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Watch Taylor Swift Prep Her Squad Before 1989 Tour Appearance

How does one prepare to make a guest appearance on Taylor Swift’s famously star-studded 1989 tour? Does she test your knowledge of her song lyrics? Make you perform for her cats while she judges your dance moves American Idol style? Apparently, none of the above according to a new video Karlie Kloss shared on YouTube.

In the rare behind-the-scenes look at Taylor’s tour, the pop star is actually warm, thoughtful and hilarious as she preps models like Karlie Kloss, Gigi Hadid and more for their big moment onstage. She gives them priceless tips to avoid falling and shows them exactly where to stand by recreating the stage using towels, floss and nail polish. We can only imagine how amazing (and effective) the prep session for the Bad Blood video must have been.

[via Pop Crush]

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Kendall Jenner Just Shot Her Best Cover Yet for Vogue Brazil (Forum Buzz)

Following in the footsteps of Gisele Bündchen, Kendall Jenner has scored the cover of Vogue Brazil. It was only a matter of time, after Kendall’s fellow peer Gigi Hadid seems to be doing quite alright for herself too by currently fronting British Vogue. To our amazement, the Estée Lauder ambassador photographed wonderfully, wearing Christian Dior before the lens of Russell James. Flashing a warm, friendly and energetic smile, a joyful Kendall plays with her dark mane (with a little help from a wind machine) on the inviting new cover, which has the majority of us pleasantly surprised.

Vogue Brazil January 2016 : Kendall Jenner by Russell James


“Her best cover, very nice easygoing energy, she is not trying too hard, and has a lovely smile. Gorgeous cover,” an amazed Miss Dalloway applauded straight away.

“She looks great, much better when she smiles,” agreed zacatecas570. (more…)

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Watch: Miss Universe Host Accidentally Crowns the Wrong Winner


Holy moly. The Miss Universe final just crowned the wrong winner and it’s possibly the most awkward television you’ll ever watch.

Host Steve Harvey wrongly read out Miss Colombia as the winner, who took the crown and bouquet and did her wave and tears thing, but her glory was short-lived when he backtracked and realised that he had made a mistake. 

Miss Colombia was demoted to runner-up with Miss Philippines, Pia Wurtzbach, instead taking her place as the official Miss Universe for 2015. Seriously, watch the videos (below). They’re cringeworthy as all hell. (more…)

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This New Curvy Pin-Up Calendar Is the Perfect Buy for 2016

Jen Oaks

Photo: Etsy

While we’re all for New Year’s resolutions like eating better and exercising more if it means a happier and healthier you, we’d also like to see people vow to embrace and accept their bodies in 2016 as well.

That’s why this new calendar by artist Jen Oaks is so special. In a similar way to the diverse Prielli 2016 Calendar, Jen’s work is a daily reminder that you’re beautiful just the way you are, by showcasing happy, confident curvy pin-up women. (more…)

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The Best (and Worst) Time of Day to Take the Perfect Selfie

Iphone Photography

Credit: Imaxtree

You’re all dressed up and ready to go with a spare five before your friend picks you up. Natch, that’s just enough time for a couple of selfies, so why do you feel like the photo gods are just not in your corner?

Don’t sweat it, and, please, don’t over-FaceTune it. While we’ve been going through life thinking it’s all about the lighting, angle or filters, it turns out your selfie game is actually all about the timing. According to Doctor Julie Karen, there are specific times of the day where we physically look our best and times where we don’t. 

11 Celebrity Instagram Poses You Should Steal ]

Julie told Cosmopolitan that at 10 a.m. our body temperatures peak, increasing circulation and making us look fab. “That gives skin a healthy glow,” she explained. 


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Emily Simms Sells the Diamond Bracelet She Received On The Bachelor

Photo: Tenplay

Photo: Tenplay

Before Emily Simms stormed out on The Bachelor Season 3’s Sam Wood and the rose ceremony he was trying to conduct, she actually shared some pretty intimate moments with the man, one being the time she received a diamond bracelet on their first date.

An intoxicated exit and a proposal to another woman later, Emily wants to get rid of the gift that so many of the other show’s contestants envied. “I have decided to auction off the diamond bracelet I received on The Bachelor this year,” Emily revealed on her Instagram. (more…)