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The Boys of One Direction Cover Teen Vogue Because Oy Vey

The boys of One Direction (please don't make me list all their names!) are all over the December/January issue of Teen Vogue because many people find them desirable. Look at how Harry bites his lip! It almost makes up for the fact that he's like, 4'7"*.

Sorry! Just keep forgetting that these over-Photoshopped seventh grade gremlins are actual real people. To be honest, I don't know anything about them (please don't make me look it up!) but when I was in Junior High I was really into Hanson and, to a lesser extent, the Backstreet Boys, and I 1) think crushing on boy bands is a rite of passage 2) wish some aspects of it could be carried over into adulthood, because the noncompetitive communal crush is the best possible version of romantic longing.

So in conclusion, I think there should be boy bands for grown-ups, but they should be better looking, smarter, more interesting, more talented, and taller than the boys that make up One Direction. Um, and they should be available. And all of them should be in love with me. 

Images via Fashin

*It's been brought to my attention that Harry is actually a respectable 5'10" and not really in 7th grade.

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Gaspard Ulliel Will Play Yves Saint Laurent in a New Biopic (Forum Buzz)

Gaspard UllielFrench actor Gaspard Ulliel is no stranger to the fashion world. He’s currently the face of Bleu de Chanel, Chanel’s male fragrance, and has appeared alongside Kate Moss in a Longchamp ad campaign, but now he’s set to take on another fashion-related role. Ulliel has been cast as the iconic designer Yves Saint Laurent in a new biopic that’s set to be directed by Bertrand Bonello. Bonello cowrote the film with Thomas Bidegain, and filming is set to start next spring. The film, which will be in French, will focus on Saint Laurent’s success in the 60s and 70s. Forum members are looking forward to seeing Ulliel at the helm.

“Oh, Gaspard,” MulletProof sighed. “He used to be so handsome and charming until he realized he looked handsome and charming. I feel like the role would've worked at the time he started, when he looked shy in that Yves Saint Laurent way. Looking forward to this film anyway, Yves led such an interesting life. He truly lucked out in the time/generation department,” she added.

Les_Sucettes posted, “Great choice. Gaspard is a good actor. And contrary to popular opinion I think he looks way more interesting now.”

“He is a great choice,” heelscatchfire agreed. “I have always been a fan. I agree with MulletProof, I wish he was still shy, but I will always think he looks good!”

Ulliel is probably most recognizable for playing a young Hannibal Lecter in the 2007 film Hannibal Rising, but I would recommend watching him in 2004’s A Very Long Engagement with Audrey Tatou, so you can see the old Gaspard that forum members love so much. If you have a heart it will probably make you fall in love with him a little bit. Also, just watch it because I’m telling you it’s really good. I swear.

Image: getty

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Link Buzz: Karlie Kloss Wore a Headdress on the VS Runway & FYI Chanel Iman Voted

  • Karlie Kloss was styled in a (costume) American Indian headdress for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show last night because nothing goes with tacky panties like cultural appropriation. [Fashionologie]
  • PETA's giving grant money for animal testing alternatives because bunnies are supposed to be really cute. [BellaSugar]
  • Here's a "Prada-inspired" DIY bedazzling technique I'm sharing with you because I really like typing out the word "bedazzling." [FabSugar
  • Us Weekly thinks the sad state of Taylor Swift's love life is her own fault which is a) true for everyone b) dumb. [AmyGrindhouse]
  • Kim Kardashian claims she worked hard for her success, as if she were the first person ever to get married for the sake of her career. [Earsucker]
  • First, Chanel Iman voted. Then, she talked about it. There should be laws. [StyleBakeryTeen]

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Rihanna and Kate Moss Do an S&M Editorial for V Magazine

This is exactly why celebrity and fame are bad for everything. The following editorial, which will run in the ScarJo-covered December issue of V Magazine, is heinous on many counts. Its S&M content is provocative in a transparent, calculated way; aesthetically it looks like an ANTM photoshoot. It's the fashion glossy equivalent of a clogged sink. I'm gonna say something nice so I can justify saying anything at all: some of the styling is well-done (I particularly like the crotchless pants, and if I were pop star I would never wear anything else) but it's also safe: it's the easiest thing in the world to style an S&M spread. It's like making pasta for dinner. 

But you are reading this for one reason only, and it's because Kate Moss and Rihanna co-starred in the editorial, and they're famous. That is how celebrity works: it doesn't matter whether or not you do a crap job or participate in a subpar project, because your fame is always an attraction in itself. And that is good for the famous, but it's sad for the rest of us. 

Images via

[via DailyStab]

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Finally! A Lana Del Rey Video That Doesn’t Work On Me

Even though all her songs sound alike and her celebrity has the bad reputation of being cynically (though not uniquely) manufactured, I am a sucker for Lana Del Rey. She's what I listen to when I go into my private dark place: sometimes when I feel particularly swoony, I get in bed and play her EP on loop while thinking about boys. Don't even get me started on her videos, which are so addictive and yet totally corrosive to my sense of independence and self-worth. I'm like a hard-core Lana Del Rey addict: I can't stop using, and I hate myself for it. 

Luckily, her "Bel Air" video does not even sort of do it for me. When I watch it, instead of thinking about shattering, self-annihilating love, I think about … I don't even know. Nothing. About like, how I'm not sure what grain you harvest to get couscous. I have never felt so great about being numb to something. 


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Talulah Cruise 2012 is a Cup Day Victory Minus the Champagne Hangover

Cup Day might be behind us, but Talulah’s Cruise 2012 collection is pretty enough to make us want to relive even the most violent of 4 p.m. champagne hangovers.

‘Love Blind’ incorporates athletic silhouettes, geometric prints and bright colours into a fun sized collection of predominantly trackside-appropriate dresses. Sure, most of them are cut on the short side, but sleek tailoring and clean detailing help make them less likely to offend your grandma. You can bet on that triangle-print one-shoulder dress with latticed bodice not remaining on shelves for very long, and ditto for the modern minty green take on a classic sundress. 

As evidenced by the postcardesque campaign shots, these clothes will also be perfect for your next vacation to Côte d’Azur, or if that’s not in the cards, then anywhere you’ll be required to move around without looking stiff and awkward. A little utilitarian comfort is a big factor for designer Kellie Wharton, who’s offered it here by using architectural structure in the detailing while keeping the dresses themselves nice and comfy. Add to that a floral jumpsuit that’s not actually a jumpsuit at all but a matching top and pants, and you’ve got a collection that’s pretty much all-activities appropriate. 

Images: Talulah's Facebook

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