It is then quite puzzling that high fashion has an enormous money making opportunity right in front of them, and they are pretty much ignoring it.

Business of Fashion explores the high demand and rapidly evolving landscape of the plus-sized market, which can credit some of its growth to the outspoken legions of stylish women over a size 14 on the internet, begging for more stylish clothing options. In fact, their voices have been so loud that when The Limited shut down Eloquii, their plus-sized line, the response was so intense that they had to bring it back. But as dedicated, involved and ready to spend money as the plus base is, why then, are more brands so reluctant to cater to them?

“It’s a confluence of factors,” said Mariah Chase. “If they’re in the straight-size business, they believe that launching plus-size is going to cannibalize that. Also, it is like launching a new business. They have to put investment dollars up against it and so that’s something every business needs to weigh and understand.” And besides that, there is the obvious stigma against plus sizes that has brands a little timid to jump into the pool.

But regardless of how they feel about larger women, the fact is that plus size fashion is a lucrative opportunity. When Eloquii returned from its hiatus, its revenue increased 100 percent per quarter in 2014. That’s some serious dollars. And it’s time the fashion industry started looking at dollars and cents, instead of clinging to some idealized version of what they think women want to look like. 

They might be richer because of it.

[via Business of Fashion]

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Karl Lagerfeld Thinks Women Are Better Dressed These Days

Karl Lagerfeld is a man who is not afraid to tell people what he thinks. So when he doles out a compliment, you know he means it. And women all over the world, prepare to feel good about yourselves because the Kaiser thinks you look great. Lagerfeld sat down with the Globe and Mail to discuss style, social media and the changing rules of fashion and revealed some relatively surprising views on women’s fashion choices.

Jeanne Baker asked the Chanel designer what he thinks about the way women look today and Lagerfeld’s response was actually quite positive. “The average woman looks 100 times better than 30 years ago,” Lagerfeld said. Part of the reason why he thinks the ladies have stepped it up over the past decades is because of how photo-heavy our society has become thanks to the advent of social media. “We live in a world of images, so [women] are more image-concerned than they were in the past,” he said. “In the past, there was a mirror but now, you have your cell phone, you have all that.”

Of course, no interview with Karl would be complete without a bit of cut-and-dry frankness. “We live in a world of images. You don’t want to put out the ugliest image ever.” Uncle Karl, never change.

Watch the designer in the clip above. 

[Globe and Mail]

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Former Project Runway Contestant Says the Show Is B.S.

By now, we know that the term “reality TV” couldn’t be any more of a misnomer for the genre. Most reality shows are scripted and for good reason – people’s day-to-day lives are boring. Why not add a little sprinkling of drama to the mix in order to keep people watching? But even with this information, certain reality shows just seem to have a higher standard when it comes to storyline meddling, so when Project Runway Season 4 contestant Jack Mackenroth mentioned that the show is total B.S., we couldn’t help but be just a little surprised.

The HIV activist and former designer sat down with Paper magazine’s Mickey Boardman and spilled the tea on what really goes on behind the scenes on Project Runway. “The show is a sham, the judging is totally fake and they basically decide who they want to eliminate and edit the footage to make the viewer agree,” Mackenroth said. “But the work was real and the other designers I met were amazing. I’m still friends with many of them.”  Mackenroth also talks about the fate of so many Project Runway contestants and how even the winners are having difficulty bringing their brands into the mainstream. 

Mackenroth also commented on how a stint on Project Runway is unlikely to put you in the running for a CFDA award anytime soon – or even get you closer to starting your own label. “Everyone expects that with a little TV exposure you can launch your own line and be the next big star – that’s ludicrous. After 16 seasons of Runway and 4 or 5 All-Star shows there have been over 200 designers who have competed,” he explains. “I can think of two, Christian Siriano and Michael Costello, who have had some level of national success. Most people just go back to their old careers and continue to struggle. Fashion design is a cutthroat business. Well established designers go bankrupt right and left. And quite honestly the fashion industry frowns on Project Runway and doesn’t take the designers very seriously.”

[via Paper]

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InStyle Invites Reese Witherspoon Back Onto Its Cover for a Fourth Time (Forum Buzz)

InStyle has began to rapidly fall out of favor from our forum members of late. After producing an underwhelming cover featuring Kate Winslet last month, for their May 2015 edition the magazine invites Reese Witherspoon back onto its front cover for the fourth time. Photographed by Giampaolo Sgura, Reese stood before the Italian-born photographer’s lens wearing a vibrant blue feathered dress by Fendi that unfortunately just wasn’t enough to entice the majority of us into making a purchase.

