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Don’t Eat a Bunch of Sugar and Then Try to Think Nice Thoughts About The Barneys x Disney Holiday Collaboration

Image via WWD

Okay, I've just eaten four packets of Welch's Fruit Snacks hoping that somewhere in their little crinkly wrappers, I'd find the words to express why I don't like the preview shots of Barneys' "Electric Holiday" collaboration with Disney. The only words I have concern my tummy ache. 

I don't know if it's the old-school-Disney animation (which makes me feel even more like an eight-year-old than Welch's Fruit snacks ever could) or the too-kind representations of eminently mockable fashion personalities, but I'm not having it. Disney's style doesn't seem that relevant anymore, and I can't bring myself to care about a cartoon which is basically a platform for a lot of rich vapid people to make some high-profile cameos which'll serve their personal brands, or whatever. 

I'm probably just grumpy because I'm coming down from a sugar high. 


At least it appears that Disney and Barneys reversed some of their Minnie Mouse makeover plans: the iconic cartoon rodent will look less like an over-Photoshopped supermodel, more like her actual self. 

Barneys' "Electric Holiday" Disney film will premiere at the department stores' Madison Avenue location on Wednesday. See more preview shots on WWD

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Andrej Pejic Wasn’t Allowed to Wear a Princess Beatrice Tribute Hat to Oaks Day

The pretzel/uterus/toilet seat hat Princess Beatrice wore to last year’s royal wedding earned itself opponents aplenty, and doesn’t seem to have won much favour with the Victoria Racing Club either.

On Wednesday, Frockwriter spoke with Melbourne-via-Serbia model Andrej Pejic about his planned attire for Oaks Day, part of Melbourne’s Spring Racing Carnival. Pejic had settled on a dusty pink suit and a hat by Melbourne milliner Kerrie Stanley, the latter of which was designed as a “tribute” to the monumental Philip Treacy hat Princess Beatrice wore last April.

But just over an hour after the post went live on Frockwriter, Stanley was informed by Swisse Vitamins, the marquee hosting Pejic, that the “tribute outfit” could not be worn because it risked offending certain VIP visitors. 

Seeing as one of those VIP visitors was none other than Phillip Treacy himself, you’d think this was a stumbling block the Victoria Racing Club might have seen just a tiny bit earlier. Treacy is now in his second year as the VRC’s international style ambassador, so it’s not as if he found out about the tribute via hilarious hashtags. And according to Frockwriter he didn’t see the hat as offensive anyway, insisting that he’s one of Pejic’s biggest fans.

At the time, Pejic blamed the change in headwear on the tribute hat not arriving in time, but the VRC has now confirmed it was due to a last minute freak-out on their part. Somewhat frustratingly, we’ll never know what it looked like at all because Stanley has now disassembled it to make three mini pretzel hats, even though Pejic was hoping he could save “the vagina hat” for his wedding day. 

Image: Tim Carrafa for The Age

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Debenhams’ Latest Designer Collaboration

The department store, Debenhams has been a firm fixture on the British high-street for what seems like forever. It’s true that at a point, it did develop quite the reputation for frumpy fashion offerings, but over the years, they’ve managed to successfully revamp their ranges, and become a sought-after fashion destination amongst the younger generations once again. This attraction is also heightened by the fact that they offer exclusive designer collaborations at a reasonable high-street price, which even includes a fab Henry Holland collection.

Ossie Clark Joins Debenhams

The latest designer to jump on board the Debenhams’ ship is none other than Ossie Clark, a label that was the dernier cri during the Sixties and Seventies, with regular customers including Elizabeth Taylor and Twiggy. The new Debenhams range will feature pieces inspired by the designer, as well as some limited-edition unreleased vintage pieces that have been fittingly remastered for 2013.  In fact, it was Alison Mansell Ltd. who most recently won the Ossie label, and chose to appoint Nicholas Georgiou (a Central Saint Martins graduate) as its creative director, who will also oversee the Debenhams range. It doesn’t officially launch until Spring 2013 and will only be available in a select number of stores and online in February.

