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Agent Provocateur Opens First Boutique in Canada

AP article

Few lingerie brands manage to strike that sweet spot between sophisticated luxury and tongue-in-cheek sensuality quite as well as Agent Provocateur. Who other than AP can sell a $300 lace and tulle bra next to silk tasseled pasties, after all? And starting today, Canadians will be able to get their lingerie fix at the country’s first standalone AP boutique in Toronto.

The boudoir-inspired boutique will carry AP’s main collection, bridal, swimwear, classics, hosiery and accessories, as well as the brand’s limited-edition couture Soirée collection. Keeping in line with other boutiques around the world, the Toronto location will feature baby pink and black finishings along with gray and black lace carpets, while staff will wear the iconic Vivienne Westwood designed pink housecoats.

AP’s newest store is located at 131 Bloor St. W., Toronto.

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Serious Actress Cara Delevingne Lands Another Film Role



Cara Delevingne is steady on the road to becoming a full-blown thespian in the tradition of Milla Jovovich. She has already lined up a few acting gigs — appearing in Sky Arts’Timeless movie and she’s expected to be in the upcoming Pan flick. She is also rumored to be the next Bond Girl, and there may or may not be a part in a Beach Boys musical in her future. But for now, it looks like Cara D has scored herself another role. This time, she is slated to appear alongside Nat Wolff in Paper Towns, an adaptation of the John Green best-selling young adult novel.

The Fox 2000-backed film is adapted by the team behind The Fault in Our Stars. The premise? A pair of young neighbors finds the dead body of a man who committed suicide. The friends start to drift and as their relationship wanes, Nat shows up at Cara’s window dressed as a ninja (we don’t know, either). For some reason, this prompts Cara’s character to recruit Nat to exact revenge on her enemies…right before she leaves town without a trace. He then begins a campaign to locate the missing Cara. 

Yup, the plotline is a little non sequitur-y, but we’re sure if anyone can bring meaning to the madness, it’s Eyebrows McGee.

[via Variety]

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Eva Mendes Gives Birth to The Most Beautiful Baby in the World

Image: Dominic Chan/

Image: Dominic Chan/

North West, you’ve got some competition.

Us magazine is reporting that beautiful lady Eva Mendes just gave birth to beautiful man Ryan Gosling‘s girl-child (which we will NOT refer to as a gosling unless we’re talking about the child’s surname) on Friday, September 12. If you’re thinking, “Wait, didn’t she just announce her pregnancy? How is this child already born?” The answer is: the Mendes-Gosling team is very good at keeping secrets. Mendes was rumored to have already been seven months pregnant when the announcement was made which in July, which if we do the math, means her baby is right on schedule. 

Needless to say, this child is probably going to be the most gorgeous little girl in the world. Baby Mendes-Gosling, what we would give to be in your place right now you beautiful little tyke!

Congratulations to Eva and Ryan!

[via Us]

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5 Reasons Why Full Figured Fashion Week Is Better Than Regular Fashion Week

Image: AFP/Getty Images

Image: AFP/Getty Images

For those who went mad making the rounds at NYFW — and those spinning around town this week for LFW: You’re doing it wrong. At least according to Lizzie Widdicombe, who waxes poetic about how much more awesome Full Figured Fashion Week is than anything that’s going on this month. In an article for The New Yorker, Widdicombe goes inside the changing, blogger-driven plus-sized fashion industry, and from her recounting of Full Figured Fashion Week, the plus-sized community sounds pretty awesome. In Widdicombe’s words, “For anyone accustomed to navigating the anxious crowds at uptown Fashion Week, Full Figured Fashion Week can feel like passing from a land of famine into one of plenty.”

Though the plus-sized industry still faces a lot of challenges (even high-end labels like MICHAEL Michael Kors, which has great plus-sized options, won’t give samples to plus-sized focused publications), it’s clear that the world seems a lot friendlier and more positive than what we’ve come to know of the straight-sized industry. Here are five examples.

