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Michael Kors Unveils Resort and Holiday Campaigns

Fall is finally here and you know what that means — time to start thinking about the next seasons! Holiday and resort are nearly upon us, and that means we can expect a slew of new campaigns to trickle out in the coming weeks. Michael Kors has already released the images from its resort and holiday ads, which are expected to hit the glossies next month.

Image: Courtesy Michael Kors

Image: Courtesy of Michael Kors

For his eponymous resort line, Kors regulars Karmen Pedaru and Benjamin Eidem pose in a grove of wisteria, clad in pastel-hued outfits complementing their flowery surroundings. The Mario Testino images are supposed to depict a fabulous getaway in Provence. For the holiday MICHAEL Michael Kors campaign, the gorgeous modeling duo are joined by Tian Yi, Conrad Bromfield, Cindy Bruna and Mark Cox for a lively evening of drinking and dancing in a plush-looking lounge. 

Image: Courtesy MICHAEL Michael Kors

Image: Courtesy of MICHAEL Michael Kors

Oh, to live and party in Michael Kors’ world — must be nice!

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Charlotte Olympia’s Pocahontas Shoe Is a Little Questionable

Charlotte Olympia revealed another playful range of accessories for Spring 2015 today, for which the designer drew inspiration from the Wild West. There are high-heeled slingbacks flourished with cowboy spurs, a purse modeled after an old timey cowgirl magazine, even a pump with a heel molded to look like a howling coyote. All seemed pretty inoffensive and fun. So, we happily scrolled through a few images from the collection, and then we saw this. 

Alexandra Jacobs, fashion critic for The New York Times, spied this gem among Olympia’s latest; a T-strap pump adorned with a beaded rendering of a Native American woman. And it seems she had the sneaking suspicion that people would be a little unsettled by the shoe.

Yeah, it’s pretty suspect, alright. Native Americans (and Mexicans) were a huge part of the Wild West culture. Sure, there are caricatures of white people in Olympia’s collection, but the reason that this particular shoe doesn’t sit well is because fashion has a history of reducing the cultural iconography, bodies and basic humanity of people of color to accessories or “trends.” Something that can be worn and taken off. And in these cases, all too often the people of color are not acknowledged or completely erased from the conversation. PurseBlog’s Amanda Mull tweeted, “What is the thought process behind, ‘Minorities are adorable, let’s adorn an expensive shoe with a beaded cartoon of one.'”


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Jeremy Laing Announces His Departure from Fashion

designer jeremy Laing

image: Imaxtree

Canadian designer Jeremy Laing has had the kind of career most homegrown talent can only dream of. Shortly after completing his studies at Ryerson University and the University of Westminster in London, Laing apprenticed under Alexander McQueen, eventually freelancing for the designer and designing showpiece items for his collection. Laing launched his eponymous label in New York in 2005, garnering attention from TheNew York Times and Fashion Wire Daily, the latter saying the designer was “as deeply mindful of the design of his clothes as he is interested in their conceptual impact.”

He quickly established himself as a thoughtful master of drapery and tailoring, mixing menswear-inspired techniques with couture. Despite rapidly rising beyond indie darling status to court international buyers in fashion capitols around the world with signature smart-chic designs like a seamless, full-length dress with a software-rendered pattern and a bleach-dyed velvet suit, Laing eventually found himself in the middle of an industry that thrives largely on million-dollar marketing campaigns and fast-fashion appeal. As such, he shuttered his label last summer.

“So you see a lot of people who, like all my heroes, are dead, out of business or have imploded one way or another,” he told The Globe and Mail last week. “There’s something about this business that draws very sensitive people to it and then there’s something about this business that can take the best out of them. To me, it wasn’t a point I felt was worth getting to.”

Laing hasn’t completely abandoned the field, however. He designed the Politics of Fashion | Fashion of Politics exhibit currently being shown at Toronto’s Design Exchange. And he still hasn’t decided what his next move will be, but one thing is for certain, we haven’t seen the last of Laing.

