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Daria Werbowy and Calvin Klein Are Having a Terrible Birthday

"Scorpios are either the best people in the world or the worst," a friend explained to me recently.

Let's not speculate which category Scorpios Daria Werbowy and Calvin Klein fall under, because it's their birthday today, and according  their horoscope, it's not going to be a good one for either of them:

"Family: the sunshine of your life or the new f-word? Today brings a mixed bag of emotions when it comes to your nearest and dearest. While you want to nurture and offer support, you may feel drained by their expectations."

Yuck. That's my nightmare.

The iconic American fashion designer is seventy years old now. That might sound like an advanced age, but I have no doubt that emotionally, he's much, much younger than he looks.

And dear Daria is 29, which is young in the grand scheme of things, but ancient in modeling years. She's practically as old as Calvin Klein. Together, they're some of fashion's most visible senior citizens.

If the two of them have any sense, they'll dip out of their annoying family drama today and go be silly and old together over drinks.

Happy birthday!

Daria Werbowy at Calvin Klein Spring 2005, via Getty Images

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Kate Moss Makes Book Promotion Look So Glam (Forum Buzz)

Kate Moss at book launch after party

Leave it to Kate Moss to make promoting her new book, Kate: The Kate Moss Book seem like the most glamorous thing to do. Most people don’t launch a book with a party hosted by Marc Jacobs and supported by Ciroc Ultra Premium Vodka, but Kate is not most people. The supermodel has been opening up more to the press as of late, and she’s reportedly being filmed for a documentary at the moment as well, which is remarkable only because she’s remained so quiet about her personal life throughout her long career.

Kate Moss at a book signing at the Marc Jacobs store in Mayfair wearing Marc JacobsPeople like husband Jamie Hince (of course), Florence Welch, Stella McCartney, Liberty Ross, Boy George all turned out for the event on Thursday night in London, but Kate shined brightest in her metallic gold gown and smoky eye makeup.

“She looks great!” eizhowa exclaimed. “Not sure about the knotted thing on her tummy, but she looks radiant in gold. I think that dress would work equally well on backwards actually,” she mused.

Earlier in the day Kate looked equally chic at a book signing at the Marc Jacobs store in Mayfair wearing a black and white leopard print dress from the designer’s Spring 2013 collection.

“She looks absolutely amazing in that Marc Jacobs dress!!! Wow,” liberty33r1b posted.

I think if the leopard print dress was miraculously hanging in my closet I would wear it at every possible opportunity this winter and into spring. Alas, I don’t foresee that happening anytime soon (or ever), so I’ll just continue to admire Kate and marvel at her overall awesomeness.

Images: Spiller/ and Will Alexander/

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Daria Werbowy Looks Like a Dude on the Cover of Fat Magazine (Forum Buzz)

Fat Magazine Winter 2012 - Daria Werbowy photographed by Cass Bird

Cass Bird photographed Daria Werbowy (who we usually see looking glam and amazing in French Vogue) in what can only be described as an androgynous look for the cover of Fat Magazine’s Winter 2012 issue. I’m a big fan of Daria’s, and I usually like Bird’s work, but this is really not doing it for me. I’d like the Daria I know and love back, please. And so it seems, would everyone else.

Urban Stylin wrote, “Whoa, this looks like a mug shot from one of those 'ladies who kill' shows on the Crime channel.” I really wish that I could disagree with him, but he’s unfortunately right.

“She looks like a dude here OMG no,” JessicaKarina put it bluntly.

“I never thought Daria could take a bad shot until I saw this one,” Nepenthes posted.

Whether they were saying that it was “a bad passport photo,” or that Daria “looks like most of the boys in my high school yearbook,” or that the shot looks like “Robert Mapplethorpe by Andy Warhol,” everyone in the forums seemed to have a quip about the cover shot, and I can’t really object to any of them.


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Link Buzz: How Marilyn Made Chanel Famous & Old School Twilight

  • "You know they ask you questions. Just an example: 'What do you wear to bed?' … So I said, 'Chanel No. 5!' Because it's the truth! And yet I don't want to say 'nude,' you know?" [Fashionologie]
  • Twilight needs to stop having premieres. Its cast looks fashioned out. [FabSugar]
  • Remember when Twilight was just the name for a time of day? No, neither do I. [BellaSugar]
  • Kate disapproves of Pippa's new boyfriend because have you ever met boys? They've got nothing on princes. [CelebDirtyLaundry]
  • Kim Kardashian sent out a Tweet about Israel because that's a terrible idea. [Starcasm]
  • Rihanna covered GQ's Men of the Year issue because RihannaRihannaRihanna. [DailyStab]

Image via WENN

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Yorkdale Shopping Centre’s Expansion Opens: Best Mall in Canada?

Our tastebuds have already been tickled by the recent Yorkdale Fashion truck, but now we're ready for the main course. As of today, you can finally shop Yorkdale mall's new 145,000 square foot expansion!

In total, 27 new retailers will be opening their doors to shoppers and hosting special events, giveaways and promotions to mark the occasion. Ted Baker, LOFT, the second Ann Taylor location, Scotiabank, David's Tea, Hugo Boss, L’Occitane and Lacoste are all providing goodies, however, the best promotion has to come from Microsoft. Shoppers can line up their new store for a chance to meet and play X-Box Kinect with hockey legend Wayne Gretzky at 6 p.m!

If you're unable to make it down today, fear not, because some promotions will be running all weekend, including a special red carpet fashion shoot. Shoppers that visit the installation, located in the new Expansion, will receive a copy of their photo and be able to share through Yorkdale Shopping Centre’s Facebook Page.

"Our goal is to provide shoppers with the most desirable retail options possible," said Yorkdale General Manager Anthony Casalanguida. "We’ve accomplished that in less than two years and with an impressive roster of new and interesting brands. Yorkdale is already one of Canada’s most successful shopping centers. Today’s opening is just reinforcing our position as the country’s leading shopping destination."

That's an interesting point about the country’s leading shopping destination. Alberta's West Edmonton Mall has always been considered the largest and most impressive mall in the country (what with its 3,800,000 square feet and 800+ stores), while the Pacific Centre in Vancouver has been consistently ranked as the most profitable per square foot (closely followed by Yorkdale in second place).

I am literally pulling on my coat to hit up the new Yorkdale expansion as I write this ("I'm coming Wayne!"), but before I splurge on some Christmas spending, do tell me, what's your favourite Canadian mall?

Image via Yorkdale Shopping Centre

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Chanel Will Actually Produce and Sell the Hula Hoop Beach Bag

I hate to be the one to break it to you, but Chanel will actually go ahead and first produce and then sell a scaled-down version of the now-iconic hula hoop bag we saw on the Spring 2013 runway. It only follows that some people will proceed to buy the bag at the store, where it'll retail for an immodest $2,400.

But once you acquire the hula hoop beach bag of your fashion dreams, how do you style it? The obvious choice would be to pair the bag with a seven carat diamond belly-button jewelry, cashmere silk bikini, vicuna sarong, and flip-flops made out of Venetian glass. But once you've gone that far, you might as well enlist the "help" of a malnourished orphan, so that you don't have to strain your delicate shoulder carrying the bag on your own, and that defeats the whole point. 

No, you have to try something simpler if you really want the bag to make an impact, and in my expert opinion, there's only one real way to wear it: with nothing else, just the word "ASSHAT" scrawled on the side with lipstick — Chanel, if you insist. 

Image via IMAXtree

PreviouslyYour Chanel Hula Hoop Beach Bag Will Look Even More Genius When It's Crusty With Sand

[via SheFinds]

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