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Halloween Isn’t Canceled Until I Say It’s Canceled [VIDEO]

It's pretty canceled. 

Not only has Heidi Klum called off her legendary costume party (postponed to a haunted Christmas), but also the NYC Halloween Parade isn't happening for the first time in its thirty-nine-year history. Candy sales are projected to fall seriously short of previous expectations and you know fun is truly dead when you start worrying about the candy industry's bottom line.

No Heidi + no parade + well-stocked candy aisles = wait, that sounds fantastic. 

To be fair, I already had my Halloween fun this weekend (I realized my longstanding dream of being a pineapple), so it's not like I was ever gonna feel deprived.  

Still: I recently struck up an acquaintanceship with this woman that comes into my coffeeshop all the time with her one-year-oldish baby strapped to her torso. That kid will probably be spared a pig-in-a-blanket onesie, and it breaks my heart.

So when I embed Coco Rocha and Ellen Von Unworth's Halloween fashion film for Vs. Magazine below, it's because I'm thinking of the children.

I don't know, just watch it if you feel like it. 

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Sass & Bide’s Sophomore Eyewear Collection Packs a Graphic Punch

Sass & Bide might have taken their sweet time branching out into eyewear, but the brand’s sophomore effort is further proof that good things are worth waiting for. Titled ‘Ladysaint’, the follow-up to last year’s collection is again dominated by the signature graphic prints, bright hues, and high-impact trimmings that exemplify much of their clothing.

The eighteen-piece range isn’t just variations on one style of frame, either. Ladysaint is a lesson in the best of eyewear geography, encompassing everything from vintage and oversized to sci-fi circles and basic aviators. Except that nothing is ever truly basic when it comes to Sass & Bide: their take on pilot’s glasses, for examples, features excellent metallic accents ranging from elegant to eccentric. Another collection highlight: a pair with a gold bridge and top bar, with a thick piece of tortoiseshell acetate.

Equally popular will be anything bearing that quintessential Sass & Bide tribal graphic, and the pairs with arms in contrasting shades of acetate are well worth a shoutout too. The scrapbook-style lookbook is a pretty cute way to style each pair in the absence of actual clothing.  

With so many cult fashion brands now turning their hands to eyewear, Sass & Bide aren’t exactly the only players in the game. But then again, Australia is a very sunny place.   


Images via Sass & Bide


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Natalia Vodianova Channels a Lifeless Mannequin on Vogue UK’s December Cover (Forum Buzz)

Vogue UK December 2012 - Natalia Vodianova photographed by Mario Testino

Vogue UK’s December 2012 cover may mark Natalia Vodianova’s tenth appearance on the magazine, but it certainly isn’t her best showing. There are so many things wrong with this cover that it’s hard to know where to start. But, I’ll give it a try.

First: Natalia looks frozen and lifeless. More on that later.

Second: This is a DECEMBER cover. Does this color scheme and Valentino Resort 2013 jacket make you think of cuddling up by a fire, trimming a Christmas tree, and getting tipsy at a holiday party? I thought not.

Third: What is with that “POP” font in the lower left corner?! Not chic. C’mon Vogue

Back to Natalia though. Sure forum members can be nitpicky, but they had a lot to say about Natalia on this cover. “She's honestly looking like one of those wax figures,” Flashbang wrote: “There's no life whatsoever. The more I see the cover, the more terrified I get.”

Iluvjeisa commented: “If she didn't look so anxious and eager to please, this would have been a good cover. But she really has the look of someone who has tried really hard but is unsure they made the cut and is concerned that, if she smiles a little wider, some wrinkles might show.”

At least VogueDisciple93 kind of came to Natalia’s defense. “If I had to wear that awful jacket I would have the same expression,” he quipped.

So, maybe Natalia has lost her mojo a little bit, but what’s Vogue UK’s excuse with the fonts and the styling?


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If You’re Safe in NYC Right Now, Take This Opportunity to Be Cozy, Volunteer

It turns out there are remarkably few fashion angles to a hurricane story. Natural disasters have this annoying habit of putting things in perspective and summoning our hidden scruples: People lost their homes and lives last night; over six million people on the East Coast don't have power right now.

I'm just saying, I can't really bring myself to make fun of Robert Pattinson's new twelve-million-dollar contract with Dior fragrances for men. (Sorry, wait, can't stop: that's A LOT of money. I didn't know there were so many Twihards in the market for luxury men's fragrances.)

Anyway, I just wanted to … you know, acknowledge the fact that a superstorm hit New Jersey last night and lots of people and places are struggling to cope with the damage. I hope you're safe and I hope that if you're safe, you're wearing the warmest, coziest socks you can find in your drawer and will join me in my pledge to spend the rest of the week in leggings. Wearing comfortable clothing and hanging out with your pets is the stuff of silver linings. 