1. Everyone seems to be having fun in the FROW: Widdicombe recounts a very revealing dress she saw on the runway: “Then a model came down the runway wearing a skintight leopard-print dress with a V neck and a scandalously high slit up the front. There were gasps from the audience as the model narrowed her eyes and strutted toward us. The editor whispered, ‘That is an air-your-coochie dress!'” (more…)

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Tom Hardy Has Deep, Deep Feelings About Track Pants

Image: WENN

Image: WENN

We’ll be honest — the only time we wanted to hear about Tom Hardy‘s pants was contingent upon whether or not he planned to remove them. At least, until now. Turns out The Dark Knight Rises actor is very passionate about track pants, as we found out in this eight-minute rant published in Esquire. Not since Kanye West went on that tirade about inventing leather jogging pants has there been such an impassioned speech about the article of clothing.

Apparently, the actor was given a sampling of track pants, none of which pleased him. In fact, he was very displeased with the selection, a sentiment which he did not hesitate to freely express.

Some highlights: 

On pants never meeting his strict specifications: “…I have a very clear line, when it comes to pants. ‘Will my beard look cooler in these pants? And can I make a clean run for the border in them?’ You know what I mean? And you know what’s a good start? Not looking like I’m a member of One Direction—that’s a good start. “

On the proper use for track pants: “You can put stuff in the pockets. You can herd pedestrians into safe zones and take out the rubbish in them, your naked torso sweating and rippling in the sunlight. You can do the washing-up in them, barefoot and walking around the house. You can keep things in pockets and stuff like that. That’s what pants are for.”

Minnesota-born Brooklyn hipster transplants are to blame for the meager pant options:  “…the pants that I’m seeing look like they’re all sorts of metrosexual weird. The kind of thing that was coughed out of Minnesota and spat onto the streets of Brooklyn in the last ten years, for a secret reason that wasn’t fair to any of us.”

He’s really annoyed that they gave him pants his wife would probably steal from him, leaving him in nothing but his knickers: “Because these are the pants that are supposed to be worn by the girlfriend. You know what I mean? On Sunday morning. They’re those pants. You say, ‘Sugar, can I have my pants back?’ And she’s like, ‘No. I’m comfortable in your pants. Fuck off.’ So you have to wear boxer shorts in the cold. You have to go and shiver. You have to make tea and walk around in baggy, baggy underpants that your balls hang out of. And when your neighbors come to the door to give you garden tools and they look at you like, ‘Where are your pants?’ And you can’t say, ‘My wife is wearing them.'”

Fashion makes no sense: “This sounds like common sense. But there’s nothing common about sense, my friend. Especially in the fashion world.”

Oh, Tom, we hope you someday find a pair of track pants that suit you.

[via Esquire]

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Boring or Beautiful? Karlie Kloss Wears Chanel on Vogue Russia’s Latest Cover (Forum Buzz)

She’s currently on the cover of Vogue Netherlands, and now Karlie Kloss has scored the October 2014 cover of Vogue Russia. Photographed by Patrick Demarchelier, Karlie posed for the front cover wearing a blue sweater from Chanel, showing off her long, toned legs while perched on a velvet chaise lounge and playing with her pre-blond locks.

Vogue Russia Oct 14 Karlie Kloss


Members of our forums share varied opinions regarding Karlie’s new cover. “Cute cover. Karlie really has incredible legs!” enthused Nepenthes.

“I love it! It’s very simple but the accent is on the model herself. Great cover from Russian Vogue this time,” replied a positive Srdjan.

Also on board with the cover is KateTheGreatest, who writes, “I like the cover but then again I am a sucker for long legs. I’m even more happy to be seeing so much of Karlie, there was a period when I didn’t like her work that much but I think she is now better than ever before. Looking forward to the editorial.”

There are a select few who aren’t so certain, though. “I like her pose and this blue background. Unfortunately her face is too much Photoshopped,” commented narcyza.

Karlie’s best asset is the only redeeming quality, according to tigerrouge: “A great set of legs and… that’s about it.”

“Nice pair of legs and that’s all,” posted Nymphaea, in agreement regarding Karlie’s endless legs being the best and main focus of the shot.

So, a boring or beautiful cover from Vogue Russia this time around? Share your own opinion inside the thread here.

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