US InStyle May 2015 Reese Witherspoon Giampaolo Sgura


“So in a span of six months Reese booked Vogue, Glamour, Vanity Fair and InStyle, not counting UK Bazaar. It’s mid 2000s all over again. What could she possibly have to say that hasn’t been said before in the other mags?” questioned Benn98 when the news first broke.

“Oh God.. why her? why?” GlamorousBoy echoed afterwards.

Miss Dalloway also wasn’t feeling it and wrote, “Horrible cover, my god her face never looked worse, not to mention bad cropping of her head!” Oh dear, this certainly doesn’t sound too good for sales this month.

“Gorgeous cover, especially the blue colors but that waist isn’t realistic.” noted Nymphaea as the mood started to change.

Forum member AbbeyRoad declared, “I love this cover!” inside the thread.

“I was ready to hate on Reese and her never ending covers BUT this cover is beautiful!!! Fresh, vibrant, and that smile is infectious!! She’s beautiful, that’s undeniable but there’s something in this cover that feels new. I love it and it stands out.” enthused MON.

Are you a fan? Share your sentiments with us here.

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Taylor Schilling Visits Toronto for First Gerry Weber Store Launch

Photo: George Pimentel

Image: George Pimentel

The Orange Is the New Black star flew in from New York to help celebrate the Canadian debut of the Gerry Weber brand and store at Yorkdale Mall last Wednesday. For Taylor Schilling, pale pink was the new black (see what we did there?). She wore pieces from the Gerry Weber Taifun collection and looked perfectly season-ready, despite Toronto’s chilly temps.

“I really appreciate their accessibility, style and the breadth of their reach — they’re bringing interesting shapes,” Taylor told us. Gerry Weber is a popular German brand that brings on-trend silhouettes to the market, opting for wearable, millennial-perfect separates that aren’t too short and too tight. “It’s very manageable, comfortable — it’s what every woman wants her clothing to feel and look like. I’m loving lean lines of the 70s silhouettes that are trending right now.”

Taylor Swift At The Gerry Weber

Taylor Schilling wearing Gerry Weber Taifun Jacket ($199 CDN) and Taifun Pants ($229 CDN). Image: George Pimentel

For more info on the Toronto store, click here.

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Liya Kebede Becomes First Woman of Color to Grace Vogue Paris in Five Years (Forum Buzz)

As magazines continue to set out and impress us with their unpredictable cover stars, Vogue Paris is the latest to blow our minds. French Vogue‘s editor-in-chief Emmanuelle Alt took to her Instagram page earlier today to unveil the May 2015 cover which features Liya Kebede — the first woman of color to grace the magazine since Rose Cordero back in 2010. We’ve become huge fans of the cover for obvious reasons, which shows the L’Oréal Paris ambassador sporting a head full of tight curls while modeling an eye-catching jumpsuit from Christian Dior‘s Haute Couture collection.

Vogue Paris May 2015 Liya Kebede Inez & Vinoodh


Forum members raced to the thread to see what Vogue Paris had in store for us. “I LOVE IT! First black model in Vogue Paris since 2010! Thank God! I love the colors, the pose is very original and there’s such a vibrant cool feeling about this shot! Great job!” raved migelalmedia.

“I love it! Liya looks great as always and there is kind of positive energy in it. I am also happy to see I&V doing the cover again!” dcmaike added.

Lemeray was quick to sing the magazine’s praises. “I love it! Great to see Liya on the cover. I swear the people who constantly bash Vogue Paris covers probably couldn’t even pull a decent cover themselves,” she commented.

Also in the mood for it was TREVOFASHIONISTO: “I love this! The colors and the styling feel very Soul Train so I have a bit of nostalgia looking at this.”

Sharing the same attitude was MON who posted, “Such a beautiful cover! I love the subtle energy, the vibrancy, the prints and the colors! I love it. I also like the blur effect that makes it seem like she’s moving! Liya looks gorgeous and I’m so happy for her and for VP to have a woman of color in VP since 2010! It’s also giving me that 90s vibe.”

Impressed with Vogue‘s efforts this month? Join the conversation here.

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