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Rave Reviews for Amanda Wellsh’s Haunting Cover of Numéro (Forum Buzz)

As Paris Fashion Week got off to a brilliant start, Numéro released its October cover via Facebook. The French title commissioned Txema Yeste to photograph Amanda Wellsh for Issue #157. Amanda resembles a member of The Addams Family as she stares out toward the reader wearing a gun print ensemble with her head tilted back in the rather haunting fall image.

Numero Oct 14 Amanda Welsh


Members of our forums cannot contain their excitement. “God, amazing cover,” raved burbuja8910.

“That’s an intense cover. Like it,” declared Kanna.

Also full of praise was eneroenero, who simply posted, “Bravo Txema!”

KateTheGreatest seemed thrilled to see the Spanish photographer shoot for French Numéro, “Finally a cover for Txema Yeste!” The cover actually marks the photographer’s second cover shoot for French Numéro, after shooting Aymeline Valade for the magazine back in May 2014.

Bruce7Lee shared the same sentiments: “Great job again Txema!”

“So good, I like it a lot,” added TeeVanity.

There were a few members who took slight issue with the cover, though. “Viewing the image from the thumbnail, I gulped. It’s actually quite OK otherwise. Is that embroidery on her face? More interested to see Tilda‘s editorial,” said Benn98.

Are you a fan? Check out the thread for even more glowing reviews and await the content of the issue here.

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Sasha Pivovarova’s i-D Cover Is ‘the Best One in a Really Long Time’ (Forum Buzz)

What is love? Well, i-D magazine asks that exact question as Sasha Pivovarova makes the cover of the magazine’s Fall 2014 issue, and our forums have been set ablaze. The Russian model and mother of one wears Louis Vuitton as Glen Luchford captured the fresh-faced beauty for the black and white cover image. As usual, the cover shot sticks to i-D‘s signature style with Sasha’s blond tresses cascading down one side of her face to conceal an eye.

i-D Fall 2014 Sasha Pivovarova


Sasha seems to be one of those models who just keeps hitting it out of the park for our forum members. “I´m speechless… she looks amazing! The styling and photography look so right for her,” exclaimed kokobombon.

“Sasha can’t do wrong!” agreed Lifeispeachy.

Nepenthes was on board with the cover and wrote, “Stunning, love how gentle the hair looks over her eye!”

Also sharing an enthusiastic attitude was KateTheGreatest: “Love is the right word for this cover, the best one in a really long time.”

“I’ve missed Sasha on covers! There’s just nothing to complain about, everything looks perfect!” said Valentine27, clearly yet another satisfied Sasha fan.

Although not everyone was ecstatic. “Great seeing Sasha and she does look good, but I was hoping for a little more than this,” commented justaguy, who was left underwhelmed.

Benn98 was equally unfulfilled and posted, “Well, it’s certainly not what I expected, but it’s passable.”

Underwhelming or overwhelming? You decide! See inside the thread and join the discussion here.

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Watch Anna Wintour Dash Out of the Christian Dior Show

Raf Simons showed his latest for Dior today to a smattering of fashion industry and celebrity elites. Marion Cotillard, Natalia Vodianova, Dakota Fanning, Coco Rocha, Olivia Palermo and several others were in attendance, taking in the scene from inside the mirrored space the label built for the show.

Giovanna Battaglia filmed the collection’s final walk for her Instagram, which was momentarily obstructed by a certain bob-wearing editrix who seemed as if she couldn’t get out of the show quickly enough. Towards the end of Battaglia’s video, we see Anna Wintour run into the frame, dashing out of the space in a hurry.

Was the show that bad? Our forum members were definitely not feeling the threads this time around, but Anna more likely had another appointment to get to (she’s a busy gal). It’s nice to know the editrix likes to get to her engagements on time, which is more that we can say for a certain celebrity couple making the rounds at PFW.

[h/t @bat_gio

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