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Watch: Naomi Campbell Refuses to Comment on Kim and Kanye’s Vogue Cover

If you missed last week's big news about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's sparkly new Vogue cover, please let me know if there's room for me to join you under your rock — it seems peaceful there.

For the rest of us, the spectacle is now in its later stages. We've not only come to terms with this new, post-Kimye reality but also been exposed to all possible gradations of public opinion on the subject. Reactions ranged from positive (Anna is a business genius!, analysts say) to negative (Sarah Michelle Gellar urged her Twitter followers to cancel their subscriptions), but nothing compares to the sheer hilarity of Naomi Campbell's response, featured in the clip above. The so-called "original supermodel" was asked to share her thoughts about Kim and Kanye's Vogue debut during an interview with the hosts of the Australian program, The Morning Show. I won't ruin it for you — go watch. [h/t Fashin]


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Controversial Child Model Thylane Blondeau Covers Jalouse’s April Issue (Forum Buzz)

You might remember her face from a controversial story in the December 2010 / January 2011 issue of Vogue Paris. Now, almost three years later, Thylane Blondeau (a soon to be thirteen-year-old) is on the cover of French magazine, Jalouse. The famous child model wears Christian Dior.



"It's really beautiful and I had no idea how old she is, but I actually think she might be a bit too young for this," wrote Srdjan.

FrenchDelicacy also shared the same sentiments regarding Blondeau's age: "Well, there's the hashtag #bornin2001 and I checked, she'll be 13 next month … So I agree, she's a bit young for this."Thylane Lena-Rose Blondeau: Fashion’s Hottest New Supermodel is 10

What are your views on Jalouse's choice to feature a minor on its April cover? Appropriate or downright inappropriate? Please feel free to join the discussion here.

Previously: Thylane Lena-Rose Blondeau: Fashion’s Hottest New Supermodel is 10

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How to Pronounce Fashion Designer Names Like a Supermodel

As defined by the modern neologisms blog, wordbirds, a "mumblenym" is a word you don't know how to pronounce because you've only seen it written, but haven't heard it said. Mumblenyms are especially common in fashion, a niche global industry which attracts talent and fans from all over the world; consequently, the number of pronunciation guides available online currently hovers somewhere near in infinity. There are Vogue slideshows, explainer videos, even mobile apps all dedicated to the topic of how to pronounce fashion designer names. And now, i-D has made its own contribution to the genre with a model-packed A-Z guide.

Directed by Barnaby Roper and styled by Michelle Cameron, the video stars a pair of big, pink glossy lips belonging to Lindsey Wixson. Wixson narrates the fashion alphabet, accompanied by models from all over the world: Esmerelda Seay-Reynolds (USA), Grace Bol (Sudan), Grace Mahary (Canada), Hanne Gaby Odiele (Belgium), Josephine Skriver (Denmark), Sigrid Agren (France), Soo Joo (South Korea), Tao Okamoto (Japan), Tilda Lindstam (Sweden) and Xiao Wen Ju (China).


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Ola Rudnicka Makes Numéro April 2014 Her First Major Cover (Forum Buzz)

Aleksandra "Ola" Rudnicka was one of the outstanding new faces on the runways this season (she came in 9th in the tFS Fall 2014 Model Scorecard). Last season, she was a Prada exclusive in Milan and ended up starring in the brand's Spring 2014 campaign. Now she deservingly landed her first major cover. For the Numéro's April issue, the Polish model was photographed by Richard Bush and wears a dress by Saint Laurent Spring 2014. 

image credit: Facebook Numéro via the tfs forums

image credit: Facebook Numéro via the tfs forums

Members of the theFashionSpot forums were quick to congratulate Ola on her first international cover, but opinions about the cover shot were divided. 

"Her tight mouth is bothering me, but I'm happy to see her on a cover," commented TREVOFASHIONISTO.

Nudeunderwater was not too bothered by how Ola's mouth looks on the cover: "I personally love it. The mouth is a little tense but it's honestly not thaaat distracting," she wrote.

Nepenthes shared the same feelings, "Ah it's so good to see Ola score a major cover. She looks really intriguing and mysterious. Also love the blueish hue of the image."

Other members were not so impressed. Elfinkova posted, "When's the last time Número had a great cover? This magazine bores me to no end now."

This may not be the most memorable cover and Ola is presumably capable of producing more interesting images than this, regardless, this is a good cover. Feel free to share your opinion on it here

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An Effortlessly Beautiful Scarlett Johansson Is WSJ’s April Cover Star (Forum Buzz)

Rarely do we see such an effortlessly beautiful cover shot with a celebrity, minimal cover lines and terrific styling. The Wall Street Journal's April cover star is Scarlett Johansson, photographed by Alasdair McLellan. The actress is wearing an Alexander Wang shirt, selected by stylist Marie Chaix.



Members of theFashionSpot have spoken very fondly of the cover with honeycombchild simply commenting, "Ah, it's beautiful."

KINGofVERSAILLES wrote, "She is so beautiful, I like these covers of her best, with her looking like herself, not overly styled."

"Now that is how you capitalize on beauty. Stunning!!" added maxlinden.

LastNight also shared the same sentiments: "This is wonderful! Scarlet looks great — really lovely photographs. The lighting is very beautiful." He went on to add, "I'd love to see Alasdair Shooting for U.S. Vogue, he could really freshen it up in my opinion."

"…Interesting, I actually hate this, she's so photoshopped! Nice to see her in non-sexy styling for a change, but beauty wise I've seen far better from her," wrote HeatherAnne, who didn't share the same opinion as the majority.



What are your views? Join the discussion and see more of Scarlett here.

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Become a Prada Shoe Designer

Nothing is better than owning a pair of Prada shoes, but why settle for what everyone else has when you can simply have a pair that you have designed yourself?

For just two days, Prada is giving its loyal London customers the chance to customise their own pair of shoes from the coveted Made To Order Décolleté collection. 

A rainbow of different colors of suede and leather to make high heels

Just have to pick the right colour… (image: Prada)

On March 26 and 27, Prada aficionados will be able to create their own designer masterpiece at the Sloane Street store, customising one of the nine available styles. You can select everything from fabric, be it satin, suede or the infamous Saffiano leather, to the ever important colour of both the shoe and the sole, not to mention making the tough decision as to how high that heel should be.

One black, baby blue and nude Prada sole

Personalised initials on the sole of each shoe (image: Prada)

After that, the final finishing touch is the addition of your initials on the sole of the shoe in warm amber metal, so if anyone even dares to try and borrow them, you know they won’t get far.

Once the shoes are designed, they will be ready a month later and delivered in packaging that coordinates with your design (of course), then all you have to do is sit back and adore your handy work.

The prices start at £500 and are available only at the Prada Sloane Street store (43-45 Sloane Street London, SW1X 9LU  Tel: +44 207 235 0008). 

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