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Chanel Will Actually Produce and Sell the Hula Hoop Beach Bag

I hate to be the one to break it to you, but Chanel will actually go ahead and first produce and then sell a scaled-down version of the now-iconic hula hoop bag we saw on the Spring 2013 runway. It only follows that some people will proceed to buy the bag at the store, where it'll retail for an immodest $2,400.

But once you acquire the hula hoop beach bag of your fashion dreams, how do you style it? The obvious choice would be to pair the bag with a seven carat diamond belly-button jewelry, cashmere silk bikini, vicuna sarong, and flip-flops made out of Venetian glass. But once you've gone that far, you might as well enlist the "help" of a malnourished orphan, so that you don't have to strain your delicate shoulder carrying the bag on your own, and that defeats the whole point. 

No, you have to try something simpler if you really want the bag to make an impact, and in my expert opinion, there's only one real way to wear it: with nothing else, just the word "ASSHAT" scrawled on the side with lipstick — Chanel, if you insist. 

Image via IMAXtree

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[via SheFinds]

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Grace Coddington is the Best Cover Model I-D Has Had All Year (Forum Buzz)

I-D’s “Wise Up Issue” hits newsstands on November 22, and when it does, Grace Coddington will be on one of its eight covers wearing a Céline coat in a photograph by Arthur Elgort. The inimitable Creative Director of Vogue will soon be releasing her memoir (a must-read for any fashion lover, I’m sure) and she’s an inspiration to all of those who wish to be unique and make their mark on the world. Forum members couldn’t help but fall in love at first sight with Grace’s cover, but they’re getting tired of what they see as i-D’s gimmicky use of multiple covers.

Mistress_f posted, “I love it. Too bad there's as usual seven more covers, and I bet the subjects/results won't be as interesting as Grace.”

“How can you not love this woman?” ALAUU asked.

“This is probably my favorite i-D cover of the year,” Faith Akiyama declared. “The perfect shot by the perfect duo!”

Other covers are rumored to feature Lara Stone shot by Daniele + Iango, Will Chalker and a baby shot by Bruno Staub, Cara Delevingne shot by Angelo Pennetta, Lena Dunham shot by Todd Cole, Neneh Cherry shot by Mark Lebon, and Laetitia Casta shot by Daniele + Iango. I’m sure they’ll all be great, but do we really need anything more when we’ve got Grace?


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Liz Black Spring 2013 Collection Review

Yesterday afternoon, we were invited to designer Liz Black’s SS/13 showcase at her tucked away London-based studios. Liz is a Central Saint Martins Graduate whose career has seen her working with leading designers such as Diane von Furstenberg, Emilio de la Morena, and Elisa Palomino. She launched the Liz Black label in 2010 and this season will mark her fourth ready-to-wear collection. In such a reasonably short time, her label has already received quite the acclamation, with Sara Maino, Senior Fashion Editor of Vogue Italia naming her as ‘Vogue Talent’ and Roland Mouret selecting her as a semi-finalist for the prestigious Fashion Fringe Awards 2011.

More About the Label

Liz explained that her label reflects conceptual creativity with a minimal and elegant aesthetic, her typical customer is someone who is elegant and sophisticated yet nonetheless fashion forward. The label is comprised of statement pieces with tailored structures that exude femininity and timeless appeal.

Liz Black SS/13

We were welcomed into the showcase with champagne and cute little cupcakes, the floor had been filled with hot pink balloons (and we mean filled, as in totally covered!), which made for such a fun, party mood.

The collection was inspired by a trip along the River Thames that mixed London’s floral beauty with its stunning architecture, and the range aims to capture the beautiful contrast that can be created when such unusual mediums (like old and new) collide. Traditional feminine silhouettes are tweaked with subtle structure, as the colour palette plays with black, white, and pinks. Even the textures clash as delicate silks are layered with more traditional wools and jerseys.

The pieces were gorgeous, and particularly perfect for the business women amongst us, as the structured dresses implied power dressing, yet the contrasting colours and strategic layers made for an up-to-date fashionable approach. Check out our fav pieces above, or pop over to the Liz Black website to view the full collection. 