If you can't curb the impulse to spend money while you're marooned (eek!) stuck in your apartment until the MTA resumes services a few days from now, skip American Apparel's truly indecent "☁ ☂ ϟ Hurricane Sandy Sale! ϟ ☂ ☁" and instead, donate $10 to the American Red Cross by texting "redcross" to the number 90999. 

Better yet, you could volunteer. The Red Cross is actively seeking volunteers and New York Cares is also coordinating Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. This is a good time to try to help. 

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Cara Delevingne Covers’s Spring 2013 Issue (Forum Buzz) Spring 2013 Issue - Cara Delevingne photographed by Matt Irwin

Fashion loves controversial figures, and model/socialite Cara Delevingne is definitely a bit of a controversial figure – in the Fashion Spot forums at least. She’s been accused of only getting fashion jobs because of her socialite status, of being annoying for pulling faces and putting her personality out there, but Cara’s got an undeniably beautiful face and she wouldn’t be climbing the fashion ranks if her name was all she had to bank on. One of Cara’s latest coups is gracing the cover of’s Spring 2013 issue. Matt Irwin photographed the British covergirl in a tight, perfectly imperfect beauty shot with slightly mussed brows and smudges of pink lipstick marring her pout.

“It's amazing! I love the smeared lipstick. It looks not so boring,” DariaDeva posted about the cover.

“I don't know why, but it makes me smile,” Egoiste wrote. “Maybe because she is so fierce, dangerous, and then she has lipstick on her face, like little kid.”

Lagerfeldboy commented: “Those captivating eyes with the wing liner and the excessive mascara create such a visually breathtaking beauty close-up and cover. I even love the little imperfection of the smeared makeup,” he added.

In addition to a profile on Cara (whom Mario Testino calls the “new Kate Moss”), this issue features an interview and portfolio showcase on Nicolas Ghesquiere and his Spring 2013 Balenciaga collection, a feature on Alexander Wang’s casting process for Spring 2013, a feature on the “fashion marriage” of Marc Jacobs and stylist Katie Grand, and the fashion face-off between Raf Simons at Dior and Hedi Slimane at YSL. There’s also a whole lot more coverage of the Spring 2013 fashion season in print form, making this a must-have overview of the most recent Fashion Month.


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Kate Upton Does Her Bombshell Best on the Cover of Vogue Italia’s November Issue (Forum Buzz)

Vogue Italia November 2012 - Kate Upton photographed by Steven MeiselBuxom blonde Sports Illustrated beauty, Kate Upton is a controversial figure (forgive the unintentional pun) in the fashion world, as she clearly doesn’t fit the waify, quirky, androgynous mold that is so popular at the moment. Upton is the kind of pinup-style girl that we haven’t seen in a while, and truth be told, I’m starting to find her (and her silhouette) refreshing. After seeing her in countless borderline raunchy, barely-there bikinis, it’s a bit of a surprise to see how Anna Wintour, Vogue, and the rest of the high fashion world have embraced her. It’s also kind of surprising to see just how good she is at modeling high fashion. Despite being nearly naked so often, Upton can wear clothes really well. Her latest high fashion foray is on the cover of Vogue Italia’s November issue, and though she had a few detractors in the Fashion Spot forums, many were surprisingly pleased to see her there.

“When I saw the thread title I was like why??” jmrmartinho posted. “But this is just so gorgeous. Not only the best Kate has ever looked but the best Vogue Italia cover produced this year…Perfect!”

EliseCRocks wrote: “I understand the fact that her transformation from sexy to high fashion was shocking and upsetting because of what kind of model she was, but I think its time now to let that go, obviously Carine Roitfeld, Anna Wintour, Steven Meisel, and now Franca Sozzani are supporting her, so I don't think she's going anywhere, so I would hope people will start making judgment out of the actual image and not out of her reputation as the model she was… Now on that note, the image is stunning! She looks ‘seductive’ like the title of the issue, and, in my opinion, leaving her reputation to the side, not trashy at all. Just the perfect balance. She has a face that translates well into the sexy market but can do high fashion too.”

“This looks really good and very Italian!” miguelalmeida exclaimed. “She looks like a superb, luscious, luxurious Italian woman, with a great figure, body and sexy cleavage, very poised and beautiful! Everyone that is on top of this industry supports her, soo that means she's really good and this cover shows it, this is one of my favorite Vogue Italia covers of 2012! Kate already showed us she's a good high fashion model, too bad some of you don't embrace it, because the results are very good. At first I didn't like her, but with time she proved she deserves being in this industry,” he added.

Though I wasn’t too keen on Upton when she exploded off the cover of Sports Illustrated and did the "Cat Daddy” for Terry Richardson, she’s really starting to win me over. I’m curious to see what her Steven Meisel-photographed editorial for Vogue Italia looks like, but for now I’ll be content with this cover.


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