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Designers Announced for the MBFWA New Generation Show

Next Generation Designers Announced for MBFWA 2015

Photo: Getty

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia preparations are well under way, with an all-female line-up announced for the New Generation show at Sydney’s Darling Point yesterday.

The six go-getters include Casper&Pearl‘s Stacey Hendrickson, House of Cannon‘s Annie Cannon-Brookes, Vanessa Moe, Mariam Seddig, Misha Collection‘s Michelle Aznavorian and POL‘s Sam Jones.

The Australian reports that all labels were required to have two wholesale seasons behind them, and that the show’s sponsor, St George Bank, will be offering the designers financial advice and mentoring for 12 months. (more…)

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Natalie Bassingthwaighte Plans Imminent Expansion for Her New Kids Line

Natalie Bassingthwaighte launched kids brand Chi Khi

Image: Facebook

Rogue trader Natalie Bassingthwaighte figured having singer, actress, televison personality, autumn racing ambassador, mum and wife on her resume simply wasn’t enough, so she’s gone and started her very own kids wear line called Chi Khi (pronounced cheeky, of course).

Natalie unveiled Chi Khi’s debut clothing and accessories range in Sydney’s Surry Hills yesterday, a monochromatic size 0-4 collection, brought to life as she couldn’t find anything on-point for her own kids, Hendrix, 21 months, and Harper, 4. “I’ve never really been into kids clothing being too cutesy,” she said on Chi Khi’s website. “I love them to be quirky, playful and cool!”

It’s not just the style side of things that’s got Natalie all passionate about kids clothing, either, noting that her two “minis” have sensitive skin which can be hard to dress. “I can’t count the times I’ve bought something for my daughter and she wouldn’t wear it because it was too itchy or uncomfortable,” Natalie explained on Chi Khi’s website. Because of that, the 38-year-old has committed to using the best bamboo and cotton fabrics for the range. (more…)

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Watch: Cody Simpson’s New Single About Breaking Up with Gigi Hadid

Cody Simpson and Gigi Hadid at 2015 Vanity Fair Oscars After-Party

Photo: WENN

We keep trying to push it to the back of our minds, but there was a period last year when Cody Simpson and Gigi Hadid broke up. It was super brief, but that was just enough time for Cody to work on a Gigi-inspired tune, Taylor Swift style.

This week Cody dropped the video for the mid-tempo single “New Problems”. It’s actually quite catchy, mind you, and it’s all about moving on to “new girls, new problems”. We’re not assuming or guessing it’s about Gigi, either. Cody himself has owned up to it himself.

The Australian singer confirmed to MTV News that the track was inspired by “the time that Gigi and I broke up for a couple of months.” You’d think the Sports Illustarted mega-babe would be pretty peeved that boo released a song which takes a dig at her GF skills (count your blessings, mate), but apparently it’s all g-g.

Cody told MTV News Gigi was “OK with it”. Maybe she hadn’t hear the lyrics saying things like “You’d do anything to deflate me” and “I’ll never do that again”? Ah, kids these days.

[Via MTV News]

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Link Buzz: You’ll Be Able to Shop for Jean Paul Gaultier at 7-Eleven, SkyMall Is Getting a Makeover

Gaultier and Naomi Campbell

Image: Imaxtree

  • Jean Paul Gaultier is designing a line that will be sold at 7-Eleven locations in Japan. [WWD]
  • Vanity Fair pens a tribute to the late Bettina, whom some call the world’s first supermodel. [Vanity Fair]
  • Emily Current and Meritt Elliott are back in the denim game. [WWD]
  • Linda Evangelista and some of her neighbors are suing their building after the board tried to make them pay for roof repairs. [NYDN]
  • Here’s how to be an It girl, according to Harper’s Bazaar. [Harper’s Bazaar]
  • SkyMall is getting a makeover! But sadly, it will start selling things you may actually need rather than weird, crocheted beard warmers. [Yahoo! Travel]
  • Introducing your new favorite Instagram account, @kanyeisfashion. [@kanyeisfashion]
  • Guys, Justin Bieber may be a not-as-hot clone of Zack Morris. [Cosmo]
  • Barneys just got a serious makeover. The retailer has redesigned its Barneys and Barneys Warehouse websites as well as The Window. Check it out! [tFS inbox]
  • George Clooney says Amal is smarter than he is, as if we didn’t know that already. [Vogue UK]
  • Willow Smith’s next look? Possibly a mean set of locs. [Jezebel]

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Vogue Taiwan Continues to Get It All Wrong with Its March Issue (Forum Buzz)

Even the best of the best get it painfully incorrect sometimes, but there’s no excuse for a magazine as rich in fashion photography and history as Vogue to get it this dreadfully wrong. Our forum members have complained from day one about Vogue Taiwan‘s lack of creativity, and the magazine shows no signs of improvement with the release of its March 2015 cover. Vivian Hsu, a Taiwanese singer, actress and model, fronts the title in a rather hideous ensemble that ultimately gives us an eyesore of a cover.

Vogue Taiwan March 2015 Vivian Hsu


We just know the tone of the thread before the cover is even released, given Vogue Taiwan’s current credibility. Gazebo cried the word, “No!!” inside the thread.

Nevin139 didn’t show much support either and declared the cover “horrible!” 

“Waiting for Vogue Taiwan each month is tense, simply because I know the cover will bring equal amounts of joy and pain each month. This is no exception!” said Fiercification, who agreed that the magazine has become a joke.

“Why don’t they just cancel this edition already?” asked  Gain.

“Actually, a portrait cropping of this shot wouldn’t have been bad, without the hair of course. It’s always the styling that ruins their features,” Benn98 criticized.

Is Vogue Taiwan’s creative team to blame for the dreadful covers? Let us know inside the thread, where you can check out some previews of Vivian Hsu’s feature.

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Watch: Justin Bieber Parodies His Own Calvin Klein Commercial

Can’t wait for the Justin Bieber roast on Comedy Central on March 30? Neither can Justin, apparently. The singer, paying homage to the SNL parody of his Calvin Klein ad, decided to do one himself. Yes, a parody of a parody. The video features Justin as himself and comedian Jeffrey Ross in a blond wig as Lara Stone

The video opens with Justin banging away on the drums before slowly revealing Jeffrey as the young singer’s co-star. Jeffrey caresses a visibly repulsed Justin, whispering not-so-sweet nothings into his ear as the fan blows his wig to and fro. And while we understand this is purely for comedy, something about seeing Justin even acting as if he is in distress is just so entertaining. Savor it.

Lara is a professional, but we’ve got to give it up for Jeffrey because he is really working his smize in this clip. And for you Beliebers, yes, Justin is shirtless in this one too, so um, enjoy that, we guess. 

Check out the hilarious spot above.

[h/t Jezebel]

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