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Experience Kim Kardashian’s Ass at an Uncomfortable Angle in Love Magazine

Between that Paper magazine spread and the sex tape that made her famous, we’ve  pretty much seen more of Kim Kardashian’s naked body than we ever expected to. Fine. Whatever. But in Kardashian-Jenner land, too much is simply not enough, so Kim is happy to show us more of her bits in this forthcoming issue of Love magazine. The reality star is featured in a 30+ page spread, for which images have begun to leak. We already saw an image of Kardashian West’s famous butt in the last sneak preview, but in this latest alleged leak, it’s there again, in a way we’ve quite frankly never cared to see it before.

The reality star is pictured smoking a cigarette in a black jacket, socks and high heels – and a bare bottom. And in case you wanted to make completely sure she wasn’t wearing anything on that booty, Kardashian West bends over, dangerously close to showing us her lady flower.

So we’ve seen her ass dusted with sand, as a tabletop, in an x-ray, oiled up with grease and now, bent over in an uncomfortable angle. So don’t ever say Kim Kardashian West never did anything for you.

[h/t Complex

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Gisele’s Vogue UK Cover Looks Like All Her Other Covers (Forum Buzz)

She’s baack! Vogue U.K. has once again tapped Gisele Bündchen as the cover star, making this her 14th appearance. While it is always a pleasure to see Gisele working the camera, especially when Mario Testino is at the other end of the lens, many of our forum members expressed disappointment over the March cover, which pictures the model dressed in Chanel. It’s not so much that they’re sick of seeing Gisele front magazines, it’s that they’re all starting to look quite similar.



“I feel like we’ve seen this picture a million times. You book Gisele and this is the best you can do?!” GivenchyHomme wrote.

Miss Dalloway echoed his sentiments. “That would have really been wonderful, shame they never think outside the box though. This is her being used in such a safe way, and it might sell, but the woman can do so much more than always being portrayed this way!” 

Kite had a theory as to why these Gisele covers are giving everyone déjà vu: “It’s not thinking outside the box, it’s about contracts. ‘Want Gisele? Well, she has to wear Chanel on the cover because they paid for the first X advertising Pages’…That’s how it works.” Though it seems at this point it doesn’t take much for Kite to be satisfied by a Vogue U.K. cover: “It’s fresh. The masthead isn’t red. It’s not Cara. I’m happy.”

“What a bad angle. She even looks quite bald. You have Gisele and this is the best you can do? Ugh,” fluorescentbeat lamented.

Forum member mistress_f added, “The cover does nothing for me. I mean she’s beautiful but we all knew that already.”

HeatherAnne was at least glad the issue was coming out right after Gisele’s husband won the Super Bowl. “They nailed the timing with Gisele, unfortunately that’s the only thing they got right, what a stale cover.” 

What do you think of Gisele’s latest? Sound off in the forums now!

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Natasha Poly’s Beauty Enhances Vogue Brazil’s Awful Cover Layout (Forum Buzz)

Fresh off the Atelier Versace catwalk during Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week, Natasha Poly graces the cover of Vogue Brazil. Photographed by Jacques Dequeker, the current face of Isabel Marant, Emilio Pucci and Marc Jacobs wears an intricate white chiffon dress from Valentino’s haute couture collection. The cover surprisingly marks a first for the Russian beauty, who’s never fronted the Brazilian title despite having 46 Vogue covers under her belt. Better late than never, right?

Vogue Brazil February 2015 Natasha Poly


But we’ve received mixed reactions. “J’adore!! This woman slays every cover! Beautiful. Although I’m not that sure with the layout,” MON proclaimed within moments of the cover surfacing on our forums.

“Looking like a goddess! Never mind the text overload,” responded khyrk in agreement.

Sharing the same sentiments about the layout was febylous, who posted, “Don’t even care about that layout because Natasha steals the attention right when you look at the magazine cover.”

“Queen Poly always slays!!! I love that it’s both soft and sexy without being in your face about it,” appreciated orchidee, crediting the stylist of the shoot.

Benn98 was quick to add, “It looks very subtle and romantic, very fitting for February. At least one edition embraced Valentine’s Day. Hair and beauty may remind me of her Vogue Germany cover, but everything looks on point here. Except of course her teeth. Nothing wrong with it, I just cannot bear teeth on a cover.”

Also not full of enthusiasm was Miss Dalloway, who stated, “Really don’t understand how you can have a woman this beautiful, and so photogenic, and yet you do this to her!!! Very unflattering face angle!”

The magazine produced two covers with Natasha for the issue. Check them both out in HQ and share your opinion here.

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Helen Mirren Looks Way More Glamorous Taking the Subway Than We Ever Did

There’s a lot to see in the New York City subway system, much of which you can totally ignore, but sometimes you peep something that’s so cool, you can’t help but sit up and take notice. The subway is one of the fastest ways New Yorkers get around town and while you wouldn’t be hard-pressed to come upon a troop of high school boys in skinny jeans doing hat tricks and swinging on the poles in the train car, celebrity sightings aren’t as frequent as you may think. That’s why it’s always a treat to see the rich and famous taking the dirty, roach and rat infested subway like the rest of us.

Dame Helen Mirren is one such actress who braved the oversized vermin and hopped the R train with an eagle-eyed commuter, who captured the actress in her full glory. There she sits, bundled up in a shearling coat and purple gloves, her Celine tote perched on her knee as she casts a regal glance to the side. If only we could look so perfect sitting on the train.

Phoebe Philo, if you were looking for your next campaign star, we think we’ve found her:


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Why Diversity Is so Important to Olivier Rousteing’s Balmain Shows

Image: WENN

Image: WENN

Olivier Rousteing is something of an oddball in the fashion industry — for one, he is a black designer at the head of a major fashion house at just 28 years old. He’s also obsessed with celebrity. Where some may pooh-pooh his love of social media and pop stars, Rousteing embraces them. Rousteing is clearly one to go against the grain in the fashion world, and that includes speaking out on the industry’s lack of diversity. The designer told the Telegraph just how disappointing it is, referencing a model friend whom he says has reservations about working in Paris since there are two popular black models already making the rounds. “Honestly, you still count how many colours of people you have in the show?” he said. “It’s just sad. There is no other word. It’s fashion getting old. Just two black girls? In the whole city? I don’t think it would be the same with blond girls.”

For Rousteing, diversity on the runway is about more than just filling a quota of girls from various ethnicities. It’s a representation of a kind of culture that may be foreign to other fashion designers and industry cohorts, but is very real to him. “Sometimes I feel like some designers just focus on the clothes. Obviously it’s a business, but when you do a show you want to be modern – it’s not only about trying to find the fabric that no one else uses,” he said. “Being modern means having a view or a vision of what the world is today. I want to show a vision of my world, what I see and what I want to see in the future.”

[via Telegraph]

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Derek Lam’s Next Collaboration Will Surprise You

Athleta‘s first designer collaboration is bound to make Lululemon sweat. Today, the athletic apparel and accessory brand announced its first partnership with Derek Lam 10 Crosby. The capsule collection will incorporate 10 Crosby signatures, like colorblocking and two-in-one styles, in Athleta’s breathable, high-performance fabrics. Expect leggings, shorts, dresses, jackets, sweatshirts and custom sneakers to roll out during three delivery seasons: Fall 2015, Winter 2015 and Spring 2016. The first installment will hit select Athleta stores, and the Derek Lam 10 Crosby boutique in SoHo in September 2015.

Derek Lam 10 Crosby x Athleta; Image: Athleta

Derek Lam 10 Crosby x Athleta; Image: Athleta

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