More About the Label

After the much publicized murder of designer Ossie Clark in 1996, his label was bought and relaunched by Marc Worth under the creative control of Avsh Alom Gur, and shown at London Fashion Week (above), but it was unfortunately poorly received due to the fact that Ossie Clark fans believed that it didn’t stay true to the brand’s heritage. Let’s hope that this time things are significantly different, bearing in mind that it’ll feature remastered vintage pieces, we’re pretty sure that new launch should incorporate Clark’s most sought-after signatures. 

Images: Daniel Deme / WENN

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Theory and Uniqlo Partner Up to Make Chic and Affordable Puffy Coats (Forum Buzz)

Theory x Uniqlo - T DownMen, women, kids and babies rejoice! Theory and Uniqlo have collaborated to produce a capsule collection of puffy down jackets and vests called T Down. Both brands are owned by Japan’s Fast Retailing, which had to have helped this collaboration go smoothly. Theory was responsible for the design, while Uniqlo took care of the manufacturing, which helped keep costs low. Prices start at $99 for a baby jacket, and top out at $129-$149 for adult jackets, making these slim cut coats some of the chicest affordable puffers around.

“This is so random, even if they're owned by the same corporation,” Psylocke posted. “But I do actually like the black and white and the grey jacket; those are really cool and interesting for down jackets,” she admitted. 

We’ve only got images of the women’s styles thus far, but look out for the entire collection in Theory and Uniqlo stores, and on come November 15.

Theory x Uniqlo - T DownTheory x Uniqlo - T DownTheory x Uniqlo - T DownTheory x Uniqlo - T Down

Images: and

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Joanna Coles Asks: What’s the Sexiest Body Part?

Joanna Coles image via Getty

Cosmopolitan Magazine's New Editor-in-Chief Lays Out Ambitious Agenda:

"'We sat down and we talked for two hours about what we thought is sexy now. Is it cleavage? Is it legs? Is it all of it together?'” she said. They’ve not yet arrived at a conclusion.

- WWD 

That does not sound like a very sexy conversation. 

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Tyra Banks is On ARISE (Forum Buzz)

Tyra Banks on ARISE Issue 17

Tyra Banks is on the most recent issue of ARISE, Africa’s Global Style & Culture Magazine, getting “Down to Business” and looking subtly fierce as only she can. Tyra was photographed in New York by Seiji Fujimori and styled by Ty-ron Mayes and Sabrina Henry. She chatted with the magazine about her awkward teenage years, making it as a black model in an industry dominated by white women, and more.

“WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORK!” Bertrando3 posted (is anyone else now hearing echoes of Ru Paul's "Supermodel (You Better Work)" in their head?). He continued, “But I have to say that they made her look like Beyoncé. She looks fierce, that's obvious but the hairstyle and pose made me feel that she looked more like a performer than herself here. I'll buy this without a doubt.”

Tyra Banks in ARISE Issue 17

“She does look like Beyoncé in ‘Single Ladies,’” TeeVanity agreed. But it’s not like that’s a bad thing, right?

Even IsabelMarantBoy, who is not a Tyra fan, begrudgingly praised the cover. “I really don't want to like it because it's Tyra (cause she kinda scares me) but I can't help but like it,” he confessed. “She just looks cool and not like she's trying to be corny and smiley like I was expecting when I saw her name on the thread.”

Tyra’s not the only worthwhile reason to pick up this issue of ARISE. The magazine put together their first-ever ARISE 100 list of “100 amazing women who are changing the face of Africa in business, sport, fashion, politics and activism. From model/campaigner Waris Dirie to courageous journalist Serkalem Fasil, and South African actress Charlize Theron to Fatou Bensouda, chief prosecutor of the ICC, each and every one is doing their bit to change perceptions in and of Africa through their tireless and inspiring work.” If they aren’t more role model-worthy in the Girl Power department than anyone since the Spice Girls popularized the term, I don’t know who is.

Images: Arise Magazine

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