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Barbie Gets a Trendy Makeover Courtesy of Makeup Artist Pat McGrath

If you don’t follow Barbie’s style feed, @barbiestyle, you’re missing out. Our favorite childhood doll now spends her days traveling the world to attend Fashion Month, has over one million Instagram followers and is getting trendy makeovers courtesy of legendary makeup artist Pat McGrath. #Jealous. 

Pat McGrath announced on Instagram, “The iconic Barbie transformed!!! I collaborated with @BarbieStyle to bring a few of my makeup moments to life. Here’s one of four, Jessica Stam i-D Magazine cover circa September 2004 shot by @richardburbridge…contouring and a primary color palette #OBSESSED #makeupbypatmcgrath.”

Our favorite of the four different looks? The winged-teal eyeshadow look inspired by Versace circa 2013. (more…)

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Rihanna’s Long-Awaited Cover of Vanity Fair Finally Drops…and Disappoints (Forum Buzz)

Our forums erupted with excitement today when a long-awaited Rihanna cover finally surfaced. As reported inside our Cover Rumor Thread back in May, Rihanna took a trip to Cuba for an undisclosed publication. We first suspected Vogue had commissioned the shoot but it turns out it was Vanity Fair. Rihanna looks spectacular before the lens of famed photographer Annie Leibovitz, posing alongside a vintage Cadillac.

“Finally! Yay! Great to see her on this cover!” hailed Handbag Queen within seconds of the cover dropping.

But once we had time to digest the image, some of us began to have second thoughts. “She can photograph SO much better than this! You have Annie + VF yet she had better covers for lesser titles!” said a frustrated Miss Dalloway.

MyNameIs was quick to pick faults too, adding, “I’m really sick of Rihanna tbh. She seems to be on some kind of cover every other month. I like the colors here but her facial expression and hair are a disaster.”

“The cover leaves so much to be desired. The hair looks fake. I’ve seen better hairlines from drag queens to be honest. The last shot looks like she was just attached to the background, but that’s classic Leibovitz so yeah. I am also not that fond of the saturation. It’s too much,” complained an unimpressed MON.

“Rihanna with red hair talking about Chris Brown? Are we in 2010 again?” asked Lola701.

Well…that’s not what we expected. Take a peek at Rihanna’s cover story and join the conversation here.

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First Look: Chanel’s Airport-Themed Spring 2016 Runway Show

One show that everyone looks forward to each season: Chanel. Karl Lagerfeld is known for his creative take on runway shows, often turning spaces into elaborate scenes. Remember his Fall 2014 Chanel-themed grocery store, complete with grocery carts, branded carbs and more? Or the casino-themed Fall 2015 Haute Couture show which included celebs like Julianne Moore and Kristen Stewart placing bets? Well, this season is one for the books as well. His inspiration? The ever-glamorous airport lounge. 

Image: Imaxtree

Image: Imaxtree

Lagerfeld transported guests to a chic Chanel Airlines terminal which, as you can imagine, included small but important details like retro airline ticket invites, ticketing booth, baggage handlers (including Baptiste Giabiconi and Brad Kroening), rows of attached chairs at the “gate,” brightly colored aviators, fashionable quilted luggage and more.  (more…)

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Marks & Spencer Under Fire for Insensitive #ShowYourStrap Campaign

Who doesn’t love taking a selfie? And all the more so when it’s for a good charitable cause. So British department store Marks & Spencer has to be on to a winner with its #ShowYourStrap social campaign, right? Not so fast.

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, the retailer has teamed up with charity Cancer Now, asking women to show their bra straps as part of an initiative to raise £13 million over the course of five years to support breast cancer research.

Despite the support from popular icons such as model Rosie Huntingdon Whitely and Game of Thrones actress Maisie Williams who have already shared their own photos as part of the initiative, the campaign has received a severe backlash in the world of social media. (more…)

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Rachel Weisz Is Sitting Pretty on UK Harper’s Bazaar’s November Cover (Forum Buzz)

OK, so U.K. Harper’s Bazaar could have given us anything after Michelle Dockery‘s sleepy and depressing cover last month and we’d be happy. Thankfully, the title has just unveiled its November offering with Rachel Weisz, shot by photographer Tom Craig for her fourth cover appearance. A departure from the actress’ past covers, Rachel sits elegant and pretty on the newsstand cover (below) wearing an Alexander McQueen dress, styled by Leith Clark.

UK Harper's Bazaar November 2015 Rachel Weisz by Tom Craig


Members of our forums were left pleasantly surprised. “Oh that is just so pretty,” exclaimed marsnoop2 the moment the cover surfaced.

“Wow that’s the first U.K. Bazaar cover I’ve liked in a while, very pretty,” Fashionmagaddict agreed.

But unfortunately, after a couple positive comments, the cover began to receive some critique. “I wish it was more typical Tom Craig work, I really enjoy his warm colours and I kind of miss that. But Rachel is really beautiful and it is a beautiful cover,” reasoned KateTheGreatest.

“It’s again an essentially neutral cover with white cover lines, very much like last month. Only this time I’m not overfond of the cover subject, so will await the review,” said Benn98.

Also not totally fond of the cover was Srdjan: “I love the upper half of the cover but the bottom is confusing with all the texts on her dress.”

“Lovely. I like the composition and layout. I just wish they’d have done something different with her hair, maybe an updo like in the subscribers’ cover,” wrote a slightly disappointed kokobombon.

Bertrando3 most definitely wasn’t feeling it, declaring, “It’s plain and ultra boring. NEXT!”

Are you a fan? You may like the cover for subscribers a little more, so check it out and drop us a comment here.