Images: LizBlack

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Benah’s Jewellery Debut is Equal Parts Saccharine and Sophisticated

Accessories brand Benah has branched out from understated bags and scarves with a line of delectably understated jewellery. Benah Be Mine is a dainty range inspired by gift giving, and though it’s launched just in time for Christmas, you’d need some serious willpower not to end up sheepishly retrieving intended presents after they’ve already been placed under the tree.

Luckily, nearly everything falls under the $100 mark. That includes pewter cast pyramid cuffs, adjustable wire rings handcrafted from copper and finished in precious metal, and wispy bracelets with rainbows beads of crystal and glass that will make you feel equal parts sophisticated and indulgently juvenile. All of the above can be had for $69, $55, and $82 respectively, while the fancy gold stud cuffs fetch a still relatively wallet-friendly $119. 

Almost just as good as the jewellery itself is the charmingly twee campaign. Set against a blushing pink background, wrists and digits dripping with semi-precious adornments hold flowers, a fluffy duckling, a small plastic dog, and a melting ice cream. Sounds entirely inappropriate for anyone over the age of 15, but if anyone can invest plastic ornaments with an understated elegance, it’s Brenda Briand.


Images courtesy of 

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You Can Finally Watch the Much-Hyped Barneys x Disney Collab Film, ‘Electric Holiday’

After all the buildup — the teasers, the hype, the Minnie Mouse makeover controversies — the release of Barneys' Electric Holiday film collaboration with Disney is here. And the verdict? Well, it's a five-minute long silent Disney cartoon with fashion people cameos. I'd say it was underwhelming but that would imply that I expected to be whelmed, and I think it's more accurate to say that Electric Holiday met my expectations precisely. 

Minnie Mouse's excursion into the world of Paris high fashion includes appearances by cartoonified versions of Sarah Jessica Parker, Lady Gaga, Carine Roitfeld, Pat McGrath, Glenda Bailey, Cathy Horyn, Alber Elbaz of Lanvin (who also designed Minnie's wardrobe for the film), my fave Anna Dello Russo, and more and more and more fashion people, appareantly realized in their ideal form, as unsmiling, mute Disney characters. 


[via Fashionologie]


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Even Elle Fanning Can’t Pull Off Prada’s Crazy Geisha Shoes (Forum Buzz)

Elle Fanning in Prada at the Twilight premiere

Elle Fanning showed up to the premiere of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 wearing an ensemble from Prada’s Japan-inspired Spring 2013 collection, complete with the crazy platform geisha shoes that were sent down the runway. I want to give Elle a round of applause for taking a fashion risk and wearing shoes that were definitely going to be controversial, but I hated the shoes when they walked down the runway, and I still hate them now. Sorry, Elle.

Lvstratus posted, “That might be the most hideous thing I‘ve ever seen. Seriously Elle?”

MulletProof, on the other hand, defended the look, and she made some good points. “It doesn't bother me for some reason, I think it's positive that she's experimenting with style and what's considered ridiculous and can make it cute (sort of), especially in a business that nowadays demands girls to be fashion-conscious in a very adult and calculated way. We all wore silly things when exploring fashion in our mid teens, I'd be more concerned about girls like Chloe Moretz, who will likely dress like she's 24 for around 20 years (way before, during, and after) and will not be able to look back at those brief years where you have unlimited freedom to play with your image and make a total fool of yourself if you want to before succumbing to what's acceptable for the rest of your life. I know she's in a business that requires certain parameters but she's not promoting her movie there,” she continued. “Also, the clothes aren't so bad, it's the shoes that are twisting it all into that clumsy Prada silhouette… which I'm admittedly fond of,” she concluded.

Others were also supportive of Elle's fashion risk. "I actually love the Prada dress on her, pretty color and cool shape and though the shoes are a bit crazy, I think they suit her and I love that she takes risks," Melly5525 wrote.

Charlieandmarie posted, "The shoes are ugly, but they're Prada and therefore acceptable in my book. I applaud her for the outfit choice. The dress looks great on her, and she somehow even makes the shoes work. I'm sure she's wearing it better than the thirty-somethings that will down the road."

If Elle Fanning is going to be making fashion mistakes like the rest of the teens in America, then at least she’ll be able to look back and reminisce that her mistakes were made in Prada. That’s a lot more impressive than most of us can look back and admit to.

Image: FayesVision/

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